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20 Tips for Decorating And Installing Bathroom Rugs

by Uzair Qureshi 01 Apr 2023 0 Comments

A bathroom can be a place for relaxation and privacy as well as a social gathering spot. Many people choose to decorate their bathrooms in their favorite colors, animal prints, or patterns that represent themselves. Although bathroom rugs are not a novel notion, some people are surprised to realise that individuals have them in their bathrooms. RugKnots has hundreds of different sorts of rugs for you to choose from, in all forms, sizes, and materials, as you are well aware. As a result, we didn't think we should abandon the concept of Bathroom Rugs at the front door just yet, did we? Many people believe that a bathroom isn't the right place for a rug, but we're here to alleviate your concerns by describing which bathroom rugs you may buy and how you can use them to decorate your bathroom.  How do you decorate your bathroom? If the answer is "just leave it alone," then this blog post is for you that give bathroom decorating ideas! We will give 20 tips on how to decorate the bathroom with bathroom rugs and what things we should consider before installing bathroom rugs. Continue reading. We know you're growing more and more enthralled by the minute.

20 Tips for Decorating the Bathroom: What You Should Consider Before Installing Bathroom Rugs

Tip#1. Some bathroom rugs are more decorative than others. If you're going for contemporary bathroom decor, try to stick with a simple bathroom rug design; the fewer patterns and colors in your mat, the better! But if you like some flair—hey, that's totally fine too. Just don't go overboard, or it'll make the room seem cluttered. You want clean lines when picking out bathroom rugs because they will be one of few flairs in an otherwise plain vertical space (the other is usually coming from tubs/showers).

Tip#2. When buying any kind of flooring material, try to think about how often you have guests over: do they prefer cushioned floors? Or would bare tile work best for them? Answering these questions will help you to decide on bathroom rugs.


Tip#3. If your bathroom floor is tile, and it's usually cold in the morning or at night—a bathroom mat would be a great addition! It’ll keep those chilly feet warm as they shuffle across the room (and provide some cushioning too). Plus, if you have kids who are not fully potty-trained yet: this can also serve as an extra layer of protection against any spills on their way over to the toilet!!! Bathroom rugs should match with bathroom design style. You should treat the bathroom rug like a fashion accessory for home decorating ideas; choose one that fits best into your perfect bathroom vision.


Tip#4. Some people think about furniture but never actually go through with it. It might be the bathroom or kitchen that’s holding them back from installing bathroom rugs, but this time they should really consider going through with it! Area Rugs offer more than just warmth and comfort; there is a number of practical benefits too like:

      • Bathroom rug protects your flooring
      • Adds to bathroom decor ideas
      • Can cover up stains on wood floors or tile surfaces

Tip#5. In a small bathroom, area rugs can help you make the most out of what space is available by covering bare tiled areas so as not to trip over when getting into/out of the bathtub. To avoid slipping and falling accidents in a wet bathroom, choose a waterproof bathroom mat for best results—they will also prove useful when drying feet after a shower.

      • A bathroom rug protects your bathroom from water and dirt.
      • Bathroom rugs can be used to cover up the spots on wooden floors or tile surfaces.

Tip#6. Bathroom rugs are often the centerpiece of bathroom decorating projects because they help keep your feet warm on cold flooring while also adding visual interest from simple tiles. There are several different options for bathroom rugs when it comes to styles, materials, designs, and colors, so knowing what will work best in your bathroom is key: For example, if you have radiant heat, then area rugs made with rubber or vinyl might be better suited; however - If there’s carpet around bathtub areas, bathroom rugs with rubber backing can be especially helpful.


Tip#7. Area Rugs are not just for comfort; they also have a number of practical benefits too like:

      • Protects flooring
      • Adds style to bathroom decor ideas
      • Can cover stained wood floors/tile surfaces in small bathrooms area rugs can make most out of what more space is available by covering bare tiled areas so as not to trip over when getting into/out of the bathtub, choosing waterproof bathroom mats for best results will prove useful when drying feet after taking a shower, etc. Curtains offer more than privacy—they’re also a bathroom decorating essential that can mask an unsightly radiator, prevent mold from forming on the bathroom walls and even add to bathroom design ideas by softening harsh lines. However, not all bathroom curtains are created equal; different materials have their own benefits and drawbacks when it comes to bathroom decorating:
      • cotton is easy to clean but may fade over time - plastic/vinyl keeps water in a while also containing moisture which helps with preventing rust - vinyl shower curtain liners protect the flooring underneath bath mats


Tip#8. If you’re looking for something more than just a towel rack or toilet paper holder, try adding some decorative pieces such as waste baskets shaped like seashells, wooden shelves where you can store candles, lotions, and other bathroom essentials, or even a decorative mirror to add some flair.

Tip#9. If you’re looking for bathroom rug options, here are some of the most popular and best bathroom rugs:

Rubber Rugs - these typically come in a range of sizes to fit around your tub or shower and often have non-slip surfaces, which is ideal if people will be walking into the bathroom from outside or after bathing. These types of bathroom rugs also tend to last longer than other materials, such as cotton terry cloth, because they don’t get mildewed. They do, however, need more cleaning (as opposed to just throwing them in the laundry), but their durability makes up for it overall when considering the price point.

Rubber rugs

Cotton Bathroom Rug: this is a popular material for bathroom mats. It’s very absorbent and doesn’t slip on bathroom floors. It can be difficult to maintain as they need laundering, but the plus point of Cotton Area Rugs is that they dry quickly. They also come in various colors, designs, and prints, so you have a wider range from which to choose your favorite design.

Cotton bathroom rug

Bathroom Rug Made Of Natural Fibers: This option is best if you want something soft underfoot with an amazing absorption rate, like bamboo bathroom rugs or jute bath mats. Natural fiber bathroom mats do require extra care, though, such as occasional washing (you may find some people recommend putting bathroom mats in the washing machine, but we don’t recommend it).

Bathroom Rugs Made Of Cotton Or Wool: bathroom area rugs can be a great option for your bathroom floor. They are soft and feel good underfoot. Cotton bathroom rugs also have a high absorption rate which makes them perfect if you want to create an oasis with bathroom decor. The downside is that these bathroom mats need frequent laundering (can be done at home), so they require more care than ones made from synthetic fibers such as polyester bathroom carpeting. Washing will retain its plush look, however, and some people even choose this design because they like how natural fiber looks after being washed several times over time. Natural material bath mats are also environmentally friendly bathroom rugs, and they can be a good choice for eco-friendly bathroom design.

Bathroom rugs made of cotton or wool

Tip#10. The first thing that you need to consider before installing bathroom rugs is the size of its front bathroom rug mat. Make sure your bathroom area rug fits perfectly in order not to have any problems such as slipping or bunching at one side of the floor. If it’s too small, then it won’t cover all the area, and if it’s too big, there will remain uncovered patches between its corners, so make sure you know exactly how much space you want to decorate with this accessory. You should also check whether your bathroom furniture matches well with these pieces, which usually come in many different shapes like round gypsy bathroom rugs, rectangular bathroom mats, and others. In order to find the best color for your bathroom rug, you should see what colors are already present in your bathroom so that they can match with them perfectly. If there is a lot of white, then go ahead and buy something light colored like blue but if most of the bathroom furniture pieces have dark brown tones, then consider buying ivory or black mat, which will blend well with these hues.

      • Do not forget about its size
      • Make sure they fit perfectly together
      • Choose the appropriate color according to existing bathroom shades
      • Decide on whether you want round bathroom rugs or other kinds.

Tip#11. You should not consider bathroom rugs as something that only covers the floor because they can also be used to decorate your bathroom. If you have a small bathroom, then placing round bathroom rugs in front of the mirror will make it look bigger and cleaner. You can use a bath mat with a golden or silver shine so that it matches perfectly with your bathroom décor. When buying one for a larger bathroom, do not go overboard by making its color too bright otherwise, everything else might get covered up, especially if there are other smaller mirrors that could become distorted when put together under such intense light reflection from the bathroom rugs with a shiny surface.

      • prepare yourself mentally before shopping
      • avoid mistakes while picking out colors - buy a stylish yet practical rug for the bathroom
      • bathroom rugs should be water-resistant, easily cleanable, and heatproof
      • keep bathroom rug away from toilet or shower

Tip#12. Avoid placing bathroom rugs in front of the bathroom door to prevent slipping accidents. Keep them a safe distance from the bathtub or shower area for similar reasons. It is also advisable not to put it where people walk over every day because they might get stained with dirt that comes off shoes when walking on such mats after wearing muddy boots all day long outside while going about their business.

Tip#13. Place a small bathroom mat near the sink so you can dry feet before entering the tub instead of standing barefoot on cool bathroom rugs. This prevents bathroom rug from slipping as well, and it is a good idea to get one that does not slip easily

Tip#14. Bathroom towels or bathroom rugs should never be placed right in front of the toilet because moisture might build upon them if you happen to have an older style bathroom that lacks proper ventilation. In such cases, do not placemat over the sink; instead, use a small mat near the tub so people can dry their feet before entering the shower area for safety purposes


Tip#15. If your bathroom has space constraints, then buying larger sized bathroom rugs would make more sense than getting ones with smaller sizes since they are easier to clean when compared with those tiny ones used in very large bathrooms where there's plenty of room available to walk around without having to step over bathroom rugs.

Tip#16. Bathroom rug should be purchased keeping the bathroom design in mind since a bathroom mat is essentially an accessory that goes hand in hand with other accessories like the fun shower curtain, toilet seat covers and sinks mats, etc.; therefore, it makes better sense to get one which seamlessly matches with everything else even though you might end up spending more money for this purpose, but your bathroom will look much neater when all these matching accessories are used together.

Tip#17. It's not necessary to spend fortunes on buying really expensive bathroom rugs, especially if your house is brand new; instead, go for reasonably priced options available at local stores and make sure they match well with the color theme of the room, so they blend into surroundings rather than sticking out like sore thumb due to stark differences.


Tip#18. If the bathroom has a tile floor, then it is best to use bathroom rugs that are non slip and can be easily washed or wiped off; you don’t want anything that cannot withstand steamy conditions of the bathroom, including moisture, humidity, and sweat, etc.; therefore they should be made from materials such as polyester, cotton blend terry cloth, etc.

Tip#19. Make sure the bathroom rug is large enough so one person doesn't step into another's area while walking, especially if there isn't much space available in the room but at the same time pick something not too big otherwise with every step taken by someone inside the bathroom will end up making mat slide away creating an additional mess.

Tip#20. Area rugs for bathrooms need to have proper backing because tiles are slippery, and bathroom rugs without proper backing may slip & slide, causing accidents. Also, make sure bathroom rugs have non-skid pads on the bottom to prevent them from sliding around or bunching up under foot.If using a bathroom rug with an attached mat, choose one that has a rubberized back that prevents it from slipping and provides stability, especially when someone is standing in front of the sink, washing hands, etc.


What You Should Consider Before Installing Bathroom Rugs

When buying a rug, there are three primary elements to consider: style, size, and material. This post will provide you with tips to follow while looking for bathroom rugs and will direct you to a website where you can select bathroom-specific area rugs. This post will go through how to pick a style that reflects your personality, what size bathroom rugs look best, and what substance is best for a bathroom. Keep in mind the function of a living room powder room or your vision of that area and what you want the room to say about you and your thinking while you read the articles. You'll get the best outcomes if you're deliberate and conscious about the procedure.

What You Should Consider Before Installing Bathroom Rugs

Experiment With Patterns

A bold rug, like any other room in the house, looks best when the rest of the decor is neutral or basic. The pattern's size or color choice may be the source of aggressiveness. In terms of scale, we want a patterned rug with a design that is large enough to notice from the space's entrance while yet having interesting detail up close. Patterns, prints, and contrast are used to great effect in this bathroom. The runner with the tribal print is attractive and stylish, and it softens the half-painted walls. Consider a grounded tribal design in neutral colors if you're looking for bathroom mat ideas to combine with exciting semi gloss paint or accent wall space designs like the ones featured here. Remember that your accents don't have to be identical to work well together.

Experiment with patterns

If you're undecided about which color rug to use, take inspiration from other bathroom accessories. Take color cues from the rug to choose fixture finishes and accessories if you've fallen in love with it first. Still, looking for a bright pattern but can't decide which one to go with? Black-and-white patterns, according to some designers, are like blue jeans in that they go with everything.

Think Big

If your space is more open, a large area rug can help to warm it up. Find a striking hue or pattern if the colors are neutral. Choose a rug in a complementary hue if your room already has a bold focal point. How do you figure out what size rug you require? Use masking tape or newspaper to sketch out the ideal rug size on your floor and check how your furniture will fit before you go buying. When in doubt, pick a size higher - it's usually easier to tuck more of the rug beneath furniture than it is to make a tiny rug fill a large space or extra storage space.  A rug runner can be used to form a walkway or to cover a long, thin floor surface. Runners are commonly seen in corridors such a small space, but they may also be a nice addition to a bathroom. They cover the floor without looking like a full-fledged rug. Select a width that is appropriate for your space. In a high-traffic location, it is better to have both feet fall within the rug's surface for both safety and comfort.

Think big


The bathroom is an important element of the house that must be taken into account while redesigning. The bathroom is the first and last thing you see; it's a fantastic spot to unwind for a self-care session, as well as a place to find alone in the middle of the day. It is still an important space that connects the entire house. The rug is usually one of the final items in a room to be chosen. So, rather than focusing on getting the perfect rug, take a step back and look at what you've already accomplished. Consider the larger picture and describe the interior design style you may or may not have chosen consciously, as well as the setting you want to create. You may define your style in two ways: through your personality and through interior design components.


We feel that an individual's personality is tied to their interior design style, although some people disagree. Someone who is focused, driven, and careful of their time, for example, would not want a lot of furniture and accessories to distract them from their larger mission, so they might only include what is required, resulting in a minimalist interior design style that resonates with them. Urban life, a cottage home, or a conventional home, for example, already has a definite atmosphere. If the architecture appeals to you, then make the most of it by bringing in pieces that will complement your concept. This is not, however, a road that must be followed according to a set of rules. Make it your own by infusing it with your own personality.

StyleThe bathroom, as previously said, is one of the first and last rooms. Here are some suggestions for rejuvenating yourself in a visually appealing environment:

To give comfort and protect the floor from water.

To establish defined lines, use one large runner or two little mats to frame the sinks together.


When choosing a rug color, one of the most important elements to consider is the material of the bathroom floor. Bathroom rugs serve a practical purpose, but you also want them to be a prominent decorative feature that helps to balance the space. As a result, if the floor is light, you should avoid using a natural light colored rug and vice versa. The bathroom is where one cleans up and gets ready for the day. Water cannot be regulated in this situation, so a rug that is not afraid of water is required. This article will explain why these materials are recommended for a bathroom.  Then, in a neutral color scheme, add soft furnishings such as rugs, towels, and, if necessary, a shower curtain. The most popular color for a spa is white, but various neutrals such as grey, beige, and even mild blues and greens can be used. In the bathroom, cotton, chenille, or indoor/outdoor rug will absorb water, wear well, and be readily cleaned.


Make An Optical Illusion

This may be a trick question, but we had to include it! Consider making an inlaid “rug” out of floor tile if you want the look of a rug without the upkeep. This is a more permanent option, but it adds a touch of class to any bathroom. Both simple and opulent. Even if your floors are heated, you might want to add a small bath mat or rug to keep your family from slipping as they exit the tub or shower. Just like a towel, hang it to dry on a drying rack or the edge of the tub.It's great if the color of your bathroom carpeting matches the color of your hanging towels. This will aid in the creation of the crucial sense of balance and unity that binds the space together. The colors of the rug and towel don't have to match, but their color schemes and patterns should blend effortlessly for the best aesthetic effect.

Make an optical illusion

Color Scheme For The Bathroom

Finally, but certainly not least, you should think about the room's overall color scheme. The rug color should, ideally, complement the room's overall color scheme. Unless you want to make the rug a focal point, it's better to choose a rug color that complements the room's color scheme in a subtle but meaningful way. The style of your bathroom fixtures, believe it or not, is a factor to consider when choosing a carpeting color. Fixtures like the bathroom vanity, toilet, shower, faucets, light bulbs, and lighting, even the faucet are all important design elements that must work together to achieve the desired aesthetic. When it comes to bathroom fixtures influencing rug color, something as seemingly inconsequential as the color of the bathroom lighting could have an impact on your appearance.

Color Scheme for the Bathroom

Another factor to consider when picking a bathroom rug color is the design of your home. If your home has a more diverse design, for example, you might want to choose a patterned rug that goes with it. If your home has a contemporary feel, the bathroom rug color should match that with more neutral tones.

Laying Rug In The Bathroom

Cold tiles or wooden flooring don't provide the same warmth or luxury as a rug when you're half asleep and walking to the shower stall first thing in the morning. Similarly, stepping out of a hot bath and onto icy flooring can be jarring. When getting in and out of the bath or shower, the rug is smooth to the touch and adds an added layer of comfort. Going to the bathroom is made more enjoyable by stepping onto a rug!

laying rug in the bathroom

Frequently Asked Questions About Bathroom Rugs

What Are The Benefits Of Bathroom Rugs?

There are four compelling reasons why bathroom rugs are beneficial.

    1. They'll keep you from slipping.
    2. Water can easily pool on tile or laminate flooring. This increases your chances of slipping and falling.
    3. If you have youngsters or older individuals in your home, a rug in the bathroom can provide you with added peace of mind by reducing the likelihood of slips.
    4. They're toasty.
    5. In the bathroom, the rug looks fantastic. In the bathroom, a rug can provide a sense of elegance. A good-quality, thick-pile rug is a simple way to make your bathroom seem and feel more luxurious.
    6. A great velvety rug adds to the feeling of relaxation in your bathroom, which is typically a place to unwind. Because bathrooms are often smaller spaces, installing a rug won't be too expensive.

When it Comes To Bathroom Rugs, Where Should They Go?

The size of the rug and the layout of your bathroom will influence where you place it. In front of the bathtub, Large Area Rugs look fantastic. Smaller rugs in the sink area offer a great finishing touch. If you have the counter space, you may even use many rugs. However, make sure that the rug size you choose is appropriate for the room. Anything too little will look out of place, and rugs that are too large will not lie properly, posing a tripping hazard.

What Should Bathroom Rugs Look Like?

Bathroom rugs are a common bathroom decorating choice for floor cover. They're great because they protect your feet from cold bathroom tile and add some character to the space. Before you purchase a bathroom rug, it's important to know how big of a mat you need in order to enjoy its benefits without making an eyesore on your bathroom flooring. The size of bath mats will vary depending on what type of material is used (we'll talk about this later), but our general rule when buying any kind of floor design: buy bigger than you think you need! You can always cut off excess area rug fabric if needed—but there's no going back after cutting one piece down.

How Often Should Your Bathroom Rug Be Washed?

The longevity of your rug or mat is determined by how well you care for it. Cleaning your bathroom rug on a regular basis is an important aspect of keeping bacteria at bay. Bath rugs are slightly more difficult to keep than bath mats, which can easily be hung over the bath or shower to dry after use and then thrown in the washing machine every other week.

Although the needs of each type differ, there are a few general guidelines to follow:

    1. Shake the rug to loosen any dirt, debris, or hair that has accumulated.
    2. Make sure you read the label carefully for any cleaning instructions particular to your carpeting. The majority of rugs may be machine washed. However, you should use a moderate cycle to avoid damaging the rug's backing. Fabric rugs should be washed at a warm or hot temperature to guarantee that any mold or bacteria is eliminated.
    3. Fill your sink with warm water, and a few teaspoons of laundry detergent for hand wash only carpets made of bamboo, jute, and other natural fibers, then add the rug and gently scrub it with a sponge. You'll need to rinse the rug with cool water after it's been washed to get rid of all the soap.

In The Bathroom, How Many Rugs Should Be Used?

There are numerous possibilities for the number of carpets that should be placed in the bathroom. Simply told, it all relies on the room's size and arrangement. With only one rug, a double-vanity bathroom, for example, may appear incomplete. Consider putting a small rug in front of each sink in a bathroom with two sinks. You may also add a long runner to tie the two vanities together. A larger bath rug may even be placed in the center of the room. Again, it is entirely dependent on the size of your bathroom. And this is where personal preference enters the picture. Feel free to take a risk and do what you think is best. Regardless of how many rugs you use in the bathroom, make sure the space doesn't feel claustrophobic or overdone. Rugs must be spaced widely in order to have the greatest visual impact in less visual space.

Bath Rugs Vs. Bath Mats: What's The Difference?

Bath rugs and math mats are frequently mixed together. However, there are many differences between these two that are obvious but that few people are aware of. The biggest distinction between these two rugs is their overall appearance and function. Bath mats have a rough texture and a planned appearance. They appear to be extremely plain, yet bath carpets appear to be very rich and fluffy. They appear to be highly fashionable and have the ability to completely transform the design of a bathroom or an area. A bath mat's primary function is to avoid slippage by absorbing excess water that could cause slipping. These are typically installed near tubs or sinks so that water drips and falls on them rather than on the floor or other surfaces. Bathroom rugs, on the other hand, tend to absorb not only the water in your feet but also provide all of the comforts you need when you walk out of a shower or bath. In a nutshell, bath mats are more technical and utilitarian, whilst bath rugs are more ornamental and fashionable.

However, there are several significant all the difference between the two that may influence your choice:

    1. Bath mats are designed to be thrown down in the bathroom when needed and can be hung up or stored when not in use. Bath rugs, on the other hand, are guaranteed to stay on the bathroom floor.
    2. Bath mats are primarily useful, but that doesn't mean they can't be attractive as well.
    3. Bath rugs, which are thicker and fluffier than bath mats, are used to enhance the appearance of the bathroom. They frequently feature rubber or other anti-slip backing.
    4. Bath mats are frequently more absorbent than bath rugs and are also easier to clean.
    5. Bath rugs can give a sense of elegance to the bathroom while also keeping your toes warm on cold winter mornings when the last thing you want to do is walk across a frigid tiled floor.
    6. You may even get the best of both worlds by purchasing bath mats and bath rugs.

Is It Necessary To Match Bathroom Rugs?

No, of the most appealing aspects of design is decorative liberty. To create a unified look, items don't necessarily have to match. If you want a more eclectic mix of colors and textures, go ahead and do so! If done correctly, adding some individuality to a place is never a bad idea.


Are you seeking bathroom carpets that are both functional and attractive? You are, after all, exactly where you need to be. RugKnots has the most up-to-date area rugs available. We offer practically all sorts and collections of carpets, not just bathroom rugs. We have one of the largest selections of area rugs, which come in a variety of designs, styles, sizes, colors, and shapes. Not only that, but we also provide customer service, so if you have any questions when reading something, feel free to contact us. We'll be more than delighted to assist you. Wait, it doesn't stop there; you can also have a personalized rug delivered right to your door. So, what do you have to lose? Place your order right now. If you have any questions, please contact us at or (301) 660-7046. Oh, and don't forget to leave a comment below telling us what you thought of the blog article and what more you'd like us to write about!

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