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When purchasing a new area rug, consider many things, including the size of your space and what color scheme you want in that room. With their available shapes and sizes, 10x10 rugs offer great versatility for any space, so they will fit into any corner or even completely cover whatever surface might be on top. RugKnots has all types of colors and styles when it comes to these versatile flooring pieces.

The thrill of buying a rug for your home is one that should not be missed. With so many shapes, colors, textures, and patterns to choose from at such an affordable price point, there are no way you'll regret it. 10x10 area rugs are perfect for smaller spaces like kitchens and hallways. The best 10x10 Rugs for 2024 are going to be the ones that offer you all of the benefits you want and need. This article will give you the 30 best 10 x 10 rugs for 2024, which are very popular with customers now.

1. Ivory Ziegler Area Rug

The Ivory Ziegler Area Rug will brighten up any made or natural setting. Hand-knotted from 100% New Zealand Wool, this rug is certain to please customers with its innovative construction and chic oval shape. Manufactured in Pakistan - a country well known for quality craftsmanship - the Ivory Ziegler Area Rug offers shoppers an affordable area rug with a touch of panache. At 10 ft x 10 ft, it's perfect for adding warmth and color to your favorite room; or as a luxurious present for someone else.

2. Brown Ziegler Area Rug

Ugly and worn out? Want to create a living room that looks both classic and contemporary at the same time? A Brown Ziegler Area Rug will provide comfort while enhancing your design aesthetic with minimal effort. This traditional rug is brand new, made of 100% natural wool, and includes free shipping. It has an oriental scroll pattern that is aesthetically pleasing and provides optimum comfort when placed under furniture. This area rug does it all in terms of style and function.

3. Ivory Ziegler Area Rug

Hand-Knotted Ivory Ziegler Area Rug is a Mid-size round area rug that provides the perfect finishing touch to your space. It features 100% New Zealand Wool, and if you're looking for a great way to turn any surface into space with harmony, this would be it. Our Ivory Ziegler will provide you with years of satisfying use with precise hand knotting and special design. RugKnot offers FREE shipping on all rugs within the US, as well as Low Price Guarantees to ensure customers always get their merchandise at the best possible price. Shop now.

4. Green Ziegler Area Rug

The exquisite Ivory Ziegler Area Rug is the perfect oasis to relax your senses after a hard day of work. The rug's 10 x 10 dimensions are ideal for living rooms, bedrooms, or any area of your home that could be used with plush and cozy additions. Hand-knotted from 100% New Zealand Wool, this piece offers unbeatable durability while still being soft underfoot. Impress guests, give as a gift, or furnish any area in need of charm with this thick premium design at an affordable price. It is now on sale today.

5. Ivory Ziegler Area Rug

The Ivory Ziegler rug offers the durability of wool with a grand round design. This beautiful area rug is easy to purchase with free shipping and FREE returns. Made in Pakistan for high quality at an affordable price, this product is worth looking into for any home decorator. The wool construction makes it durable and less susceptible to wear and tear over time, like other types of carpets, while still maintaining warmth during cold winters. With 100% New Zealand Wool and a 30-day return policy, there's no question about what customers can expect from these Ivory Rugs value.

6. Brown Ziegler Area Rug

The Brown Ziegler Area Rug is a gorgeous rug that can complement any design style. Made of wool material, this rug will feel soft for your feet and show off proud craftsmanship.

Long-lasting and durable, this rug will lead to many pleasant memories with family and friends in the years to come. With deals, you may not find another like it. Trending items are on our homepage. Check out what we've done before, or browse our collections to see how we showcase each product. The outdoors never looked so good, with designer rugs delivered right to your doorsteps. Want something special? Our filters allow you to want an area rug but are not impressed yet . We have plenty more options at different prices and styles.

7. Ivory Ziegler Area Rug

The Ivory Ziegler rug is a handmade, hand-knotted floor covering that has been designed to bring luminous elegance into your home. Light and airy tones give the feel of vast emptiness, while colorful elements subtly draw attention to vignettes where space creates an illusion of height or depth. This round wool rug's subtle palette will create sophistication in any room for years to come. The Ivory Zigler area rug is one of our most popular floor coverings, and it has classic colors that offer the perfect balance between sophistication and style.

8. Black Ziegler Area Rug

With its intricate but not fussy design, our beautifully styled Black Ziegler Area Rug will instantly win you over. RugKnots specializes not just in design but also in inconvenience -- purchase locally with them or take advantage of their delivery options that ship right to your door. Made from soft wool, it's an excellent choice for sensitive feet and tough stains alike. Get ready to fall in love with this striking accent piece today. Explore the colorful selection by spending some time on the page with lots of filters for style preferences as well as for rooms: living room, bedroom(s), dining room downstairs?

9. Ivory Ziegler Area Rug

Effortless design meets hand-knotted perfection with this ivory round area rug. The Ivory Ziegler Area Rug has a round design and will add sophistication to any room. The Ivory Ziegler rug is a handmade, hand-knotted floor covering that has been designed to bring luminous elegance into your home. Light and airy tones give the feel of vast emptiness, while colorful elements subtly draw attention to vignettes where space creates an illusion of height or depth. This round wool rug's subtle palette will create sophistication in any room for years to come. Made in Pakistan, With a free 30-day return policy and shipping included, making your home a little more elegant is easy.

10. Brown Ziegler Area Rug

Our smartly styled Brown Ziegler Area Rug will instantly win you over. Made from soft wool, it's a great choice for sensitive feet and tough stains alike. Get ready to fall in love with this striking accent piece today. The Ziegler Area Rug is unique due to its wool material and traditional rug knots. This area rug is recommended for use in a back corridor or wherever you want to add a touch of elegance. Available in three different colors and sizes, this one-of-a-kind product offers the highest quality every time. And with helpful tips on how best to maintain your rug, you needn't worry about the hassle.

11. Ivory Ziegler Area Rug

The Ivory Ziegler Area Rug will add a sophisticated touch to any room in your home. It is hypoallergenic, non-slip, and reversible for even more wear. Made of 100% New Zealand Wool with hand-knotted construction, the Ivory Ziegler Area Rug has an upscale look and feel, making it a treasured addition to your decor. This rug is on trend with the latest design trends but doesn't go over the top - adding just enough style without jeopardizing its ability to be traditionally styled as well. The weighted wool gives this rug durability while still maintaining comfort underfoot - making it perfect for bedroom upholstery or dining rooms alike.

12. Brown Ziegler Area Rug

Ziegler is a rug with personality. Brown Ziegler Area Rug by RugKnot, this wool beauty features calming Brown color and traditional patterning. Perfect for lounges or bedrooms, the one-of-a-kind rug boasts of excellent quality that will make your space come alive with its warm elegance. Crafted from 100% wool material, it's recommended to be completely dry cleaned only due to the delicate nature of the weaving technique used. Brown Area Rugs can be placed outdoors during warmer seasons without a problem but highly recommend indoor use in harsh winter months.

13. Ivory Ziegler Area Rug

You're in the right place to indulge in luxury at your feet. This luxurious and contemporary hand-knotted wool rug gives your room an upscale feel. The ivory, hand-dyed highlights on a classic white canvas create a perennial style that will never go out of fashion, while its 10x10 size offers plenty of coverage for any space. This is one rug you'll want to take off every last glimmering blade of grassy green or dirt brown from your shoes before crossing into space - but don't let that deter you. These rugs come FREE with a 30 days return policy should they be less than what you expected; it's now up to YOU to make sure these handmade masterpieces live up to their name.

14. Ivory Ziegler Area Rug

Lay a comforting slice of comfort right at home with the Ivory Ziegler Area Rug. Hand knotted from 100% new wool, this 10 x 10 ft. area rug will add vintage charm to any space in your house or outdoor living space like nothing else can. This is the perfect rug for a thicker pile to keep your feet warm in the winter. It's also stain and fade-resistant, not to mention beautiful and luxurious. Feel snug and snuggly this winter with our cozy 100% wool rug. With its charming coloring, you'll feel safe knowing that it won't leave any ugly stains or damaging fades where it lays - just relax in front of the fireplace day after day without worrying about shrinks, spills, or tears.

15. Black Ziegler Area Rug

Luxury that you deserve. This rug might be an investment, but it's worth every penny. Made with wool material, this shiny rug is sure to bring your space to life in no time at all. Deal alert: These Black Ziegler Area Rugs are a steal and on sale for only a limited time, so grab up yours before they're gone. You won't regret purchasing this trendy black Ziegler rug for your needs or as an excellent gift option for someone else. With elegant Nordic styling, these rugs will look beautiful anywhere you put them indoors or outdoors.

16. Ivory Ziegler Area Rug

We will never sell you cheap, shoddy goods. But with our savings on elegance and size, you could finally get the rug of your dreams for a fraction of what it would cost elsewhere. This 100% New Zealand wool round cut area rug is rich in ivory color that evokes nostalgia for classic designs. Hand-knotted construction of Ivory Ziegler Area Rug ensures texture and durability while timeless design never goes out of style. It's a tradeoff we're willing to make because no one builds like Ziegler RugKnot Company. The small size means this rug can live comfortably in any room or hallway without dominating space. So it's perfect as an accent piece or even just an extension to any standard sized carpet.

17. Brown Ziegler Area Rug

Order Brown Ziegler Area Rug from RugKnots if you want the perfect rug. Constructed with all-natural wool and 100% hand-tufted, this is a pile fabric area rug meant to be used and seen on. Created to have a sleek look that can blend into any room of your home so that it fulfils both needs in style and space, our brown Ziegler Area Rug will surely meet your needs and exceed them. With over 25 colors available, you'll find the right one wherever you want something beautiful yet functional. It's easy to see why these are worth investing in now more than ever before.

18. Ivory Ziegler Area Rug

Beauty, quality design, and affordability are deeply entrenched in the roots of our brand. Creating a space where nature meets modern-day fashion has to be an intentional choice that should reflect your personal style as well as match the needs of your room or home. Unexpected pairing and perfectly placed textures are what make the Ivory Ziegler Area Rug unique. You might be surprised by this rug's ombre colors, which are made from 100% New Zealand wool and hand-knotted. Built with plush comfort, even if you have young children or pets running around at home, so worry-free about spills on this carpet. Not to mention, it also comes with FREE Shipping.

19. Green Ziegler Area Rug

Handmade to be as durable, soft, and beautiful as possible. You won't find a more knotted rug on the market- You'll love the soft wool under your toes while you relax on this hand-knotted plush rug with ivory designs in red, green, and teal, among others. Careful attention was given to the construction of these woven rugs with high density fibers for extra durability that will last you for years. A Christmas gift worth giving. Buy now at an amazing sale price from low to high.

20. Ivory Ziegler Area Rug

Hand-knotted from 100% New Zealand wool, this Ivory Ziegler Area Rug features a luxuriously fluffy pile. Available in round sizes and contemporary neutral shades with delicate border designs. This rug is perfect for any indoor space—dining rooms, bedrooms, or living rooms alike. The affordable price point also makes it easy to outfit every room in your home. We carry another similarly styled rug that is just as soft for frequent vacuuming over hardwood floors: try our Hand-knotted Wool Area Rug, now on sale. Exchange are free within 30 days of purchase and take away the hassle by providing complimentary returns if you're not satisfied.

21. Brown Ziegler Area Rug

RugKnot's Brown Ziegler Area Rug is a perfect blend of form and function, style and sophistication. With its contemporary design in varying shades of brown, this rug will be the highlight in any room. The Brown Ziegler Area Rug was handwoven from anti-allergenic wool by artisans with hundreds of years of heritage. The techniques handed down from generation to generation ensure unmatched quality that can only come from absolute dedication to craftsmanship. Bring the warmth and natural feel into your home today.

22. Ivory Ziegler Area Rug

We offer the best quality in rugs, and our customer service team is always available to answer your questions. You'll love our selection of fine wool area rugs that are hand-knotted from 100% New Zealand Wool for superior softness and durability. The perfect collection to complete your room with a dash of sophistication, the Ivory Ziegler Area Rug provides plenty of warmth. Available in sizes 10 x 10 ft., this rug is hand-knotted for years of enjoyment and perfectly complements any decor. Buy this 10 x 10 Ivory Ziegler Area Rug today.

23. Ivory Ziegler Area Rug

Introducing the new 10 x 10 ft ivory Ziegler area rug seen like never before. From its thick material, hand-knotted construction, and boldly beautiful colors, you won't want to miss this one. The elegant round, hand-knotted area rug adds warmth and timeless sophistication to any room in the Ivory Ziegler Collection. Museum quality 100% Wool Rugs are consistently woven, resulting in a high-quality assurance level. Available in various sizes for specific room decor needs and backed by FREE 30-day returns and FREE shipping.

24. Black Ziegler Area Rug

The Black Ziegler Area Rug's timeless versatility fits any occasion, home or office. Its understated elegance is the perfect balance for a boss who likes to keep things neat. The rug is tailored from black wool material, which can withstand cold conditions while still being soft on bare feet. With this rug, you can avoid that common homeowner dilemma: "Do I sacrifice style or comfort?" A brand new and stylish black Ziegler area rug made from wool materials is guaranteed to be happy, trendy, and easy to apply.

25. Ivory Ziegler Area Rug

Stand out from the rest of your room with this beautiful and luxurious wool rug. This area is perfect for any space in a home looking to enhance its elegant charm. The Ivory Ziegler Area Rug is thick and has a size of 10 x10. Its wool is 100% New Zealand Wool, making it soft to the touch for underfoot comfort. It is woven together on the loom with traditional hand knots to make one piece without seams or glue. This rug would look great in any kitchen, living room, family room, or home office space you have in mind. Different sizes are available, so you can choose one that best fits your needs. Shop now and enjoy FREE shipping on all orders.

26. Brown Ziegler Area Rug

Add a little splash of color to your floor with The RugKnot's Ziegler Area Rug. This 100% wool rug is a must-have for any home looking for a modern, ultra-modern menagerie of colors. Finding the perfect shade and style should be easy with different design combinations. Place an order today and allow us to carefully work one-on-one with you until your new area rug arrives here right at your doorstep.

Unless otherwise noted on the product page, all our products are always in stock and ready for immediate shipment out. Contact our customer service department if you would like to confirm availability before making a purchase.

27. Ivory Ziegler Area Rug

Capture the room in a peaceful life with this hand-knotted rug from Pakistan. The Ivory Ziegler Area Rug is perfect for your dining area or kitchen. This beautiful rug will add dimension and charm to any space. Hand-knotted by skilled weavers in Pakistan using 100% New Zealand Wool, this rug features an impeccable design pattern that creates depth and provides more texture than flat woven designs. Use it as a striking home décor piece or keep furniture from scraping against the floorboards - tacky rugs are long gone. You can even create a calm oasis under your coffee table with one of these beauties oozing glamours like molten gold on honeycomb white velvet.

28. Ivory Ziegler Area Rug

Want a traditional touch to your home with an area rug that will last? The Ivory Ziegler Area Rug is the perfect choice for you. The Ivory Ziegler rug is incredible. It measures 10 ft by 10 ft, making it ideal for any interior space. Featuring 100% New Zealand wool and hand-knotted construction, this luxurious area rug offers unsurpassed durability. Make sure to take advantage of our shop's generous 30-day return policy and free shipping if you ever need a swap.

29. Ivory Ziegler Area Rug

The Ivory Ziegler Area Rug is richly textured with 100% New Zealand Wool. With hand-knotted construction, this rug will retain its quality for decades to come. Price runs from low to high. Choose the one that best fits your budget. With the construction of hand-knotted wool over latex, this durable rug exudes an elegant design that will turn any room into a welcoming space.

30. Grey Ziegler Area Rug

This 10 x 10 hand-knotted wool rug is delightfully luxurious. If you're looking for a foot warmer and a great first impression at the same time, this is your ideal choice. The Ivory Ziegler Area Rug has 100% New Zealand Wool backing, making it thick but not overly warm or itchy. The rug's construction was created with high-quality craftsmanship, allowing for more effortless movement and cleaning and being easy to store away when not needed. We offer reasonable prices, so if you need a place to rest your feet without emptying out your wallet, check out our selection today.

RugKnots has been in the business of providing customers with quality rugs for over 30 years. We have various sizes, colors, and styles to fit any budget or need from our 10x10 area rug collection that can be found online. Many people want to buy a rug but don't know where they should go. Do you enjoy buying at The RugKnots? They have plenty of the best rugs ever in their material, including mixed fibers such as cotton and wool, natural fibers, silk blend fiber, or organic materials. Patterns range from abstract through animal print to geometric designs with floral patterns for kitchens or oriental styles perfect for holiday celebrations. RugKnots not only gives you discounts on these items, but they also offer free shipping. If you are still unsure about anything related to our products, contact us at info@rugknots.com or call (301) 660-7046. We answer any questions that might be relevant.

Frequently Asked Questions About 10 x 10 Rugs

1. Do 10 x 10 Rugs Shape Matter On Flooring?

The shape of your rug can dramatically change how you see the space in which it's placed. When someone walks into an area with round rugs, they are instantly drawn to its spaciousness or coziness depending on what type of look their eyes have been looking for that day. If there is one thing we know about people today, it's that everyone wants different things at any given moment. Rugknots have round shapes like square, rectangular, circular, and runner, so they will first meet whatever mood strikes them.

2. Is There Any Variety In 10 x 10 Area Rugs?

At RugKnots, you'll find the best rugs in a variety of materials and your favorite designs. Though our selection is vast, we have something for everyone- from modern patterns to Oriental-themed pieces. The RugKnot offers some of the finest rug quality that can satisfy any person's need. Whether it be an area shag carpeting like those found in casual living rooms; complex woven structures possessing colors reminiscent of traditional patterns.

3. What Are The Shipping Option For 10 x 10 Area Rugs?

RugKnots is the best place for you to find area rugs. With 100% free shipping, it's never been easier or more convenient to get your hands on these beautiful pieces of art. RugKnots offers free shipping to your home, so you can confidently shift the look of your entire house without stepping outside.

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Red Isfahan Area RugRed Isfahan Area Rug
Rugknots Red Isfahan Area Rug - AR5569
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Ivory Ziegler Area RugIvory Ziegler Area Rug
Rugknots Ivory Ziegler Area Rug - AR3597
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Multi-Color Overdyed Area Rug - AR3441Multi-Color Overdyed Area Rug - AR3441
Rugknots Multi-Color Overdyed Area Rug - AR3441
$2,650 $5,300

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Free Shipping

Ivory Isfahan Area Rug - AR5496Ivory Isfahan Area Rug
Rugknots Ivory Isfahan Area Rug - AR5496
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Multi-Color Ziegler Area RugMulti-Color Ziegler Area Rug
Rugknots Multi-Color Ziegler Area Rug - AR5075
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