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Aesthetically pleasing, visually vibrant, and filled with symbolism – Moroccan Rugs are one of a kind. ‘Berber Rugs’ is another name for them that reflect their origin and connection with the monochrome Beni-Ourain rugs. To tell you the truth, all Moroccan Rugs are Berber Rugs; different Berber Tribes crafted them. However, different tribes brought in unique impacts on the design, color, and story for each rug. Hence, various types of Moroccan Rugs emerged. Every rug made by the indigenous people brings its unique story. Women used Berber symbols in the rugs to describe their life and culture. Consequently, every rug made is unique and different from another. There are many types of Moroccan Rugs available on RugKnots. The basis for these types comes from their origin. However, before we dive into the details on its types, let us learn a little more about the Moroccan Area Rugs.


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What are Moroccan Rugs?

Originally, women made these rugs for their own homes and often represented their personal stories. However, later, these rugs gained popularity, and now they sell for decorative reasons. Each rug is handmade; hence, no two rugs look alike. Also, the usage of these rugs is quite versatile. Traditionally, people placed them on the floor or used as the bed covers, blankets, or even cover for seating. The indigenous Moroccan people often used it even as saddle covers, burial shrouds, and sleeping mats. Also, natural wool fibers are the original choice for Moroccan Rugs. Moroccan Rugs come in both thick and thin piles. It is preferable to place thick and heavy-piled rugs as the floor mat. On the other hand, thin piled rugs are light in weight and preferred as bed covers or seating covers. Also, these rugs are softer than an average rug and provide an elite sense of luxury. Sheep’s wool was the original choice for making these rugs, which made them warm and cozy. Moreover, these rugs initially came in beige and cream colors. However, now a wide variety of colors are available. The patterns for these rugs go from geometric to abstract designs that are reminiscent of symbolism. Additionally, now both handmade and mass-produced carpets are available everywhere. Not to mention, Moroccan rugs made with handloom are significantly softer and plusher, and pricier. On the other hand, machine-made rugs are finer and bear more regular patterns.


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Types of Moroccan Rugs

The design patterns, thickness, and the weaving technique of Moroccan Rugs are nothing like Porcelain Area Rugs or even Turkish Area Rugs. They bring in significant variations in the rug community. As mentioned above, different Berber tribes created these rugs. Each tribe brought in different qualities. Hence, various types of Moroccan Rugs came into existence.

1.    Azilal Moroccan Rug

Originated from the high Atlas Mountains, these rugs bear bold and bright colors with asymmetric patterns. These are single knotted, thin-piled rugs made from natural wool fiber. Moreover, the natural wool color stays as it is for the base. Also, colorful abstract designs come from dyed or tinted wool fibers. These rugs took inspiration from the regional life of the women of the Azilal region. Through certain Berber symbols, each rug represented their day-to-day life and story. The most common themes for the Azilal Moroccan Rug are; birth, maternity, marriage, and farming. The weaving technique of this rug is not like others, but it is still very soft and comfortable. Also, these rugs are a perfect way to pop up some color to any boring monochromatic room.


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2.    Boujad Moroccan Rug

Made in the central plains of the Haouz region, these rugs carry quite a vibrant touch to them. Typically, these rugs have pink, orange, red, and purple tones and mostly have geometric patterns. They are exquisite piled rugs, originally made from natural wool fibers and organic vegetables and fruit colors. The pile height is never the same for these rugs. Depending on the symbols and represented story, they are either flatweave or high-piled. It all is in the hands of the weaver. The knotting technique for these rugs is like any other Berber rug, but the knots are comparatively tight, which creates a fine look. Hence, less wool goes into their making. Besides, the tightly knotted wool helps in creating visible and clearer geometric patterns. Additionally, these rugs use natural dyes like flowers, leaves, henna, and berries. It is important to know that Boujad Moroccan Rugs are quite delicate. So, place them in areas with less foot traffic. Also, remember that vintage rugs would not be as bright as the new ones, rather they will have more pastel hue to them.


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3.    Beni Ourain Moroccan Rug

These rugs are from the middle Atlas Mountains that include 17 different Berber tribes called Beni Ourain. The wool used for these rugs comes from the special breed of sheep of the Beni Ourain region. The designs for this rug consist of straight or zig-zag geometric designs along with diamond-shaped patterns. These patterns strictly come in black or brown color while the base of the carpet remains in a natural tone of cream or white. Like any other Moroccan carpet, these carpets also bear many symbols on them. These distinctive symbols include; Talisman symbols, any symbols associated with the Berber tribe, and abstract geometric design. Moreover, these are quite soft and fluffy to feel. Originally, they did not exceed 7 ft width. However, Beni Ourain Moroccan Rugs in the US are available in a variety of sizes.


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4.    Beni Mguild Moroccan Rugs

From the Middle Atlas Mountain, these rugs bring another aspect to the Moroccan Rugs. They are thick piled and lusher than other types. Beni Mguild Moroccan Rugs are bright-colored carpets that come from the vertical knots on the loom. Their color theme has beautiful hues of reds, purples, browns, and blues. Also, Beni Mguild rugs are perfect in both winters and summers. Thick pile height makes them look warmer and softer. On the other hand, flip the rug to bring the flat side up and use it in summers.

5.    Kilim Moroccan Rugs

These rugs are quite famous. They are thin-piled and light in weight. It has always been the best choice for a nomadic lifestyle as they are easy to carry and transport. The design for this rug is mostly abstract geometric patterns and diamond-like asymmetrical designs. However, symbolism stays intact throughout. Not to mention, the designs and symbols used is what makes them distinctive and different from the Turkish Kilim rugs. Besides, they are best for the summer season because of the thin pile. Also, it is best to hang them on walls as a tapestry.


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6.    Boucherouite Moroccan Rug

The most unique and interesting type of Moroccan Rug is Boucherouite Rugs. The difference these rugs carry is quite evident because of the material used. These rugs use the scraps of fabric. The basic purpose for them was to attain warmth in cold places having no wool or where people could not afford it. The designs for this rug do not follow any specific pattern. They may be symmetrical or geometric, depending on the person making it. Boucherouite Moroccan Rugs bring texture and comfort with them, and their soft feel makes them cozier. Originally, the color combination varies for these rugs. Women made use of any fiber and freestyled with the designs, and created a new pattern every time. However, now these rugs come in pre-selected color combinations. They are usually quite vibrant, colorful, and are best to make a bold statement.


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7.    Hybrid Moroccan Rugs

At present, it is hard to differentiate between various types of Moroccan carpets. Most of these rugs have very little diversity in detail. Due to the similarity in ethnicity, their design, symbols, or even color palettes overlap. You may find many such rugs with patterns belonging to one type while the color palette or style to another. Such rugs with the mix and match qualities are Hybrid Rugs. It is hard to point out these rugs amongst other Moroccan Rugs, but they are extremely beautiful and experimental.

8.    R’Bati

Known for their status symbol, R’Bati Rugs have mostly adorned the elites of Morocco. These are one of the most embellished types of Moroccan Rugs that came from the capital city of Morocco. The patterns on them, mostly, consist of diamond motifs and geometric designs. Also, they typically come in the tones of purple and green or even in deep red hues. 


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How to Style Different Types of Moroccan Rugs?

Now it is time to decide which rug type is the one for you and how to style with it. Each rug serves different purposes, so keep reading to know how to decorate with these rugs. Azilal Moroccan Rugs bear great symbolic importance. The beige and cream base, with colorful patterns, make it look quite earthy. So, it is better to place them in areas with rich color tones and vibrant decor. Moving on, the best thing about Boujad Moroccan Rugs is its color scheme. They are bright and vibrant; hence, best to place in hallways. Remember, these rugs will add depth in areas with minimalist furniture. Being one of the unique Moroccan Rug, it is tricky to place Boucherouite Moroccan Rugs. The scrapes of fiber and old clothing give it a shaggy touch, which seems quite informal. So, placing them in a bedroom might be the best choice. Kilims Moroccan Rugs are quite versatile. Place them on the floor or even use them as a tapestry. However, if you want to place them on the floor, then layering them would create a great texture and warmth anywhere. The bright, bold, and beautiful Beni Mguild Moroccan Rugs are best to place in contrast with the formal decor. They are most suitable for bigger rooms to make them look cozy. With Beni Ourain Moroccan Rugs, there is so much that you can do. They are most popular for their unique look created from earthy hues and thick-pile. Due to the neutral feel, these rugs are best to place in open areas with monochromatic furniture. Remember, you need to be very meticulous while choosing the right size when you buy Moroccan Rugs online. 

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