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Rugs are an unconditional home essential. We have forever been emphasizing upon their importance. A good and right rug can completely change the whole out-look of a certain space and make it look ever- lasting. In the entire on-going scenario, people don’t really pay heed to placing rugs at “unusual” places such as bathrooms. They think area rugs can only be placed at main stream areas like living rooms or bedrooms and we believe that you couldn’t be any wrong than this. Rugs in such areas can be of immense importance and great benefit. Imagine the feeling of getting out of the bathroom all wet and the floor is cold as anything but your bathroom rug is at your rescue to give you all the warmth and comfort you were looking for. That feels great in fact, amazing and we can feel you too! Not only that, you feel even comfortable in your home. While shopping for the best bathroom rug, we don’t want you to go wrong anywhere. We are at your rescue, as always. We tell you all you need and should know about bathroom rugs. A full guide; where we tell you about all the factors that you should consider and know about. So, hold your belts and get ready to dive into the world of bathroom rugs!


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Benefits of Bathroom Rugs

It’s not just the decorative features that matter but there is a lot more to discover about these rugs. While they can be an immense design tool however, there are many benefits attached to them. Without any further ado, let’s discuss all of ‘em!

1.  Protection of floors

Bathroom rugs can greatly protect and benefit our floors. They not only protect your feet but also the floors. You can greatly damage your floor whether they are hardwood or tiles, excess water can damage the surfaces. When you step out of your bathroom, understandably, there is going to be water that will eventually fall on the floors. The water that falls on a floor without a rug will stay there and will ultimately seep and absorb into the floor. This causes great impair and harm to your floors. However, if you have a rug, you will be a lot of hassle and money as well. The rug will absorb the wetness and you will be saving many dollars that you would otherwise spend on costly repairs and renovations.


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2. Safety of foot

Understandable, your floor area near the bathroom will be wet most of the time since you don’t have a rug which can soak the water otherwise. That excess water resting on the floor can lead to accidents that are caused by slipping. You can certainly break a leg or even your head from slipping. However, if you have an anti slipping rug going through your way, you are safer than ever.

3. Comfy and Warm

We can’t stop drooling over their comfort. It’s just the perfect blend with life and everything. Stepping out on a soft cotton rug that absorbs all the annoying and excess wetness from your feet is just amazing. Not ignoring the fact that you must have met with a cold shock if you stepped out on a floor without rug. So a bath rug will always be at your rescue as it provides you comfort and warmth, something that you had always been wishing for.

4. The Designary and Style

They give you a very homey feeling. They add to the luxuries of your home. Your room looks complete and perfect with their presence. The style and glitz have a lot to say in the overall look of the room. It may not be a perfect idea to place rugs inside your bathrooms but it’s always a plus if you place rugs or mats at the entrance of your bathroom. Trust us; you would be drooling over your room afterwards.


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How to Place and Use Them: Decoration Tips 101

Okay, so let’s start by discussing the inside of your bathroom. If you have a large and spacious bathroom, you would have plenty of space to use around and play with bathroom rugs. Obviously, you can place a large area rug inside of your bathroom and it’s common sense why we say that. So it’s not a big deal for you to work your rugs inside of your bathroom. You can start off by placing your rug beside or in front of your tub. Aahh, it’s the best feeling ever. Getting out of a hot and steamy bath and then placing your foot on a cozy rug is certainly the most soothing feeling ever. It only gives comfort to your feet but it also benefits in other ways such as soaking water off of your feet and preventing the floor from being unnecessarily and annoyingly wet and watery. You can try using a mid-sized rug, if you have a very spacious bathroom but go for minimalistic and toned rugs if you don’t have that big of an area.

The second area where you can place bathroom rugs is around your sink. You can try working a mini round or square rug around your sink to add to the comfort and luxuries. The dropping water will get absorbed by the rug. Also, it’s a great idea for people who tend to do skincare and have to spend quite some time with their sink. Their feet wouldn’t get swollen as their favorite mini rug is on their rescue. Moreover, you can place your rug out at the entrance of the bathing area. Some washrooms tend to have a little shower area in an enclosed space. This is one the best areas to place rugs in a bathroom. It is ideal in not just a comfy perspective but also in many other aspects. So it’s a go over there!

The most important and rather essential area to place bathroom rugs at is the entrance of the washroom meaning at the door. We have mentioned all the right and main reasons why you should place a rug at this place. It is nearly a necessity to have them placed over there for protective and decorative reasons. It protects both; your feet and your floors. It prevents your floor surfaces from getting damaged and accidents as well. For a more detailed explanation, go back at our previous heading!


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How to Wash Bathroom Rugs

Bathroom rugs are understandably the most used and used rugs and we all know how and why. These rugs tend to go through a lot of wear and tear as well. The question; after how much time you should clean your bath rug is also one of the common ones. It depends upon the traffic a rug receives which varies home to home and family to family. So a rug that lives in a family that has lots of kids and family members, it should be one regular duty of the owner to clean the bath rugs. You can clean your rug every one to two weeks. However, if there are less members and less foot traffic, it’s okay for you to clean your rug every two to three weeks.

After knowing the common time duration during which you should clean your bath rugs, let’s talk about some basics of cleaning them. To start off, you just have to practice the common, age-old method of patting the rug’s back. You should pat the back of the rug and will be a bit shocked to see the amount of dirt and dust it spits out. You won’t be able to spot that in a rug commonly but you’ll only get to know about it after your first cleaning session. Another most important basic step is to check out the tag of the rug. You should check if there are some certain products or items that are not allowed to be used on the rug or are harmful for the rug in any way. Refrain from using such products and find alternatives or go for some safe items.

The main cleaning process is quite easy. We will give you a basic know how as to how you can clean your bath rug in the easiest way possible. There may be many other ways to clean a bath rug but the most easy and basic is the one that we are going to discuss just now. All you need is a detergent, water and brush. All you gotta do is to water the rug and put some detergent onto it. Make sure that you don’t add too much of the detergent as excessive amounts of it may damage the strands or fibers of the rug. As mentioned above, make sure that the product you are using is clearly on the lines with the rug guidelines and description. After that, use the brush to gently remove all the dirt and dust off of the rug so that it is cleaned in the best way possible. After you are done with brushing, add water in order to remove all the detergent and dirt off of it. After you have rinsed the rug with water and the detergent has fully come off, it’s time to dry it. You can let the rug rest for some time and it will dry over time. We know it was an easy way out. Oh by the way, don’t forget to wear gloves for your own safety and hygiene!


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What’s the Difference Between Bath Rugs and Bath Mats

People often tend to mix both items; bath rugs and math mats. However, there are many differences between these two that are evident but people are not really aware of that. The main difference between these two is the overall appearance and function of these rugs. Bath mats look a bit rough and very calculated in their appearance. They are very simple in appearance whereas bath rugs look very luxurious and plushy. They seem very stylish and can change the entire outlook of a bathroom or area. The main function of a bath mat is to prevent slipping and absorb excess water that may result in slipping. These are most placed near tubs or sinks so that water drips and falls on them rather than the floor or surface. On the other hand, bathroom rugs tend to not only soak the water within your feet but provide all the comfort you need when you step out of a shower or bath. In a nutshell, bath mats tend to be more technical and functional while bath rugs are more for fashion and decorative purposes.


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What kind/ type of bathroom rug is the best?

Before we sign off, we feel that it is very important to give you a general idea of what kind/ type of bathroom rug works the best. Let’s discuss the material that works best in terms of bathroom rugs. a 100% cotton rug is an ideal rug for bathrooms. They have a high absorbency level which is the best as the main function of these rigs is to absorb and soak water into them. The next thing is the texture of the rug which should be either high piled or low piled. Honestly, it depends upon your personal preference as to what kind of look you want your rug to give. A low pile rug has shorter loops which make the rug look thin and neat whereas a high piled rug has longer loops that give the rug a shaggy and more of a comfy/ cozy look. Next, the design and style completely depends upon your likings and interests. We don’t really think there is much to comment on that. Up next are some of the features to look for in a bathroom rug. First things first, they should be non- slip rugs. Obviously, you are buying a rug exactly for the reason of preventing slips, why would you buy a slippery one anyway! Secondly, it is best if your bath rug is machine washable. So, that you don’t have to get into the hassle of washing and cleaning your rug again and again. And that’s it!

And that’s about it! We sincerely hope that you found this blog post helpful and informative. We tried bringing everything together in one blog pot so that you don’t have to search your brain out to get all your questions answered. Consider all these factors and features before buying a bathroom rug. These rugs are definitely very important and significant in any house and we can’t stop emphasizing enough on it. They are not only important for their decorative features but also hold great significance due to their advantageous nature. They help you from slipping and get the water soaked so that you don’t have to clean again and again. Bathroom rugs are just the best. So if you don’t have a bathroom rug already, then we don’t know what else you are waiting for. You definitely need one, so waste no time and go get one already!

Are you looking for some functional yet beautiful bathroom rugs? Well, you are exactly where you need to be. We, at RugKnots, offer the trendiest area rugs out there. Not only bathroom rugs, but almost all other types and collections are offered by us. We have the widest collections of area rugs present in numerous designs, styles, sizes, colors and shapes. Not only that, we offer customer guidance as well so if you have any queries reading anything, feel free to ask us. We will be more than happy to help you out. Wait, it doesn’t end here, you can also order a customized rug delivered at your doorstep. So, what are you waiting for? Place an order already. Oh wait, don’t forget to leave a comment down below and tell us how you liked the blog post and what else you want us to write one!


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