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When we think of summers, we think of the beaches and the beautiful natural destinations where we can enjoy this weather. To display that cool breezy image for your beach house, RugKnots bring you coastal area rugs that complement the feel of summer. Coastal rugs are the ideal rugs to give that feeling and who doesn't love the beach and the tropical feel in this weather? Well, we do. Before we talk about how these beautiful area rugs can be your go-to trend, let's get into their details.

What Are Coastal Area Rugs?

Coastal rugs are developed to bring the feel of the beach to your home. They are called casual area rugs as they bring that casual touch to your place. They give your home a relaxing feeling with their beautiful colors and materials. Their different seaside and beach themed designs are perfect for your summer. Getting a perfect coastal rug for your summer home is not an easy task.

Let us get into the details to find a perfect match. Another popular rug relating to the sea look is the nautical area rug. These rugs have the symbols and emblems related to the ships that are sailing by the captains. These rugs are often misconceived as coastal rugs. The difference between both is that coastal styled rugs include every coast related patterns on them while the nautical styled rugs usually have only ship patterns on them.


The coastal and nautical rugs originated from England and other coastal communities. This home decor came to life as captains brought treasures from the seas and oceans. As the world was being explored, ocean traveling became a thing. People loved hearing all about the oceans and the seas. This made them come up with the navy blue rugs that matched the views defined by the travelers. The earliest examples include scrimshaw artwork on shells, brass spy glasses, and mats printed with the views of the coastal areas. Every element described by the sailors and captains was employed in these rugs. The beaches were defined on them and soon people started recording their houses with these flat weave area rugs.

People started paneling their homes with the ship like decor, Jute Rugs were used to give a natural look to the area, floors were painted to complement every element in there. The life of the ocean migrated from there and into the home decors over the years. Today, they are the symbol of summers in households. The furniture used in the beach house is now also being made to match the beautiful coastal and nautical decor of the beach house. Metal chairs, as were used by sailors, are also adapted in the homes. This style has such a beautiful history that it is being called a timeless classic.

Rug Materials

Coastal rugs are made from many different materials that make them a perfect choice. You can find these rugs in almost every material but they are mostly made through natural materials. Synthetic materials are not used a lot in the making of these rugs. A non-slip material is often used for these rugs to keep them in place. Due to their unique designs, they are also made using slippy materials. Some of the most popular materials used in the making of these rugs are


Jute area rugs are trending in every household but they have great use in the making of coastal rugs. They are natural fibers that can be easily colored and twisted in any form. These rugs are best formed using this dried fiber. The natural fiber can not only give a natural feel but also keep your home cool in the warm weather. It is a durable material and works best with these kinds of area rugs.


Sea-grass rugs are water-resistant as well as stain resistant. The light shades of this material best work with these area rugs. They provide extra comfort and extra durability. It is easy to have the coastal prints on this fiber. These rugs can be placed anywhere in your home be it your bathroom or your living room.


Sisal is also a natural fiber that is used to provide strength to these area rugs. It is stronger than jute and sea-grass. Sisal coastal rugs are best for the high-traffic areas. With the added beauty, these rugs are a must-have.


Wool is also used for the manufacturing of coastal rugs. They give a luxurious look wherever they are placed. When coastal prints are added to this beautiful rug material, they are worth looking at. In summers, coastal wool rugs can become an attraction for your guests when laid in your guest room or even your corridors.


Leather is also being used in the production of these area rugs. Although they are not a popular choice for many rug lovers, they still are used by many for the extra strength they provide. These area rugs give a unique look to your beach home that can also be counted as an expensive look.


Bamboo is often used to manufacture these area rugs as it is a natural fiber as well. This rug adds a touch of texture and color to your floors. This material is highly sustainable and durable but lesser than that of Sisal. You can enhance your entrance or your patio with the coastal print on bamboo rugs.


Cotton is a highly popular material for the coastal area rugs. Weaving this fiber into these area rugs makes them more attractive. Cotton is also a popular area rug to be used in summers. This is why the material is loved by many for the summer houses. These area rugs do not require high maintenance and have long life spans.

Natural Fibers

Every natural fiber can be used in the making of these rugs. There's a saying that states "The next best thing to walking on sand, is walking on natural fiber area rug" and RugKnots agrees with this. The natural look of these fibers when combined with the natural look of coastal designs, gives an ideal decor.

Rug Shapes

There is a large range of shapes to choose from for your area rugs. Area rugs of this specific style are used in varying shapes to match their free nature.


When the coastal designs meet the rectangular shape, they have the power to transform your room instantly. They allow you to design plenty of rooms. Their shape gives us the advantage of managing the room in different ways with the furniture setting around them. This is the most popular shape among the coastal decor. They are so easy to set everything around and yet add a happy character to the room.


Oval coastal designs have become the talk of the town recently. Coastal designs lay perfectly on this rug shape. They give the countryside look to your room which is the essence of coastal decor. It softens the seating area and makes your bedroom look more luxurious. It can give a unique look to your entrance too while your kitchen will look cozier with this addition.

Irregular Shaped

Coastal designs mostly use irregular shapes. This is the only way to define their friendly and natural aura. Many coastal designs are undefined and can be anything from nature. The palm trees, the flowing rivers, the starfish, and many other beautiful patterns are used in these Flatweave Area Rugs. Irregular shapes go along the pattern and complement each style.

Rug Styles

There's a large range of styles you can choose from for these rugs. They can be modern, contemporary, or antique styles. They are mostly designed with a beach, ocean, nautical, coastal, or tropical themes. In addition to the theme, you'll find styles like chic, modern, bohemian, luxury, oriental, vintage, and more. The question here is, which style suits your home and your mood. If you consider the elements found in the ocean and around it, you'll notice there are a number of options for these rugs. There can be starfish, seashells, sand dollars, palm leaves, and coral but these are not all.

Starfish Style

If you want to enjoy the feel of the ocean right in your living room or even your entrance, starfish rugs are what you need. These flatweave rugs are the unique style that will soothe you in the warm summers. They best go with irregular shapes and with the natural fibers.


Whether displayed as one shell or repeating pattern, shells are a naturally beautiful symbol of the coast. Shells may also symbolize a prosperous journey. The coastal rugs use the beach theme and seashells are the beauty of beaches. Many coastal designs are made with the addition of seashells on the borders of these rugs. This pattern is best suited to beach décor or coastal themed homes. These rugs have a lot of options to choose from like conch, ark, scotch bonnet, auger, clam, or baby’s ear shells. They are added with coastal colors like blue, green, teal, light blue, and aqua to get a perfect coastal feel.

Sea Urchin Style

The sea urchins are often an ideal shape for a rug in any seaside space. They can enhance every space in your home. The rugs are available in a range of options and counting on what your needs are; you'll choose one that completely matches your lifestyle. There are more than 950 species of this sea creature therefore we have this number of options for our flatweave rug design.

Palm Tree

Palm trees are the symbol of exotic tropical nature. If you want this exact feeling in any area of your home, choose palm leaf area rugs. They are available in many different colors like beige, green, and brown colors usually. These rugs can be laid down in any corner of your home to give a tropical look to it. These rugs come in the rectangular, runner, oval, and round shapes. Although they do come in irregular shapes as well, we suggest going for the shapes mentioned earlier. There are such a large amount of options that can go with your interior. A difference in the shape of these rugs can make a huge difference in the decor and so does the size of these rugs.


Coral area rugs combine the ocean theme with a friendly and contemporary style to provide your floor a fantastic look. They include different ocean feelings in them. Any coral sea life can be a part of this area rug. Coral rugs are available in all shapes and sizes so that they are perfect for a beach home. Many shoppers who have added these rugs to their homes understand how simple and effective they will be for creating the right room. Coral themed area rugs are ideal for bedrooms, kitchens, front room, and outdoors.


Anchors are used on the ships to keep them from floating into the water from the beach. They are an emblem of safety in harbor and protection. They are beautifully designed to be a part of the area rugs. The symbol is mostly added to the coral theme or the tropical theme. This addition gives a sense of complete ocean life.


The rope is also used in the ships to harbor them on the beach. They are very useful and customary tools in seafaring. This design has become a popular motif in nautical design. Just add this design along with the anchors and it will complete the look. These designs look good on rectangles laid at the entrance or the seating area.


The knots of the ropes are a symbol of friendship and harmony for the sailors. The addition of this symbol not only gives the feeling of nautical style but also the symbolic gesture for the home. These designs best go with the blue color of water and the ship accessories.


The flags on the ships are also used as the pattern of coastal rugs. These flatweave rugs are used to symbolize any message on the flag. It can be a symbol of peace or boldness whatever best defines you. With other nautical symbols, this addition is complimentary. Rectangular rugs with the complete coastal and nautical portrayal are becoming a more popular choice.


Stars were used by ship captains to judge the way home. They are used in the coastal decor to symbolize the sense of direction. Our designs often use these designs to complete the look of sea life with the sailors.


The stripes on the flags or even the whole rug with the defined colors are also the symbol of coastal life. The stripes used are mostly blue, white, or teal. This is to make them resemble the colors of the sea or ocean.

Where To Place Them

Coastal rugs are handmade rugs that are flat weave. Due to this nature, they can be used anywhere in the home.


These rugs are welcoming in nature. When placed in the entrance they give a more flattering view. Entryway rugs are your first impression so choose one wisely. The rug material for this area has to be durable like sisal and jute. This is because these are high traffic areas and they require a material that has a longer life. When laying down a rug in the entrance, always use a rug pad. The pad will not let the area rug displace. It will also help in keeping the floor scratch-free. You can also have runner rugs of coastal prints in your entrance.

Living Area

Coastal designs are best suited in the living area which is also the seating area of your home. You have to make sure that it compliments all the colors of the living room. The wall paintings or the wall colors should also match the rug laid on the floor. These area rugs have more coastal colors in them so consider these colors in the furniture as well.


In summers, your bedroom is where you spend most of your time. In this weather, you prefer more cool colors and things in your room. What's cooler than coastal area rugs? The beautiful colors will add more elegance to your room. Safavieh rugs with these beautiful colors can be your ultimate choice for the bedroom.

Dining Room

These area rugs are a great addition to your dining area. Your dining table can make use of these rugs to have a soft landing for your feet. It can bring texture and color to your dining area. A coastal design with the added decor of nautical elements in the room can get you a complete ocean look.


Coastal designed rugs can be used both indoor and outdoor. You can have these rugs for your backyard, or keep one for your picnics in the beachy areas. Have one for your seating area or one for your bedroom, they can act as both. The purpose of these rugs is to provide a coastal feel to wherever they are placed. When made of synthetic materials, they are designed to face the sun, sand, and any kind of weather. Coastal style rugs are usually used for indoor-outdoor expeditions because they're very low-maintenance.

Are Coastal Area Rugs The Right Choice?

These rugs are often used in beach houses which have to experience a lot of wear and tear. This is because of all the sand, damp swimming suits, and the constant traffic in and out of the house. Beach houses that are not near the beach also experience the same traffic. These natural fiber area rugs are ideal for these situations. Not only are they durable but also a style definition. Natural jute, sisal, and even synthetic fibers are budget-friendly making it light on the pocket as well.

The light colors of these rugs are inspired by the beach color palettes. They fit the beach and summer houses perfectly. You can use them where you can't put your luxurious shag rugs and can achieve inspiring designs. They resist the fading and the shedding even with all the traffic in the house. Your poolside inspired by the coastal look can also make use of this affordable rug which is easily manageable and replaceable.  These rugs can make their place in any household if you love the fresh coastal style or beach style. These area rugs can bring that classic nautical look to life in your home.

How To Style These Rugs In Your Home?

Now you know all about these rugs but how to style them is the question that rises here. No matter where you are residing, whether it is the beach house or your summer farmhouse, we have the perfect coastal styling guide for you. Bring your inner captain o go all ship sailing in your house or just decorate a room to be your safe haven, this guide will help you achieve it. We are mentioning some of the design tips that can provide a complete tropical or coastal look of your home.

Paint Color Palette

Before you choose the paint color for your house, buy the coastal rug. You can match the color palette of your home later. But if you are just looking to change the decor of your near beach house and not the color palette, we can also help you choose the right rug for you. If your home has light palette colors like aqua blue or even shades of white, go for a nautical rug that has many elements of ship imprinted on them. But if you have dark-colored walls, we suggest going for an ocean life or aquarium rugs. These rugs will create an atmosphere of sea life in your home.


To match the casual feel of coastal style in your home, the most popular choice for the furniture is metal furniture. This furniture was used by sea captains in their ships and was considered an item of sailor furniture. When used with the coastal decor in the home, the complete the coastal as well as the nautical look.


Since you're using the metal furniture to give the nautical look to your home, the upholstery can be used to match the colors of the coastal theme. Use the colors like those of beachside material and matching that denim look everywhere. Your blue area rug can also have a say in the upholstery of your furniture. Use every little detail to get the color palette for your home.

Window Coverings

Your windows would need a covering in this heat. Use these covers to match your beach house from even outside. The window covers of the coastal style will give you the required look when added with an outdoor area rug of the same style. The house will be an icon of the decor. Go with white curtains or outdoor canvas curtains to have the elegant look. To give it a tropical look, go with bamboo blinds or wooden shades. These coverings are the definition of tropical. Striped Roman shades will provide you with nautical style in your house.


Your home accessories are directly related to the outlook of your house. To get that nautical look for your home, match your accessories with that nautical rug. Once you have selected the right rug size and the right place to fix it, you have to find the right accessories with it. Wall hangings, posters, colorful vases, and many other elements make the look complete. The driftwood added with the rope accents or maybe adding some seaside artwork, framed nautical maps can be your go-to material. The most popular accessory to achieve this look is the seashell collections.

Many people love coastal rugs for decorating their homes. They are a great way to add some color and texture to any room in your home. Coastal rugs come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and patterns! From bright blues to soft grays, there is something for every taste. The best thing about coastal rugs is that they can be used anywhere, on the floor or on your patio furniture, or in any living space in your house. You will love this gorgeous addition to your home! RugKnots have compiled a list of the 100 best Coastal area Rugs that will be available for purchase during 2023. These include the most popular rug trends from this year as well as styles we think you will love next year!

1. Multi-Color Coastal Area Rug

This Multi-Color Coastal Area Rug has a great coastal vibe that’s perfect for your living room or bedroom. The synthetic fibers will always be resilient, the wool is easy to clean and maintain, and it measures out at low pile height so they are comfortable on bare feet in any space and provides you with even laying surface without having bits of hay poking up unintentionally.

Multi-Color Coastal Area Rug

2. Black Contemporary Area Rug

Contemporary and adventurous, this elegant black Contemporary Rug is sure to turn heads with its low pile height and beautiful detail. Its synthetic fibers ensure top durability for any home or office space. Make this rug a centerpiece of your house and enjoy the elegant style it brings.

Black Contemporary Area Rug


3. Beige Coastal Area Rug

We've all had one: a nook in our living room that always looks drab and uninviting. Annoying, right? As if you need any more stress in your life. Well we hear you loud and clear, which is why we designed this Beige Coastal Area Rug to help round out the look of your lovely home! With an open space for busy feet or two chairs to cozy up with some coffee (or wine!), this Wool Rug will really make the coastal area in your living room feel like a pleasant getaway from the rest of peace and light-deprived world.

Beige Coastal Area Rug


4. Multi-Color Coastal Area Rug

This lovely coastal rug will add a modern, coastal elegance to any home and features synthetic fibers so it's easy to maintain. It is available in your choice of mainly light colors including shades of green, blue, red, yellow, and more. It is made from wool with low pile height for a comfortable feel on your feet that complements most living environments. Bringing beauty into every room of your home, this floor mat could easily be the finishing touch you're looking for at an affordable price.

Multi-Color Coastal Area Rug


5. Multi-Color Coastal Area Rug

This gorgeous Multicolor Coastal Area Rug is the perfect addition to any room! With a low pile height, these coastal rugs are beautifully soft and come in beautiful colors ranging from blues to pinks. The design of this rug will make your living space feel effortlessly contemporary.

Multi-Color Coastal Area Rug


We hope this gives you complete knowledge of the coastal rugs and now you are ready to buy your dream beachy area rug. It’s hard not to buy these amazing rugs for the summer and now we have a lot of choices at RugKnots to choose from. We take the inspiration of beach themed area rug design ideas from the ocean life itself. Therefore we offer you every rug that you would like. If you still need more info, we have more articles on the topic and many options to see for yourself. Coastal style is all about easy living. Imagine your flip flops taken off by the door along with the outdoor area rug, those sailor curtains waving with the cool breeze, or maybe consider those kids playing with sand making sandcastles and you are just there witnessing them with your feet on that plush coastal heaven. You can now bring that carefree beach vibe to your home with RugKnots coastal area rugs and can add it to your beautiful beach house for the summers. We provide the most affordable rates in town to make the replacement easier. What are you waiting for? Contact us today and get a quote.

Frequently Asked Questions About Coastal Rugs

1. What Is A Coastal Area Rug?

A coastal rug is a type of mat designed to be used indoors. They are sometimes called indoor beach mats or outdoor carpets, but they're actually just rugs that can be used as a decorative pieces to bring out coastal style. We use materials that have been specially selected for their softness and durability so you don't need to worry about abrasions from sand or saltwater damaging your investment-style rug.

2. What Is The Best Rug For A Beach House?

The best rug for a beach house is the one that's right for your design needs. We offer different types of rugs in various colors and patterns, so you can find what will complement your home decor while still fitting with the coastal style theme. For a beach house, use hand-tufted jute, sisal, or wool rug, or natural fiber material to bring out the perfect thickness and softness of the rug.

3. Where Can I Place Coastal Rugs?

The best place to put your coastal area rug is in a high-traffic area of the house, typically in an entryway or family room. A cozy living room by the fireplace with a hand-tufted jute rug and soft throws on the furniture will make for a perfect spot to curl up on the couch with a good book. Use a gorgeous navy-shaded coastal rug in your living room!

4. Where Can I Buy Coastal Rugs With Free Shipping?

There are many places to buy coastal area rugs with free shipping. One of the best options is RugKnots, which offers an easy-to-use online website and a wide variety of styles and colors for any decorating needs. You can shop coastal rugs from our wide collection of rugs and choose your favorite for your dining room, living room, or even bedroom. Our page has a wide range of rugs in different styles and colors. We provide the best customer service by guiding you to the best rugs for your areas. All our rugs are machine washable and are perfect for all the rooms of your space. You can find rugs at a low to high price.

5. What Size Coastal Rug Would Be Best For A Living Room?

A rug can be a perfect addition to any living room. We have different sizes of rugs that will fit the space you are looking for and your needs. For a smaller living area, we would recommend our small or medium size rugs; while for larger spaces, our large coastal rugs should do just fine! The intricate designs and unique pattern of the rug would be enough to make your space look charming and pleasing. So, You just need to choose the right size.

6. How To Maintain A Coastal Area Rug?

Cleaning a coastal area rug is easy and also inexpensive. You can use common household products for this purpose, like soapy water or baking soda-vinegar solution to do the job. Your coastal rug brings elegance and attractiveness to any area of your house. So, to make sure it looks phenomenal for a long time, you need to take care of it. Vacuum your rug every week and if possible, hire a professional to clean it every few months.

7. How Many Shapes And Sizes Of Coastal Area Rugs Are There?

There are many shapes and sizes of coastal area rugs available on the market. If you want to get a small rug, then choose one that is made out of silk or cotton in order for it to be easier to wash. You can choose from different shapes like rectangular shape and round or even runners.

RugKnots online rug store bes collectin in different styles, sizes, shapes, and colors. You can choose rugs from a price high to low and search for the best one for your home. If you have any questions related to our products then feel free to contact us by emailing us at or call us at (301) 660-7046‬. We are happy to answer your queries.

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