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Ikat may appear a popular design in recent times when we talk about clothing, pillowcases, and rugs. But It originally appeared in 7th century Italy. It is a style that has been here for a long time. These rugs are still well-loved by people who are into home decor, even after that long period. There are two reasons for this. First, they come in almost all color patterns. Second, the designs of these handmade area rugs are inspired by nature. They might not come from the natural fibers like sisal and jute, but they are exactly what one define as a natural area rug. Before providing rug for every corner of your room. These modern rugs still stick to the ancient technique by designing that popular blurred effect.

All About Ikat

The term "Ikat" is taken from the Indonesian word "mengikat." The word has different meanings. It is a noun for thread, knot, cord. It is also a verb used for phrases, like "to bind," "to tie." It is also used to describe If a fabric is completed. The resist dyeing technique is well-known in modern countries. While In some countries of Central Asia, the "double dyeing technique” is used. Both methods are called Ikat but they make different patterns. The “double dyeing technique” is a difficult form of the method. In this method, both warp and weft threads are entirely bleached. In those countries, a double Ikat is more favored, only because It designs blurry aesthetics. 

Ikat Patterns

The rugs are produced with the same method as other rugs, but the Ikat is made with a unique procedure. The technique is old in which the pattern is first made from different lengths of silk thread. These threads are spread in a frame and dyed in different colors. The method is repeated until every section of the line is colored. This takes several hours, depending on the size of the pattern.

Traditional Ikat 

If you look at the ancient Egyptian and Persian art.. You will see beautiful and stunning area rugs all over the living rooms, dining rooms, and guest rooms of kings and queens of that time. Discovery suggests that most of these rugs were handmade Ikat. Kings liked these rugs because they gave their Darbar a monarchy look. These area rugs first appeared in Italy, Cambodia, Thailand, Central America, and South America. That's why most of the traditional kinds of rugs show the culture of these places. The Egyptian Ikat rug's close patterns give a vintage look. The bright and bold colors make It perfectly suitable for a home with lots of wood. 

Ikat Rugs

Modern Ikat

Modern Ikat rug patterns are different from old Ikat rugs. Some of the new designs are born by merging two different traditional practices. At the same time, some are a mix of complex and basic styles. Modern Ikat comes with this advantage of providing rug for every corner of your room. These modern rugs still stick to the ancient technique by designing that popular blurred effect.

Bright Ikat

Many of the brighter rugs steal the aesthetic appearance of a room. Overall a room with a colorful area rug will look intense. However, that's not the case with this area rug, as you will see different rugs. You will understand the smart technique used to soften-up bright color rugs. The method is to fade fabrics to make them softer on the eyes. This works great when your room needs some regular and bright colors. With this rug, you won't have to worry that bright colors will be too much.

Handwoven Ikat Rugs 

Although most of the rugs are machine-made nowadays, handwoven Ikat rugs are still popular. Handwoven rugs are strong, show unique patterns made by humans, and are more expensive than machine-made rugs. Machine-made rugs are found more affordable and come with a variety of designs. Handmade Ikat rugs can be made with fibers of wool, silk, cotton, and other materials. However, machines decrease the chance of human error. The human touch given to the rug makes more versatile and stunning patterns.

How to use these area rugs

When It comes to the living room, a smaller rug might make your living room look small. On the other hand, larger rugs will make your room look simplified and spacious. But the same is not valid for your dining room. For a place where you eat your food, a larger rug would be better, that can easily be laid down under the dining table. 

Living Room

In the living room, place your rug at the center of the room. If possible, under the coffee or ottoman table. Furthermore, place the front legs of sofas on the rug. That will make the room look cleaner and more natural. This way, If the rug is larger, It will sort of disappear inside your furniture, and the place won't look much spacious. 


Dining Room

For the dining room, you would need a flat Ikat rug, from where chairs won't fall off and sit comfortably on the rug. The flat area rug is easier to clean If something splits on it. An area rug that will come right under the dining table and chairs makes for a cleaner and aesthetic appearance. A handy tip: Add 60cm into each side of your dining table, that must give you the best size rug for your dining room.

Exploring Different Patterns

Ikat rugs come in almost all color patterns, making them one the most significant rug styles. Most of the rug styles are inspired by nature itself. You could see geometrical shapes, leaves, flowers, waves, leaves, in these rugs, and keep pulling your imagination. 
  • Diamond Ikat area rugs: 

    The reason for their wide popularity is, they are an equal mixture of minimalist and intricate design. They make a unique centerpiece for living space, dining room, or bedroom and work well for home decor. You will find dozens of colors that come with a diamond area rug. Including, golden yellow, navy blue, rustic orange, brown paired with whites or grays and maroon. All of these colors combine to create beautiful designs for every room. 
  • Floral-Inspired Ikat area rugs: 

    You will find these rugs very common. While searching for Ikat area rugs, you will be introduced to many styles of fleur-de-lis. These patterns are pretty vibrant and elegant enough to be essential items for home decor.
  • Bohemian Ikat area rugs: 

    What makes these rugs unique is their traditional stunning design. Bohemian area rugs are widely known because of bright colors such as orange and blue. They are mostly used as bath rugs. Their different arrangements are made with colors like pink, aqua, light gray, teal, and blue.

Right Size and Material 

Finding out the benefits and features of rugs is as essential as looking for a perfect frame size according to your wall. A slight difference in size might ruin the wall's beauty. If you are looking for an entryway and outdoor rug you would need them in firm material. Simply because of heavy foot traffic. Suppose you want a rug for your bedroom. In that case, there is a vast variety of different materials since It will receive limited amounts of foot traffic and sunlight.

  • Silk: 

    A solid material made from the cocoon of the silkworm. It is resistant to fungus, mildew, and mold, bath rugs are made from this material.
  • Wool: 

    It is a naturally strong material and can easily hold to heavy traffic areas.
  • Polypropylene: 

    It is a synthetic material often used as an alternative for wool rugs. Polypropylene is stain resistant, durable, and extremely easy to clean. The material is suitable for almost every room and bath rug is also made from this.
The rug is available in several sizes. From 2'3 by 8, or 2'3 by 12 to 2'3 by three rectangles. It would be best if you explored different dimensions of rugs before making your final purchase. The rugs come in various sizes. Different sizes for different places, size for bath rug, living room rug, and dining room rug. Choose sizes that properly fit the length of the area you'd use it. While choosing a rectangular or square Ikat rug, pick a size that will allow for: 
  • Rug space of 18+ inches on the sides and foot of the bed
  • 7-9 inches of space between the edge of the rug and the wall
  • Front two legs of sofas and chairs to fit easily over the rug
  • Dining chairs to be taken away without falling off the rug

Proper Care For Ikat Rug: Handwoven and Machine-Made

Treat your Ikta rug as It treats your feet, and It will keep looking beautiful forever. To keep your rug looking fresh as the day It arrives, follow the instructions below: 
  • Vacuum your rug just as frequently as you vacuum the rest of your entire room.
  • Take care of the settings on your vacuum. It would be best To use the carpet settings for your rug, for every rug with a low pile. This will make sure that the vacuum does not ruin the sensitive rug fiber. Same goes for other rugs like jute and shag.
  • If your rug is small and there is no need to vacuum it. You can always take it outside and shake off the dirt and debris from it. 
  • If you have an Ikat area rug with fringe, It is better to avoid vacuuming it because vacuuming will bring good damage to fringe fibers. The best way is to use a smooth bristle brush. This way, you will gently remove debris, dirt, and anything else on the rug.

Buying Guide 


Style Sense

Two of the most important factors to consider before finalizing your Ikat rug purchase are your lifestyle and your lifestyle. To make sure that the rug lasts, you need to sync with your lifestyle. Are you placing you in a massive traffic area? Such as the living room, entryway, or hallway? Do you need an outdoor rug? Do you have pets or children? If yes, you may want to buy a durable and easy to clean rug, Like wool, or polypropylene. A handy tip: a bright color rug will hide stains, dirt, and debris in high traffic areas. 

Size and Shape

Before dressing up your living space with these area rugs, It is best to measure out the area where they will be placed. Using the tap on the floor to measure the area rug’s outline is a good idea. If you are purchasing the rug for the living room, decide If you would like chairs and sofas left off or on the rug. In the same, a large rug for the dining room would be best. A rug similar to shag in length so the dining table legs are not half on and half of the rug.


Take a quick look at the room or the place you want the rug for. To get the room's appearance balanced, you should look for a rug that works well with your room’s primary colors. 

  • If you own a piece of solid-colored primary furniture, look for a patterned rug. 
  • Match the secondary colors on the rug to your sofas and chairs. And match the third rug color to your pillowcases, curtains, wall colors, and every main accent. 
  • Make sure the rug complements the accent of the room like artworks, vases, etc.

The color and the style of the rug can create a mood because the rug works as an anchor of the room. Dark and bold colors help reflect intimate spaces, such as in boho Ikat print. While lighter colors like white, make small areas appear larger. Hues like yellow, red, and orange establish warmth, and cool colors create peacefulness and calmness such as in bath rugs. 

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