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When it comes to analyzing the polypropylene rugs pros and cons, one needs to take into account all the essential aspects. These include the modern-day living standards, demands, and the technological and social changes that are affecting us at a rapid pace. Here, we will try to cover these critical aspects to make you see both sides of the coin and judge for yourself which material suits you best. At RugKnots we have some of the best examples of polypropylene rugs.

Pros and Cons of Polypropylene Rugs

Guide - Polypropylene Rugs Pros And Cons

A more thorough knowledge about polypropylene rug and the characteristics of this beautiful synthetic fiber would be helpful. Apart from the gorgeous and most loved wool carpets, the market is full of options for you when you intend to buy a rug or carpet; you have the luxury of choosing from a wide variety of them. Before going into the debate of its advantages and disadvantages, let us first tackle the fundamental question.

Guide - Polypropylene Rugs Pros and Cons

Is Polypropylene Excellent Material For Rugs?

It is indeed an excellent material for clients who are in the market for a more affordable, yet colorful and weather-resistant rug. But if you are after a more luxurious masterpiece for a government office or your villa and have the resources to pay more, then a woolen carpet might be a saner choice for you.

s Polypropylene Excellent Material For Rugs?

How Does A Polypropylene Rug Feel Like?

Well, it’s comfortably soft. The tenderness of polypropylene rugs might not be as great as wool, but your guests would hardly be able to tell the difference. PP rugs are made to be soft, comforting the households like natural fibers whilst offering excellent functionality. Let us have a brief look at the types of synthetic rugs available in the market. There are four kinds of synthetic carpets, namely Acrylic, Nylon, Polyester, and Olefin.

How Does A Polypropylene Rug Feel Like?

Compare Polyester Vs. Nylon carpet

When it comes to area rugs, the aspect of durability has to combine the aspects of strength and flexibility. This clearly illustrates that making your mind for any of these materials should involve a comprehensive analysis. That should include your specific requirements, limitations and matching them with the complete set of characteristics of that material. In absolute terms, without the essential reference points, one cannot definitively reach a sane verdict. You have to be cautious of the fact that when you plan for carpeting, choose the right material based on the set budget. We all know that unforeseen events would happen anyway. So don't worry if your kid or your friend spills over milk over the carpet. That must never stop you from sharing your moments of joy with your near and dear ones. To share is important to express and receive love. As the above example gives a brief insight into Nylon carpets' pros and cons, Polypropylene rugs have their own positives and negatives. Let us briefly have a look into those for your convenience.

Compare Polyester vs. Nylon carpet


Polypropylene rugs are cheaper than nylon ones, without compromising the benefits of durability and quality. It imparts a luxurious look to your interiors with the magnificent designs and colors while not falling heavy on your pocket. Polypropylene rugs have been so successful that they have taken around 80 percent of the synthetic rugs market. The other excellent quality of these rugs is that they are highly resistant to stains. So you do not need to unnecessarily scold your little ones while they are tossing and messing up with things around, spilling over milk and food. Polypropylene rugs are manufactured, keeping view of the possible rough use in the office or at home.


Resistant To Moisture

Polypropylene rugs and carpets are highly resistant to moisture, making them ideal for environments that are damp and foggy. They are easily washable and dry up in less time than the woolen rugs. It is among those synthetic fibers that are easy to clean. The water-resistance property of Polypropylene rugs is commendable, as they can resist moisture even in the most hostile environments, such as beaches, pools, and waterfronts. It does not hold a lousy odor: Since Polypropylene is not porous, it does not tend to develop or retain an unwanted odor of spilled materials once you wash it over.

Resistant to Moisture

Superior Retention Of Colors

Polypropylene rugs are known for the excellent retention of their colors. It's because they are dyed with chemical solutions that impart fast and durable colors to them. Carpets are all about the colorful, artistic designs reflecting the cultural and creative essence of the tradition to which they belong. Faint and less robust colors take away the very charm of rugs. Having a Polypropylene carpet, you don't have to worry about this aspect at all.

Superior Retention of Colors


Non-Resistant to oil-based stains: PP rugs and carpets are not very good in resisting oil-based stains. It takes a lot of time and effort to remove them, as it is difficult to clean them with soapy water because of its water-resistant characteristics. The only way to get rid of them is to send it for dry-cleaning. Therefore, it's not advisable for you to lay these carpets in your kitchen or dining room. If you do, please ensure a protective covering. Low Resilience: PP fibers are not as resilient as other synthetic counterparts, because they fail to bounce back quickly when stumbled and remain squashed for long. For areas with high foot traffic, other synthetic fibers might prove better than Polypropylene.


Low Resistance To Heat

Polypropylene rugs also don't possess great resistance against high temperatures. The reason is that the melting point of Polypropylene is around 160 °C, much lower than other polymers. Compared to this, the melting point of nylon 6 is (220 °C). Scorching heat in summers can cause damage to PP rugs exposed. So it would be best if you placed it away from windows where lots of light comes in. Even if you drag furniture on it, it might leave unwanted marks due to the friction heat. When it comes to Polypropylene rugs vs wool, latter being a staple fiber of long staples, is often preferred over continuous filaments of Polypropylene, as they allow for more styling flexibility. Another aspect one needs to cover regarding these rugs related to the toxicity.

Low Resistance to Heat

Is A Polypropylene Rug Toxic?

If it is, to what extent is polypropylene rug toxic for humans? Firstly, it must be clear that in terms of chemistry, every substance produced in the industry has an MSDS ( material safety data sheet). This covers the toxicity level of each substance however minute it may be. Polypropylene is not termed as toxic material when used with necessary precautions. Like any other useful polymer, it can be toxic but in a limited context. The reason is that some PP rugs that are made cheaply and treated with specific chemicals are left without the protective covering. In rooms where the provision of ventilation is not well catered for, they might cause allergies, nausea, headaches, and dizziness. But it does not mean that you should consider polypropylene carpet toxic in general. Also, there are certain adhesive products used for mounting carpets on the walls and floors, which might react with the toxins in the carpet. This may result in the release of harmful fumes. To avoid such unwanted consequences, you must keep polypropylene rugs' pros and cons in view before buying them. And always go for reasonably expensive PP rugs with protective coverings.

Is A Polypropylene Rug Toxic?

Frequently Asked Questions About Polypropylene Rugs

1. Is A Polypropylene Rug Toxic?

Polypropylene rugs are completely safe as they do not contain any injurious chemical or material. It is made of pure and soft plastic, elasticity and smoothness are the key features of polypropylene rugs. 

2. Is A Polypropylene Rug Soft?

These rugs are extremely soft and they are also highly stain-resistant and will not decay when exposed to outdoor elements. This makes them outstanding solutions for outdoor spaces and indoor areas  

3. Are Polypropylene Rugs Slippery?

They can be used to protect an area with heavy traffic and may also be used to cover areas that would otherwise be slippery from being near a pool. These Area Rugs also have a non-absorbent surface, which means that any spills can be cleaned easily

4. Where To Place A Polypropylene Rug?

A polypropylene rug is made of different materials, thus making it vital to withstand any high traffic area. There are no restrictions as to where you can place your rug, but the best place to keep a polypropylene rug is outdoors.

5. Are Polypropylene Rugs Easy To Clean?

These rugs are completely low maintenance rugs. You can wash them with a mild soap while using a scrub brush to clean it on a sunny day and let them dry out in the sun.

6. What Is The Best Material For Outdoor Rugs?

Polypropylene is the best material to choose when it comes to picking a rug for outdoors. As it is a synthetic material, thus it is the perfect fit for outdoor arrangement.

If you want to know more about Polypropylene Rugs, then check out our blogs section for further details about how to make them last for a long time, and also how to style them in your living or workspace. We know for a fact that it will help you out.

If you have any further questions or want any rug done in a custom size, please email us at info@rugknots.com or call us at (301) 660-7046‬. Our team at RugKnots will be more than happy to answer your questions, and help you out in any queries which you might have.

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