Best & Worst Places to Buy Rugs: The Ultimate Guide

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Oriental rugs are beautiful and impress people all over the world. You want one. Now, where should you get one from? 

Given the style of oriental rugs and the greed of many carpet retailers, discerning homeowners and interior designers alike often stumble upon RugKnots.com thoroughly exhausted and overwhelmed by their search for the perfect area rug.

Information on oriental rugs is often scattered and disorganized at best -  and nonexistent at worst. 

Let's start with the worst place to buy oriental rugs. 

Worst Places To Buy Oriental Rugs

Mega Retailers

The first stop for many is a large discount retailer such as Overstock.com or the behemoth that is Amazon.

A quick search on Amazon yields well over 50,000 “oriental area rugs” while Overstock clocks in at a modest 22,889.

Ever heard of quality over quanity?

One of the most powerful shopping tools available to organize such an ocean of options is the customer review

Regular Joes and accredited interior decorators offer their opinions side by side

best place to buy an area rug : abc home : rooms living : rooms rugs : size

Check out more at http://www.houzz.com/browseReviews/rugknots

On sites like Houzz.com the online shopper can view honest and personal perspectives on any particular rug. 

The flip side of course concerns the quality of the rugs themselves.  If a single area rug has managed to generate hundreds of reviews we’re not talking about a handmade one-of-a-kind piece of art.

We're talking about factory made plastic.

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This one of a kind Rug Knots piece is to dye for!

Online Auction Houses

Anyone who hasn't been living under a rock and who has used the internet before has heard of eBay.

On eBay, polypropylene college dorm rugs mingle with beautifully preserved vintage pieces fetching upwards of $100,000.

color : 1stdibs

This hand knotted cotton rug on eBay is starting at $28,000 USD.

Cotton is a lesser quality material and is much less expensive than wool. This sort of trickery is what you have to watch out for on eBay.

room : 1stdibs.com

This Rug Knots piece is an antique Sootri hand knotted wool rug is priced at less than 1/5 the eBay price.

This rug is hand knotted with wool; a much higher quality, and longer lasting material than cotton.

Ebay can be a wonderful source for used and vintage oriental rugs but you never know what you are getting or if the posting is even real at all. 

You have heard the many eBay scams of people sending checks and never receiving a product or receiving a product only to find it is broken or completely different than what they thought. 

Depending on the seller, information about rug construction and sourcing can be scant.  Be aware, hand knotted rugs are NOT the same as the following:

  • "Hand made"
  • "Hand tufted"
  • "Hand woven"
  • "Hand crafted"

These terms are used to confuse the buyer.

Check out our post on hand knotted rugs to learn the difference!

best place to buy rugs online : www.1stdibs.com/

This hand tufted rug from eBay is reduced from $3,870.00 USD to $3,445.10 USD

For lack of better terms, this rug is a complete rip off!

best place to buy large area rugs

This more intricate Peshawar Ziegler Rug Knots piece is hand knotted and costs less than the hand tufted rug from eBay!

Plus, this piece will last decades longer than a tufted rug! 

Hand knotted refers to an ancient specialized practice where artisan individually tied every rug knot onto a loom to create an heirloom rug that with last 50+ years.

Hand tufting is a new practice of punching designs into a canvas with a tufting machine. If you’re considering buying a rug from an online auction house, take the time to do your research and enter the auction well-informed. Patience and a extensive background knowledge go a long way in the world of eBay.

Also be sure that the seller has a 100% money back guarantee.  Even better yet Free shipping!

Another online auction house is 1stdibs.com. They sell high end products including hand knotted wool rugs.  On this site you can see the investment potential for antique rugs, as rugs on 1stdibs.com are going for tens of thousands of dollars. 

best place to buy rugs

This 1stdibs.com rug is starting at $40,000 USD

best place to buys rugs online

This Rug Knots Antique Sootri rug is selling for 1/10 of the 1stdibs rug!

Home Furnishing Retailers

As oriental rugs work their way into the spotlight.  Home goods retailers from discount to designer have begun offering their take on traditional styles and patterns. 

Let me tell you why buying from furniture stores is a bad idea...

where to buy rugs

So say that they have authentic hand knotted rugs for sale in their shop and that they are not selling polypropylene or fake rugs

Where does most of a furniture stores knowledge base lie? With furniture!

They only have rugs drug in to stage their showrooms so that they can sell more furniture. They do knot (see what I did there!) know:

  • How many knots per square inch
  • What type of dye was used
  • How to properly take care of your new investment piece

Most importantly..

They cost more money. They have to buy the rug from a retailer (like RugKnots, for example). This means they have to mark the price up to make a profit for themselves

Brick & Mortar Rug Shops

So I'm saying that you shouldn't go to a brick an mortar rug shop to see the rug and touch the rug for yourself before you buy?

Let me explain...

Many brick and mortar rug shops are perfectly fine with wonderful people running them...


Many of them aren't so wonderful

What To Watch Out For At Brick & Mortar Shops

1. Bait and Switch

best place to buy large area rugs

Many places will let you see and feel the rug you want before you buy it, but after you purchase your new piece they will pull out a pre-packaged rug rolled up in opaque plastic.

If this happens to you, open the rug in front of the seller.  This is a tactic rug sellers use to sell you a top dollar rug.  But send you home with a fake rug.

Be sure to have the type of material and dye, production method, and style written on your invoice so that you can return the rug if need be.

2. Going out of business sales

This is the oldest trick in the book!

Rug shop with advertise "70% off!" "Everything must go!"


1stdibs.com : rug stores near me

Rug shops have made a business..

Out of going out of business!

Take Abe Farshneshani in the DC area for example. He has opened tons of rug shops only to "close" them a few months later. He knows that buy advertising that he is closing he will bring in more customers. 

Other shops will truck in lower quality merchandise and sell it as if the rug is hand knotted wool!


Just come on up to Rug Knots and don't bother with all of that non-sense. We are only and hour outside of DC

Where is the best place to buy Oriental rugs?

Direct From Suppliers

All of the aforementioned options for purchasing oriental area rugs share a common property.

Several layers of supply chain separates shoppers from the hands of the craftsmen themselves--if there even are craftsmen at the other end. 

ethan allen : rug store near me : ethanallen.com

Rug Knots aristans' hand washing a custom piece 

Between production, exporting, importing, wholesaling, and retail, the fine details of a rug’s unique history are often lost as its price jumps with each exchange.


best place to buy a rug : ethan allen : rugs near me

Purchase a one of a kind piece factory direct.

You go to any factory direct rug shop and as long as they have proven high quality products, you will get a deal. We take great pride in the design and craftsmanship of our one of a kind pieces.

The other places have to mark up their rugs to turn a profit. Since we are factory direct, we can offer our clients extremely low prices that you will not see in other rug shops.

I promise.

Look around but I guarantee you will come back

If you find a rug elsewhere that is the same quality,..

best place to buy rugs online : www.ethanallen.com

We will price match!

We also guarantee:

  • Free shipping
  • 100% money back guarantee
  • Free shipping back to our warehouse if you don't like the rug

Here at RugKnots we work directly with a team of artisans in Pakistan dedicated to producing both traditional and contemporary rugs using premium materials

And time-honored methods of construction.

While still relatively large and diverse, it is and will always be limited by the speed at which a select group of artisans can knot wool by hand.

That being said...

best place to buy area rugs

The scale of our shop allows for an intimate knowledge of the materials, techniques, and inspiration that are woven into each and every rug we receive.

Such a relationship with producers also allows for a dialogue in the form of custom rugs.

Truly one-of-a-kind pieces that connect the imagination of the rug owner to the creativity and skill of the artists themselves.

Our small customer service team was rated best customer service by Houzz.com in 2015!

 Contact Us Today

Feel free to reach out to us!

They can answer any questions you have on all that is rugs

We’d be more than happy to answer any questions you may have about finding the right oriental area rug for your space.

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