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The Danish call it “hygge,” (pronounced hue-guh), a word there is no direct English translation for, but the concept best translates to coziness, happiness, comfort and familiarity.  Beat the winter blues or keep stress at bay all year round by incorporating hygge into your home. Nine cozy additions you can add to any space:

Soft light

Turn off the lamp and light a candle. According to the experts at Canyon Ranch, lighting candles can have MAJOR benefits when it comes to stress-reduction. String lights and paper lanterns are also a fun way to add a cozy glow to your room.


    Displaying your beloved books is a great way to instantly create a lived-in space. Virginia-based decorator, Dinna Eckstein of Audrey Kate Design and Staging recommends going for “vintage handbooks that have that linen look.”


        The folks at Apartment Therapy said it best, “sitting on the floor to work, eat, and hang out is just plain comfortable.” Floor cushions and extra plump pillows are a great way to add seating and comfort to a space.


        While you can’t go wrong with a cat, non-pet owners can add life (and a little extra oxygen) to their room with a plant. Brittni Melhoff of the powerhouse design blog Paper & Stitch says “plants make a house feel like a home,” and we couldn’t agree more.


        Area rugs can be a great way to add coziness in a space or room. Not only do they transform the entire look but also the ambiance of the area. You can use shag rugs, for example in order to give a little warm and comfy look and feel. 

        Personal Touch 

        Make your space extra special to you by adding personal touches or monogrammed pillows. Add some memorable items such as pictures that can give nostalgia! 


        Saturated fabrics, like curtains and rugs, in rich, deep hues are a great way to add soul to your space. An overdyed rug is a great way to incorporate color. Dinna Eckstein also recommends adding a rug to "define the space and keep your toes warm."

        Something used

        Ditch the brand spankin' new and embrace the worn and torn. D.C. designer Heather Cook of Inside Design adds worn-in surfaces and touches, like patina and antiques, to create a relaxed space. “When everything is new and shiny and perfect, I don’t feel that it is as easy to breathe deeply,” Heather said. She also recommends finding the perfect yin and yang balance to softness and sharpness to achieve pure comfort in a room.


        Adding a variety of eclectic art to a room can give be the missing link your space needs. HGTV star and design guru Emily Henderson recommends a mix of mediums. “A room full of photographs can look generic and bad hotel-like,” she explains.


        Blogger Coco Kelly explains how "good rooms- just like good outfits- are all about perfect layering." Not only does the texture give personality to any space but the right texture can add comfort and softness you crave.

        Get your favorite rugs from RugKnots. If you need any answers or guidance regarding rugs, feel free to contact us! 

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