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Hand knotted area rugs are spectacular additions to any home, office, or other location. A hand knotted area rug can be truly classified as nothing less than a unique work of art. First off, it is important to know that hand knotted area rugs cost more than synthetic and machine made area rugs. With that admitted, there is a spectrum of benefits that make the price of an amazing handmade oriental or modern rug worth the investment. In what follows, I will demonstrate how the superior workmanship, long lasting durability, and elegant beauty of hand knotted area rugs make buying one a valuable investment.

Superior Workmanship

Perhaps the most important benefit of a handmade rug, the element that sets this type of floor covering apart from the pack, is superior workmanship. A hand knotted rug has incomparable craftsmanship and durability.

By definition, a hand knotted area rug is handmade. A dedicated, diligent artisan may have spent as long as a year working on just one rug. When it comes to larger versions of this type of rug, a team of artisans may have toiled on the creation for months. The personal dedication and commitment ensures that a hand knotted area rug is not only a work of art, but an item that is designed to stand the test of time.


An expert artisan giving his full attention to weaving a hand knotted rug


Speaking of standing the test of time, handmade oriental rugs and modern rugs are truly considered to be the most durable types of rug around. Hand knotted rugs do not contain adhesives or glue of any kind. Therefore, they are washable and not subject to decay as is the case with machine made area rugs. 

A hand knotted area rug can be thoroughly cleaned because it contains no chemicals. Unlike machine made rugs, the organic fabrics used in handmade rugs do not make them susceptible to decay.

Due to the manner in which a handmade rug is crafted, it can withstand heavy use and traffic for years and still retain its new-looking appearance. Vintage rugs are created to ensure that they don’t fray or fall apart, like cheap alternatives do.

Unlike machine made rugs, hand knotted rugs can withstand heavy foot traffic without decaying and are made to last lifetimes

A Valuable Investment

The creation of hand knotted rugs is unfortunately a dying art form. With each passing year, there are fewer artisans who create these wonderful works of art. This reality, coupled with the other benefits associated with these types of rugs, make purchasing hand knotted rugs a valuable investment. Oftentimes, a hand knotted area rug increases in value. This increase in value can commence not long after the rug is completed.

If you are so inclined, you can even consider purchasing a hand knotted area rug and storing it in a safe and secure place. You can forgo using it. By taking this approach, you can be virtually assured of making purchase in what truly is a piece of art that will appreciate in value over time. In any case, these rugs do not damage easily and are highly durable.

Elegant Beauty 

A certain benefit associated with a hand knotted area rug is its spectacular beauty. Color, texture, and design come together to create an amazing piece of art that will add a tremendous amount of style to your home, place of business, or any other location.

The painstaking effort required to create a hand knotted area rug is evident in every square inch of the completed work. If you elect to make use of a hand knotted area rug, you will invigorate whatever area in which it is placed. 

Because a lesser quantity of handmade rugs is produced each year, they can make for a valuable investment 

Toxin Free and Environmentally Sound

If you are like a considerable segment of the population, you have become more aware of the need to eliminate exposure to harmful chemicals and toxins. This objective can be met by purchasing a handmade rug. These rugs are chemical and toxin free and represent something that can be introduced into your home or other location without any concern whatsoever for your health or the health of others.

In addition, oriental and modern handmade rugs have minimal harmful impact on the environment. An artisan makes a hand knotted area rug using organic fabric like wool dyed using natural vegetables that is originally from the backs of sheep. Don't worry no sheep are harmed during the shearing process and actually need to be sheared for their own health during the warmer seasons. Because of traditional practices of hand knotting an area rug and souring organic fabrics, the environment is not negatively impacted via the creation of a hand knotted area rug.

Before a rug is shipped for delivery, it is meticulously washed to eliminate any unwanted particles and odors. No toxins are used in this process or in any part of the production of a hand knotted rug

Flexible Use

Finally, a hand knotted area rug is versatile in the manner in which it can be used. As noted previously, it is a wonderful addition to the floor in a home, business, or other location. A hand knotted area rug can also be preserved as an investment. It can also be utilized as wall art, which adds an element of high style to any space.

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Hand knotted rugs

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