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Are you passionate about interior design? Do you find yourself spending hours on Google searching for the best interior design blogs for inspiration on how to decorate your home?

If that’s the case then this article is for you.

Here at RugKnots, our main goal is to help you in your quest to achieve 'wow factor' interior design - that’s why we've put together this huge list of the 200 best interior design and decorating blogs in the industry.

We even think this could be the largest list of its type on the Internet.​

This list is not only going to entertain you, but it’s also going to provide a wealth of inspiration and useful information that will be key to successfully completing your home design projects.


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Design Boom

design boom

Do you want to get priceless insight about the design industry? Then you should definitely che out this site. Design Boom is a blog created by Birgit Lohman where he share very valuable information on home and interior design topics!

Blog address: http://www.designboom.com/interiors/

Red Online

red online

Red Online is that type of blog that has an enormous quantity of articles about interior design projects, which make a great source of decorating ideas.

Blog address: http://www.redonline.co.uk/interiors



Have you ever wanted to get inspiring interior ideas? Then you should check out Decor8, as it’s a great source of inspiration.

Blog address: http://decorblog.com/

MoCo Loco

moco loco

Moco Loco is a blog completely based on awesome interior designs and architecture topics. It’s a place where you can learn by reading highly interesting articles!

Blog address: http://mocoloco.com/

Design Milk

design milk

Are you tired of old and boring design magazines? Then Design Milk is the answer to all your problems as it has the freshest content on modern design ideas.

Blog address: http://design-milk.com/category/interior-design/


arch daily

ArchDaily is an online source of information from one of the most prominent communities of architects on the internet.

Blog address: http://www.archdaily.com/

Designer Pages Media

designer pages

Designer Pages Media is an online tool that's built to help people find awesome products by connecting them to the manufacturer directly. It also provides great interior design ideas.

Blog address: http://media.designerpages.com/



Do you like to read your articles from an authoritative website? Then you should check Freshome. This is a blog that's highly respected in the home design industry.

Blog address: http://freshome.com/

Design Sponge

Design Sponge

Design Sponge is a blog that is read by millions of millennial readers - that consume its amazing content about home design on a daily basis.

Blog address: http://www.designsponge.com/

The Selby

The Selby

You should definitely know this blog. Why? Because The Selby is a site known as one of the most influential interior design blogs in the industry.

Blog address: http://theselby.com/



Have you ever wanted to find a great source of home design ideas? If that’s the case, I strongly suggest you check out this awesome blog!

Blog address: http://www.dwell.com/

Apartment Therapy

apartment therapy

Apartment Therapy is the place where you go to find home and interior design ideas created by this incredible team.

Blog address: http://www.apartmenttherapy.com/

Making Spaces

making spaces

Are you a pragmatic person? If that’s you, Making Spaces is a site you should check out as it has unbelievably practical home design ideas and DIY tutorials.

Blog address: http://blog.making-spaces.net/



Houzz is a fantastic decorating blog that offers content to help you design all aspects of your home. Probably the biggest online name in the industry.

Blog address: http://www.houzz.com/



Do you like impressive interior decorating blogs? Then you should give Domino a try, as it gives you informative and engaging content about the best decor concepts.

Blog address: http://domino.com/

Country Living

country living

CountryLiving is a superb home decor blog that provides you with some incredible interior design tips to apply in your home.

Blog address: http://www.countryliving.com/

La Dolce Vita

la dolce vita

Paloma Contreras is behind the site LaDolceVita, which is one of the most wonderful decor blogs I have found on the internet!

Blog address: http://www.ladolcevitablog.com/



This online magazine has demonstrated that it’s one hell of an interior design website which is growing incredibly fast, becoming one of the most influential voices in the industry.

Blog address: http://www.dezeen.com/

Style by Emily Henderson

emily henderson

Do you like vintage objects to decorate your home? Then you should check out Emily Henderson’s blog which will give you some awesome ideas about vintage design.

Blog address: http://stylebyemilyhenderson.com/

Design Tripper

design tripper

DesignTripper is a blog that is based around fascinating home tours - making it an awesome way to see how other people live.

Blog address: http://www.designtripper.com/

A Beautiful Mess

a beautiful mess

Elsie and Emma Larson created this Beautiful Mess blog giving you some admirable ideas that promote a natural lifestyle and will make you smile.

Blog address: http://www.abeautifulmess.com/home_decor/

Little Green Notebook

little green notebook

Little Green Notebook is a cool decor blog that shares brilliant content on about interior design. After a couple of articles you'll quickly realize how much there is to learn.

Blog address: http://littlegreennotebook.com/

Nest by Tamara


Do you like NYC and interior design? Yes? Then you should check out this site as it combines just the right amount of both!

Blog address: http://nestnestnest.blogspot.com/


design public

DesignPublic is more than an online store - it also publishes fresh content on interior design ideas that make this blog awesome to read.

Blog address: http://blog.designpublic.com/



Cococozy is the kind of blog that's completely personal to its owner. In this case that's Coco, who writes articles that give you the best inspiration in the home decor industry.

Blog address: http://www.cococozy.com/

Architectural Digest

architectural digest

Do you love to read influential blogs? Then you should check out the Architectural Digest which brings you the latest news in the interior design game.

Blog address: http://www.architecturaldigest.com/

Design Lovers

Design Lovers

The perfect blog for design lovers everywhere, with regular articles published by founders Samantha and Jill.

Blog address: http://www.designloversblog.com/

Decorating Diva

Decorating Diva

Decorating Diva is a gorgeous blog about design that lights the passion inside you about home and interior designing.

Blog address: http://thedecoratingdiva.com/

Dear Designer

Dear Designer’s Blog

Do you love to share the best articles about home design? Then you should give Dear Designer a try. Definitely is one of the best interior blogs out there!

Blog address: http://deardesigner.co.uk/


design spotter

DesignSpotter is a decorating blog that provides you with great content about modern and contemporary design.

Blog address: http://www.designspotter.com/

Quintessence Lifestyle Blog

Quintessence Lifestyle Blog

Quintessence lifestyle home decor blog is owned by Stacey Bewkes, who gives us an awesome online guide to the special home designing discoveries he makes through his life.

Blog address: http://quintessenceblog.com/

Designer Trapped in a Lawyer’s Body

Designer Trapped in a Lawyer’s Body

Tasha - the attorney that runs this blog - gives the industry one of the best sites about different DIY projects. This will blow your mind :-)

Blog address: http://www.designertrapped.com/

Courtney Price

courtney price

Do you like uniqueness? Then checking out this site is a great idea. Courtney Price is a breathtaking interior design website that will provide you the best information in the industry about all things related to home decor.

Blog address: http://www.courtneyprice.com/

Design Chic

design chic

In this blog, mother and daughter share the best home design ideas and their philosophy - which states that houses don’t need to be big, but they need to be authentic.

Blog address: http://www.mydesignchic.com/


home designing

Do you like cool designs? Then checking out Home Designing is a great way to pass your time reading awesome decor blogs that will inspire you.

Blog address: http://www.home-designing.com/

Dwell Beautiful

dwell beautiful

Dwell Beautiful is a blog owned by Erica Sooter - who will give you awesome advice on personal experiences with home decor and DIY topics.

Blog address: http://www.dwellbeautiful.com/



Do you like to read blog about contemporary home decor designs? Then Adelto is for you, as it has articles about companies, brands and individuals and their designs.

Blog address: http://www.adelto.co.uk/

Meredith Heron


Meredith Heron's Sashay blog is one of the best home designing blogs on the Web. Why? Because it's one of the best sources in the industry about home designing and DIY ideas.

Blog address: http://meredithheron.com/blog



SFGIRLBYBAY is a blog owned by a San Francisco based blogger that writes about interesting interior design topics from a bohemian perspective.

Blog address: http://www.sfgirlbybay.com/

Mad About the House

mad about the house

Award winning interiors journalist, Kate Watson Smyth, brings you stunning ideas and inspirations on home design projects and DIY experiences.

Blog address: http://www.madaboutthehouse.com/

Pippa Jameson Interiors

pippa jameson interiors

Pippa Jameson is an interior stylist who brings you magazine quality articles on the latest interior design trends.

Blog address: http://www.pippajamesoninteriors.co.uk/

Web Urbanist

web urbanist

Web Urbanist is a publication on all things urban in home decor and interior designing.

Blog address: http://weburbanist.com/

Abigail Ahern

Abigail Ahern

Delivering daily inspirational articles about home design is one of the strengths of this blog. You should definitely check it out.

Blog address: http://blog.abigailahern.com/



Dornob is a daily blog on interior decorating and design that you really should drop in on and take a look.

Blog address: http://dornob.com/

ABCD Design Sketch Book

ABCD Design Sketch Book

AbcDesign is a very interesting interior design site that will engage you with awesome content on art, design, home, kitchen and a lot more!

Blog address: http://www.amybethcupp.com/category/interior-design/

The Studio M Designs

studio m designs

The Studio M Designs site is a blog that shares easy home decor designs with you in a very interesting and fun way.

Blog address: http://thestudiomdesigns.blogspot.com/___archive.html


bright bazaar

Have you ever wanted to read a blog about colorful inspirations and bright ideas? Then you should check out this awesome site!

Blog address: http://www.brightbazaarblog.com/


popsugar living

One of the most influential interior design blogs in the industry. Period. This blog is famous for offering great information in many different design categories.

Blog address: http://www.popsugar.com/Affordable-Decor

Burlap and Lace

Burlap & Lace

Shannon Claire brings you one of the best decorating blogs in the sector - filled with unique and discerning interior design ideas.

Blog address: http://www.burlapandlaceblog.com/

Young House Love

young house love

Sherry and John are behind this incredible blog - sharing experiences in home designing and home decor. You'll be amazed at what you'll be able to find!

Blog address: http://www.younghouselove.com/

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The Beat That My Heart Skipped

the beat that my heart skipped

Do you like insights on the home decor industry? Then you should check out The Beat That My Heart Skipped. This blog provides you with stunning home decor ideas.

Blog address: http://thebeatthatmyheartskipped.co.uk/

Miss Moss

miss moss

Miss Moss is in love with every creative discipline, and her blog is just full of amazing home design ideas to implement.

Blog address: http://www.missmoss.co.za/category/living/

Decorative Surroundings


Lind Merrill brings you this incredibly helpful home design blog with great content on how to design your own house!

Blog address: http://lindamerrill.com/blog/

Yanko Design

yanko design

Yanko Design is an online magazine that specializes in modern international design. Well worth a visit.

Blog address: http://www.yankodesign.com/category/architecture/

702 Park Project

702 park project

Check out the 702 Park Project if you love interior design. This blog has grown into a huge source of information about the best interior design ideas.

Blog address: http://www.702parkproject.com/

Modern Blog


2Modern is an e-commerce site and blog that is inspired by modern furniture and contemporary product designs. 

Blog address: http://blog.2modern.com/



Are you a homeowner in search of creativity? Then you should check out Homedit. This blog offers us the inspiration and creativity needed to make the most of your home.

Blog address: http://www.homedit.com/

Katy Elliot Blog

katy elliott

Do you like interior design, art and food? Yes? Then you're about to read a great blog that combines all three passions!

Blog address: http://www.katyelliott.com/blog/

Material Girls

material girls

Material Girls brings us fantastic content from some of the best interior designers in the industry.

Blog address: http://materialgirlsblog.com/

Style Me Pretty

style me pretty

Style Me Pretty Living is a blog about party, wedding and bride style. If you're at that point in your life - or have clients who are - this should be your first port of call.

Blog address: http://www.stylemepretty.com/living/

DIY Passion

diy passion

If you want your home to look fabulous but also want to try and do everything yourself - this blog will show you how. 

Blog address: http://www.diypassion.com/

Retro Renovation

retro renovation

Retro Renovation is a blog about makeovers and huge home redecoration projects. If you are into home redesign, this is definitely a blog you should check out.

Live The Life You Dream About

sarah sarna

Do you like high end and luxury designs? Then you should check out Sarah Sarna's blog. This site is a wealth of creative ideas.

Blog address: http://www.sarahsarna.com/category/home-decor/

Home Shopping Spy

home shopping spy

Home Shopping Spy is one of the best interior design websites out there. Period. It gives you irresistible home design concepts to implement in your own projects.

Blog address: http://homeshoppingspy.com/

Desire to Inspire

desire to inspire

Desire to Inspire is an awesome home design blog about inspiring home decor ideas. Simple as that!

Blog address: http://www.desiretoinspire.net/

Lovely Etc

lovely etc

Lovely Etc is an interior design blog that will just make you, well - smile. And you can't go wrong sharing a bit of happy!

Blog address: http://www.lovelyetc.com/

My Friend’s House

my friend's house
My Friend’s House is where you'll find the best decor ideas to implement in your own projects. Definitely worth checking out.

Blog address: http://www.myfriendshouse.co.uk



Interior design with a nod to contemporary culture? What's not to like?

Blog address: http://www.contemporist.com/

Living With White

living with white

Are you minimalistic? Then you should check out Living with White. As the name suggests this blog is all about making the most of that whitespace.

Blog address: http://www.livingwithwhite.com/

Simplified Bee

simplified bee

Simplified Bee is fun and easy to read. Take a light hearted look at interior design today.

Blog address: http://www.simplifiedbee.com/



The Decoist is a blog that will give you everyday doses of inspiration. Definitely one to bookmark.

Blog address: http://www.decoist.com/

Happy Interior Blog

happy interior blog

Igor Josifovic brings you the Happy Interior Blog, packed full of great ideas for design in everyday life.

Blog address: http://www.happyinteriorblog.com/

Decor Arts Now

decor arts now

If you like interior decorating blogs that are based around decorative arts, then this site is for you. Check it out, you’ll thank me later.

Blog address: http://www.decorartsnow.com/



Leigh Anne brings you this awesome home decorating blog about professional new ideas for home decor and DIY projects.

Blog address: http://houseologie.com/



One of the best home decor blogs in the industry. Simply the best ideas in classical home design.

Blog address: http://www.lonny.com/

The Adventures of Tartanscot™

the adventures of tartanscot

This excellent blog and the life and times of talented Designer Scot Meacham is definitely worth a look.

Blog address: http://tartanscot.blogspot.com/

Sypsie Designs

sypsie designs

Jode and Paige, two sisters from Detroit, share some awesome creative ventures that will inspire you to make changes in your own home.

Blog address: http://sypsie.com/


the style files

If you're stuck for interior design ideas then you should definitely delve into The Style Files for a daily dose of inspiration.

Blog address: http://style-files.com/

Little Red Brick House

little red brick house

Little Red Brick House is one of the best interior design websites out there - and if you check it out you'll find some seriously unique and creative concepts. 

Blog address: http://littleredbrickhouse.com/

BODIE and FOU★ Le Blog

bodie and fou

Are you tired of boring decorating blogs? Me too. Bodie and Fou is a great way to solve this problem as it brings us interior ideas and inspiration from great projects!

Blog address: http://karinecandicekong.com/category/interiors/

Dwelling in Happiness

dwelling in happiness

Dwelling in Happiness is a blog based around the idea of designing interiors that make the owner happy. We love it!

Blog address: http://www.dwellinginhappiness.com/

Petite Modern Life

Petite Modern Life

Karis brings you the . A decorating blog about budget-friendly ideas to implement in your won projects.

Blog address: http://www.petitemodernlife.com/

IKEA Hackers

ikea hackers

This premise of this blog is a great idea - making modifications to IKEA products to achieve awesome interior designs.

Blog address: http://www.ikeahackers.net/

Design Hunter

design hunter

Helen Powell brings you this home decor blog offering you beautiful interior ideas for making your home awesome!

Blog address: http://www.designhunter.co.uk/interiors-/

Mid-Century Modern Furniture at Lushpad


Lushpad is one of the best known home decorating blogs - and also features a great marketplace of unique objects that will make your home stunningly beautiful.

Blog address: http://www.lushpad.com/

Daily Icon

daily icon

Daily Icon is a daily decorating blog and magazine that will blow your mind, as it offers readers inspirational ideas on home designing.

Blog address: http://www.dailyicon.net/

The Design Sheppard

the design sheppard

If you're in need of some serious guidance when it comes to interior design, then The Design Sheppard is just the ticket.

Blog address: http://www.thedesignsheppard.com/

Lauren Liess Interiors

lauren liess interiors

Lauren Liess Interiors is a Washington based blog that provide entertaining and informative content on luxury interior decorating and design.

Blog address: http://www.laurenliess.com/interiors

High Fashion Home Blog

high fashion home blog

The High Fashion Home Blog is an interior decorating blog that has the goal of making your life a little easier by giving you ideas on home decor topics.

Blog address: http://www.highfashionhome.com/blog/category/interior-design/

Design Thoughts

design thoughts studio

Do you like to get inspirational content on a regular basis about the best in interior design? Then you should check out the Design Thoughts Studio.

Blog address: http://www.designthoughtsinteriors.com/interior-design/

Addison Meadows Lane

addison meadows lane

Considered to be one of the best design blogs online, Addison Meadows Lane is the place to learn about DIY and budget friendly ideas on home decorating topics.

Blog address: http://addisonmeadowslane.com/



Decorology’s site exists to bring you great ideas about minimalistic home design projects. Definitely one of the best interior design websites.

Blog address: http://decorology.blogspot.co.uk/

Bloesem Living

bloesem living

Bloesem Living is a blog that shares ideas on vintage home design projects. A great blog to learn about vintage designing.

Blog address: http://www.bloesemdesign.com/

Table and Hearth

table and hearth

Table and Hearth is written by a full-time biologist who shares some stunning images on home design.

Blog address: http://www.tableandhearth.com/

Reading My Tea Leaves

reading my tea leaves

Reading my tea leaves is one of the best blogs about minimalistic and stunningly beautiful interior home designs.

Blog address: http://www.readingmytealeaves.com/

Funky Junk Interiors

funky junk interiors

Funky Junk Interiors show us how to use found objects in awesome interior design projects.

Blog address: http://www.funkyjunkinteriors.net/

Love Nordic

love nordic

Love Nordic is a fascinating blog that shares stunning design styles from Nordic countries.

Blog address: http://lovenordic.blogspot.co.uk/

Belle Maison

belle maison

If you want a 'beautiful house' then this site should naturally be your first choice online.

Blog address: http://www.bellemaisoncom/

Virginia Sweet Pea

sweet pea

Virginia Sweet Pea is all about DIY projects, delicious food, home renovation and great interior design.

Blog address: http://www.virginiasweetpea.com/



Thinking of remodelling your home? There are some great tips and ticks here on 'considered' architecture and interior design.

Blog address: http://www.remodelista.com/

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Padstyle is a decor inspiration blog with various articles about interior design and home decor published every week.

Blog address: http://padstyle.com/

House Beautiful

house beautiful

IF you want a beautiful house then you must read House Beautiful. Job done.

Blog address: http://www.housebeautiful.com/

Better Living through Design

better living through design

Better Living Through Design does what it says on the tin. Improve your life and living space with these great interior design ideas.

Blog address: http://www.betterlivingthroughdesign.com/


hop interiors

Another great blog if you want to catch up with the latest interior design and home decorating trends.

Blog address: http://www.hopinteriors.com/

Graceful Order

graceful order

Graceful Order is a blog owned by Maria, who shares decorative tips for different projects and different people. One of the best blogs about home designing for every type of interior designer.

Blog address: http://gracefulorder.com/

Patricia Gray

patricia gray

Patricia Gray Interiors is a leading name in the interior design field. A great blog about home designing.

Blog address: http://patriciagrayinc.blogspot.com/

Confessions of a Design Geek

confessions of a design geek

Definitely one of the best blogs on all this home decor stuff. Confessions of a Design Geek combines modern design with great ideas for home improvements.

Blog address: http://confessionsofadesigngeek.com/

Making It In The Mountains

making it the mountains

In this blog, the writer shares how to make a beautiful family home as part of her portfolio of home design projects and tutorials.

Blog address: http://www.makingitinthemountains.com/

Chair Blog

chair blog

Are you looking for the best chair to improve your home design? Then you should check out the Chair Blog. Simple!

Blog address: http://www.chairblog.eu/

My Paradissi

my paradissi

My Paradissi is a beauty and design website that posts very interesting content about the latest home design trends. Inspirational.

Blog address: http://www.myparadissi.com/

The Peak of Chic

the peak of chic

The Peak of Chic, as its name tells you, is a blog filled with content based around chic home interior designs. Definitely a site to fall in love with!

Blog address: http://thepeakofchic.blogspot.com



WowHaus is a blog about classical, art deco, modernist and contemporary home designs. With every article, this blog gives you more and more inspiration!

Blog address: http://www.wowhaus.co.uk/

MoD Design Guru

mod design guru

MoD Design Guru is packed full of fun and engaging content about modern design projects. Check. It. Out.

Blog address: http://www.moddesignguru.com/

Moon to Moon

moon to moon

On this vibrant and engaging blog, Gabi shares 'the best in Eclectic and Bohemian Interior design from across the web'. Highly recommended...

Blog address: http://frommoontomoon.blogspot.co.uk/

Manhattan Nest

manhattan nest

Daniel Kanter brings you The Manhattan Nest, a blog about home renovations that will inspire you to start your own interior design and home improvement projects.

Blog address: http://manhattan-nest.com/

Happy Mundane

happy mundane

Do you like to read about home designing with a smile on your face? Happy Mundane achieves the perfect combination between fun, engaging content and interesting interior design topics.

Blog address: http://www.happymundane.com/

Cupcakes and Cashmere

cupcakes and cashmere

Trust Cupcakes and Cashmere for some truly scrummy and addictive articles on home decor and design.

Blog address: http://cupcakesandcashmere.com/

The Jungalow

the jungalow

The Jungalow is a great blog filled with entertaining images and articles about the latest trends in home decor and home renovations.

Blog address: http://www.thejungalow.com/

Bless’er House

blesser house

A totally amazing blog that takes a unique southern-style look at home DIY and design projects. Go read it!

Blog address: http://www.blesserhouse.com/

Habitually Chic

habitually chic

This blog was created by Heather Clawson, who shares great articles about glamorous contemporary design drawn from her own interior design projects.

Blog address: http://habituallychic.luxury/

Hunted Interior

hunted interior

Hunted interior is a blog that is completely full of articles that are not only engaging but also very informative - all about stunning and beautiful home designing ideas.

Blog address: http://www.huntedinterior.com/

Design Love Fest

design love fest

Home decor doesn’t have to be boring anymore - at least not with the excellent content in store from Design Love Fest!

Blog address: http://www.designlovefest.com/

Dust Jacket

dust jacket

Dust Jacket is a blog that combines awesome pictures and visual content with quality interior design information. Our verdict: worth a peek.

Blog address: http://dustjacket-attic.com/



It's time to get creative with Icreative - the buzzing blog that's loaded with the latest interior design tips and tricks.

Blog address: http://www.icreatived.com/

Your Home, Only Better

your home only better

Do you like to be entertained and also learn at the same time? Then this blog could be perfect for you. Well worth a look for the aspirational.

Blog address: http://yourhomeonlybetter.com/


arch inspire

Prepare to be totally inspired by Arch Inspire - the interior design blog where your hopes and dreams become reality.

Blog address: http://archinspire.org/

Sarah Sherman Samuel

sarah sherman samuel

On this blog, Sarah Sherman shares the latest news and articles about stunning and awesome home design projects. This is a must read.

Blog address: http://sarahshermansamuel.com/

Paper and Stitch

Paper and Stitch

Paper and Stitch is a blog dedicated to actionable content and tips on home design projects. Definitely something to check out if you're trying to improve your home little by little.

Blog address: http://www.papernstitchblog.com/

Patchwork Harmony

Patchwork Harmony

Patchwork Harmony is a blog created by Caroline Rowland. Its goal is to teach readers very effective ways to inexpensively improve their home with a touch of vintage design.

Blog address: http://www.patchworkharmony.co.uk/blog

That’s My Letter

That’s My Letter

Do you like handmade crafts? Then you should definitely take a look at this blog - you'll find so many cool ideas for building, painting and sewing.

Blog address: http://thatsmyletter.blogspot.co.uk/

The Design Files

The Design Files

If you need assistance with your interior design, you need to open The Design Files.

Blog address: http://thedesignfiles.net/

The Inspired Room

The Inspired Room

Do you have an inspired room (or rooms) in your house? If not then this excellent blog will help you design one.

Blog address: http://theinspiredroom.net/

Plaster & Disaster

Plaster & Disaster

Naomi and Brad are from Boston and also are the creators of Plaster and Disaster, a highly entertaining blog about smart home improvement and DIY.

Blog address: http://www.plasteranddisaster.com/



If you want to read about the interior design projects that 'Brittany makes' - and perhaps make them too in your own home - then this blog will be a delight.

Blog address: http://www.brittanymakes.com/

Jacquelyn Clark

Lark & Linen

The 'Lark & Linen' blog achieves the perfect combination of food, style and design content. Well worth a read!

Blog address: http://www.jacquelynclark.com/

Sawdust Girl

Sawdust Girl

Great name, great remodelling tips - check out the Sawdust Girl blog today. Go on - build like a girl!

Blog address: http://sawdustgirl.com/

A Library of Design

A Library of Design

This blog is the source of hundreds of articles about stylish home designs. You could even say it's a library of sorts! 

Blog address: http://janellemccullochlibraryofdesign.blogspot.com.ar/

Weekday Carnival

Weekday Carnival

Do you like to read about interior design in an entertaining and funny tone of voice? Then this blog is for you.

Blog address: http://weekdaycarnival.blogspot.com

Trend Office

Trend Office

Trend Office provides readers with the latest news on the interior design industry - and also gives home design advice from the professionals.

Blog address: http://www.trendoffice.blogspot.com/

My Scandinavian Home

My Scandinavian Home

My Scandinavian Home is a great blog to learn about the minimalistic and very clean style of interior design in Scandinavia.

Blog address: http://www.myscandinavianhome.com/

Herriott Grace

Herriott Grace

The 'Forty-Sixth at Grace' blog has a great archive of style and design content from the perspective of a very interesting and talented author.

Blog address: http://www.herriottgrace.com/blog/

Grey and Scout

Grey and Scout

Grey and Scout is quite simply one of the best places to find inspiring home decor ideas on the internet. 

Blog address: http://www.greyandscout.com/

We Are Scout

We Are Scout

Catch up with the latest home design discoveries on this vibrant and entertaining blog.

Blog address: http://www.we-are-scout.com/

Little Miss Homes

Little Miss Homes

Interior design trends are given the Little Miss Homes treatment on the engaging site of Laura Butler-Madden.

Blog address: http://www.littlemisshomes.com/



Molly Frey Design is a blog that shares fascinating articles about the most amazing and home remodelling and decoration projects.

Blog address: http://www.mollyfreydesign.com/

Pentreath & Hall

Pentreath & Hall

Interior design inspiration and the online shop of discerning London firm Pentreath & Hall.

Blog address: http://www.pentreath-hall.com/

Vintage Revivals

Vintage Revivals

Vintage revivals, as its name states, is a blog where people go to read wonderful blog posts about the latest vintage home design projects.

Blog address: http://www.vintagerevivals.com/

Like Modern

Like Modern

This site combines the practicality of an ecommerce store offering various home design products - and also shares the best tips on modern style home design projects.

Blog address: http://blog.likemodern.com/

Studio Matsalla

Studio Matsalla

Studio Matsalla should be your first port of call for home designing ideas and actionable interior design tips.

Blog address: http://www.studiomatsalla.com/



This is the ideal site if you've got big ideas for your interior design - but a tiny budget to go with them.

Blog address: http://www.remodelaholic.com/

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Avant Garde Design

Avant Garde Design

Avant Garde Design is a blog that creates regular content on hundreds of interior design topics.

Blog address: http://avantgardedesign.blogspot.com/

On the Move Interiors

On the Move Interiors

On the Move Interiors is an award winning blog that is renowned for the quality of its interior design content.

Blog address: http://www.otminteriors.com/

Home Design Find

 Home Design Find

Home Design Find is a web magazine that focuses on all things related to home design.

Blog address: http://www.homedesignfind.com/

The Chromologist

The Chromologist

The Chromologist is a blog about colorful home designs - based on DIY projects with lots of artful creativity.

Blog address: http://thechromologist.com/



Do you like to get home designing advice and ideas? Then this blog is for you. Yossawat provides you with loads of help on home decor and renovation projects.

Blog address: http://www.yossawat.com/

Bliss At Home

Bliss At Home

Bliss At Home is a blog created by Kristin, a girl that adores creative home design projects that stand the test of time.

Blog address: http://bliss-athome.com/



Design Shell is the place to go to find lots of interior designing tips and tricks that will transform all your projects, from A to Z.

Blog address: http://www.designshell.com/

Even Cleveland

Even Cleveland

Even Cleveland is a blog that reviews and creates articles on various home designing projects. Definitely one of the best sites of its type on the internet .

Blog address: http://evencleveland.blogspot.com

My Unique Home

My Unique Home

My Unique Home is an award winning blog created by Kiran Singh, who shares beautiful and engaging content on home decoration ideas - with added advice on how to live a happy and full life.

Blog address: http://myuniquehome.co.uk/

Simply Grove

Simply Grove

Simply Grove is packed with ideas and inspirations for your latest interior design project. Well worth a look.

Blog address: http://www.simplygrove.com/

Modenus Interior Design Blog

Modenus Interior Design Blog

Modenus is a blog that provides readers with the very latest trends in the interior design world.

Blog address: http://www.modenus.com/blog/

French For Pineapple

French For Pineapple

French for Pineapple is a smart blog that shares valuable content on redecoration and remodelling techniques that can make your home look awesome.

Blog address: http://www.frenchforpineapple.com/

Suna Interior Design

Suna Interior Design

Design and architecture are the focus of the excellent blog, which is definitely worth bookmarking.

Blog address: http://www.sunainteriordesign.com/blog

Victoria McGinley

Victoria McGinley

Victoria shares tips, tricks and actionable insights on home decorating and interior design.

Blog address: http://victoriamcginley.com/

The Modern House

The Modern House

Gorgeous interior design content for people who love the modernist style.

Blog address: http://www.themodernhouse.net/

Coco Kelly

Coco Kelly

Coco Kelley shares valuable information on the various home design projects and trends that interest her.

Blog address: http://www.cocokelley.com/

The Interior DIYer

The Interior DIYer

As its name states, this blog is all about DIY projects with an interior design focus.

Blog address: http://www.theinteriordiyer.com/

Madcap Cottage

Madcap Cottage

A great source of interior design inspiration - this is a madcap blog for a Madcap Cottage!

Blog address: http://www.madcapcottage.com/

Amber Interiors

Amber Interiors

Amber interiors is a blog created by Amber Lewis, who shares experiences from the trips she makes all across the world to places that are awesome for home designing.

Blog address: http://amberinteriordesign.com/

Mademoiselle Poirot

Mademoiselle Poirot

Mademoiselle Poirot blog is a site created by Carole Poirot, a woman who is passionate about awesome food, interiors and styling. A great source of inspiration to check out!

Blog address: http://www.mademoisellepoirot.com/blog

Emily A. Clark

Emily A. Clark

Emily A. Clark brings you one of the most stylish home decor blogs on the web. You will fall in love with her simple taste in interior design!

Blog address: http://emilyaclark.com/

Cate St Hill

Cate St Hill

This is a London based home decor and interior design blog that shares valuable content about the sector. Well worth a read.

Blog address: http://catesthill.com/

McGrath II

McGrath II

On the pages of this blog, Suzzanne and Lauren McGrath share their joint adventures in interior and home design.

Blog address: http://blog.mcgrathcom/

Heart Home

Heart Home

Home is definitely where the heart is with this blog. You'll find stunningly beautiful home designs, food and product reviews.

Blog address: http://www.hearthomemag.co.uk/

Build Your Nest Blog

Build Your Nest Blog

Tips and strategies on how to improve your home with stylish interior design. Go read it!

Blog address: http://www.lauriegorelickinteriors.com/blog/



PostLiving shares superb content on urban style interior design. Bookmark this one too.

Blog address: http://www.postliving.co.uk/

Atelier Tally

Atelier Tally

Atelier Tally is a blog created by Daniel Nelson, who is passionate about timeless and modern home design styles.

Blog address: http://ateliertally.com/



Decorenvy is packed full of beautiful images and inspiring articles on the current interior decor trends. Don't get too envious.

Blog address: http://decorenvy.co.uk/

Savvy Home

Savvy Home

Savvy Home is a blog dedicated to sharing clean and minimalistic interior designs that will make any home more stylish.

Blog address: http://savvyhomeblog.com/

Allspice Design

Allspice Design

Regular inspiring content about home redecoration and design projects. Definitely a blog to check out.

Blog address: http://www.allspicedesign.com/



Do you love to read about evergreen design topics? Me too, that’s why I choose to read Zainteriora, which is a great blog filled with positive energy!

Blog address: http://zainteriora.net/

Suzanne Designs

Suzanne Designs

This bubbly blog was created by Suzzy Smith, a lady from the UK who shares very informative tips and practical advice on different home design topics.

Blog address: http://suzanne-designs.co.uk/blog/

Hannah In The House

Hannah in the House

Hannah Trickett is the creator of this blog. She is a Scandinavian author who loves clean lines and minimal northern European design styles.

Blog address: http://www.hannahinthehouse.com/

The Yellow Brick Home

The Yellow Brick Home

Follow the yellow brick road to the yellow brick home for the latest interior design tips and trends.

Blog address: http://www.yellowbrickhome.com/

Molly & The Princess

Molly & The Princess

Molly shares highly engaging content on both home design and lifestyle design. What more could you want?

Blog address: http://www.mollyandtheprincess.com/

Past Imperfect

Past Imperfect

Past Imperfect is an inspirational blog in the interiors design space, and focuses on the 'art of inventive repair'. Definitely a firm favorite on this list.

Blog address: http://andrewbaseman.com/

Ems Designblogg

Ems Designblogg

Ems DesignBlogg is the ideal site for interior design lovers everywhere. This is the blog you’ve been waiting for!

Blog address: http://em.residencemagazine.se/

Nesting Place

Nesting Place

Everyone one loves building nests at certain points in their life. Nests speak of safety, personalisation and family...

Blog address: http://www.thenester.com/

Jo’s Notebook

Jo’s Notebook

Jo Hamilton's Notebook is a fine source of inspiration for all things interior design.

Blog address: http://www.jo-hamilton-blog.com/

The House that Lars Built

The House that Lars Built

The House that Lars Built documents the author's journey in building and interior designing his own house project. Well worth a look.

Blog address: http://thehousethatlarsbuilt.com/

Design The Life You Want To Live

Design The Life You Want To Live

Do you love interior design? Do you have a passion for it? Then you should definitely check out this blog. Go on - just do it!

Blog address: http://www.lynneknowlton.com/

Oh Happy Day

Oh Happy Day

Oh happy Day - you've found one of the most inspiring and informative interior design blogs on the Internet.

Blog address: http://ohhappyday.com/ 

We Love Home

We Love Home

We Love Home is a blog created by Maxine Brady, who shares and creates articles about product picks, home renovation topics and many tutorial videos on home designing.

Blog address: http://welovehomeblog.com/

Room to Bloom

Room to Bloom

Room to bloom is the ideal interior design blog for those of us starting a family. Great name - great site.

Blog address: http://www.room-to-bloom.com/blog/

Lobster and Swan

Lobster and Swan

Lobster and Swan is another blog with a great name - and some superb content too on home design and decor techniques you can put into practice.

Blog address: http://lobsterandswan.com/

Flat 15

Flat 15

Flat 15 is a blog created by Gabriella Palumbo - a woman who’s in love with interior design. She shares her passion for design and contemporary interiors in all her posts.

Blog address: http://www.flatcom/

Yasmin Chopin

Yasmin Chopin

Yasmin Chopin has had tremendous success on Pinterest sharing her wonderful interior design, and this blog continues her work.

Blog address: http://yasminchopin.com/

Old Brand New

Old Brand New

Old Brand New is a blog that shares content on beautiful home design projects that will engage, delight and inspire you.

Blog address: http://www.oldbrandnew.com/

Coco Lapine Design

Coco Lapine Design

Coco Lapine Design is all about minimalistic interior design - and will encourage you to get to work on your own projects.

Blog address: http://cocolapinedesign.com/

Apartment 34

Apartment 34

Apartment 34 is a blog that combines the best of interior design, food and home renovation. Three great subjects for the price of one! 

Blog address: http://apartment.com/


Huge list, right? It definitely took some time to put it all together!

Now whenever you want to find high quality information and inspiration from some of the best interior design blogs in the industry - you can come right here to the RugKnots blog. 

I would love to hear your thoughts on this list.

Let me know if I forgot to mention your favorite blog in the comments below.

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