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Flat weave rugs are one of the most common rug types in the rug industry. They are not just common but are found to be extremely comfortable and beautiful. Many people might not really know what actually a flat weave rug means. Its meaning is pretty much self explanatory in its name only; flat weave meaning; it’s flat. Yes, that’s all about it, it is very thin and there is no pile present on it enabling it to be flat. Moreover, these rugs are woven rather than knotted, which stands as another difference between other rugs and these rugs. These are also one of the oldest types of rugs. Of course, rugs are undeniably the most important feature in the making and decorating of a home. And so, you want the best that way. There are many misconceptions that fly around flat weave rugs which makes people hesitant to purchase one for them. But, most of them are absolutely baseless and need to get busted right away. To clear the air, we present you the most authentic information about flat weave rugs and provide you with all the reasons to buy them, too. Let’s get started!


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1. They are easy to move

What’s more reliving than to realize that your rug is movable without you having to get into any hassle, NOTHING! And exactly for that reason, we feel everyone should place a flat weave rug in their homes already. The reason for that is; these rugs lack pile backing and thus, are light weight. Less material means less weight and you can make slight movements in placements without having to worry about and that too, whenever you want!

2. They are flexible

As we have mentioned earlier as well that flat weave rugs are light weight due to lack of pile backing and less material, this makes them flexible as well. They can be made into shapes and also can be rolled and placed anywhere!  Well, that’s pretty relaxing since your rug is not restricted or glued to a certain area and can be rolled, fetched and placed anywhere!


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3. Their durability is one-of-a kind!

Did that ever happen to you that you move your furniture and see that your rug has been damaged or lowered/ flatted from the area the furniture was placed at? That’s the most irking and helpless feeling ever. You do nothing but break your head in tries of finding areas to hide it and no one could ever see it. You don’t even have to think over these situations when you have a flat weave rug going through your way! This rug type is best for high traffic areas where there is no danger of the tips getting crushed underfoot. This means a prolonged rug life, too. You don’t have to worry about your rug getting flattened due to any pressure because the rug itself is flat.

4.They are very easy to clean

Flat weave rugs are the kind of rugs that you can clean without having to give it a second thought. They can be vacuumed without disturbing the texture and tips of the rug. Not just that, these rugs are machine washable as well. Meaning, you don’t have to worry about the constant spilling that your kids might do and you can put it in a washing machine whenever you want to clean them off. Also, they are light so you can just dust the dirt off, too.


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5. The affordability factor

Flat weave rugs are modern but are way cheaper than other modern rugs. They are not only relatively inexpensive but are hella affordable for anyone. It’s not that their quality lacks that is why they are cheaper but that’s because there are less hands needed. Every rug requires its own kind of making process and so does a flat weave rug. Since they are not handmade/ hand- tufted and hand knotted, less time and labor is used in its making and so, they are less expensive. They are obviously easier to make and eventually, cost less. You can buy a rug with beautiful patterns and designs without thinking about your pockets.

6. They come in wide ranges of styles

There is a common narrative regarding these rugs that they only compliment with Middle Eastern or south western styles but that’s completely wrong. As the trend of these rugs is increasing so is the urge of making and manufacturing these types of rugs. With that, craftsmen are adding more and more layering of modern touch in order to make them even more desirable. Good, modern and a well matched flat weave rugs can change the entire look of your room and make it the most stunning!


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7. Versatility in colors

These rugs come in an array of colors. Designers try to expand the color combination as much as they certainly can in order to make them the most fitting choice for the customers. Due to the wide variety of colors and shades, you can match these with your furniture and the room layout. These shades enable you to pick the best option for yourself.

8. The most fitting choice in terms of furniture

We understand that you sometimes might need a mood and vibe change and for that reason, might want to change your rooms/ areas setting. While you change your room's setting, it is obvious you are going to change the placement of your furniture as well. And with the changed placement of your furniture, you would have to change your rugs placing, too. Since, they are pile free and are lightweight; they are flexible and movable as well. So, it is not a problem for you to change your rugs placement while changing the place of your furniture. Plus, due to their flat nature, they do not disturb the furniture placed above them as they don’t slip or tilt. And so, if the furniture is moved, the rug won’t cause any problems, too.   


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9. Easy to maintain  

Not just they are just budget friendly, but are family and maintenance friendly as well. As it is written already, they are easy to clean and wash so they are easy to maintain. All these features make them easier to maintain. They are low- cost and almost no cost is needed to maintain them. You can always spot a check and flip it upside down. Furthermore, the low, almost non- existent pile of flat weave rugs makes them much easier to care for than their high- pile counterparts. The generic flatness of the entire design ensures that the rug doesn’t get matted.

10. They do not shed

High piled rugs shed a lot also when they are vacuumed but, that’s not the case with flat weave rugs. And this is another big reason to go for such rugs! Why do they not shed? Well, that’s because they don’t have any pile present in them to shed. Ironic but it’s the truth. Its fibers are kept intact no matter what since they are “flat” and cannot really make any movements but need to adjust only. Even wool rugs tend to shed and cause dust with allergens in it which is obviously very harmful to the environment and health. But, a flat weave rug does not cause any of these inconveniences but only has advantages!


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As we approach the end of our blog post, let’s wrap it all up. We suggest that you made your mind up in regards to buying a flat weave rug. Once you start with the quest, there is no turning back from it. There is a wide range of colors, layers, designs, styles and much more than you could ever imagine or ask for! Rugs are undeniably the most important factor of your homes. We feel that every household needs to have at least one flat weave rug in some area of their homes to finally call it complete with perfection. These rugs are easy to clean and do not even shed. Not only that, they are not only supposed to be maintained on a high level as they are user friendly and family- friendly as well. They are the most common and versatile and never fail to make everything look lively. If your area lacks such a rug then you pretty much failed to put the look together. The room’s layout does not really look its best. We would suggest you place your flat weave rug at a high traffic area without worrying about its texture and durability. We suggest to place it in your living rooms and passageways (just an advice, though) These rugs are self sufficient (that’s what we love to call it). We assure you that these rugs would not really bother you much, you can just buy one, place it and almost forget about it (and they won’t even let you notice them), they are “that '' peaceful.

Wait wait wait, we are not done yet! You can find the best flat weave rugs from RugKnots. We provide the most vast range of colors and designs with the best quality you could ever find from anywhere. Just had over to our collections and you can find even more collections which will leave you amazed. You won’t be disappointed, and we have our bet on that! Also, in case of any support or guidance you might need, we are there for that matter as well. Don’t forget to check out our collections and we assure you that you’re gonna drool over them.


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