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While most people are aware of the importance of picking the perfect rug to match their home, many struggle with finding one that is both aesthetically pleasing and durable. Taupe is a popular color, and it's easy to see why. It can be used in so many different ways for any room or space, with the perfect blend of light and dark tones. The best thing about taupe rugs is that they work well with most other colors, which means you can have a rug in your favorite hue without worrying if it clashes with the rest of your decor. Taupe is a neutral color that can be used in any room of the house. Taupe is a color that is everywhere in the home decor world. It can be found on rugs, throw pillows, and accent chairs, to name just a few. With so many options out there, it can be hard to find the perfect one for you. If you're a fan of the taupe color, then this article is for you. We have 100 best taupe rugs that are sure to inspire your next home decor project. From traditional styles to modern designs, we have something perfect for every taste and budget. Do you need a rug with this color? If so,  That's why here at RugKnots, we compiled this list of 100 different Taupe Rugs for your convenience. Read on if you're interested in learning about all our favorite picks, and don't forget to bookmark us as your go-to resource for all things flooring. Read on to find out more about our top picks. This list will help you find your new favorite taupe rug for any room in your house.

1. Grey Flatweave Area Rug

Provide your feet with the sensation of warmth and stability while standing on a rug of luxurious, sturdy fibers. Woven by skilled hands to last for years, this polypropylene rug is dense but still gives just enough underfoot for increased safety. The area rug is composed of hand-tufted materials tightly woven together by expert hands that love what they do— all designed for durability and quality in one great product perfect under your feet.

Grey Flatweave Area Rug

2. Grey Southwestern Area Rug

The Grey southwestern Rug will do wonders in your entryway. If you've been looking for multiple things around the house, this is it. It features a smooth texture and a soft color palette which makes this one of our top picks. Securely delivered to your door, it'll get your home ready for guests in no time.

Grey Southwestern Area Rug

3. Grey Boho Chic Area Rug

The vintage Grey boho-chic Rug adds a subtle dimension to your space with its neutral tone. The beige color balances the look with a texture that lends it modernity while ensuring ample breathing room. We've hidden together all kinds of performance-enhancing features, like premium non-shedding yarns and stain-resistant polypropylene that not only grips your floors but pulls up easily for those inevitable spills you always get messy in.

Grey Boho Chic Area Rug

4. Grey Southwestern Area Rug

The Polypropylene Rug is both luxurious and welcoming. It's perfect for adding a touch of class to any flooring application in your home, office, or business space. This rug will tie together designer motifs with its pink, blue, yellow tone, and grey hues. The Grey Southwestern rug is perfect for cozy lounging. The ultra-soft 100% polypropylene pile will make you wish your living room was bigger.

Grey Southwestern Area Rug

5. Ivory Shag Area Rug 

Our ivory shag rug will add character to your space. The polypropylene pile has a mix of warmer and cooler tones that complement any color palette. With the best quality materials, a rich texture, and cool color, our ivory shag rug is perfect for any room in your house. Use it as an accent to bring the room together or to make a design pop. This casual rug is durable and designed for low-traffic areas like hallways, bedrooms.

Ivory Shag Area Rug

6. Grey Wool & Silk Area Rug

This is an Astounding 9'10 by 13'1 Wool and Silk Rugs Collection made of a Brilliant hand-knotted construction. This means you will have a rug that is easy to clean with this rug's material. You'll love it: What's not to love about an elegantly crafted piece of art both indoors and out? Indoors, its plush surface cushions tired toes from long hours at work; outside on rooftops or lawns--on hammocks even.--this sophisticated area rug has all bases covered. 

Grey Wool & Silk Area Rug

7. Grey Geometric Area Rug

Fits right in with the area rug trend. This diamond design is sleek and original. Finely engineered for durability and a softer feel underfoot, it can serve as just the ticket for your living room, bedroom, or outdoor setting. Made of durable 100% polyester pile fibers that are made to indulge feet (hand-hooked for impeccable craftsmanship.

Grey Geometric Area Rug

8. Grey Wool & Silk Area Rug

Crafted from a blend of 30% silk and 70% New Zealand wool, this 9'10" x 13'1" grey wool area rug offers a sophisticated touch for any space. A bright ivory binding complements restful greys to create an inviting texture as you sink into your floor-level seating or enjoy the occasional rainfall storm from the comfort of your windowsill. Hand-knotted in Pakistan, the fibers work effortlessly together to keep your feet cozy all year long and provide added warmth through tough winters. And with our easy return policy, doing business couldn't be sweeter.

Grey Wool & Silk Area Rug

9. Grey Geometric Area Rug

The Grey Geometric Area Rug will transform any space in a contemporary style. This rug is made of 100% polyester pile with its high-quality construction and has free returns for 30 days. This item would be great for an office, bedroom, living room, etc.

Grey Geometric Area Rug

10. Grey Boho Chic Area Rug 

The grey rug will add subtle appeal to any office space, with its natural texture and polypropylene fibers that are durable and soft underfoot. Add this to the unmatched versatility of our machine-made design in indoor options, too, such as this grey beige and ivory shade, and it's no question you can make the right decision when choosing traffic-friendly floor coverings from a quality rugs bazaar. With styles sure to fit your tastes, we know you won't be able to find a better deal than at our store.

Grey Boho Chic Area Rug

11. Grey Southwestern Area Rug

Our Grey southwestern Rug is custom-designed, so you can have whatever colors and patterns are in your home. Choose from traditional Persian designs or contemporary pieces – we've got plenty of options in stock, just waiting for someone who wants them. If traditional isn't your thing, keep scrolling down until you find something that will be perfect for your personal needs. Then try this modern yet traditional southwestern piece.

Grey Southwestern Area Rug

12. Grey Neutral Area Rug

Sometimes it's hard to find the perfect rug - you have a specific taste, limited space, and a tight budget. But with our grey Neutral Rugs from RugKnots, any individual can furnish their home or business in style. Made from pure wool and viscose materials to suit your tastes. And if you don't think we have what you're looking for? We'll make sure no rug gets by without finding its right home.

Grey Neutral Area Rug

13. Grey Boho Chic Area Rug

Grey boho-chic rug is the perfect product for all your needs. With such floral designs, ivory, blue and gray color, and 7'10x9'10,9'3x12'6 sizes, you'll be glad to know that no rug will go unnoticed in your home or office space. All rugs are handmade from great materials with care to create one-of-a-kind pieces that you'll love forever.

Grey Boho Chic Area Rug

14. Silver Ziegler Area Rug

Bring luxuries to your home with our unique silver Ziegler Rug. Going for a walk on the beach? Check out this rug's sandy hue. Who said rugs were just to cover up carpet? This one is versatile and can be used as an accent, but it also doubles as a room accent piece. From coffee table height to floor-length, create different looks in any size of living space you have. Just pick out the Ziegler design that suits you best from our selection online, and we'll customize it for FREE before shipping. 

Silver Ziegler Area Rug

15. Multicolor Boho Chic Area Rug 

The sleek and modern design of this exquisite rug will make your home look more fashionable with perfection. The seemingly unlikely pairing of textures makes it a daredevil accent for the entryway or living room. Bold, fresh coloration and geometric designs give off an edgy vibe that impresses any guests. This beautiful piece can provide style but also warmth as you walk across its knots and polypropylene fibers.

Multicolor Boho Chic Area Rug

16. Teal Neutral Area Rug 

When you want to feel like royalty without having to spend any money on the bill, the teal-neutral rug is what you need. Made with 100% polypropylene with a viscose pile and woven in a beautiful design, this rug looks good enough for outside areas. And because it's machine washable, anyone with a floor can afford it.

Teal Neutral Area Rug

17. Ivory Ziegler Area Rug

The ivory rug has a subdued yet captivating appearance, with subtle shadings and hand knotwork that make it feel like you're walking on air. This rug is perfect for the person who likes to impress their clients or just wants something elegant without going all out.

Ivory Ziegler Area Rug

18. Grey Geometric Area Rug

Need something durable for your outdoor room? This grey geometric area rug by RugKnots will be the perfect addition to any space. Made from 80% Jute 20% Cotton, you'll love how this design is only going to get better with time. So make sure you act now, so you don't miss out on this geometric rug great for every color palette. 

Grey Geometric Area Rug

19. Grey Shag Area Rug 

Thinking of ways to spice up your living space? Wondering how you can cover some of the cold, boring floors that have been around for a while? Come down and check out our new selection of grey shag rugs. We want to take this opportunity to tell you why we think these are perfect for decorating any room in your house. These stylish rugs are easy on the eyes and don't cause spills or slips. This is a Rug Co exclusive item so hurry over.

Grey Shag Area Rug

20. Ivory Neutral Area Rug

It doesn't have to be difficult to create a fresh and sophisticated space. The one-of-a-kind grey rug we have for your home will give it the modern style it needs. Don't wait another day to put this essential accent in your room. This luxurious rug has a subtle elegance that will bring a touch of sophistication to any space. A plush, soft pile adds a perfect touch of coziness and comfort to your living room or bedroom.

Ivory Neutral Area Rug

21. Beige Ikat Area Rug

The beige Ikat Area Rug blends the colors into one beautiful rug. Colors like ivory and grey contrast with each other beautifully to create a true global design. A perfect gift for someone who is looking to show off their exotic side. All our carpets get fast shipping nationwide, in case you find a style with your name on it.

Beige Ikat Area Rug

22. Aqua Ziegler Area Rug 

Our grey area rug is perfect for your home; it's luxurious looking and has an organic pattern that will accentuate any room in your house. A must-have accessory for a modern design. One of the best qualities about wool rugs is that they adjust to any room's environment and do not need special dietary care. They feel soft, so we have also included a fawn rug pad to keep your feet cushioned.

Aqua Ziegler Area Rug

23. Grey Gabbeh Area Rug 

The Grey Gabbeh Rug is a luxurious-looking and thoughtfully designed rug that will add elegance to your home. The attention to detail in the design ensures you are always making a long-lasting investment in beautiful style while simultaneously keeping budget-conscious shoppers happy with its affordability. This piece of grooming perfection can't wait for you to get it on your floor.

Grey Gabbeh Area Rug

24. Grey Neutral Area Rug

Introducing the Gray neutral Rug. The perfect way to set your room's ambiance. With this rug, you're combining elegance and simple but sophisticated charm for a pretty touch of class that will feel right at home in any room of your house or apartment. Even though these robustly constructed floor coverings are scratch-resistant, they still maintain a delicate look with their muted colors.

Grey Neutral Area Rug

25. Green Caucasian Area Rug

Make your space look more expensive and beautiful with a rug from our wide selection. Choose from many colors, patterns, sizes, and textures to find exactly what you're looking for. Whether you need something to match or coordinate with an existing setup or want something unique and surprising, the Green Caucasian rug has the perfect item for you.

Green Caucasian Area Rug

26. Grey Neutral Area Rug 

The rug is a thin rug that's hand-tufted from synthetic fibers. This rug, designed for commercial use, resists mold and is water-resistant. Whether you want to spruce up an old office space or provide comfort in a waiting area for your customers, we think our real industrial-strength rugs are perfect. These thick low pile viscose rug scatter dirt particles so that they can be easily vacuumed off after the workday has ended. 

Grey Neutral Area Rug

27. Grey Bokhara Area Rug

Our Grey Bokhara Rug has finally given life back into our living room's look and feel - now complete with fresh colors, design, texture. Whether wallowing your feet up on it or admiring its construction from afar, here's to thinking outside of the box when shopping for home goods.

Grey Bokhara Area Rug

28. Beige Ziegler Area Rug

The Grey Area Rug is a sophisticated and elegant purchase. The modern design features an alluring earthy shade of rust tan that is always in style. Tie the look together by incorporating patterned pillows with geometric designs or floral patterns.

Beige Ziegler Area Rug

29. Grey Kilim Area Rug 

The gray color rugs have quickly become a popular choice for Entryway Rugs. Built with high-quality handwoven, this floor piece can withstand the tests of time and traffic in any room. With a muted color scheme, there is bound to be one that will match your taste and style. It might say you're seeking something understated, but it will still make you stand out among the crowd in high-traffic areas.

Grey Kilim Area Rug

30. Silver Bokhara Area Rug 

When we went looking for a new rug to go in our living room, it was obvious that the current one just wasn't cutting it. The same old model of machine-stitched rugs left us feeling like something had been forgotten... It looks like you forgot color and style. So we contacted the best Pakistani manufacturers with rug specifications and received this stylish addition to any room.

Silver Bokhara Area Rug

31. Grey Ziegler Area Rug

A professional collection that withstands the rigors of commercial foot traffic, these rugs are perfect for high-traffic areas. Its traditional patterns are made from natural wool fibers. The range of different designs and textures means a Rug fits every environment from schools to offices.

Grey Ziegler Area Rug

32. Silver Neutral Area Rug

This rug's design offers a touch of sophistication and elegance to any space, no matter what. Hand-tufted with a wool pile. The textured white background subtly reflects light for an appearance that is both warm and welcoming. Our newest grey rug is always dressed for success, leaving an aesthetic footprint with its low-key colors and conservative patterns. 

Silver Neutral Area Rug

33. Grey Contemporary Area Rug 

The Grey Rug combines classic wave lines with a modern twist for a winning combination. When it arrives at your front door, everything will be inside - no need for installation or assembly. This classic yet fashionable look suits up any space. With endless color choices and patterns, this simple floor covering is suitable for every room in your home. The best part? No matter what size you're looking for, we can deliver them all - from small mats that cover only one corner of a room to large pieces that warm you.

Grey Contemporary Area Rug

34. Pink Kilim Area Rug

Pile as thick and smooth as freshly pink color kilim. This terrier-hued rug will have you running for the living room after a long day. This stylish treat offers limitless comfort, protection from slippage, and versatility when paired with other rugs or carpets. Whether You're Stashing Your Tennis Shoes or Soaking up the Donuts: Keep it Classy.

Pink Kilim Area Rug

35. Grey Southwestern Area Rug

The Grey Southwestern Rug is the perfect solution for fitting more people into a crowded space. Featuring a rugged design that resists stains and is machine washable, this versatile product can be used as an area rug in any location. Whether it's at school, home or office, there's not another rug on the market quite like the rug.

Grey Southwestern Area Rug

36. Grey Geometric Area Rug

This beautiful rug features a gray, geometric design that will fit any space. This rug features unique patterns woven with a pure wool pile. In addition to this aesthetic, it's also easy to clean and more durable than you might think when buying an indoor/outdoor rug.

Grey Geometric Area Rug

37. Grey Contemporary Area Rug 

The Grey contemporary Rug is a testament to our expertise in providing you with the perfect machine-made rug at an unbeatable price. It's durable, affordable, and can be used in any room of your home. Its silk fiber gives an extra soft texture. 

Grey Contemporary Area Rug

38. Grey Southwestern Area Rug

Authentic, elegant, and stylish rug for impeccable craftsmanship that won't break the bank. Grey Southwestern Rug specializes in creating traditionally styled and contemporary handmade Wool Rugs made from the softest 100 percent New Zealand wool. Our products are available in a wide variety of sizes and colors to suit your needs.

Grey Southwestern Area Rug

39. Brown Wool & Silk Area Rug 

This flooring cover is perfect for any home where there's a large entrance. Especially handy in winter. Lightweight and easy to clean, the wool and silk rug has been designed to be suitable for indoor and outdoor use. This rug provides excellent cushioning against falls with a thick pile height and features an improved slip resistance.

Brown Wool & Silk Area Rug

40. Grey Neutral Area Rug

The gray rug has a grey base color and is machine-made for durability. This product is perfect for both the sophisticated homeowner, family, or business owner looking for some style at an affordable price.  It is as elegant as its color. We have this slip-resistant rug in different sizes to suit all types of spaces. We have just what you need. Its polypropylene and viscose materials make it durable and soft at the same time. 

Grey Neutral Area Rug

41. Grey Wool & Silk Area Rug 

It's time for a great upgrade to your home interior with an ivory shag rug. You'll be getting soft as can be and cozy feet every day, guaranteed. Wool and silk rugs are luxurious and provide an inviting atmosphere to any space. This rug is hand-knotted from 30% silk, 70% New Zealand wool. It has a contemporary design that can complement any room with its clean lines and geometric shapes.

Grey Wool & Silk Area Rug

42. Grey Geometric Area Rug

This gray and white gingham is constructed of polyester and has a pile size of 100% that makes it great for high-traffic areas or outdoors. This product comes with a 30-day return policy, free shipping, and no need to worry about making an exchange because returns are free. It will make your room trendy while also providing durability guaranteed for outdoor use. The colors on this rug are neutral in color but could work well with other light or dark shades. A must-have flooring to spice up any space while providing all the wants you want from this fashionable item.

Grey Geometric Area Rug

43. Beige Ziegler Area Rug 

Expressive personalities define a home. Enhance your space with this one-of-a-kind, customizable rug. Made of 100% wool, your beige Area Rug will be able to fit into any interior decor without being too flashy or clashing with the color scheme. Choose from different shapes and different vivid colors, or go for a personalized look. Your new favorite area rug awaits - get yours today.

Beige Ziegler Area Rug

44. Grey Neutral Area Rug

What would the perfect rug be without your unique personality? We don't know, and we won't waste your time searching for one either. Rather than settling on a rug that doesn't suit your taste, why not have the designer make you something custom-made to represent who you are? Here go with this neutral gray floor piece.

Grey Neutral Area Rug

45. Brown Wool & Silk Area Rug 

The brown rug might be just the thing you're looking for if you want to add that classical finishing touch to your modern space. The soft, lovely silk and wool rug in this collection will liven your living room up without sacrificing "Zen" appeal. Made with 30% Silk and 70% Wool, it has the perfect feel of both worlds for a grown-up environment. It's currently on sale, but only while supplies last. Has it shipped FREE?

Brown Wool & Silk Area Rug

46. Grey Geometric Area Rug

The geometric area rug is a perfect example of balance and precision. The neutral patterns will transform any room into an attractive and inviting place for anyone in your life to enjoy. Its durable construction means it'll withstand whatever you throw at it, be it a spilled drink or the dog playing tug-of-war with his favorite toy. Get ready to make some bold design choices with absolute certainty they'll turn heads all around.

Grey Geometric Area Rug

47. Grey Ziegler Area Rug

This traditional floor piece features classic intricate patterns in a modern color scheme. The Grey Area Rug is one of a kind. It's personalized for you and crafted to your tastes. Choose the size, material, pattern, and colors that are perfect for your home or business with just a few clicks of the mouse. Plus, it'll make shopping easier than ever with many great retailers all in one place for convenience, so get creative today.

Grey Ziegler Area Rug

48. Tan Wool & Silk Area Rug 

There are many ways to evoke feelings in a living space, and this area rug will do just that. The design on the area rug is minimalist but with strong colors brought out by the blend of wool and silk. Grey adds a grounded touch, while red gives an inviting air. For a piece of furniture for your home or office, you want to match it up with other contemporary design pieces or some country-style chairs around a wood coffee table.

Tan Wool & Silk Area Rug

49. Grey Geometric Area Rug

Crafted from an abundant supply of fiber, this area rug will not disappoint. It features interlocking geometric patterns in ivory color on a gray background. The ties are crafted with the finest materials ensuring your indoor space remains well-arranged and fresh. With free returns anytime in the first 30 days for anything that doesn't work out for your space/lifestyle, give this practical product a try without fears of buyer's remorse.

Grey Geometric Area Rug

50. Multi-Color Southwestern Area Rug

The Grey Area Rug is not too bright but also not too dark. This rug will effortlessly tie together any room and add some style to your living space. It includes different colors like shocking pink, blue and yellow, and designers create a vintage area rug that is perfect for you. Pick between various patterns, or go one step further by picking your color scheme for the rug. There's no reason to spend hours on end looking at home goods with nothing new with so many options.

Multi-Color Southwestern Area Rug

51. Grey Wool & Silk Area Rug

Hand-knotted in Pakistan using wool and silk, this rug will add a contemporary look to your space. This piece is made of 30% silk and 70% New Zealand wool which adds a subtle sheen to the loveliness of this piece. The design has been woven into the fabric as well, adding additional layers to this ingenious beauty. It's easy for you to transition from any cold room to soft rugs without compromising its quality or durability. 

Grey Wool & Silk Area Rug

52. Ivory Ziegler Area Rug

Adding a dash of color and texture to anything, the Ivory Ziegler rug takes your space from drab to fab. Go for natural hues or choose a rich palette, and have this floor piece enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home. A realistic vintage look was created out of hard-wearing fabrics durable against stains with free returns if needed after 30 days.

Ivory Ziegler Area Rug

53. Ivory Neutral Area Rug

This ivory Rug is fantastic for giving your space a sophisticated look you've always wanted. This rug not only blends in with the color scheme of most living rooms and bedrooms it also enhances their aesthetic appeal. The neutral rug is constructed from top-quality materials and comes at a very affordable price; what are you waiting for?

Ivory Neutral Area Rug

54. Brown Wool & Silk Area Rug 

The wool & silk rugs collection is 100% handmade in Pakistan and includes all different sizes, patterns, and colors. This hand-knotted area rug is made by Pakistani artisans using 30% Silk and 70% New Zealand Wool. This 9x13'1" wool/silk rug comes in an earthy color to fit your home décor. With FREE shipping, the perfect brown wool rug will be yours in no time. These rug materials are eco-friendly and can bring sophistication to any room in your home.

Brown Wool & Silk Area Rug

55. Multi-Color Tribal Area Rug

This perfect colorful rug helps to complement any living space beautifully. The color is peaceful and effective for making a space feel high-end. This piece provides comfort for the feet as well. Its generous size will be great under your coffee table or in an office. This stylish accessory is at home both indoors and out.

Multi-Color Tribal Area Rug

56. Ivory Neutral Area Rug

Every room needs a touch of individuality. That's why at RugKnots, we specialize only in the most refreshing and understated styles. Ivory is more than just unassuming elegance- it's key for making visual interest without clashing with any other design elements in your home. With fresh, contemporary designs made from resilient, high-quality materials, these rugs will last through the wear and tear while providing softness to brighten up spaces where you spend most of your time: from hallways to living or kitchens. 

Ivory Neutral Area Rug

57. Grey Wool & Silk Area Rug 

Create a space that is welcoming and livable with this chic gray wool as an area rug. This plain rug features hand-knotted construction to give you the look of ages passed without paying the premium price tag. The neutral grey color linen will infuse any room with understated elegance, pairing well with modern or vintage furnishings alike.

Grey Wool & Silk Area Rug

58. Grey Geometric Area Rug

The rug combines the abstract lines between form and function to create a traditional rug with the softness to keep spills at bay. Light grey, dark grey, black, and chambray hues are available to fit any palette or mood. These rugs are hand-tufted with a wool pile that is durable and can be used for a variety of purposes, from indoor floor rugs to outdoor patio furniture pads.

 Grey Geometric Area Rug

59. Grey Wool & Silk Area Rug

It's time to give your home's interior a much-needed makeover with an ivory shag rug. Every day, you'll have the softest, cosiest feet you've ever had. Wool and silk rugs are opulent and add a welcoming feel to any room. This rug is made of 30% silk and 70% New Zealand wool and is hand-knotted. With its clean lines and geometric shapes, it has a contemporary design that can fit into any room.

Grey Wool & Silk Area Rug

60. Multicolor Boho Chic Area Rug

The objective of putting style and color choices into a person's hand is more than just interior decorative elements. It serves to tap into the greater psychological systems that govern our decisions in daily life and influence how we think about ourselves and others. With this contemporary design, you can create your cozy sanctuary while injecting a new burst of modernity or zen. Cozy up with something comfortable yet chic; perfect for both college dorms and New York apartments alike.

Multicolor Boho Chic Area Rug

61. Ivory Neutral Area Rug 

Buy your rug today. It's a unique piece for any home. With its natural ivory and gray hue, this rug is sure to blend in with all kinds of decor schemes. With its classic color palette, ivory Rug is bound to invigorate even the coziest spaces with an ideal dose of underrated elegance

Ivory Neutral Area Rug

62. Brown Boho Chic Area Rug

This dusty brown rug is understated but stylish and an easy upgrade to your home that doesn't require much work. The perfect knotwork dye pattern on this floor covering turns a space from ho-hum drab to the airy allure with ease. A surefire way for anyone who moves around floors a ton to make their living space look fresh without feeling like it's been hit with the nuclear option of dark colors—grey is surprisingly neutral. It won't overwhelm you into living in darkness or lightens up dark spaces for more security rather than claustrophobia.

Brown Boho Chic Area Rug

63. Tan Southwestern Area Rug

With a tan finish designed to hold up in high-traffic areas, the Tan Southwestern Rug provides a classic look for your home. You'll love how it beautifully coordinates with sofas and other pieces of furniture. For an additional pop of style, try pairing your rug with a coordinating pillow from our selection of accent pillows.

Tan Southwestern Area Rug

64. Silver Boho Chic Area Rug

The silver boho chic rug is a piece of delicate, durable fabric that helps tie your room into a cohesive setting. Its intentional design gives the perfect amount of vintage-inspired charm to otherwise normal space. Although designed with low traffic areas in mind, it's not uncommon to see the Grey rug hold up against busy high traffic and commercial spaces due to its capability for both durability and strength without sacrificing style or comfort. 

Silver Boho Chic Area Rug

65. Grey Southwestern Area Rug

Grey is a color that trends with interiors and exteriors of homes, either in solid gray walls or furniture upholstered in a dark shade. Gray rugs will complement these grays beautifully because they're neutral – as such, remaining an interesting addition to your home's design without becoming too distracting. That being said, it comes down to what you want from your rug: simpler and more minimal style?

Grey Southwestern Area Rug

66. Grey Boho Chic Area Rug 

The Grey boho chic Rug will radiate insouciant style with its finely woven detail and fashionable flair, providing understated elegance for high traffic areas. Bringing an air of mystery to any interior suite or accessible area, this tasteful offering is too good to be missed.

Grey Boho Chic Area Rug

67. Black Geometric Area Rug

Add a sleek, modern aesthetic to your room with our grey rug. Unlike many other rugs that can be clumpy and difficult to walk on, our rug is soft on the feet while still durable enough for foot traffic when you're not looking. Available in various sizes, you can find one that fits in any size home regardless of how small or large you need it to be.

Black Geometric Area Rug

68. Grey Southwestern Area Rug

This simple, sleek grey rug is perfect for adding a touch of style to any home. The neutral color makes it easy to spice up your decor in no time with patterned borders or decorative accents. With an 8x10 size and foam backing, this modern rug will go great on thick carpets anywhere by the fireplace, coffee table, morning nook, bedroom gazing point—the options are endless.

Grey Southwestern Area Rug

69. Teal Boho Chic Area Rug

The colorful rug is an aesthetic piece for your living room that has a textured feel. It can be used as supplementary seating and rungs, filling in extra space on the floor, or drawing attention to large windows. This rug runs true to size with ivory background and teal, grey, and brown accents. The rug also doubles up as clever storage when folded over, storing items like files, tissues, magazines, or small rugs under it. Completely versatile in the design, you'll never find yourself bored with this little rug

Teal Boho Chic Area Rug

70. Brown Transitional Area Rug 

A solid, transitional piece that will suit any room in your home is the be rug. What's not to love? From the understated elegance of its color palette to its simple geometric shape, this rug is certain to add something special to whichever surface it graces. This rug would make a great addition for spotlighting in high-traffic areas where delicate materials and colors might quickly show wear.

Brown Transitional Area Rug

71. Grey Ziegler Area Rug

The Grey Ziegler Rug is woven in a natural tone, and while it doesn't show much color variation, the many textures will give your floor some life. The natural wool materials create a comforting feel that pairs well with any other indoor space. Soft and cozy underfoot, this rug will look perfect in front of the couch or on top of a dining table to add an elegant touch to your decor.

Grey Ziegler Area Rug

72. Multi-Color Geometric Area Rug

Transform your living room into a blank canvas and refresh it with this grey, geometric area rug. This timeless design is perfect for adding personality to any space with its neutral coloring and durable construction. With the calming color, this resilient and impeccably soft rug is perfect for high-traffic areas. With its cozy warmth and timeless style, it perfectly completes any space.

Multi-Color Geometric Area Rug

73. Black Boho Chic Area Rug

The perfect rug to finish off your office space. The grey makes for a great backdrop for everyday use and helps tie in other pieces you might have. The perfect addition to any room, this grey rug will brighten up your living space. The shade goes with anything, and the durable construction means it'll last for years to come.

Black Boho Chic Area Rug

74. Beige Southwestern Area Rug

The natural tones found in the rustic beige rug will give a cozy, organic feel to any room. The woven texture of the rug is sturdy enough for standing on while also being soft underfoot when lounging or sitting down in front of your fireplace. It's made from durable, easy-to-clean materials that will last for years without needing to be replaced and will continue to serve as a reliable addition to your living space.

Beige Southwestern Area Rug

75. Multicolor Geometric Area Rug

The surface of this area rug is woven and presents a geometric pattern. This neutral design can match well with your furniture to balance the living space. Given its durable construction, this high-quality rug will be perfect for any room, and you'll want it to last you for years that follow.

Multicolor Geometric Area Rug

76. Blue Ziegler Area Rug 

A well-made addition to any room, this rug was crafted by a local weaver. It brings in classic and modern elements that seamlessly blend with every type of home decor. The bright colors pair well with most everything too, so go ahead and turn your living room into an urban jungle or make it look like you're surrounded by greenery from the RugKnots- either way, it'll be beautiful.

Blue Ziegler Area Rug

77. Multicolor Boho Chic Area Rug

Delicate shades of grey and gold adorn this puzzle-like rug to create the perfect blank canvas for your decorating needs. An earthy color is a fantastic option for any style, be it traditional or modern. Designed to withstand the wear and tear of high traffic areas, our durable grey rug is a seamless and sculptural addition in any living room, entryway, or hallway.

Multicolor Boho Chic Area Rug

78. Grey Neutral Area Rug 

Stay updated wherever you go with our stylish neutral area rug. Constructed of 100% wool and viscose, this piece comes in various rectangular sizes to fit your needs. Place one on your home's floor and experience the easy-to-clean surface that is resistant to slipping. Few other area rugs can boast such high qualities for such a low price.

Grey Neutral Area Rug

79. Multi-Color Geometric Area Rug 

Spot goes from cloying to just the right grit when this stylish rug makes a splash in your modern home style. With stains-resistant, synthetic fibers that will never come out, it's got your back while you sit down for some quality dinner time with friends.

Multi-Color Geometric Area Rug

80. Grey Boho Chic Area Rug 

Make your bedroom the sanctuary you deserve every day by pairing it with this Gray boho-chic Area Rug. The fuzzy texture adds dimensionality and depth to any room without going overboard in size or sheen – just enough for that perfect amount of calm coolness you so desire.

Grey Boho Chic Area Rug

81. Grey Transitional Area Rug 

No matter how tempting the rug in your room is to mess it up with spills, stains, and dirt, there are cheaper and more practical alternatives. Check out our Transitional Rugs on the market today. Our grey area rug offers a sleek, cool grey tone that can darken or lighten any form of décor. Do you prefer to dress up at the dinner table? How about a low-key meal at home? This product's versatility ensures it will never go out of style (or need.).

Grey Transitional Area Rug

82. Grey Neutral Area Rug

The taupe rug is perfect for your contemporary home. This linear construction is handmade with 0.40 pile height that area rug is a fine addition. The rug has a definite minimalist look with a Wool and viscose pile that brings the room together effortlessly. The gray and taupe wool shades give off an inviting air while still providing grip for shoes.

Grey Neutral Area Rug

83. Black Boho Chic Area Rug 

Crafted for modern homes with large open spaces, the black boho rug is woven from thick and soft natural material. The entire rug has been treated to provide antimicrobial protection and features a tan, beige and black warp that ensures it will go well in any room of your house or office. Perfect for under a coffee table or sofa. 

Black Boho Chic Area Rug

84. Grey Neutral Area Rug

Why settle for a standard rug when you could have something better? A neutral rug is the perfect blend of subtle patterns and design. The rug is made of polypropylene and polyester material with the machine, which makes its construction sturdy. The modern colors are mellow, calm, easy to work with. A must-have staple item for any living room or bedroom—or anywhere.

Grey Neutral Area Rug

85. Multicolor Boho Chic Area Rug

Weaving a subtle sense of style and sophistication into any room, the Multi-Color Boho Chic Rug is a go-to for any family that loves cozying up with quality.  Pair this rug with neutral tones, sleek lines, and natural materials for an accessory you can't live without. Available in three sizes, so it's easy to find one perfect for your space—and don't forget to check out our other area rugs when you're browsing.

Multicolor Boho Chic Area Rug

86. Grey Geometric Area Rug 

The rug blends the abstract lines between form and function to get the look of a classic rug with softness that keeps spills in check. Comes in shades like light grey, dark gray, black, and chambray to match any palette- or mood. With durability, these rugs are hand-tufted with a wool pile that makes them versatile for various uses, from indoor floor rugs to outdoor patio furniture pads. 

Grey Geometric Area Rug

87. Grey Neutral Area Rug 

Impress your guests with a uniquely cloudy designed, durable, and multifunctional entranceway rug. Whether you want to create an expertly designed rug or just help spruce up your doorstep before welcoming in the morning, Neutral Area Rug manufacturers have you covered with their one-of-a-kind design and materials. You can also feel confident knowing that these rungs are Made in India by hand tufted method—so they're made with superb precision.  

Grey Neutral Area Rug

88. Multicolor Boho Chic Area Rug

This beautiful rug features a mixture of polypropylene and polyester materials to create an intriguing style that is perfect for your space. With woven, tufted details, the  Multi-Color Boho Chic Rug will be tough to forget as you enjoy it in your own home.They are hand-tufted, which means this product looks exquisitely custom without any work or waste - plus shipping is free.

Multicolor Boho Chic Area Rug

89. Grey Neutral Area Rug 

This neutral area rug is the perfect addition to accommodate your interior design's playful and wild side. Representing an extraordinary blend of colors that can be styled with anything from classics like neutrals or black and white to a bold pop of color or dashes of metallic gold. Each rug features a color transition from dark to light and woven fabric made from durable wool, making it durable enough for any kind of space you may need it for (including kitchens). 

Grey Neutral Area Rug

90. Grey Shag Area Rug 

Having trouble finding that perfect accent rug to tie together your polished aesthetic? We have the solution. This rustic grey shag rug will instantly create a sense of elegance and sophistication in almost any space. Made from 100% wool, you'll be able to liven up your living room with this chic accessory. The woven texture adds some much-needed dimension, giving it an ultra-modern appeal. Make the environment yours: pick up this beauty today.

Grey Shag Area Rug

91. Grey Neutral Area Rug 

Almost any room can be improved by adding a quality area rug. A Neutral Area Rug is the perfect place to start, and after many years of experience manufacturing these beauties in India- you don't have to question quality. Durable and sophisticated, this handmade piece can seamlessly fit into any décor style - making it both practical and versatile.

Grey Neutral Area Rug

92. Multicolor Geometric Area Rug

Available in many dimensions, this plain lining pattern is designed to meet your needs. Whether you desire a squishier sensation or want something with more backbone, the right style of bristles and height can be found for you. The durable head doesn't wear out over time and will last through brushing after brushing without fraying on the edges. You'll have a beautiful, confident smile any day that you brush with it.

Multicolor Geometric Area Rug

93. Grey Neutral Area Rug

When you're building your new home or modernizing your old one, it's hard to decide on every little detail. Perhaps you don't know what type of rug is best for the different rooms in your house and how it will affect the whole atmosphere. And if you can find a rug that meets all these needs? It might be too expensive. But not this time. The Neutral Area Rug from RugKnots gives an easy start off with its wide range of color choices and textures so that finding something perfect for any room in your home becomes closer than ever before.

Grey Neutral Area Rug

94. Grey Flatweave Area Rug

Living spaces are for the living. Let the Gray Flatweave Rug from RugKnots be a sanctuary that helps you live your life in beautiful, easy comfort. This modern rug features light grey fibers to give your flooring both style and warmth without sacrificing design aesthetics. The gray is neutral enough to go with any other colors but still packs a punch with a soft texture underfoot that spells sweet lazy weekends all day long every day of the week...or just on Sunday? 

Grey Flatweave Area Rug

95. Grey Neutral Area Rug 

This perfect area rug is handmade in a neutral gray stone pattern. It's crafted with viscose, which makes it both durable for pets and kids to get rough with and easy to clean any spills. For its elegant design that provides a neutral tone on your flooring, you'll find this area rug useful for interfacing during Ramadan or going over the top of carpeting if you'd like some Oriental designs. You're invited into a full-time life of leisure with this one.

Grey Neutral Area Rug

96. Silver Neutral Area Rug

Despite how insanely comfortable it is to walk across the fibers every day, even fluffy as they may seem, it's awesome that they're also antimicrobial, so they help keep germs at bay. Thank goodness for these flooring additions because now we can spoil your homes without having scurvy from inhaling moldy dust particles while we do it.

Silver Neutral Area Rug

97. Ivory Neutral Area Rug 

The neutral, luxurious area rug with revolutionary and patented technology. Being made in Israel means that this design is gorgeous without anything to distract from the simplicity of the colors. Incorporating materials like polyester and polypropylene also ensures that it's upholstery-grade so it can handle even your dirtiest spills. The 0.75" pile height gives you plenty of room between furniture for comfort or utility while remaining durably plush. Shipping charges are zero, and you get all 30 days after receipt to make sure it's perfect for you. Buy yours today.

Ivory Neutral Area Rug

98. Multicolor Neutral Area Rug

Walk into a home with the multicolor rug, and you'll feel like you're walking on clouds. With its light colors, this rug will look stylish in any room of your house. For busy families whose children are always making messes or pet owners with allergies to their fur-covered rugs, this carpet is stain-resistant and soft enough to sleep on. 

Multicolor Neutral Area Rug

99. Ivory Neutral Area Rug 

We've enabled you to maintain a neat and clean home with this flawless rug. Made in ISRAEL, this quality rug is the perfect neutral touch for your home. Its pile height is 0.75 inches, ensuring both durability and an elegant look that won't show dog hair or dirt. Our construction methods are top-notch, so they will withstand years of use without starting to look worn out. The material is made up of 100% polyester and polypropylene, which makes it super durable and soft enough to be comfortable on bare feet. 

Ivory Neutral Area Rug

100. Grey Neutral Area Rug

This neutral rug is made with luxurious materials in a contemporary style. The hand-loomed construction combined with the material mixture provides an elegant and lasting look that will suit both modern or traditional styles. This rug is offered in many sizes 5'x8', 7'6"x9'6", 8'x11', 9'6"x13'6", perfect for small spaces like a living room or home office desk area. We have free shipping and returns within 30 days to make your shopping as convenient as possible.

Grey Neutral Area Rug

Frequently Asked Questions About Taupe Rugs

1. Which Wall Color Go Best With Taupe Area Rug?

Taupe can work with a wide variety of colors. One way to ensure a well-coordinated design is to select your living room wall color and then choose taupe furniture pieces that complement the said walls. Accents in earthy shades related to copper or salty pink go nicely with taupe furniture.

If configuring a home office area, consider natural light-absorbing colors like beige or off-white, which will help create a fresh feel. Views from tall windows can also have an uplifting effect on moods, so it might be best to position furniture along the perimeter of an L shape desk to take advantage of this architectural feature. 

2. How Do You Incorporate Taupe Into More Colors In An Interior Design?

Designers often pair taupe with light blue, shades of purple, light green, or white. The trick is to use it in an equal ratio to the other colors present in a room and make sure that each color has enough contrast for visual interest at all times during the day. For example, if using taupe as a focal shade on one wall and blue-green wallpaper on two adjacent walls, contrast one wall by darkening its hue a few notches, so there's a great difference between these three hues.

3. Which Is The Best Oriental Rug To Buy?

Persian rugs have been called the best because they are typically handmade and have a cleaner, more intricate design. These rugs are made with the highest care from old traditions that date back centuries before any other type of rug was developed. It is important to find quality and comfort in your rug for those looking for something to be passed down through generations. These wool rugs are better than other materials like sisal, jute etc

4. Can Any Room Of The House Use a Taupe Area Rug?

Taupe is a great neutral color that can work well in various rooms of a house. In theory, yes. The best way to go about this would be to visit the rug store when there are no other customers and ask for their opinion on which rug would work in your space the best. They will understand what you have and help guide you without the pressure of others shopping around you. It's important to know what shades taupe varies from, such as cotton candy, so you don't bring home anything that doesn't match your home decor's style or any complimentary items from other stores.

5. What Color Are Taupe Area Rugs Generally?

Usually, taupes are an off-white, beige, or cream color. It depends on the shade of taupe. A sandy beige tone would have a light brown or grey color, while a dark and rich tone would be closer to medium brown. Taupe may refer to a style of paint that is usually thought of as an olive green color. But when applied with different shades, it can produce many different variations, including browns, tans, greys, and the occasional blue-green hue.

6. What Is The Best Rug For Living Room?

It depends on what look you are aiming for, but my personal favorite is a rug with large sections of Persian or Turkish-inspired rugs. You can mix and match the rug's colors to your home and change your choice based on the season. I would go with more earth tones like dark reds, burgundy, browns, and tans in winter. Then in spring or summer, I would go the opposite way with light blues greens, oranges, tartans and whites. Modern patterns make an excellent addition to a living room or office because they create visual interest in areas where one may not ordinarily find it. 


Area rugs are the perfect pieces to complement any room. RugKnots offers various styles, designs, and sizes, making it easy for you to find one that fits your space perfectly. They offer discounts on each rug plus free shipping and delivery, so there's never an excuse not to have new carpeting. RugKnots offers customers a diverse selection of area rugs with great discounts. RugKnots is committed to the satisfaction and trust of their clients, so they will do all that it takes for you to be satisfied before your purchase. If any questions arise during your transaction, please email us at info@rugknots.com or call (301) 660-7046. Go to our page and search for your required floor piece. Process your décor today with your flooring.

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Multi-Color Overdyed Area Rug - AR3441Multi-Color Overdyed Area Rug - AR3441
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Ivory Isfahan Area Rug - AR5496Ivory Isfahan Area Rug
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Multi-Color Ziegler Area RugMulti-Color Ziegler Area Rug
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