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Kid's rooms are wonderful locations to exhibit your creativity by creating a welcoming and inviting setting in which everyone will enjoy spending time. Without a doubt, the area rug is one of the most crucial parts of a kid's bedroom. An area rug offers your child a layer of comfort and warmth, which is especially crucial given how much time they spend crawling, sketching, playing, and reading on the floor. Furthermore, in a kid's room, an area rug serves as a sound barrier for the rest of the house. As a result, if the floor is suitably covered with a rug, you and your neighbors will not hear a ball bouncing or a book falling to the ground. Girls' bedroom rugs are also a great way to add color, pattern, a variety of materials, and texture to the room while still being fashionable. Finally, like other bedroom rugs, these textiles provide a comfortable and peaceful landing for your children's feet when they wake up in the morning. Given the many tasks that carpets serve, you might assume that picking the right rug for your kid's bedroom is difficult. As a parent, you may believe that your children's room is the last thing on your mind. However, for a variety of reasons, it might be one of the most significant rooms in the house to remodel. It doesn't take much to dress up a small room with Kids Rugs and turn it into a welcoming spot for your kids to play or relax after school. Here are twelve simple tips if you're seeking some new ideas on how to make this happen!

1. Take Into Account The Age Of The Child

When you begin to decorate your kids room, you are immersed in their world and their interests. Kids' preferences and behaviors, on the other hand, change rather regularly. This is why you should think about their age when choosing a rug for their room. Your job is simple when it comes to selecting a nursery rug. After all, you'll be the only one who uses and appreciates the rug. As a result, choose whatever you like as long as it complements the rest of the decor. RugKnots recently launched a kids' bedroom campaign to encourage parents to involve their children in the creative process while decorating their kids bedrooms. The campaign resulted in unique designs for a kid's bedroom that not only look great but are also not that difficult to make.

Take into account the age of the child

On the other hand, a toddler's rug will be used by the child while fun and crawling. As a result, choose something soft and fuzzy that will keep your infant warm. Choose a natural fabric like cotton. Look for a rug that can be machine washed and is stain-resistant. Last but not least, choose bright colors to help your child develop. The red cotton carpeting above complements the white bedroom perfectly. It provides a soft, enclosed play area for the child.

Take into account the age of the child

The design is simple, with only one central star, allowing the youngster to concentrate on the toys rather than the rug's patterns. You can redecorate the room and choose a low pile rug by the time your child starts school. Low-pile carpets are comfortable to stroll on, study on, rest on, or play with toys on. This is the stage in your kid's development when he or she prefers to stay on the ground and explore the entire room, as well as utilize the floor as a table and playground. To help the youngsters learn, you can start introducing additional geometric shapes or even letters, automobiles, plants, and other objects in terms of colors and patterns today. When your child is older, you can help them develop their sense of style and design by allowing them to select their own new rug. Introduce them to kilims, mid-century modern designs, Oriental Rugs, or Bohemian rugs, and let them choose the one that best fits the room's theme.

Take into account the age of the child

2. Don't Be Afraid Of Rugs In Vibrant Colors

It might be difficult to decorate a kids room, especially if they are constantly changing their minds about their favorite theme. You want a location that will last, not something that you'll have to redo in a year or two. You may create an environment that will grow with your child with very little effort. Check out some simple ways to improve your home that you can do on your own. To be safe, adults prefer grey and Beige Rugs or adhere to the traditional pastel palette for area rugs. Children, on the other hand, like a splash of color on their floors. Color boosts their creativity and imagination, as well as making the place appear more enjoyable rather than dull. So go for a bold color and make it an accent piece when choosing a rug for your kids bedroom or even a playroom mat.

Don't Be Afraid of Rugs in Vibrant Colors

You'll notice that a brightly colored rug brings a sense of joy to the area and brightens the entire ambiance. The area rug will transform your kids bedroom into a pleasant, character-filled space where he or she will feel at ease and free to express themselves. For example, to cover the gloomy floorboards and lighten up the room, this bedroom uses a wide area rug in a variety of bright, vibrant colors. Despite the enormous blackboard on the wall, the area rug manages to make the room appear funny.

Don't Be Afraid of Rugs in Vibrant Colors

3. Pay Attention To Your Kids Preferences

RugKnots is a store that sells a stylish combination of furniture, lighting, and home items. It's simple to become engrossed in a design and allow inspiration to flourish. However, before making a final decision on what to buy, keep in mind that you are not the climax when it comes to a kids bedroom. Yes, they are! Pay attention to your kids' preferences. Long heaps and fluffy rugs turn some kids off, while others prefer being engulfed in their comfort. If you're unsure about the material, go with a jute rug, which is a safe bet. Jute carpets, such as the one shown, are smooth and natural and may be used in any bedroom. The majority of children will also have a say in the color selection. There are so many options for rugs that allowing kids to participate in the selection process will be greatly appreciated. Even if your child is too little to select an area rug on his or her own, make sure he or she likes it. After all, the rug is primarily used by kids.

Pay attention to your kids preferences

4. Look At The Rug's Description

Before purchasing a rug, be sure to examine its features. Cotton, silk, wool, jute, and bamboo are all-natural materials that are safer for your youngster. A water-resistant, machine-washable rug is also the ideal option for keeping it clean and germ-free at all times with less effort. Last but not least, look for the marking that says "stain-resistant." This characteristic of the long rug will be well appreciated. If you have underfloor heating, a lightweight cotton rug like the one pictured is an excellent option. These rugs have the texture of throw blankets and are simple to clean and maintain. They're also gentle to the touch, thanks to the fact that the majority of them are made of cotton or wool, both of which are natural and comfy materials.

Look at the rug's description

5. Abrasion

The amount of wear and tear imposed on a rug by normal traffic patterns or inadvertent contact with furniture legs is referred to as this. It's crucial to know how heavy-footed your children are before purchasing rugs. If there is heavy foot traffic from children, you may need to invest in rugs made of materials that can withstand everyday damage (e.g., durable nylon). If this doesn't meet your demands, you might want a more cheap vegetable-dyed cotton carpeting in a dark color such as navy blue or black.


6. Select A Rug Theme For Your Child

Themes are usually helpful in the design process since they allow the area to tell a story with colors and patterns without becoming too overwhelming or unclear. Because kids rooms are generally full of textures and patterns, sticking to a theme when choosing a rug is crucial. If you have a colorful, eclectic bedroom, carry that theme over to the rug. If your kids room is lighter in color, a shabby chic rug is a good choice. Stick to a color palette and take cues from the furnishings or the walls. You don't have to be overly literal when it comes to retaining the concept through the rug's pattern. For instance, this room has a space motif. The rug is inspired by the sky's navy blue color, which is also depicted on the walls. This is a low-pile, hand-woven striped rug with a sophisticated design.

Select a Rug Theme for Your Child

7. Decorate With An Interesting Rug Design By Taking Your Time

Rugs are huge items of decor that may be used in any area, including kids rooms, to create a statement. Make sure you don't take it for granted and toss in whatever you come across. Take your time while choosing a rug for your kids room. Look for a rug with a unique design that your kid or girl will enjoy. Also, make sure it goes with the rest of the room's design, such as the paint or wallpaper. The large area rug in this bedroom is a prominent feature. It adds to the character of the floors and establishes a useful links between the dark wood and the light tone of the walls. The rug maintains a warm sensation across the space while balancing the color scheme. It has a designated soft and fluffy play area for the little girl who owns the room.

Decorate with an Interesting Rug Design by Taking Your Time

8. Don't Try To Do It Over

Starting with one large accent item is a fantastic idea, whether you're remodeling an entire area or simply giving it fresh vitality. For instance, tack down the wallpaper, bedding, or the ideal kids rug. Then, if you come across more goods, layer them in. Maybe it's that cool/ideal piece of wall art you saw at the summer art festival or the fact that your favorite bookshelf is now available! Don't feel obligated to complete everything at once.

Don't try to do it over

9. Play Around With The Rug's Decor

Choose an area rug for your kids bedroom that coordinates with other soft fabrics in the space. Curtains, toss pillows, bedspreads, and bed linens can all be coordinated with the rug. The pale blue low pile woven rug in this bedroom ties the curtains and bedspreads together. The room's full ensemble, including the whiteboards on the beds and the warm wooden staircase, exudes a coastal vibe. The space is light and inviting.

Play around with the rug's decor

10. Layer The Rugs

For many rooms in the house, layering rugs is a popular decorating choice. It's also something that can help your kids rooms. Layering allows you to make your kids floors more intricate and curated. It will also make the room more comfy and warm. However, while layering different carpets, make sure that it is done safely and that there are no tripping hazards. This is probably not the ideal option for you if your children are too little and like to run around in their rooms a lot. This maneuver can be used to design an older kids room to make it look more sophisticated and intriguing, or a baby's room because they are constantly supervised. In this nursery, two rugs have been layered. The larger rug has a low pile and a somewhat rougher finish, which adds a layer of warmth to the floors. The infant may learn to crawl and play on the top layer, which is a warm and fluffy shag runner rug. It also has additional colors and shapes to attract their attention and encourage them to exercise.

Layer the Rugs

11. Invest In Washable Kid's Rugs!

Pick a machine-washable and easy to clean kids' rug is one of our favorite things to provide to a client in their kid's room design in terms of style and usefulness. Because they are still a new product, parents are blown away by this feature and are beginning to request them. Kids' Rug Collection features the appropriate amount of whimsy and color choices, such as the Constellation Rug (available in pink, lavender, and blue) and the Polka-Star Rug, whether you're searching for a soft rug for a girls' room or a boys' room rug. The organic star design is entertaining, but the color palettes are more refined, making it suitable for a range of ages, from toddler to teen. The Multi Stripe Rug is another favorite of ours. With a basic, easy-on-the-eyes pattern, this design adds color to a space—perfect for a room with more ornate or elaborate decor.

Invest in washable kid's rugs!

12. Think Out Of The Box

When it comes to rugs, most stores include a department for kids. This does not imply that you must make your decisions based on this filter. You can still obtain a bright look in your kids room by using a more "adult-like" rug. There are a variety of rug options that can be used in a kids bedroom and look great. A shabby chic pink rug for a girls' room or a woolen kilim rug for a boys' room are both options. The huge shabby chic pink rug adds to the room's elegance and opulence. The rug complements the bed's throw pillows while also providing a unique cover for the vast bedroom's plain floors.

Think Out of the Box

13. Make Provisions For Future Rug Modifications And Improvements

When it comesto decorate your kid room, one thing is certain: it will alter frequently. As a result, keep in mind that whatever rug you chose at any given time will almost certainly be the first to go when it comes time to redesign. As a result, keeping things economical and adaptable is a good idea. Instead of one enormous area rug, look for several smaller rugs. Round shapes or other unusual shapes are quite popular among children. Also, stay away from carpets. It's best to overlay a few rugs than to fit a carpet if you want to cover every inch of the room. Carpets demand more upkeep and time to remove or clean if they become discolored. If you already have a carpet in the room, consider adding a rug to protect it and add interest to the flooring. A dark grey carpet is overlaid with a tiny pink area rug to establish a relationship between the wallpaper and the floors in this sweet and feminine bedroom. Last but not least, stay away from high-end rugs like one-of-a-kind Oriental items that you can grow connected to. Keep in mind that in a kids room, nothing is too safe.

Make Provisions for Future Rug Modifications and Improvements

14. Purchase Like A Pro

Online purchasing has evolved to the point where retailers are making swatches and samples more widely available to the general public. You don't have to be a professional  designer to do this. If you don't see samples on an online retailer's product page, ask a customer service representative if they have any. You can take the swatches to local retailers to see how they'll look when combined.

Purchase like a pro

15. Reviews Should Always Be Read

Reviews are first-hand accounts that may make online shopping more convenient. Most websites, including RugKnots, have a testimonial page with real consumer feedback. Always keep in mind that a good rug merchant will have reviews for his rugs. When you buy kids rugs online, they will help you learn what to expect from a rug seller. This will prevent you from wasting a lot of money on fake rugs. You could look at them or look for honest reviews on Reddit forums.

Reviews should always be read

Frequently Asked Questions About Kids Rugs

1. What Are The Finest Rugs For Kids?

Jute. Jute is an all-natural, environmentally friendly carpeting material that is one of the safest choices for a kids room. This high-quality fiber is also easy to clean, making it ideal for kids' rooms, which are prone to spills and accidents.

2. Is Wool A Decent Material For Kids Rugs?

Wool is an excellent choice for kids carpets because it is inherently fire-resistant and safe. Wool carpets are more resistant to wear and washing than other carpets, and they provide excellent heat, sound, and cold insulation. If you have a carpet that will be used by children, wool is the best choice because it won't reveal dirt if it gets dirty (it only lightens the color). When exposed to fire, wool absorbs odor well but does not emit any hazardous gases. It can stretch at 180 degrees Fahrenheit and burns slowly, unlike synthetics like cotton or nylon, which burn quickly at almost any temperature.

3. Where Will You Place The Kids Rug?

If you're going to put a kid's rug in your living room, make sure it matches the rest of the decor and the tastes of the entire family. Before you go out and buy kids carpets, you need to know how much room you have. Choose a rug for your kids bedroom or living room that is the right size. A mismatched rug will look out of place and create an overly busy atmosphere. If the carpet is too small, it will not provide sufficient space for your kids' activities, and they will be unhappy. It will likely collide with the walls and furnishings, creating a trip danger for your children if it is too huge. You can even put the kid's rug outside if you have enough outdoor space. However, make sure you get one that is made for the outdoors and can tolerate dirt and grit.

4. What Is The Best Color Rug For Kids?

The color carpeting that a child should have is really personal, and it is determined by the kid's preferences as well as the other colors in their room. Blue, green, and brown are all nice options. The best option is to purchase one that your children will enjoy. However, if you want to introduce them to something new than what they're used to, blue or green seem to be the most preferred colors among children. If you prefer a more colorful option for your kids, orange or red are also good options for a kids rug. But, in general, whatever colors/patterns your child prefers will undoubtedly be the greatest!!

5. What Are The Best Materials For Kids Rugs?

When it comes to purchasing rugs for kids, the importance of rug materials cannot be overstated. You'll need a rug material that can preserve its quality no matter how badly it's damaged. Your kids rug should be safe, soft, and durable, as well as easy to clean and maintain. It should also stay in place without costing a fortune. Some of the materials listed below would be great possibilities.


Rug lovers and homeowners agree that wool rugs are the greatest and most popular rug material. And there's a reason for that: they're both sensitive and tough. Softness plus tenderness provide warmth and comfort to the feet, while sturdiness lasts a long time and withstands repeated use, stains and spills, and regular cleaning. Wool rugs, as well as rugs produced from other natural fibers, are often more expensive than synthetic rugs.


Due to its environmentally friendly nature, jute is considered the safest natural fabric material. It is also the most affordable all-natural fabric material, as well as the easiest to clean and maintain.


Polypropylene, commonly known as olefin, is a synthetic rug material valued for its durability, attractive appearance, and fleece-like feel. Polypropylene rugs are low-cost, simple to clean and maintain, but they can fade if exposed to direct sunlight. You must understand how to clean and maintain Polypropylene carpets in order to get the most out of them.


Polyester is a stain-resistant fabric that also has a non-slip abrasive characteristic, which is something that most other rug materials lack. Polyester rugs are soft, warm, colorful, and simple to clean. They're a terrific option for those who want the coziness of a rug without breaking the bank.

6. How Do You Layer Rugs For Kids?

You should start with a good, neutral basis, such as jute or sisal, in the appropriate size, and then layer the smaller rug on top. Covers work well in this manner because they appear and feel completely naked. But don't go too wild with your layering—these elements are excellent for tripping out like a living room.


Are you having trouble finding the perfect rug for your children? RugKnots, on the other hand, is the ideal place to shop for all types of rugs. We have the most incredible collections of kids rugs and other area rugs, with the most diverse designs, colors, styles, forms, and sizes. You can purchase your favorite rugs in the most cost-effective way possible. You can also have a custom rug made to your specifications. When it comes to area rugs, we have it all. We simply wish to provide you with the finest. If you have any questions about rugs, please send us an email at or call us at (301) 660-7046. We will always be here to answer any questions you may have regarding rugs. Also, don't forget to leave a comment below and let us know how you liked the blog post!

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