Custom Made Rugs

Why We Know You Need A Custom Made Rug?

Custom made area rugs allow a unique touch to be added to your home. They tastefully add a dose of personality to any living space. Whether you're flexing a creative muscle or striving to perfectly complement your furnishings and decor, custom made rugs foster a distinct stylistic expression.

Custom made rugs have the ability to perfectly capture your stylistic vision with available altercations in shape, pattern, size, and color. No matter how eccentric your decor and furnishing preferences, a custom area rug can be configured to not only withstand, but enhance these choices. 

If you've been yearning for a custom made rug to accentuate your living space, but you're hesitant or unclear on the specifics of the process, fear not! RugKnots' experienced team will guide you every step of the way, from design consultations to pattern and color renderings, in order to perfect your living space and complete your vision.

We know that a custom made rug is the piece missing from your home. If you don't believe us, check out Pauline's experience with her custom made area rug

So How Are Custom Rugs Made?

RugKnots' skilled artisans receive comprehensive notes from the initial design consultation, from which they’ll compose a detailed pattern for your feedback and approval. Our team will custom mix dyes in order to accommodate any color sample or request you could conjure up! Once any altercations, if any, are made and your final approval is given, our team moves the final step: creating your custom area rug.

Our expert craftsmen will begin to hand knot your custom design on the loom — an intense, detailed process you can personally witness with provided images. Once your custom made rug is hand washed to secure the dyes and ensure its lush texture, your custom oriental rug will be packaged up and sent to your door, free of charge!

Okay, I Want A Custom area Rugs online! How Do I Order?

Step 1: Select a rug from Rugknots' online collection as a base for your design. Our expert design team will directly collaborate with you to discuss your vision during an initial design consultation.

Step 2: Utilizing your style selections, we’ll discuss your vision in terms of pattern, sizing, color, and shape. Our team will also consider the area in which the custom made rug is intended for in order to create a perfect accompaniment to any existing furnishings and decor.  

Step 3: Once a proposed design is composed, expert artisans will create a rendered sketch of your unique custom made rug. Like we said, we welcome any and all colors because we custom mix your desired shades from our variety of organic dyes

Step 4: A detailed pattern rendering will display the design details of your new rug during the rendering consultation. A color sample composed by our design team will be presented for your approval. At this stage, any altercation suggestions can be made and our artisan team will compose a new pattern rendering for a secondary rendering consultation, if necessary. Once you are 100% in love with the rendering, our team will move to the final stage of the process.

Step 5: RugKnots' team will create your unique design with expert craftsmanship and care. Once your custom size area rug is hand-knotted on our looms and hand washed, the product will be meticulously packaged and sent right to your doorstep.

Custom made carpet rugs are one of RugKnots specialties. If your home is missing that certain something that would really make it yours, start crafting your custom made rug today! Contact us with your request and we will order it directly. It will ship to you, with free shipping. 




really Beautiful thanks for sharing the information

Rugknots Oriental Rugs

Rugknots Oriental Rugs

@Jane Grider, we can certainly custom create your design in a beautiful hand tufted wool rug. A 5×8′ rug will be more affordable than you might think and how cool would it be to have YOUR design made into a wool rug? We’d love to see your design and can provide a quote just for you.

Jane Grider

Jane Grider

I love this idea because I know exactly what I want, but haven’t quite found it. I can easily make the design sketch myself in color (well watercolors). But, this all sounds expensive. How much would a hand tufted 5′ × 8′ rug cost approximately?

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