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It is a well-known fact that one of the best investments you can make when it comes to home decor is wool blend rugs. They’re highly durable, soft in touch, absolutely stunning and what not! Wool is, without any questions, one of the best materials to be utilized in rugs. However, quite a lot of customers have shown their vexation over the price of wool rugs. And to an extent, we agree too. Wool rugs are quite expensive and to be fair, can become hard to maintain. Just recently, designers have reintroduced ‘wool blend rugs’ to help customers overcome this feeling. Wool blend rugs are a combination of either a synthetic, or a natural material that is blended with wool. Generally, the wool content in wool blend rugs is higher than the other material that is being utilized. Most of the time, wool blend rugs consist of 80% wool and 20% synthetic fiber. Although that is not always the case. These rugs have been specifically designed to give customers a similar feeling of 100% wool rugs that are out of their budget. And to our surprise, they do actually do fulfill their purpose! One thing that I specifically love about wool blend rugs is that the material that is combined with wool either adds on to the existing qualities of wool or brings something new to offer. To explain it better, here’s an example. It is well known that all wool rugs go through the natural process of shedding. However, mixing wool with synthetic material decreases the amount of shedding that it naturally goes through. To find out more, keep reading ahead for an in-depth guide on wool blend rugs. 


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Types Of Wool Blend Rugs

Wool is combined with different kinds of materials that are both synthetic and natural, as mentioned above. There are several and various types of wool blend rugs available that include wool and nylon rug blends and many more. Here are some of the most common types of wool blend area rugs available online and in the market. 

Nylon Blend Rugs

These rugs have a higher percentage of wool in them than nylon. This blend is usually available in contemporary designs. Since nylon is considerably cheaper than wool, this combination might fall within your budget and you can still enjoy a wool rug. 

Acrylic Blend Rugs

Acrylic is a synthetic material that is less costly than wool but still has the same feel to it. Acrylic is not as popular as it once was and has not been used much in rugs too. However, its most commonly utilized in wool blend area rugs because of its wool-like qualities. So if you’re looking for a rug that has similar wool feel to it, then you should definitely go for wool and acrylic blend rugs!


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Polyester Blend Rugs

Wool and Polyester blend rugs are ideal for people who long for wool rugs without its high price tag. Both of them are great rug materials and since polyester is an inexpensive material, the rug doesn’t cost much in comparison with pure wool rugs. These rugs are even available in beautiful and intricate traditional designs. However, wool and polyester blend rugs aren’t as durable compared to wool rugs.

Polypropylene Blend Rugs

These rugs are quite similar to wool and polyester blend rugs. Polypropylene is a synthetic material that is quite commonly used in rugs. It is very easy to clean and maintain since its highly stain resistant. This makes it a great material to be combined with wool as it adds on to the already existing qualities of wool and makes the rug stronger. Polypropylene is incredibly durable like wool too yet it’s inexpensive at the same time! 

Silk Blend Rugs

Until now, we’ve only talked about synthetic materials. However, silk is a natural fiber, just like wool. As you know wool is made out of the coats of sheep, silk is made by silkworms. Silk is an incredibly soft material that looks shiny to the eye and is luxurious in touch. Silk is durable even though it’s a delicate material, unlike viscose. Wool and silk make an excellent combination. Usually, the base consists of wool fibers, while the pattern on the surface of the rug is made from silk. This makes the rug stand out in comparison with other wool-blend rugs. However, unlike the afore-mentioned materials, silk is a natural fiber which is costly which is why wool and silk-blend rugs can be expensive.


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Wool Blend Rugs Durable

Before we discuss whether wool and viscose blend rugs are durable or not, it’s necessary to first know what viscose actually is. To start, Viscose itself is a man-made soft material that does not trap in heat and is generally cool in touch. Viscose is a material that can be easily dyed in a variety of colors. It is noted for its real silk-like characteristics and can even impersonate the look and surface of wool, cotton and even linen! Viscose itself, however, is a very delicate fiber that sheds easily when placed in high traffic areas. Or even in busy households with pets, visitors or small children. Viscose is not a suitable material for rugs. In fact, interior designers refrain from using viscose in rugs. Its strands tend to break easily which is why viscose is usually utilized in rugs by mixing it with wool. By combining the two materials, it brings out the best of both materials.  Viscose and wool blend area rugs are made by combining the material with wool and sometimes with cotton, to create a better, more durable rug. It is sometimes combined with chenille, however, it isn’t considered to be as durable as viscose wool blend rugs.


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What Are Braided Wool Blend Rugs?

Braided rugs were originally made around 120 years ago. These rugs are hand-made using strips of fabric of different materials such as cotton, yarn, wool, sisal, jute, etc. These rugs come in all shapes and sizes and are even available in a variety of hues. Because of their chic style, they tend to fit in every room and can even be used as wall hangings! Braided rugs are easy to make and can even be crafted by you at your home! Interior designers have recently introduced wool-blend braided area rugs and we are absolutely in love with it! One of my personal favorites is braided jute-wool blend rugs. These rugs are themselves unique and adding them to your room will create a distinct and one of a kind space! Braided wool-blend rugs are easy to maintain and clean too. Most of them can easily be machine washed. In other cases, you can use the same methods that are used for cleaning other rugs.  For me, round-shaped braided wool blend rugs look great in entryways. They instantly create a welcoming and homely feel which is why they look great as entryway rugs. 

Buying Guide

Wool blend rugs light up and add to the aesthetic of the room. But there are several factors you should take into account before buying one. These include the correct size, the appropriate color and how much of your room you want to fill. We’ve attached a list of factors to give you an idea of what wool blend rug is right for your space.


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The size of a rug that you choose depends on the dimensions of space you’re adding one into. For example, if your room is rectangular shaped, we recommend you to add in a rectangular-shaped rug. Or if your room in an abstract shape, you can add in multiple and different shaped rugs. 

Design And Color

Wool rugs are the most common rugs with the most diverse colors & designs. Whether you want your rug to be in floral patterns or geometrical patterns, this factor is totally up to you. Although, as a general rule of thumb, you should consider the other patterns and colors present in the space where you desire to place your rug in. For instance, if you have a busy wallpaper or wall art, you might want to consider buying a rug in a neutrally patterned or a block colored rug that would bring the whole look of the room together. Wool and polypropylene blend rugs are easily available in neutral patterns and shades.  Or if you have a simple and minimalistic room, you can add a rug in a rich texture and color. The type of pattern you want your rug to be in depends on your taste. Consider adding wool and silk blended rugs as they tend to make the room pop because of how they are constructed. When it comes to choosing the correct color, you shouldn’t only take into account your preference but also the color scheme of your room and where you’re placing it. The color of the rug should coordinate with the color pallets of the room. If you end up choosing a color that goes with your liking but doesn't go with the aesthetic of the room, your space will end up looking absolutely horrible! You need to be clear about what certain rug colors will go with the colors in your room. When choosing a wool blend rug for your living room, make sure that you choose in a lively and bright color because your living room should feel welcoming and comfortable. Wool and viscose blend rugs look great as living room rugs. 


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Cleaning And Maintenance

Some people consider rugs as an investment rather than just a decorative element in your space. To ensure that your precious wool blend rugs stay for a long time, cleaning and maintaining your rugs daily is an absolute necessity. Cleaning your rug elongates its life and is certainly something you should never compromise on. 


To start, you should vacuum your rug on a day to day basis. Make sure to use a vacuum cleaner that lacks the beater bar feature. Even though beater bars are great for removing dirt that is deeply embedded in the fibers, this feature is only suitable for synthetic materials. If used on wool, it can cause the material to shed further and can damage its fibers. 

Deep Cleaning

When it comes to maintaining wool blend area rugs, it depends on what material is combined with wool in the respective rug. Different materials have different methods of cleaning. Some materials might be delicate. For example, cleaning wool and viscose blend rugs is quite different than cleaning wool and polypropylene blend rugs. However, this is not always the case. Some steps as follows: 


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As discussed above, viscose is a delicate material that has fibers that can easily break. This is why cleaning and maintaining wool and viscose blend rugs can be tricky.Wool itself is easy to clean. However, when combined with viscose, it can become a menace to clean if you’re not sure on how to properly maintain it.  When cleaning your wool and viscose blend rug, make sure to dilute the solution you’re using. For instance, if you’re using a basic soap/ detergent and water mix, make sure to keep the water content high. While cleaning the dirt, do not scrub your rugs. As this will easily damage the delicate fibers of your rug. Always make sure to blot the surface of the rug when cleaning. This rule should be applied while cleaning any kind of rug you have, not only wool and viscose blend rugs. When cleaning your rugs, make sure you don’t put your wool blend rug under direct sunlight as it the colors of the right might fade. You can use a heater or blower instead. Some people prefer to dry clean their wool-viscose rugs instead

Remove Stains From Wool-Blend Area Rugs

No matter how careful you are around your rugs, spills and stains are bound to happen. But there is no need to worry because we’ve got you covered! If spills and stains do occur, it is necessary to give them immediate attention so that they don’t permanently damage the fibers of your rug. It’s also important to use the correct cleaning methods that don’t irritate and damage the fibers of your rugs further. 


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Ink Stains

To remove any ink stains present, you’ll need water, dishwashing liquid, and a clean towel. Start by mixing one teaspoon of dishwashing liquid in water. Then, soak a part of the clean dry towel in the mixture and start to blot the stain gently. Do not scrub as this can easily damage the fibers. 

Grease Stains

For removing grease stains, you’ll need dishwashing soap, water, a clean cloth, and a spoon. First, with the use of a spoon, make sure you’ve taken out every bit of food that might still be on your rug. Then, wet your clean cloth and apply the dishwashing soap directly onto it. After you’ve done that, gently blot the affected area until you’ve thoroughly cleaned it. Lastly, dab dries the area using a dry clean cloth. 

Pet Stains

With pets in the house, spills and stains are quite common. For cleaning pet stains, you’ll be needing vinegar, a dry towel, dishwashing liquid, and water. Before cleaning, blot the affected area with a dry towel to clean any excess liquid. After that’s done, prepare a mixture of vinegar, dishwashing liquid, and water. Make sure to dilute the mixture by adding a greater amount of water. Then, using a clean cloth, start to blot the affected area. If the small of the stain is rather strong, you can use scented dishwashing soap. 


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Marker Stains

If you have multiple kids in the house, you must know what a menace it can be to keep the place clean. With marker stains, paint spills and what not present everywhere. And kids love to play around on the plush, soft rugs which can be quite distressing at times. Well, you don’t have to worry. For cleaning any marker stains that are visible on your rug, you’ll need a carpet cleaner, a clean cloth, and water. Since marker stains have chemicals present, they can’t be cleaned by using dish-washing soap. They need a stronger cleaning method. This is why you need a good carpet or rug cleaner. They’re easily available at any grocery shop. Start by adding the cleaner directly on the cloth. You can use a sponge too. Without the use of water, start blotting the stain. After you’ve thoroughly cleaned it, rinse the affected area with clean water to remove the cleaner that’s present in the fibers. Blot the area by using a clean dry towel to strain out excess liquid. Lastly, leave your rug as it is and let it dry. 


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Mud Stains

Mud stains can be tricky and hard to clean since mud stains dry quickly. To clean mud stains, start by scraping off the dried mud on your wool-blend area rug. Make sure to scrape all of it off as it can make the cleaning process much harder. If your stain is still wet, blot the area by using an old rag to soak up the mud. Do not make the mistake of rubbing the mud. This can cause the mud to spread further. Start by creating a mixture of dishwashing soap or detergent and water. This time, keep the water content the same as the dishwashing soap or detergent. Blot the area by using the mixture the same way you’ve been told to up till now. To check if you’ve taken the mud thoroughly out, use another clean wet towel and gently press it against the affected area. If it comes out clean, your rug is now clean! For drying, leave your rug as it is. 

If that is the case, there’s nothing for you to worry about! You can easily get your favorite rugs from RugKnots. Other than that, we offer great services. Feel free to come to check out some of our amazing quality rugs! 


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