Oriental Rugs

Can two Oriental rugs coexist in the same room? We are so glad you asked! We love the look an Oriental rug can add to any room, and matching pairs of Oriental rugs can create stunning results.

Sometimes when interior designers have a very large room space to design, choosing a really large Oriental rug can be too dominating in scope.

Opting instead to choose two rugs to designate separate sitting areas or choosing multiple rugs is an exciting way to really awaken a room.

Mix and Match Pairs of Oriental Rugs

Our romantic senses have led us on a search for rooms that feature a few sweetheart pairs of mixed and matched Oriental rugs. Like bread and butter, like salt and pepper, or like you and your own beloved, many sweetheart pairs belong together forever!

Kitchen areas are great places for the delicious pairing of sweetheart Oriental area rugs. The rich navy and traditional red colors awaken this all white bright kitchen. Often times a company that creates custom Oriental rugs can create a matching runner to coordinate with your room.

Custom orders for an Oriental runner rugs or rug pairs will vary in the time it takes to have your rug created from start to finish. The time required often is based on the pattern and the size of your rug. At RugKnots our custom rug orders generally take from 3 to 4 months.

In this room photo, the designer has mixed and matched Oriental rugs throughout this blissful loft. While the rugs differ from one another, their colors are complimentary. Each rug measures perfectly to the space it was intended to create. The result is sophisticated and tasteful.

We love the pairing of a large and luxurious hand-knotted Oriental rugs, with a small and intricate wool companion rug to match. For centuries, antique Oriental rugs have been a timeless and classic staple of interior design. They blend beautifully while arranging different patterns and motifs. Think about how you can use Oriental carpets to enhance a room without overpowering it.

Consider what shape and color of the rug would best complement your décor. There really are no hard-and-fast rules when arranging hand knotted Oriental rugs within a room. While types of Oriental rugs and Persian rugs are thought to be more traditional in their styling, they look amazing in eclectic themed rooms as well.
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Nita Taylor

Nita Taylor

What about mixing the vintage look with more saturated colors.?

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