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Do you sometimes feel like you need a fresh look to your home, without a lot of hassle? Redecorating your home is a great way to make it feel like an entirely new place. There are a lot of ways to bring a “breath of fresh air” into your living space, without taking on an overwhelming and tedious redesign project. One of the most important, and most simple, ways to update your home is to update your rugs. While a new rug may seem like a minor accessory in your space, it creates the design theme for your entire home.

Use Oriental Rugs In Your Design

Here are a few quick and easy ways that you can use a new rug to create a design theme for your entire home, regardless of what your personal style preference might be.

Rugs for a Traditional Design Theme

Love elegant and refined traditional themed design? A new traditional rug paired with accent pillows are just the thing you need. The patterns and rich colors that are trademarks of traditional rugs will give your room a timeless look. You can pair your rug with the color scheme of your space themed rug, and use bright accent colors that stand out throughout the room. Another option is to pair the accent pieces in your room with the room’s décor, and choose a bold color for your traditional rug. This approach allows your rug to stand out as the key focus point in the room. When searching for a traditional theme, it’s important to have a nice variety to choose from. RugKnots has a wonderful variety of Oriental Traditional styled rugs that will leave you with plenty to choose from.

Eclectic Design Theme

Eclectic rugs are a lot of fun, and give your home a very upbeat and stylish feel. Bright rugs in a variety of patterns are very fun. You can even layer a bright colored rug over an existing rug for a whole new look. These types of oriental rugs do a great job of tying your eclectic décor together, while keeping things neat and trendy. They can also work well in separating certain patterns in your décor that might otherwise clash or appear cluttered and busy. Another great thing about following an eclectic theme is that you choose exactly how daring you wish to be in your decorating. Rugs like the Moroccan Berber are fun, while still airing on the safe side.

Modern Design Theme

Oriental rugs can work perfectly in a modern theme, too! Modern home décor is a popular choice these days. The goal of modern design is clean, neutral, with a heavy focus on minimalism. Modern themed furniture is typically lighter and less dominant than traditional pieces. Rugs are no different. Rugs like those in the RugKnots geometric collection are very modern, fun, and bright. The fun patterns and designs can really spice up your space. If you want a modern theme, that still holds traces of the traditional style (think modern-day farmhouse style), you’ll want to check out the Modern Area Rug collection. This collection encompasses the fun patterns and bold colors of modern design, while still maintain the traditional hand-made rug style.

Reset the Temperature in Your Space - With Rugs

Did you know that the rug you choose can change the temperature in your room? If your space feels cold and sterile, don’t panic and think you need to do a total rehaul. Instead, try choosing a warm hued rug and a few other warm accent pieces to layer throughout the room. This allows you to make your space more warm and inviting, without totally abandoning your style and design theme.  Just like a room can be too cool and neutral, it can also be so warm that it feels drab and doomy. I am a great example of this, as I generally buy dark furniture that will stand up against my small children.

Refresh Your Room With New Pops of Color

Adding pops of color allow me to keep my space upbeat and fun, rather than boring and dull. One of the things I love about overdyed rugs is that they add color without a heavy emphasis on bold patterns. The patterns they do entail are often subtle and understated, like in purple overdyed rug by RugKnots. For bold color with a traditional feel, try shopping Bokhara Orlienta rugs. Using the same technique of layering, you can sprinkle in layers of bright rugs, oriental rug pillows, throws and décor to brighten up your space.

Oriental Rugs Direct Foot Traffic

Rugs are meant to look nice, of course, but they also serve a more practical purpose as well. Where you position the rugs in your home will direct the foot traffic in your space. If you want to steer the flow of foot traffic in your home in certain direction, simply rearrange your furniture and place runner rugs in key places. Not only will these carefully placed rugs direct traffic, they will also provide a seamless transition between spaces and/or themes within your home.

The detailed theme ideas above have left you with plenty to think about. I hope that in detailing some of the many design themes available, I’ve helped you to begin the creative process of envisioning what your new space will look like. Rugs play such a large role in your décor theme, but they also make designing your perfect space a breeze! When you choose to buy your rugs factory direct, you save money over buying them retail. You can save even more money when you purchase your rug at RugKnots, where shipping is always free anywhere in the US! Are you reading to start decorating the space of your dreams? Feel free to reach out to us on social media and we’d be happy to answer any questions you might have (or to wow over your newest décor sensation)!


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