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11 Style & Decor Bloggers We Love

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Do you ever find yourself watching interior design shows and feeling inspired… only to step into your own space and realize you have no clue where to begin? I do. I would love to have the uber posh yet comfortable and efficient spaces that I see on television, but I find it hard to show the same types of creativity when it comes to decorating my own home. 

11 Interior Design Bloggers That Will Inspire You

 If you are anything like me, you know how frustrating this can be. One solution I’ve found is to gain inspiration from interior design bloggers. Once you find a few bloggers who match your style and taste, you’ll start feeling the inspiration flowing in no time at all! 

I’ve put together a list of some of my favorite up and coming interior design bloggers to get you started. Their home decoration tips are so inspiring; you won’t want to miss a single post! 


#1 Amber Interior Design

When searching for a great interior design blog, Amber Interiors is guaranteed to make just about any list you stumble across. Ran by a team of full-service interior designers based in California, this blog gives loads of great inspiration. The “Take it or Leave It” category is my favorite, because it lets me know which upcoming trends are here to stay, and which beloved fads are on their way out the door. That’s important since I don’t want to redesign my space, just for it to become outdated in the near future. 

  • Style – Elegant & Chic


#2 Little Green Notebook

Jenny at Little Green Notebook is one of my very favorite “go-to” sources for interior design inspiration. Based in Phoenix, this blogger specializes in transforming boring and mundane spaces into awe worthy creations; in a way that is easy and doable! Her Tips of the Trade articles will help you save both time and money when designing your own space. 

  • Style – Modern & Efficient

#3 Centsational Girl

I desire to have a million dollar look to my home, on a budget that is a teeny tiny fraction of the cost. Kate at Censtational Girl understands that, and is constantly inspiring me with DIY projects and interior design ideas that don’t break the budget. She does a great job at proving that having a beautiful home doesn’t have to be expensive.

  • Style – Chic & Modern/ DIY 

#4  Decoist

Sometimes you want to decorate a space that isn’t conventional. Perhaps a small loft, or an office space. That’s where Decoist comes in handy! Decoist is more than just an interior design blog, it’s a high-powered web magazine that brings you daily design and architecture inspiration. This site is ran by a talented team of individuals from all over the U.S. who give diverse and unique perspectives and inspiration in all of their writings. 

  • Style –  Modern/Retro/Urban/Chic

#5 The Inspired Room

If you’re into transformations, renovations, or farmhouse home styles, The Inspired Room is the perfect inspiration source for you. Interior design blogger and NYT bestselling author Melissa Michaels takes you along the journey as shares how she’s turned her Seattle 1950’s styled home into the coastal farmhouse of her dreams!  

  • Style – Eclectic/ Coastal Farmhouse

#6 Layla Grayce – The Backroom Blog

Wouldn’t it be neat to get chance to be a fly on the wall in the backroom of your favorite interior designer’s shop? Layla Grayce – The Backroom Blog allows you to do just that. Interior designers Tiffany Grayce Harris and Wendy Rossiter Estes invite you into their personal design world through this blog. You’ll learn amazing interior design tips and tricks, and gain major inspiration through their beautiful design works.  

  • Style – Creative/Simplistic 

#7 The English Room

Based in Charlotte, North Carolina, interior designer Holly Hollingsworth Phillips has a signature style that is fun, upbeat, eclectic and colorful. On her blog, The English Room, Holly shares her inspiration and design tips in ways that are easy to replicate. You’ll gain inspiration both from Holly’s amazing designs near home, as well as her awe inspiring international adventures!

  • Style – Elegant/Eclectic

#8 Cocolapine Design

Sarah, a Belgian designer living in Munich, showcases her superior design skills on her blog Cocolapine Design. My favorite thing about her style is the elegant, modern and minimalistic touches that she gives to the rooms she designs. She can take what would be a boring and simple room, and transform it into a magazine worthy masterpiece. Her interior design styles are both clean and trendy

  • Style – Mid-Century Modern

#9 The Decorologist

I often find the most complicated part of interior design to be choosing colors that work together perfectly. Nashville native Kristie Barnett at The Decorologist understands this completely, and has dedicated her interior design career to psychological styling. She goes a step farther than what “looks” good, to determine what schemes “feel” good as well! This sites features a nice mixture of inspiring blog post, as well as helpful instructional videos for purchase to help guide you through the design process. 

  • Style – Nautical/Sophisticated

#10 Carla Aston Designed

Carla Aston of Carla Aston Designed is a native of Dallas, TX, but her experiences living overseas in Australia and Norway play a major part in her beautiful interior designs. Her design studio in The Woodlands creates residential interiors for her many clients, but her blog is where she gets to express her true passion of sharing her knowledge of design with others. I love both her creative designs, and her helpful tips about topics like keeping organized while conducting your own interior design projects!

  • Style – Farmhouse/Mid-Century Modern

#11 The Décor Chick

If you like DIY and huge savings when it comes to interior design, native Texan Emily from The Décor Chick will be your go to blog. She embraces natural living and wellness, and projects these core values into her interior design projects. On this blog you can embark on virtual tours of Emily and her family’s home to draw inspiration, as well as soak up the amazing tips and tricks of interior design that Emily graciously shares in her post. 

  • Style – Simplistic/Chic

With such an amazing and diverse line-up of up and coming interior design bloggers, you should find that finding inspiration for your own interior design projects is easier. No matter what your personal style is, there is an interior design blog above that will give you the tips and tricks you need to make the space you’ve dreamed of a reality. 

I am personally so glad to have this list at my fingertips, whenever I feel my own creativity to be lacking. Have you enjoyed this list?  Let me know if the comment section below. I’d love to hear what interior design blogger you are most excited to follow! If you found this article to be helpful, be sure to share it so that others might be inspired as well! 

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