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Bohemian Rugs

Bohemian Rugs To Transform Your Home

A splash of brilliant colors, a labyrinth of intricate details and a stunning home accent — these are what you’ll be getting from a lively and exciting bohemian rugs! If you love an expressive style of decor, these affordable and chic boho area rugs are definitely a group of must-tries.

So are you looking into buying a bohemian area rug for your bedroom? Or do you want to enchant your living room with a true lively ambiance? Perhaps, it may also be good in your kitchen?

But before you jump in take home a boho rug from a store or order one online, you miand ght want to understand more about these rugs so you can make the most out of them. We arranged this informative article to people who are curious about bohemian rugs and those who are planning to blend in an invigorating feeling into the ensemble.

Read on to learn more on how you can use bohemian rugs to transform your home.

Bohemian Rugs: Info About Bohemian Decorating Style

Most people, especially those with little experience in interior design would think of something else upon hearing the word “Bohemian”. While everyone’s familiar of that popular song from Queen, many would still ask, “What is a Bohemian?” or “What nationality is Bohemian?”

We believe that decorating your space and explaining why you decided to add the different elements in your house would be easier if you know the history of each items and what they do best.

If you’re adamant about injecting a kiss of the bohemian style in your home design, then let’s get this started.

What is a Bohemian?

Bohemians are inhabitants of the region that comprises the Kingdom of Bohemia. This land is the westernmost and largest historical place in Czech Republic.

Bohemian or bohemianism came from the French word “bohémien”, used by those who mistakenly thought that the Romani people of France came from Bohemia. The word became more popular when artists began to settle in low-cost Romani neighborhoods to live a simple life.

The Bohemian people and the term itself were associated with unorthodox or unconventional lifestyle. These folks also embraced voluntary poverty which may or may not indicate that the Bohemians are wanderers or vagabonds. The word is also used to describe impoverished European artists, musicians, journalists, writers and actors in the 19th century

For over 200 years, bohemian style, also called boho chic consisted of various fashion elements. It came down in history reintroducing itself as beatnik style and hippie culture. So what defines a Bohemian style?

  • Baggy or loose clothing made of organic fabric
  • A fabricated dishevelment like hair and fringe
  • Comfortable garments without restrictive elements such as bras, corsets, etc.
  • Mixing prints and colors in a non-traditional manner
  • Colorful scarves worn on the head or at the neck
  • Colorful scarves used around waist instead of belt
  • Garments with oriental elements such as kimonos, robes and designs from Persia, China, Tibet, Pakistan, India and other Asian countries
  • An unusual mix of medieval clothing with ethnic designs
  • Broad brimmed hats
  • Jewelry that won’t match the clothing, strands of beads, several bangles or bracelets on both arms
  • A strong disregard for uniformity of dress and tidiness
  • Exotic details
  • Presence of ruffles, laced edged sleeves, paisley, fringes and flowered fabrics
  • Patched clothing

Where did bohemian fashion come from?

Bohemians first appeared after the French revolution. Losing the support of wealthy patrons, they ended up plunging into poverty while others adapted a nomadic lifestyle. Most of them lived wearing worn out and unfashionable clothing.

In the 19th century, a group of counterculture artists and writers called Aesthetic Movement quietly rose to fight against the “dehumanization of the Industrial Age”. They rejected the Victorian style and chose to wear comfortable clothing, particularly clothes from medieval times.

In the same era, the Bohemian style changed into something that’s more personal. As it rejects materialism, their art became focused on the person itself. From then on, Bohemian art aimed to convey a sense of arcane enlightenment, sexual freedom, communal living and creativity.

What is bohemian decorating style?

If you want to come home to a high-spirited environment, try Bohemian or Boho decorating. The modern boho style showcases the happy-go-lucky, the cheery, and the unorthodox. Although Boho rooms have similar features, they are not completely alike.

Inspired by frequent travelers, actors, and writers, boho decorating reflected their lives by combining different colors, patterns, objects and other elements from all over the world.

For decorators, boho style allows them to experiment on multiple elements. The freedom in bohemian room fashion makes a perfect opportunity for you to create a style you can call your own

Bohemian Colors

There are simply no rules when it comes to decorating your home with Bohemian style rugs. But you will want to think deep about the combination of colors and whether the chosen rug colors would complement the rest of the elements of the area or not

Warm earthy colors such as metallic and jewel tones are common in bohemian decorating. Consider browns, greens, grays for base color and accents of purple, blue and fiery orange

Decorating Your Home With Bohemian Rugs

Incorporating area rugs makes it quick for everyone to add texture and mood to a room. Regardless of where you live, it certainly is easy to achieve a boho chic look in your place. However, there are still some things you need to understand so you can nail the bohemian style in your home

So if you plan to make use of Bohemian rugs, learn more by reading through the guidelines provided in this article

Boho Chic Decorating

Before we go further, let’s answer one of the most frequently asked questions when it comes to bohemian style of decorating. So what does boho mean in fashion

Boho is just a shortened term for Bohemian homeless, a phrase that describes the people who live a socially unconventional way. In fashion, boho means decorating in a budget while finding one’s own sense of design. And if you add the word chic, that means you need to do it in style.

Boho chic is now a popular lingo used in interior design used to define a style inspired from the Bohemian people. Bohemian design approach is perfect for artistic types who likes to reinvent things and experiment on a number of elements. If you’re one of those people, then you should know that boho is the way to go!

There’s nothing wrong with mixing patterns, textures and colors in an unusual way for as long as they work. So don’t worry about anything fancy and enjoy the freedom in decorating your room the bohemian way.

Different Bohemian Rug Styles

The endless mix and match experiments gave birth to various bohemian rug styles. These beautiful types of boho chic rug definitely have a place in a wide array of setting. Don’t purchase a Bohemian rug just because they are called Bohemian and look good enough. Wait until you see these pretty boho chic rug samples we’ve found.

Multi-textured and Multi-colored Boho Rugs

Remember that a bohemian rug is a combination of multiple elements. But it only becomes a fashionable piece if the final output works design-wise. This multi-textured and multicolored boho chic ruginvites the life and warmth of summer to a gloomy room setting.

Add colorful rugs like this to a minimal setting if you’d like a bubbly living room space without the need for too much detail. This particular piece also works well with rug layering. Place it above  dull-colored carpets like and see how it delights everyone like a cherry on top of an ice cream.

Flat-woven Bohemian Rugs

The most ideal rugs for busy households, flatweave boho chic rugs are easy to install and clean. Compared to shag rugs, they have better resistance to dirt and foot traffic. If you have kids or pets in the house, consider buying flat-woven boho rugs

This particular flatweave boho rug comes is both faded and features a bright palette. The classic diamond gives a boho signature versatile enough to harmonize with a wide array of attributes.

Multi-colored Boho Inspired Kilim Rugs

Rich and abundant colors would never hurt in a geniusly contrived setting. So if you opt for a multi-colored rug, don’t be afraid to go after a true multi-colored rug!

This bohemian-inspired multi-colored kilim rug from RugKnots makes a perfect piece for adding warmth and design to a variety of floor types. The traditional kilim rug  looks great in a hallway

Boho Vintage Rugs

Quite valuable and delicate, these rugs must be used with utmost care! Although some boho rugs are cheap, those made of authentic wool and aged over 50 years are quite an investment.

Heirloom boho vintage rugs are hand-knotted and have high knot density. They look perfect on almost any room setting!

Geometric Boho Rugs In Shades Of Gre

This ivory/grey boho rug sports unconventional geometric shapes. The bold colors at the top and bottom edge gradually fade as it reaches the center. The varying shades of grey on this boho rug sits well on its white background.

The geometric boho runner rug looks great on hallways, kitchen and small stairs. It also makes an ideal accent to a minimalist style of living room

Reversible Boho Rugs

Reversible rugs are flexible especially those that are of the bohemian staple. This indoor and outdoor Moroccan rug works well in any type of room and complements various furniture styles. So if you want the safest purchase, go for reversible boho rugs.

Hand-Knotted Wool Boho Rugs

This faded boho chic rug is hand-knotted by professional weavers and is made of natural wool fibers from New Zealand. We believe that purchasing this rug is an investment to quality as it is boasts high knot density that will help it last a lifetime. It’s a good heirloom piece your grandchildren would be happy to inherit and take care of.

This type of rug will serve as a perfect addition to any room as it blends easily with other elements. So if you’re after durability and quality while staying versatile, this type of rug is the best for you

Boho Shag Rug

Shag rugs appear as the most boho chic among these types. The fuzzy feature and its vibrant aura truly make a fashion statement. Couple it with other cooperative elements to totally transform a dull room into a dynamic setting.

Try this blue boho chic shag rug to create a cool but lively ocean-themed living area. Just keep in mind that high-pile rugs like this are susceptible to accumulation of dirt and gets damaged easily. If you can control the foot traffic in the living room or if you want a fluffy feel when you get out of bed, get yourself this boho shag rug.

Boho Rugs with Tassels and Fringe

Expect the unexpected when it comes to boho rugs. With this type of rug, designers can do anything they want and incorporate any material they can find. Tassels and fringes are just common elements you can find on boho chic carpet rug

This Bokhara runner rug from Rugknots features an elegant flair with a hint of bohemian style. The fringes won’t go off easily as they are part of the rug and not added as an attachment. Use the runner rug to make the hallway look longer and sophisticated

Monochromatic Boho Rugs

Bohemian rugs are also subject to contemporary spins. With time, a new rug is born to capture the taste of people with different aesthetic. Those who are in love with monochromatic room setting would love this charming Nala rug with traditional tribal patte

Enchanted with boho flair, this rug would be stunning in spaces with modern elements. Its pared back pattern makes it uncommonly beautiful. If you prioritize comfort in your bedroom and living area, this piece would be an exemplary choice.

How To Nail Room Design With Boho Rug

The true nature of the bohemian style ignores the fancy rules as it embraces the freedom of expression. When you decide to integrate some boho elements in a room, prepare to go all out. Start with choosing a boho rug and everything will follow suit.

A colorful, bright interior is the easiest design.

Revive your existing decor with bright and colorful boho rugs. Survey the room and choose a color you’ve already used before deciding on a rug to purchase.

You may do rug layering or lay down the boho chic rugs next to each other. Choose a detailed boho rug for endless design possibilities. For a more cohesive look, play with relative bold colors.

Shag, shag and more shag rugs

Encourage floor seating with a fluffy boho rug. This would be essential for a space with limited seating. When some guests arrive, the shag rug should invite them to cozy up on the floor instead of going for the sofa.

Choose a high pile rug with soft fibers. Add a few throw pillows for extra cushioning and for a more inviting ambiance. The playful atmosphere emanating from the shag rugs and complementing elements would invigorate any soul who sees it

Layers stimulate eclectic style

Stack, cluster and pile up different elements in the living area including rugs. This allows more flexibility and a wide array of design options. Start layering the boho chic rugs you have and see how it quickly adds texture to the area.

The activity of layering rugs uplifts a designer’s spirits which will inspire him to come up with more decorative ideas. Exploit the freedom with countless of mix and match options.

Neutral accents to balance the design

While true bohemian is about ignoring the rules, it doesn’t say anything about not going over the limit. An orgy of colors could be exhausting which is something you wouldn’t like to happen as you aim for coziness and comfort in your home

If you have a lot of vivid colors in the room, find balance with neutral accents. Bright and striking pillows, sofa, wall feature would look great if partnered with a neutral rug. So keep the boho fashion statement alive without the overwhelming vibe.

Start designing the living area with a multicolor patterned r

This option is perfect for newly built homes. See the wall paint and flooring of the room and decide on the most suitable boho rug type. Start with a multicolor patterned rug and pull out the colors of the pieces you’d like to add in the room from the accent colors of the rug

If you prefer a monochromatic look, use the main colors of the rug. Incorporate more items of the same accent color from the throw pillows to the sofa.

Give off a nature feel with bamboo, jute or hemp rug

Rugs constructed from bamboo, jute and hemp rugs function as an empty canvas. They make a good starting point in creating a masterpiece. And once you’re done adding other components to the room design, the carpet rug will add an earthy vibe to the volume

Tips On Transforming Your Room With Bohemian Rugs

If you did not have the chance to start off the room design with rugs, bohemian runner rugs would be a flexible option. Consider adding a boho chic rug if you find out that the current design doesn’t seem to be working. If you feel that layering rugs would help, prepare to choose 2-4 rugs that will harmonize easily with the existing ensemble.

To further help you transform a dull looking space or an overly-styled area, here are some no-sweat tips you can do to fix this decorating disaster with bohemian rugs.


When it comes to bohemian design, more is more. However, the elements you should use must work amazingly together to prevent creating an inordinate view. But if you are happy and confident with the fullness, add a neutral boho chic rug for balance

A tribal boho chic rug as a centrepiece

Choose a bright and colorful bohemian rug with tribal patterns as the centrepiece. This will bring out the boho chic in your home. Moreover, these rugs look stunning if surrounded with functional and solid colored furniture pieces

The tribal boho chic rug is perfect at the middle of a spacious room. Make sure that the the distance between the edge of the rug and the wall are the same.

Eye-catching accents

Some colorful throw pillows and eye-catching decors. Don’t shy away from anything bright as anything can work in a boho chic room. Just remember that different materials are okay for as long as they are complementary. It would be best if you base the shades out of the accent colors of the rug to emphasize the inner, expressive you.

Mix and match materials

Some materials you can use to achieve a boho chic look include:

  • Burlap
  • Sisal
  • Silk
  • Chenilles
  • Fringes
  • Tassels
  • Scale-textured pillows
  • Beads
  • Shells

Consider Bohemian furniture

You can’t just buy a bohemian furniture in a regular shop. Most of the furniture pieces in a boho are collected through time. Find them in thrift shops, antique stores or even online auctions

The rules of rug placement can be ignored as we’re talking about bohemian style of decorating. Sizes and shapes aren’t as important as well. For as long as they fit in the room and there would be enough space for other elements, then you should go for it.

No matter what it looks like, each furniture piece should tell a story. A guest should not be able to tell where you got it from

How Much Is A Bohemian Rug?

Bohemian rugs are definitely cheaper compared to other types of rugs in the market. However, the cost will greatly depend on the same factors that identifies the value of an authentic rug. These include:


Boho chic rugs can be constructed out of a variety of fiber - wool, silk, nylon, polyester. The highest quality and sturdiest would be pure wool particularly those sourced from New Zealand.


The basic measurement of quality when it comes to area rugs is knot density in values of kpsi (knots per square inch) or kpsc (knots per square centimeter). A high knot density indicates that the rug is of high quality and sturdy. Here’s how rug experts classify each rug based on knot density.

Low quality - less than 80 kpsi

Medium to good quality - 120 to 330 kpsi

Very good quality - more than 330 kps


The technique used in creating the rug affects the final selling price. This is due to the amount of time used and the guaranteed quality. Hand-knotted rugs have higher knot densities and are expected to last for more than five decade

Meanwhile, hand-tufted rugs have good quality and can last for around 7 years. However, this doesn’t mean that all machine-made rugs are low-quality. Some manufacturers produce decent rugs that you can use for a few years with proper care.


An old authentic oriental rug is an investment and may cost many times higher compared to its original price.

Tips On Buying Bohemian Rugs

Only purchase from reputable rug sellers whether you are buying personally or online. While boho chic rugs are versatile and cheap, you still need to be practical and expect to get the most out of your money.

Some rug dealers may falsely advertise about their product. Others may list an item online and disappear once they received your payment. These are just a few of the schemes that you might fall into if you’re not careful enough. First-time rug buyers are also prone to walking into these traps

We highly recommend speaking to a rug expert from a legitimate company who has been trusted for many years.

Visiting rug stores

Buying rugs that would fit your home and aesthetic could take a while. Do not give in to your impulse so it won’t be one of those big fail purchases. If you chose to buy an authentic boho chic rug, visit as many stores as you can. Like purchasing an oriental rug for your home, the quest for a bohemian rug would be a daunting task.

Avoid going-out-of-business sales and other too-good-to-be-true gimmicks. These are great working schemes to sell fake, reject, or low-quality items.

Speak to a rug expert from a trusted store and let them know about your dream to come up with a bohemian interior. They would be able to show you a collection of rugs available in their store that would be suitable for a boho chic space

Make sure to fall in love with the rug before buying it. Some stores would allow their customers to take home the rug for up to two to three days. Take advantage of this opportunity to see whether the rug will work with other existing elements in your area or not.

Ask if the store offers a customer satisfaction guarantee as an added layer of protection. Some will provide a certification of authenticity and will guide you further on how to clean your rugs even after your transaction with them.


Avoid scammers and sellers in connivance with shill bidders.

In online auctions, you might end up winning an exciting bid only to not receive anything from the seller

Another plot these deceitful sellers employ is the use of shill bidders. These accounts join in to bid with the goal to increase the final price of the product. They also help to intensify the whole bidding process for a false item.

To avoid these modi operandi, only participate in instituted and legal bidding organizations. These companies implement layers of protection to get rid of scammers and shill bidders for a satisfying client experience.

Online purchases

As you don’t have the advantage to see and touch the product, purchasing rugs online makes you vulnerable to mistakes and ripoffs. Due to this, we encourage everyone to check for reviews and recommendations of past clients.

RugKnots has been selling cruelty-free rugs made out of authentic materials. We got a collection of fine boho chic rugs for you to enjoy. We also offer 100% safe payment gateway and customer guarantee for added consumer protection

We offer free delivery regardless of the number of rugs you wish to purchase. You won’t need to worry of paying for expensive shipment as we got it all covered.

You may check the feedback of our previous customers to see how we keep them happy with our high quality products and great service.

The Ultimate Bohemian Decorating Style Rule: N-O-N-E

When it comes to Bohemian decorating, it’s all about expressing yourself. Take this as an opportunity to add a personal touch to every element you’ll be adding to the ensemble. Without any rules to hold you back, you should be able to come up with a design that you can call your own.

With incorporating the perfect boho chic rug to the setting, your room will become overflowing in beauty and brilliance. Don’t show guilt about trying out different colors or unusually matching together some elements. Let the bohemian rug do its job of keeping everything together and in style

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