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Area rugs can truly pull away untidily, but cleaning some of the time is a hard task to do, particularly if you do not own a rug cleaner then washable rugs are best. Sure, you will be able to hire a carpet cleaner or hire a vacuuming machine to do it yourself, simply there is an additional choice: purchase a rug you will be able to just toss in your automatic washer instead. Yeah, those survive—and yeah, it is life-changing. Earnestly, suppose a world in which you pour forth something on your carpet and can exactly spot the blot, pick it up, down it in the wash on a soft cycle, and string it out to air-dry, all stress-free. All carpet on the given list is easily machine washable rugs, so they are ideal for houses with pets or children, or really, anybody who is concerned about unintended spills and messes. And as an incentive, a lot of these rugs are on the more low-priced side, so you will be able to find out the exact types of rug that suit your trend, your budget, and your picking routine. It is as comfortable as performing a load of washing (and you do not even have to do some folding later on!

Ultimate Guide To Washable Rugs

Best Quality Washable Rugs

These are the listing of washable rugs that suit your style to deep clean.

1. Bereber Washable Rug

Along with its precious design and bang details, this carpet is 100 percent made of cotton wool and, like all Lorena Canals Wool Rugs, are fashioned to be light and elastic enough to go in the washing machine.


Bereber Washable Rug

2. Noor Sapphire Washable Rug

Ruggable machine drip-dry rugs come in a two-piece set: A carpet cover (the ornamental part) and a carpet pad. As you require cleaning it, just take out the carpet cover and bolt down it in the automatic washer.

3. Happy Prism Washable Rug

This lovely pastel carpet is complete for adding up a little additional color to a board, and it can be easily washed out in the simple machine on a fragile cycle.

Happy Prism Washable Rug

4. Kenya Fleece Area Washable Rug

Yeah, this lavish, geometric wool area carpet is slip-resistant and can really go in the washing machine.

5. Traditional Vintage Washable Rug

These washable carpets are slip-resistant, blow over resistant, and non-shedding, as well—and this vivacious pick is a beautiful statement art object, too.

Traditional Vintage Washable Rug

6. Cadiz Espresso Washable Rug Oriental Rug

Additional choice from Ruggable, this nice two-piece oriental rug pad and cover set (with its attention-getting, intricate design!) can as well be utilized indoors and outdoors.

7. Machine Washable Faux Sheepskin Area Rug

Yeah, you are able to totally have the comfy softness of a lambskin rug and be capable of putting it in your automatic washer. The fashionable blush color is exactly a bonus in it.

Machine Washable Faux Sheepskin Area Rug

8. Brumlow Mills Gustavo Area Rug

As something a bit darker with a conventional pattern, try out this fancy print field rug, created with machine-washable nylon and jute.

9. Suzi Coral Washable Area Rug

Additional Ruggable alternative, this brilliant, floral-patterned carpet adds just decent color without being too flashy, if you are searching for something more elusive.

Suzi Coral Washable Area Rug

10. Early Hours Overdyed Tufted Washable Rug

This washable carpet comes in a cryptic, sheer blue color scheme, but also features a few cool textural factors with a peck of tufting and bang.

11. Kasbah Denim Indoor/Outdoor Rug

Do not allow that lush, bushy texture jester you—this graceful indoor/outdoor Moroccan fretwork carpet can go in the automatic washer, as well.


Kasbah Denim Indoor/Outdoor Rug

12. Machine Washable Distressed Area Rug

Additional choice from these, this dark distressed carpet will look absolutely soft and emotional in any way and is comfortable as pie to clean up.

13. Two-Tone Rope Black/Ivory Indoor/Outdoor Rug

For something more electroneutral, this two-tone drip-dry carpet works indoors and outdoors and features a design that looks a bit like a stylish optical deception.

Two-Tone Rope Black/Ivory Indoor/Outdoor Rug

14. Modern Bohemian Reversible Area Rug

This two-sided low-pile field carpet features a sheer orange and black color scheme, but you will be able to as well score it in aqua and orange, charcoal grey and orange, or dark blue and orange.

15. Tabriz Red Traditional Non-Slip Washable Rug

This beautiful red and gold add up features a no slippery back, and is blow over and wear-resistant—plus, you are able to find it in a cushy light blue or amoral brown color scheme, as well.

Tabriz Red Traditional Non-Slip Washable Rug

Clean Your Washable Rugs At Home

Here are some frequently asked questions on how to clean your washable rugs all by yourself at home.

How To Get Old Cat Poop And Vomit Smell Out Of Washable Rugs?

If you are a cat possessor, you adore your field even if she makes a bit of an accident. Knowing it is fatal and being organized can make tidying up a breeze.

How to get old cat poop and vomit smell out of washable rugs?

Mess No. 1: Urine Sprays And Blots

Cats do not all of the time aim accurately for the litter box. As your cat leaves behind a "gift" on the carpet, he could be crop-dusting to scar his soil or objecting to the litter box’s position or cleanliness. Whatever your cat's cause for peeing on the rug, it is going to stench if you do not clean it up rapidly. Cats can smell out areas they have marked and aim them over again.

Urine Sprays and Blots
      • Spot clean as much urine as you will be able to with paper towels.
      • Do not apply any ammonia-based cleaning products. They feel like cat pee, which might lure kitty to point out the spot.
      • Douse the area with rug cleaner or a couple of drops of dish purifying fused with excess water. Allow it to sit down for 1 to 2 hours.
      • Wash with a wet sponge or a bristle soft brush.
      • The following day, spraying the field with an enzymatic fresher.
      • Hold your cat away till the area dries out.
      • To cease your cat from crop-dusting, try out a pheromone product. It feels like your cat's raw fragrance. One puff and he will have no cause to mark his soil over again
Mess No. 1: Urine Sprays and Blots

Mess No. 2: Cat Poop

Cat poop might be more malodorous than urine, but it is less complicated to get away from your floor.

      • Put on gloves. Cat stool might hold a parasite that gets toxoplasmosis, a disease that is especially unsafe to pregnant women. If you are pregnant, allow your better half to clean up the poop.
      • Clean up the poop with stiff paper towels. Throw away it out in places you cast away your litter box scooping.
      • Wash the field with warm water and stain air-dried.
      • Use an enzyme supported pet stain-and-odor remover.
      • Then he would never mark the area over again.
Cat Poop

Mess No 3: Cat Vomits

Like man, cats vomit. Contrary to humans, they do not do it in the gutter. Try out to clean the vomit before it is fixed to nullify odors and difficult stains.

      • If the puke is hard, pick it up with a stiff paper towel. Then scrub up the surface area with a pet-safe deodorizing cleaning solution or maybe try using a steam cleaner.
      • If the puke is loose, scratch it into one heap with a moldable spoon. Stain the area with stiff paper towels. Then apply a deodorizer or pet stain-and-odor remover.
      • You might require to clean area rug hard stains or smells more than one time to make it look clean carpet.
Cat Vomits

How Can You Keep Your Rug In Its Place?

Keeping your carpet in place is significant. Here are a couple of options for holding area rugs in place:

      • Purchase a non-skid carpet pad at the store. If it is not the correct size, cut it to fit out, and aim it under your carpet.
      • Apply a coil of rubber surfaced shelf lining. Cut it to fit out under your carpet. Put it on the floor and base your carpet on top of it.
      • If you bear hardwood or laminate floor, purchase an expert quality, double-sided magnetic tape and stick apply it to stick your carpet down. A few stores carry a magnetic tape specifically for this function.
How can you Keep your rug in its place?

Are Rugs Machine Washable?

Rubber-backed carpets do not slip, making them a perfect choice for foot traffic orbits like the kitchen or bath. If your carpet is made of cotton wool or man-made carpet fiber, it will hold up to washing in the automatic washer. All the same, the backing up has a limited lifetime before it collapses. Not only can collapse carpet backing chips off in the washing and damage your automatic washer, but a carpet without any backing will also skid and slip. Wash out with caution to keep your carpet looking fresh. Here are a few tips to clean the rug in the washing machine so it will remain like a new.

Are rugs machine washable?
      • Take the carpet outside and judder it smartly to get rid of loose dirt and food specks.
      • Load up the carpet into a top-loading washing machine and do it equally around the fomenter in the center. Add up a couple of bathroom dry towels if needed to balance the burden.
      • Set up the automatic machine for a big load on the fragile cycle, even if you are just washing the carpet and a few towels. The carpet requires plenty of ways to move freely in the automatic machine. Fill up the machine with cold water.
      • Add up washing detergent, preferably one created for washing fragile items. or even try a rug shampoo. As per research, some types of rugs require less detergent than other washables, so use one-half the quantity suggested on the bottle.
      • Dry-cleaning the carpet to keep up the life of the backing up, which can collapse in high heat. String it on a clothesline or over the rail of your porch. If the windward prevents you from rug drying out outside, string up the rug on a drying out rack or over your shower bath bar but the drying process will still be slow.


Get rubber-backed carpets that are bigger than a bath mat to a launderette with high-capacity washing machines. Inquire before washing out, as the rubber backing up can chip off and choke the pump of an automatic washing machine. Do not wash out your carpet with your clothing. So be careful while doing the washing of your washable rugs.


Rugs are a staple in any room and can really change the look of a space. People use rugs for everyday usage. For example, they can be used in the kitchen under their feet when standing at a counter cooking or protect flooring from strewn about food and dirt. They also provide warmth on cold floors like ceramic tile and stone. We need rugs because they perform everyday functions such as protecting hardwood flooring from scratches by furniture legs. So you're looking for a rug to put in your home but don't want something that will stain and need to be constantly cleaned. The best option is a washable rug! But how do you know which one is right for you? RugKnots have compiled the top 100 Washable Rugs that would be perfect to give your house a complete makeover while keeping it neat and tidy!

1. Red Ziegler Area Rug

Masterfully made from quality wool and cotton, the intricately designed Red Ziegler Area Rug is a beautiful addition to any room. Washable for easy maintenance, each rug proudly displays an organic floral pattern crafted using traditional weaving techniques. You can use this rug to give your dining room a lovely centerpiece by placing it under the table.

Red Ziegler Area Rug

2. Tan Gabbeh Area Rug

The Tan Gabbeh is an intricate and beautiful rug with a short, luxurious pile that's perfect for any living space. It offers all of the natural benefits of wool - softness, warmth, and a rich texture while still being machine-washable to make care easy. An effervescent floral pattern in hues of striking reds and yellows will bring your home to life while adding elegance and style to your flooring arrangements.

Tan Gabbeh Area Rug

3. Grey Gabbeh Area Rug

Our Grey Gabbeh Area Rug is a simple design with intricate detailing. A natural fiber that's washable and easy to care for, these wonderfully draped pieces of wool are just waiting to welcome you in with the floral pattern that dances throughout the rich tones of this rug. Easily enhance the look and feel of any living space with our affordable rug designed to provide comfort and warmth on chilly days, as well as glossy beauty when placed beneath the sunlight pouring through your windows.

Grey Gabbeh Area Rug

4. Red Bokhara Area Rug

Our Bokhara Area Rug in a beautiful red is an original design, made by skilled designers. It is a lovely piece of decor for your area. The machine-made, synthetic fabric will never wear out or need replacing! Comfortably roll it up and store it away until next winter; effortlessly pop it out for a festive day at home furnishing all around you with its lovely flowers while staying warm under its downy feel.

Red Bokhara Area Rug

5. Gold Ziegler Area Rug

Treat yourself today with this exquisite Gold Ziegler Area Rug. The hand-made qualities of the wool will last for years to come, and the floral design is both eye-catching and intricate. This rug is an incomparable addition to any room in your home! You can wash it easily in a washing machine or just by hand using detergent or soap and water.

Gold Ziegler Area Rug

6. Brown Ziegler Area Rug

The Brown Ziegler area rug is imported from a small town in Pakistan. It's made out of 100% high-quality wool. The pattern features an intricate floral design that can be seen only when the light hits it just right. When you need to clean your wool carpets, this product is easily washable with soap and water. And at this price, you'll want two for your home!

Brown Ziegler Area Rug

7. Brown Ziegler Area Rug

This incredible, intricately designed wool Ziegler area rug with brown shades will turn any room into a beautiful centerpiece. It's made of natural and synthetic fibers that are easy to wash. Buy it now by clicking the link below! Place this rug in your living room or dining room area to bring a classy and modern impact on your home.

Brown Ziegler Area Rug

8. Aqua Ikat Area Rug

This Aqua Ikat wool area rug will urge your design style into overdrive. Featuring intricate floral patterns in stunning hues of blue, this rug is a true original and luxe addition to any room. Handmade from 100% natural fibers, the Aqua Ikat wool area rug is perfect for absorbing spills that threaten any home with a water-loving pet or child. A great alternative to traditional Cotton Rugs, these rugs are also lightweight making it easy to fit them where you want without having excessive bulk–a must when accommodating today's tight spaces.

Aqua Ikat Area Rug

9. Ivory Ziegler Area Rug

Ivory Ziegler Area Rug is a fascinating piece that lets the beauty of nature inspire your style and enhance your home. Made from wool, this area rug is hand-knotted with exquisite detail by artisans in Pakistan. The floral pattern and airy design reduces any clutter while remaining sophisticated- perfect for living rooms, dining rooms, bathrooms, entryways or even bedrooms. It is washable and easily cleaned with soap and water to maintain its rich color indefinitely!

Ivory Ziegler Area Rug

10. Blue Ziegler Area Rug

These modern wool rugs are handmade with intricate, detailed flowers in a beautiful floral pattern. You'll love its simplicity mixed with organic colors and plant life motifs. It's made of high-quality wool making it durable and long-lasting for your own space! The Blue Ziegler Area Rug is washable, which makes the process of maintaining your rug easier--simply vacuum or machine-washed when needed! Call today to get yours before they're gone!

Blue Ziegler Area Rug

11. Multi-Color Coastal Area Rug

Your home is a blank canvas just waiting for you to show off your creativity and personal style. The Multi-Color Coastal Area Rug by Wool and the Gang lets you customize your space with endless possibilities of styles, shapes, colors, and patterns that celebrate coastal living all year long! Handmade from 100% wool, this contemporary design invites splashes of color into any room.

Multi-Color Coastal Area Rug

12. Tan Ziegler Area Rug

The Tan Ziegler Area Rug has a gorgeous floral pattern that will be an attention-grabber for anyone who walks into the room. Handmade and durable, it's easy to maintain and does not show any major signs of wear after a couple of weeks on your hardwood floors. It features wool construction with washable cotton backing and is produced by hand, using traditional techniques.

Tan Ziegler Area Rug

13. Blue Overdyed Area Rug

A blue overdyed area rug perfect for any room in the house. Wool's beauty coupled with this handmade, exquisite rug, gives you an opportunity to own a piece of quality furniture but also add some color to your home. Consequently, this rug has artisan sensibilities and is unique among area rugs as it features intricate floral designs across its surface that make the Wool Blue Overdyed Area Rug special.

Blue Overdyed Area Rug

14. Red Ziegler Area Rug

The Red Ziegler Area Rug is made with wool and has an intricate floral pattern. It's handmade, so no two rugs are alike; you'll get a one-of-a-kind rug! And because of its natural fibers, this rug can be washed easily. The carpets we carry are synthetic (made from plastic), but in that way it lasts longer. Does the idea of washing or vacuuming bother you? We understand, which is why we include both hand attachment and hardwood floor vacuum attachments on each individual purchase!

Red Ziegler Area Rug

15. Beige Ziegler Area Rug

it's the perfect rug for any space with its soft, plush wool and intricately designed floral motif. The Beige Ziegler Area Rug is hand-made by artisans who are true craftsmen and take pride in every stitch of this beauty. Make your space pleasing and inviting after adding this gorgeous rug.

Beige Ziegler Area Rug

16. Black Ziegler Area Rug

The Black Ziegler Area Rug is handmade for your home. With a floral design and high-quality wool, it's perfect for any room in the house! This rug features wool that is washable, easily stain resistant, and intricately designed to make your space look its best. It offers these qualities as well as beauty thanks to its black color scheme and weathered effect for an old-world feel.

Black Ziegler Area Rug

17. Teal Overdyed Area Rug

A beautiful wool rug with a mix of colors. Handmade from soft sheep's wool, it weaves together delicate floral patterns into an exquisite design. Lightweight and seamlessly washable, this teal overdyed area rug is both eye-catching and durable.

Teal Overdyed Area Rug

18. Green Bokhara Area Rug

The Green Bokhara Area Rug is a 100% wool rug that gives you a gorgeous accent to your home. It’s handmade for best quality, intricately designed, and it has an easy-to-clean floral pattern with an abundance of shades throughout the piece. You can wash this rug without worry as well-- its solid pieces of yarn allow for stained fibers to be easily tapped out in order to maintain its beauty!

Green Bokhara Area Rug

19. Brown Persian Area Rug

This wool Persian area rug is perfect to bring a bit of glamour into any room with its intricate floral pattern in an array of hues. Handcrafted by talented artisans, it's easy to wash and stain-resistant. If you have pets and kids in your house then this brown Persian rug is perfect for you.

Brown Persian Area Rug

20. Ivory Neutral Area Rug

While in the store, let your feet do all the walking to find that perfect rug. This durable and well-designed rug will enhance any room with its timeless style and natural beauty. You will love this gorgeous Ivory-Neutral rug to bring a pleasing and exciting look to your contemporary style interior.

Ivory Neutral Area Rug

21. Blue Geometric Area Rug

The Blue Wool Geometric Area Rug has enthralling and intricate hand-drawn colors that will make your home a real masterpiece. Along with its durable wool construction, this flooring piece is an easy item to take care of because it can be rolled up when you are not using the rug or easily washed off at any stage in the process. Be sure to purchase yours today!

Blue Geometric Area Rug

22. Red Southwestern Area Rug

Introducing the finest red southwestern area rug to ever exist in your home. This stunning piece is made from cotton and wool, which will leave you with a super cozy feeling on your feet. The dry cleaning material put an end to needing spills for them to be cleaned- it's time saving! With all these fantastic features, there really isn't anything else you'll want but our floor coverings.

Red Southwestern Area Rug

23. Black Shag Area Rug

The Black Shag Area Rug is a durable and absorbent addition to your home, office or studio! This rug offers just the right amount of plushness for sopping up spills and kids' messes alike. Plus, it's perfect for all seasons thanks to its easy-to-clean texture and delicate colors. You will love this gorgeous addition in your space.

Black Shag Area Rug

24. Aqua Transitional Area Rug

This Aqua transitional Rug is a perfect fit for homes, art galleries and high-traffic shops. This rug will become an instant centerpiece in any space with its plush pile that softens home spaces to exude comfort. The black shag print hides dirt and dust, making it easy for busy homeowners to clean up after themselves with a quick vacuum every now and then.

Aqua Transitional Area Rug

25. Blue Geometric Area Rug

The Blue Geometric Area Rug is a handmade wool rug with an intricate and floral design. This area rug for your floor is well made, so you know it will last a long time. It's washable, easily stain resistant, and better quality than anything else on the market at this price! Click the link below and shop now!

Blue Geometric Area Rug

26. Beige Ikat Area Rug

With our soft and cozy area rug, you can easily convert your well-trodden living room to a clean yet stylish space. The high-quality beige ikat is made of polyester, cotton, viscose rayon that blends in effortlessly with any home decor. Anyone looking for a flooring staple should check out the collection of Ikat Rugs on our website. Click the link below and scroll through some amazing styles now!

Beige Ikat Area Rug

27. Brown Ziegler Area Rug

Brown Ziegler area rug has been crafted with the softest wool. It features an intricate floral pattern that is made synthetic to be durable, washable, and easy to vacuum. Durable natural fibers make this handmade beauty a piece you'll want in your home for years of use. You will love this lovely addition in your space.

Brown Ziegler Area Rug

28. Brown Southwestern Area Rug

Imagine feeling the calming texture of this plush rug as you have a restful nap on your living room couch. The clean, natural colors will warm up any room and enhance the beauty of all that it contains. This high-quality rug is perfect for busy homes with kids and pets!

Brown Southwestern Area Rug

29. Multi-Color Flatweave Area Rug

The only area rug you need. It's clean, stylish, and a perfect addition to your home decor efforts. With colors that match any style or color palette you can think of, this sturdy rug is ideal for high traffic areas in your home like hallways and living rooms where it'll keep shedding from pets at bay while also bringing coziness to the household. You might even feel tempted to curl up on this soft plush piece!

Multi-Color Flatweave Area Rug

30. Teal Neutral Area Rug

Get the neutral teal shaded look you love at a price you'll adore. Lush and exotic, but easy to care for, rich colors and textures that feel expensive give your home beautiful modern style without breaking the bank. Make this a statement rug by placing it in your living room or master bedroom as a centerpiece.

 Teal Neutral Area Rug

31. Grey Geometric Area Rug

The gorgeous grey geometric Area Rug is the perfect addition to your sleek, modern living room. This rug's clean-fresh tones are a must for any thinking of upgrading their home. Made with high-quality materials such as nylon and acrylic this rug is soft, cozy, and washable!

Grey Geometric Area Rug

32. Beige Boho Chic Area Rug

The Beige Boho Chic Area Rug is a great addition to any room in your home. Keep the floors clean and free from dirty stains. Clean, luxurious quality rug for high-traffic areas of the house. Modern style that can fit with many different styles of living spaces! Make this your center piece of attraction and do not worry about wear and tear as this rug is highly durable!

Beige Boho Chic Area Rug

33. Black Ziegler Area Rug

The Black Ziegler Area Rug is a beautiful wool rug with intricate floral design that's been handmade for the best quality. This resilient rug features washable and stain resistant qualities, ensuring it lasts long enough to be passed down to future generations for its elegant style.

Black Ziegler Area Rug

34. Multi-Color Overdyed Area Rug

If you're looking for a rug that has a warm, modern style and comes in an array of colors to suit any design motif, then this Multi-Color Overdyed Area Rug is the one for you. Made from high-quality materials and handmade in Pakistan by skilled craftsmen who take pride and care with their workmanship, it's easy to see why people love this product so much. With its rich texture and plush, cozy feel underfoot, there's no wonder that our customers love them as an essential element of both house decorating and flooring solutions. The unique coloring produces lasting color combinations, so it pairs well with nearly any shade or hue on the spectrum; perfect for coordinating your rugs with your furnishings!

Multi-Color Overdyed Area Rug

35. Black Persian Area Rug

Unleash your inner top-style interior designer with this elegant, high-quality Persian rug. The Plush Black Area Rug is the perfect finishing touch to any room in your home and will never go out of style. With countless colors and patterns to choose from, find one that best matches your taste!

Black Persian Area Rug

36. Purple Overdyed Area Rug

Introducing our newest addition to the high-quality purple area rug collection, made with 100% Polyester. With a modern yet cozy style that is perfect for any floor surface, living room, or bedroom. But don't feel bad about washing this beauty—this piece is not only durable but also washable! You'll enjoy many years of use from this plush and soft overdyed polyester rug. Stop by today to see just how great it looks at home in your space!

Purple Overdyed Area Rug

37. Black Overdyed Area Rug

Introducing the black overdyed area rug. The perfect addition to your house's decor, because it'll match everything! Just don't leave it on the floor for too long: these rugs are made of high-quality materials that can be washed and you never know where your little ones will drag in next.

Black Overdyed Area Rug

38. Tan Gabbeh Area Rug

This wool Tan Gabbeh Area Rug befits a modern space with its sophisticated floral patterns. Placid blue hues draw inspiration from local dishes but also have universal appeal; this area rug is perfect for anyone who wants to add some Eastern elegance to their home. Handmade of soft wool, the highest quality natural fibers are selected, spun into yarns that are then dyed by hand. Contrasting naturally luminous shades accent the detailed design beautifully and guarantee durability as they combine to form one eye-catching masterpiece.

Tan Gabbeh Area Rug

39. Ivory Bokhara Area Rug

This Ivory Bokhara area rug is a beautifully designed statement piece for any home. The clean design, high-quality materials and plush style combine to make it an inviting addition to the house decor. With neutral tones that match most color schemes so you can find something suitable no matter what your tastes, this type of area rug is hard not to fall in love with - attention designers!

Ivory Bokhara Area Rug

40. Ivory Bokhara Area Rug

This gorgeous Ivory Bokhara rug is made of pure wool that is a high-quality material that you'll love. It feels softer than silk and is durable for high traffic areas, or if little kids sometimes roam around barefoot. The pure white background will instantly brighten up any room while the green accents add some life to it.

Ivory Bokhara Area Rug

41. Red Bokhara Area Rug

The rich natural colors of this rug capturing will be a centerpiece of beauty in any living room or bedroom. This handmade wool Bokhara area rug is intricately designed with vibrant floral for easy cleaning and washing. It comes to you at the best quality for your family—and it’s washable, so cleaning up around the house will be much easier!

Red Bokhara Area Rug

42. Multi-Color Geometric Area Rug

This eye-catching floor rug will be the focal point of your home. Made from high quality materials, this rug's tones range from clean white to a fashionable black and everything in between so you can choose the one that suits your needs most. The design is as modern as it gets for an updated style, with geometric shapes in shades of teal and blue radiating outwards from a mirrored CenterPoint.

Multi-Color Geometric Area Rug

43. Beige Boho Chic Area Rug

The clean, gorgeous and elegant, beige boho chic area rug provides a traditional look with modernity. A perfect addition to your home decor! The high-quality materials make for soft strands that provide warmth and comfort. It's easy care makes it like new time after time!

Beige Boho Chic Area Rug

44. Brown Boho Chic Area Rug

Looking to spruce up your home? Tired of that shag carpet in the den? This Brown Boho Chic Area Rug is a great way to upgrade and it's going for such an amazing price! Plush yet clean, this rug will make your house look like something out of a Hollywood movie. Place it in your kitchen area to provide a soft and smooth texture to your feet.

Brown Boho Chic Area Rug

45. Teal Boho Chic Area Rug

Low-gloss and eco-friendly, this Boho Chic teal area rug is made with high-quality materials and has a soft plush feel. Bonus: it’s also washable! Available in different sizes to suit your needs and areas. You can surely make your bedroom or living room have a comforting and warm effect by placing this lovely rug.

Teal Boho Chic Area Rug

46. Brown Southwestern Area Rug

The Brown Southwestern Area Rug is not just a rug - it's an investment in your floors, your style and you. The quality of the materials used to make this rug set it far apart from other rugs on the market. It is also specially designed for high traffic areas and will last years longer than cheaper varieties of area rugs that experience more wear and tear are often manufactured with low-quality synthetic fibers that won't stand up to regular home use.

Brown Southwestern Area Rug

47. Beige Southwestern Area Rug

Everything you need to keep your floors clean and comfortable. Beige color rug with southwestern style. Durable with high-quality materials for maximum durability, this product can be used in any home environment from a living room or bedroom to a hallway or game room. Washable, Soft & Cozy Modern Style Rug

Beige Southwestern Area Rug

48. Navy Contemporary Area Rug

With a clean style and high-quality materials, this navy contemporary area rug is perfect for any house. The intricate pattern and beautiful design bring an aesthetic and pleasing change to your areas. Add this to your soft, plush modern decor today! A fresh and new look you'll be happy with.

Navy Contemporary Area Rug

49. Red Boho Chic Area Rug

The Red Boho Chic Area Rug from House with the Mouse and More is one of our new products that will bring your home a comfortable, clean style. This rug has high-quality materials to provide a long-lasting, luxury feel for both floors and floor-bound furniture alike. Washable up to 100 times! It's perfect for someone who spends ample time on their floors or needs durable wear over rugged terrain due to children (or pets). Hang it out to dry in your yard or use a hair dryer if needed!

Red Boho Chic Area Rug

50. Tan Jute Area Rug

Our Tan Jute Area Rug is perfect for your home or business! With a clean, stylish design and high-quality materials, it's made to stand up against the dirt in your busy life. This eco-friendly rug is sure to give you years of enjoyment both indoors and out. You will love the elegant vibe this rug brings to any area.

Tan Jute Area Rug

51. Multi-Color Flatweave Area Rug

The modern and clean style of this rug makes it a perfect fit for any high-traffic area. With durable, high-quality materials that are washable, it's the perfect purchase for those living in areas where dirt is unavoidable. You will love the gorgeous and elegant style this rug brings.

Multi-Color Flatweave Area Rug

52. White Transitional Area Rug

The White Transitional Area Rug is the perfect choice for your home decor needs. Clean, stylish and high-quality materials are just a few reasons to choose this rug. With 100% polyester material which is machine washable and super soft will you not be tempted to spend your day lounging around on it's plush cushions? Add modern style with ease!

White Transitional Area Rug

53. Brown Ziegler Area Rug

The Brown Ziegler Area Rug is uniquely elegant and tasteful, the perfect addition to any room. It's a rug with irresistible beauty that will show creativity and style in your living space, be it hardwood or carpeted. Your feet will love how comfortable this area rug is for walking around all day long as well! Handmade with meticulous quality by weavers of great skill, you'll fall in love with how intricate its pattern becomes when you take a few steps over the top of it.

Brown Ziegler Area Rug

54. Blue Ziegler Area Rug

When looking for that perfect area rug, it deserves more than just a few minutes of your time. Let us guide you to the perfect custom rug for your space and decor to create harmony throughout your home! Our knowledgeable staff can help put together a color palette specifically designed with you in mind. We use only the finest quality materials so will stand up to wear and tear while adding that personal touch in no time at all.

Blue Ziegler Area Rug

55. Black Ziegler Area Rug

This contemporary wool and cotton area rug has a timeless design that is both beautiful and easy to care for. The hand-woven fabric features intricate floral patterns in a washable yarn that resists stains, making it the perfect addition to any room. This black Ziegler area rug  will make your space look lavish.

Black Ziegler Area Rug

56. Brown Ziegler Area Rug

This wool rug has been handmade from the best materials and constructed meticulously to provide a one-of-a-kind product. It is floral patterned with comfortable cotton padding for natural softness that stays put because it's washable. Not to mention the durable material makes this area rug highly washable and easy to clean.

Brown Ziegler Area Rug

57. Ivory Oushak Area Rug

The Ivory Oushak Area Rug is a quality and beautiful addition to any room. They come in many shapes and sizes, perfect for fitting most floors. With high-quality materials, these rugs are sturdy and will last you through the years. Our shop also offers domestic shipping with free installation for this item!

Ivory Oushak Area Rug

58. Brown Ziegler Area Rug

A treasured home keepsake, this handmade Brown Ziegler Area Rug is the perfect addition to any dwelling. Its winding floral pattern ensures a splash of warm color complemented by its synthetic material. Hand-woven and handcrafted with exquisite detail, each modest piece can come just in time for those desiring some simple sophistication!

Brown Ziegler Area Rug

59. Black Ziegler Area Rug

We have the best collection of Black Ziegler Area Rugs on the market. They are all handmade with wool and come in various sizes. Get our hand-made rug today for your needs: a cozy update to any room or a sudden new addition to your home decor.  There's so much you can do with it too!  It's chic contemporary style is perfect for many homes, especially those who enjoy peacock blues (or even sage greens) in their design scheme because they complement one another.

Black Ziegler Area Rug

60. Brown Ziegler Area Rug

Whether it's a small, practical area like under a desk or table or even something large and satisfying like flooring that leads into the kitchen in your new apartment, this wool rug will not disappoint. I am professional grade with durable woven details and intricate design; enough to make you wish for more Brown Rugs just so you can take care of each one differently.

Brown Ziegler Area Rug

61. Red Ziegler Area Rug

This red Designer Ziegler Natural Wool Area Rug is a beauty that will be the talk of your home. Constructed with intricate floral patterns and natural fibers like wool, this rug is the perfect combination of elegant style and plush comfort. The timeless design in an intoxicating red color makes it a versatile piece requiring little to no care.

Red Ziegler Area Rug

62. Brown Ziegler Area Rug

The Brown Ziegler Area Rug is the perfect addition to any home- classic or contemporary. This natural fiber area rug with intricate design will illuminate your living room and add elegance to your flooring. Designed from synthetic wool, this mat is washable and easily vacuumed.  Get it for a beautiful home today!

Brown Ziegler Area Rug

63. Black Ziegler Area Rug

Meet your new home's very own show stopper with this meticulously hand-woven wool area rug. It is comprised of a beautiful floral pattern that surrounds its rich dark background, sure to make any entrance stand out in style and personality. Solid black offers the perfect backdrop for any piece of furniture to shine through or add elegant contrast depending on where it lies. Keeping pets, kids, and messes alike at bay it's easily washable and stain resistant. You'll never regret bringing this one into your life!

Black Ziegler Area Rug

64. Brown Ziegler Area Rug

A beautiful brown Ziegler wool rug with an intricately designed floral pattern in soft, natural colors that will go from the snoozy mornings of spring to a cool evening. Odor-resistant and durable, this rug is perfect for pet owners as it is washable and easy to clean. Choose this gorgeous rug and bring an aesthetic and pleasing impact to your space.

Brown Ziegler Area Rug

65. Brown Ziegler Area Rug

Elegant and versatile, the Brown Ziegler Area Rug is constructed out of wool with an intricate floral pattern. What makes this rug so amazing? The Brown Ziegler Area Rug is easy to vacuum, steam clean, or even wash in a machine! Whether you want to live chic at home with natural fibers - or rich textures made of synthetic yarns for those who are more sensitive to allergens- we have you covered.

Brown Ziegler Area Rug

66. Tan Ziegler Area Rug

The Tan Ziegler Area Rug is an innovative carpet with a boundless beauty. Hand-woven by artisans from the finest of wool, this rug features intricate floral patterns in pastel shades that will give any room high class and come in delightful colors such as lavender, taupe, mint green, eggplant and so much more. This rug won’t just stay on your floor – it will dress up every inch of your home and change the way you see rugs that are created from synthetics or fibers.

Tan Ziegler Area Rug

67. Brown Ziegler Area Rug

Brown Ziegler Area Rug. The natural colors in this rug are perfect for any décor setting and the design is made with precision to create a vintage aura. This beautiful wool area rug will last you a lifetime! You can place this gorgeous rug in your space and bring a pleasing effect to your house.

Brown Ziegler Area Rug

68. Green Bokhara Area Rug

Green Bokhara area rug is a luxurious choice for your home. Made out of wool, this hand-made and intricately patterned treasure is both beautiful and durable. Hand washable with its stain resistant properties, it’s easy to keep clean with the many benefits that come from purchasing one of our rugs. Be sure to grab yours before they all go!

Green Bokhara Area Rug

69. Green Overdyed Area Rug

Add some new life to your home or office with this striking green overdyed new area rug. This modern area rug is made of 100% polypropylene and wool felt, making it a durable place for you to relax, play, eat, and more. Make your space look classy and stylish by placing this lovely addition to your house.

Green Overdyed Area Rug

70. Ivory Bokhara Area Rug

Let your carpet do the talking. With class and personality this Ivory Bokhara Area Rug is soft, durable, and utilizes high quality materials making it cleanable and airy. With a unique modern style you can’t help but love the welcoming feel this area rug brings to any home decor easily standing up to a washing machine cycle with its velvety texture that only comes from an elegant tight weave.

Ivory Bokhara Area Rug

71. Green Geometric Area Rug

The Green Geometric Area Rug is perfect for any household with active kids and pets. The thick, plush design helps soothe your feet with each step while the soft pattern will brighten up any room it graces. Handmade of high-quality materials such as wool that are meant not to shrink or warp, this modern rug will make an excellent addition to your home's décor.

Green Geometric Area Rug

72. Ivory Bokhara Area Rug

This gorgeous and beautiful Ivory Bokhara Area Rug is a perfect complement for any room in the house. The shaggy wool is comfortable, durable, and an excellent way to add a specific and fashionable tone to your living space. Dry Cleaning is Recommended by our professional designers.

Ivory Bokhara Area Rug

73. Blue Shag Area Rug

Shaggy rugs are back in style, and they're super-popular right now if you care about what everyone's talking about. Trouble is, it can be hard to nail down and identify the perfect shag rug for your needs until you see one up close. The thing is that there are a lot of subcategories for shag carpeting, which makes the choice confusing. There's faux fur and acrylic, loops and tufts - follow our cheat sheet when deciding on whether to go with that blue or brown rug!

Blue Shag Area Rug

74. Ivory Boho Chic Area Rug

Everything you need for a clean and stylish living space. These rugs feature high-quality materials that are soft to the touch, cozy, and perfect for any high traffic area in your home while being washable and modern. Place this gorgeous rug in your space and make your house look new and elegant.

Ivory Boho Chic Area Rug

75. Grey Ikat Area Rug

This beautiful grey area rug transforms any floor into an amazing living space. You'll be able to entertain guests with ease or just stay in for some cozy time watching it rain outside! With the high-quality material, you'll never have to worry about stains or other ground hazards ruining your new jewel. Like diamonds, who are they ever going out of style?

Grey Ikat Area Rug

76. Red Contemporary Area Rug

Our innovative designs on this gorgeous red contemporary rug create a juxtaposition between tradition and contemporary. In reds, indigos and browns to beautiful tans, greys, and blues, our rug will be the perfect addition to your space. We offer free shipping and installation in select states.

Red Contemporary Area Rug

77. Silver Ziegler Area Rug

This Silver Ziegler Area Rug is everything you want in one. Clean modern style, high-quality materials, plush and soft, It just doesn't get better than this! The soft texture and gorgeous floral design and pattern make this rug perfect for being an attraction in any space you want.

Silver Ziegler Area Rug

78. Multi-Color Boho Chic Area Rug

You've been looking for a rug to give your space an outfit upgrade. Perhaps you want something that can handle high traffic and still look good. You also want it to match the clean, modern style of your home's décor. The Multi-Color Area Rug is here for you! The boho-chic pattern will bring a touch of charm into any room, while neutral color options make this rug perfect for all types of homes. Whether you are shopping by design or decorating by desire, we have got the floor covering just for you!

Multi-Color Boho Chic Area Rug

79. Red Ziegler Area Rug

Unexpected yet classic, this old-world floral pattern red Ziegler rug is woven with the best quality wool. These lush, intricately woven rugs are impeccably crafted for unmatched aesthetic appeal while still retaining their quality and durability through extensive processing methods made by hand from natural materials such as wool or cotton. These qualities make them both beautiful to behold but also long-lasting enough to stand up to even the most demanding homes.

Red Ziegler Area Rug

80. Red Ziegler Area Rug

The Red Ziegler Area Rug is the epitome of finesse, combining lush wool with a subtle floral pattern and intricate design for something that's beautiful yet practical. It's handmade from high-quality materials so you can count on durability and luxury in every detail. You'll love how soft it feels under your feet--after all, its natural fiber serves as one of many reasons why this rug is washable! Plus it never needs to be rotated thanks to an intricately woven synthetic backing; just vacuum infrequently or shake clean if damp. Truly, there's a lot to love about the Red Ziegler Area Rug!

Red Ziegler Area Rug

81. Navy Ziegler Area Rug

You’ve been looking for a chic, high-quality area rug to complement your home décor. Look no further! The Navy Ziegler Area Rug offers you the comfort of plush and soft underfooting as well as durability and sleek style that will keep up with your busy family life. Beautifully made with high-quality materials in mind, this washable, durable rug is perfect for both indoor or exterior use on hardwood floors.

Navy Ziegler Area Rug

82. Brown Ziegler Area Rug

Take your place in a plush, luxurious world with this Brown Ziegler Area Rug! Whether for the living room or bedroom, you’ll find this 100% wool rug to be an eloquent addition. Made with care by hand and made using a synthetic material that comes from trees grown in sustainable forests, the higher quality wool materials are long-lasting and strong against stains.

Brown Ziegler Area Rug

83. Ivory Boho Chic Area Rug

There's nothing better than coming in from a long day of work or shopping to cool down and relax on your own private oasis. Imagine pulling up some furniture, lighting a candle, and laying down under our Ivory Boho Chic area rug! Vintage patterned damask with an ivory background will be the most perfect addition you've ever added to your home. Soft fibers make this rug comfortable for high traffic areas, while its stylish thin stripes will accentuate any room beautifully.

Ivory Boho Chic Area Rug

84. Multi-Color Boho Chic Area Rug

This rug will help ground your home decor. It features multicolored, variegated lines that are sure to stand out and create a warm, inviting feel for guests to enjoy. We recommend this product for those who live in warmer climates since it is easy to clean and maintain the soft wool with gentle vacuuming or by adding a rug pad that can be easily washed should accidents happen instead of replacing your beautiful flooring -- save money! Customize the size as well as color of our area rugs so they'll fit any space's needs.

Multi-Color Boho Chic Area Rug

85. Multi-Color Boho Chic Area Rug

You dream about traveling to exotic destinations and experiencing new cultures. But life can get in the way, whether you're working too hard or are stuck living out of a suitcase with your nearest act always impeding on your time in another country. We totally empathize, but that doesn't mean we have to live that way, does it? That's why we designed this chic area rug that will bring a little global flair to any room! Place one at the foot of your bed for a cozy night's sleep, beneath children's feet as they play board games or draw pictures on the floor, and near an entranceway where guests commonly take off their shoes before entering the home.

Multi-Color Boho Chic Area Rug

86. Multi-Color Kids Area Rug

A bold and beautiful house-wide design that can light up any space, this rug is an amazing choice for your high traffic living area. With every color of the spectrum, you'll be sure to find the perfect hue to tie your family room together or match any mood with a quick change of decor. The deeply plush shag adds an elegant touch indoors and out while still being easy to vacuum on top. Young children will enjoy our soft materials as they romp around on it independently at their desired floor level making it a great place when entertaining guests too!

Multi-Color Kids Area Rug

87. Multi-Color Boho Chic Area Rug

Picture yourself walking into a multi-colored boho-chic wonderland. The walls are covered in brightly coloured tapestries and shaggy carpets of all colors fill the room, making you want to curl up on them! This rug is no exception - a colorful sectional with an eclectic style that will make any space come alive with energy and creativity.

Multi-Color Boho Chic Area Rug

88. Multi-Color Kids Area Rug

Have too many kids or pets underfoot? Then the Multi-Color Kids Area Rug is for you! These days, there are so many styles! You can find rugs in all colors and patterns that will match any theme or decor. This rug is clean style: think of your living room décor with this cute transition piece from carpet to area rug.

Multi-Color Kids Area Rug

89. Multi-Color Kids Area Rug

This stylish and plush rug makes a bold but also tranquil statement in your living space. Available in multiple colors, you're sure to find just the right shade to complement any decor. Made of high-quality materials for both indoor and outdoor use, our product is durable enough to stand up through even the most taxing of traffic patterns. Kids will love this soft flooring that offers plenty of cushion too!

Multi-Color Kids Area Rug

90. Ivory Geometric Area Rug

For busy homes and bedrooms, a geometric pattern rug in ivory color cotton will do the trick. The soft sheen from wool yarns provides combat against frequent heavy-footed guests. Our extensive range of rugs effectively accommodate varying design tastes with organic shapes to clean lines. In addition to area rugs, they also have runners for hallways and staircases, which can be used indoors or outside by the garage door as protection from dirt and debris tracked in on shoes.

Ivory Geometric Area Rug

91. Grey Shag Area Rug

Fill your home with Grey Shag Area Rugs to complete a designer look. Grey for the living room or rug under your dining table, you'll feel instantly relaxed. Buy one now and we'll ship you out free of charge! You will love this gorgeous addition to bring a classy impact on your house.

Grey Shag Area Rug

92. Grey Geometric Area Rug

This slim grey and white geometric rug is a stylish touch for any living space, kitchen floor, or bedroom. Made with high-quality materials like polyester and nylon, the soft plush surface feels refreshing under your feet and will not give out on you after months of regular use. Sleek lines combine to create a modern look that adds style to any room. Some say they find it relaxing just having this soothing gray and white striped rug in their house decor--try it today!

Grey Geometric Area Rug

93. Ivory Ziegler Area Rug

Beautifully handcrafted and packed with intricate detail, this Ivory Ziegler Area Rug provides the perfect finishing touch for any design project. Wool washed onsite produces a highly durable yarn that is easy to clean and resistant to water damage, while the subtle floral pattern will add just enough delightful charm to accent your home decor.

Ivory Ziegler Area Rug

94. Brown Ziegler Area Rug

This Brown Ziegler Area Rug is an excellent option for those on a budget that don't want to sacrifice quality. With 100% wool construction means you can shampoo it as often as necessary without worrying about the integrity of all the stitches coming undone. Each piece carries intricate details like floral designs woven carefully into symmetrical patterns - all done so well that anyone who gazes upon these breathtaking rugs won’t even notice a lone error among them.

Brown Ziegler Area Rug

95. Brown Ziegler Area Rug

The Ziegler Area Rug is a showstopper that starts conversations even before it's been unrolled. Handmade in Pakistan from 100% wool, the rug features an intricate floral pattern with natural fibers for an easy-care synthetic option. It's so durable it could last you lifetimes while still managing to be beautiful for your entire life and beyond. Choose this area rug today and spoil yourself with timeless beauty!

Brown Ziegler Area Rug

96. Brown Ziegler Area Rug

This rustic brown Ziegler rug is a beauty that makes your space feel elegant and charming. It is handmade by professional designers using the best quality wool so you know it's got a soft texture and good quality. The intricate design offers an air of sophistication while the heavy-duty synthetic backing means you can wash it with ease!

Brown Ziegler Area Rug

97. Brown Ziegler Area Rug

The Brown Ziegler Area Rug looks like something you would see in a high-end studio, an expansive living room with impeccable taste. You'll find that the intricately designed rug is made out of wool and synthetic materials for softness and durability; it's even washable, too!

Brown Ziegler Area Rug

98. Multi-Color Ziegler Area Rug

With its classic design made of high-quality materials, this gorgeous multi-color Ziegler rug is a wonderful addition to any room. Inspired by the surf and turf motif that many have admired in their favorite restaurants, this sophisticated yet casual design will catch everyone’s attention in a houseful of kids or adults.

Multi-Color Ziegler Area Rug

99. Multi-Color Overdyed Area Rug

Our gorgeously simple, but all-too beautiful Scandinavian-styled multi-color overdyed area rug is perfect for living rooms and high-traffic areas in the home. Handmade of plush wool, thick linen fibers with a generous medium pile height and long Durability. Placed on a hardwood floor or any other surface that needs an easy to clean rug made with natural materials without sacrificing style.

Multi-Color Overdyed Area Rug

100. Brown Overdyed Area Rug

This brown shaded overdyed area rug is the perfect decoration for your home. Made of high-quality materials, this house deco piece will be chic and cozy when it comes to living in style. Clear out dull carpets with this plush, soft option - get plugged into a new design that feels great underfoot!

Brown Overdyed Area Rug

Frequently Asked Questions About Washable Rugs

1. What Kind Of Rugs Are Machine Washable?

There are various types of rugs that can be machine washed. These include natural fiber rugs like wool or cotton and synthetic fibers such as polypropylene. The most common type is the flat-woven rug made with synthetics because they are easy to clean and maintain in low-maintenance households. Ruggable rugs, cotton rugs, Chenille rugs, and synthetic rugs are the type of materials that can be machine washed. They are the perfect example of machine washable rugs.

2. Is Ruggable The Only Washable Rug?

Ruggable is not the only washable rug. There are many other types of rugs that can be machine washed such as synthetic, cotton, and Chenille. Ruggable also comes in a variety of sizes from carpet runners to large area rugs for your living room or bedroom flooring needs.

3. What Is The Best Washable Rug?

It is difficult to choose the "best" rug because it depends on what you are looking for. The best washable rug should be one that fits your needs and lifestyle, not just in terms of size and color but also ease of maintenance, durability, and affordability. The washable rug features a rug cover that has a tightly woven pattern, neutral hues, can be line dried had softer tones, and is perfect to be washed in washing machines. A high pile rug is another great option. A high pile rug is best for those who want a luxurious, plush carpet with softness on the feet and plenty of cushioning. This type of washable rug has a thick non-slip rug pad that can be easily vacuumed over without flattening down or matting like other types of rugs.

4. Why Do You Need A Rug Pad Under A Washable Rug?

A rug pad under a washable rug will help protect the floor from dirt or spills. The thick pile of this type of rug makes it difficult to clean so having a good, quality rug pad is beneficial for both your floors and your new washable rug. A rug pad is non-slip backing, which will also help prevent slipping on rugs with a high pile.

5. What Are The Benefits Of A Washable Rug?

We can machine wash a washable rug in less than 30 minutes without having to use a washer or dryer. A washable polyester rug can be washed in the sink or bathtub as they have durable polypropylene material and a shaggy polyester fits perfectly for this application. So, A washable rug can be a great option for those with allergies, pets, or family members who are sensitive to dust. The specific washable material makes it a durable option that will allow you to use the same rug for years.

6. How To Maintain A Washable Rug?

Washable rugs should be washed every month with a mild detergent and dried in the dryer on low heat. Make sure the rug is machine washable before purchasing the rug. Then once placed in your areas, make sure to avoid leaving the stain untouched. Always wash your stain and use a non-slip rubber backing to prevent the rug from getting excessive wear and tear. As washable is made of hand-tufted wool, we can perfectly line dry them and clean them easily.

7. Where Can I Place A Washable Rug?

You can place a washable rug anywhere you want like in the living room, dining room, kitchen bedroom, or even in the hallways. These rugs have soft hues and soft underfoot with extra foam padding after placing the rug pad, which makes any contemporary decor look stunning. The bold patterns like elegant floral patterns make any traditional style a modern and contemporary decor. You can place a dark charcoal gray washable rug in the warm white background of the living room. The soft gray hues of the rug will bring a sophisticated abstract rug into light and will change the entire outlook of the house.

8. Are Washable Rugs Worth It?

Yes, rugs are worth it because they make you feel closer to the ground and also represent your home. You can have different styles of washable rug for any room in the house that will give a warm accent or cool underfoot. The rug is one thing people often overlook when redecorating their homes but with new designs every year, there is no excuse not to get a rug.

RugKnots have the collection of best washable rugs in different styles, materials and shades. You can visit our website and check out the collection of our rugs and choose what suits best for your personality and home requirement. If you have any questions, feel free to email us at info@rugknots.com or call us at (301) 660-7046‬. We will be happy to answer your queries.

Red Isfahan Area RugRed Isfahan Area Rug
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Ivory Ziegler Area RugIvory Ziegler Area Rug
Rugknots Ivory Ziegler Area Rug - AR3597
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Multi-Color Overdyed Area Rug - AR3441Multi-Color Overdyed Area Rug - AR3441
Rugknots Multi-Color Overdyed Area Rug - AR3441
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Ivory Isfahan Area Rug - AR5496Ivory Isfahan Area Rug
Rugknots Ivory Isfahan Area Rug - AR5496
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Multi-Color Ziegler Area RugMulti-Color Ziegler Area Rug
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