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Tips For How to Clean a Silk Oriental Rug

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Silk is coming back in style in the Oriental rug industry, and while the sheer, delicate look of this beautiful material makes it a must-have for an elegant space, the vulnerability of the material makes it high-risk when it comes to stains and dirt.

Prevent and Treat Stains, Spills, and Dirt from Damaging Your Silk Oriental Rug


The best way to protect your silk Oriental rug, of course, is to limit the foot traffic (especially of pets and children) it’s exposed to, and to encourage guests and family members to remove their shoes when entering the house. Keep highly saturated liquids (such as wine and juice) away from the rug; if you have pets, discipline them to resist laying on -- or worse, urinating on -- your silk rug. The odors and colors of acidic liquids can severely damage a silk rug, and can only be completed removed (or, in extreme cases, only partially removed) by professional cleaners.

Vacuum your silk rug regularly (once every one or two weeks) to keep everyday dust and dirt from building up in the rug’s fibers. If your silk rug is exposed to light, make sure you rotate it every few months to ensure that all parts of the rugs are exposed to the sunlight equally. This can help prevent discoloration and deterioration of the rug’s silk fibers.

Treatment to Clean a Silk Oriental Rugs

If, however, dirt or liquid stain finds itself atop the fibers of your silk Oriental rug, there are a few at-home remedies you can try. Note that you shouldn’t try any other cleaning methods than those listed below, as products other than water, mild soap, baking soda, and white vinegar will likely lead to further damage and/or discoloration of your silk Oriental rug.

The most important step to take when treating a spill on your Oriental rug is to act immediately. The longer you wait to treat the rug, the less likely it is that you’ll be able to remove the liquid stain. As soon as the spill happens, dampen a clean white towel with warm (but not boiling hot) water. Then, blot -- don’t rub -- the spill with the towel, releasing the liquid from the rug and absorbing it into the towel.

If warm water doesn’t lift the stain out of the silk Oriental rug, try adding a small amount of white vinegar to your at-home solution. Using a 50/50 warm water/white vinegar mix, attempt the same blotting method to remove the stain from the rug.

As a final stain-removal method, you can try adding baking soda atop the spill as you blot the rug with white vinegar and water. Baking soda serves mostly as an odor-reducing agent but could potentially help remove stains as well.

Remember that professional cleaning is always the best and most low-risk route to take when it comes to cleaning a silk Oriental rug -- and that this is especially true for silk rugs, which are much more delicate than traditional wool rugs. Make sure to have your rug professionally cleaned every few years to help maintain its lustrous look.

Feel free to contact RugKnots at 240-452-4602 with questions about how to help prevent and remove stains and dirt from your silk Oriental rug. We’d love to help!


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