Everything that you want to buy needs research. With a thousand choices, this becomes tough. Area rugs are one of these choices that you have to make in your daily life. When buying the rugs, you have to keep in mind what you are looking for as well as where they will go. 

A new trend has taken up a place in the market that is Bokhara rugs. These rugs are known for their intricate designs and features. Based on their imprinting, these rugs are divided into several types. But which one will suit and your room the best? This article will let you know exactly what you are buying. Before we do that, let's get into the history of these rugs.

The Origin Of Bokhara Rug

Bokhara rugs originated from the ancient culture of the Bukhara region of modern-day Uzbekistan. These rugs were originally called “Tekke” from the Central Asian tribe Tekke. These area rugs were a part of grand empires, prestigious temples, and many more traditional buildings of those times. Bokhara rugs are a symbol of royalty in the region and across the Western hemisphere. 

These handmade rugs are woven in regions across the middle east from Turkey to Afghanistan. The most luxurious and popular among these rugs are from Pakistan. RugKnots imports these rugs to add to the collection.

Authentic Bokhara Rugs

These rugs are simply breathtaking. Their vivid, traditional red colors and complex oval or diamond-shaped motif patterns add to their beauty. These rugs are handcrafted individually hence each one of these is unique and beautiful. A master rug maker can take around five to six months to complete this rug. This is because each thread is to be woven by hand.

An authentic Bokhara rug has flowers and geometric patterns woven on Pakistani or New Zealand wool. They are based on cotton. These rugs have a double-pile and have a feel of lushness to them. This is the signature of the rugs crafted in Pakistan and proves that they are authentic.

Even high quality, handmade Bokhara rugs are affordable. These rugs can be placed in every corner of your home. They are available in different colors including beige, green, gold, black, blue, grey, and rose.

Different Types of Bokhara Rugs

Bokhara rugs come in many different shapes, sizes, styles, and types so you can match them to your home’s interior. Some of the types of these rugs are listed below:

  • Salor Bokhara rugs

Salor Bokhara rugs were crafted by the people of Salor tribe. These rugs have a deep, rich, shade of red and one row of symmetrical octagons. Octagons are weaved side by side and have floral patterns inside them. They are handcrafted by experts to make them a part of every home.

  • Tekke Bokhara rugs

These rugs are one of the most prized and beloved styles of Bokhara rugs throughout history in the west. They are usually categorized as follows

    1. Royal Tekke: These non-prayer rugs are known for their windowpane design. These rugs also feature multiple octagons joined together horizontally and vertically but are the elongated version of them.  They sometimes have lines or even alternating small, diamond motifs.
    2. Princess Tekke: These are prayer rugs and have important symbols in Muslim culture and religion. Due to this distinction, they hold a better place than royal Tekke. They have a mihrab hand-stitched into their core. This points in the direction of the Kaaba in Mecca, Saudi Arabia, the holy city, where Muslims pray.
  • Yomud rugs

These rugs were named after the Yomud tribe of Central Asia. They feature a deep red field with Persian or Turkish hand-knotted style knots. They have a Caucasus design, with a Greek cross dividing the rug into four parts. These four parts have four simple octagons that include guls and other floral patterns.

A less common variation of Yomud rugs uses a diamond lattice pattern, filling the field of the rug and holding geometric medallions. Handmade Yomud Bokhara rugs are beautiful pieces that always bring light to a room. 

  • Ersari Rugs

These rugs have softer red colors than the other mentioned rugs. The octagonal designs on these rugs are smaller and more elegant than the others. The small octagons are either outlined with floral decor or have a very intricate pattern inside them. These rugs are a great addition to any room and provide a unique look to them. 

Pakistani Bokharas are considered of the highest quality and RugKnots is proud to deal in these. 

    The Real Reason We Love Bokhara

    There are many reasons to love Bokhara Rugs, but our favorite reason is how silky smooth these rugs are. You might be wondering how Bokhara rugs are different than any other wool rug.

    Bokhara rugs are actually made with a double pile, which means that the rug has a larger density of fibers. Similar to a shag rug, Bokhara rugs have a thicker pile than most wool rugs out there.

    If you've ever wanted an oriental wool rug with the softness of a shag rug, then a Bokhara oriental rug would certainly be a great choice for you. The pile height of Bokhara rugs is around half of an inch.

    They are traditionally designed with tones of rich colors like blue bokhara rug, red bokhara rug, green bokhara rug etc

    If you've ever wanted an oriental wool rug with the softness of a shag rug, then a Bokhara oriental rug would certainly be a great choice for you. The pile height of these rugs is around half of an inch. They are traditionally designed with tones of rich colors like blue, red, green, etc.

    Soft rugs are loved the most among any area rugs but the height of the pile still affects the rugs. 

    These rugs are durable because they are made of wool, but they aren't as durable as their low-pile counterparts. The reason for this is because it is easier for dirt to stay in a high-pile rug than a low-pile rug. High-pile rugs are also known to flatten over time if put in a common foot traffic area. However, we have seen Bokhara runner rugs that have lasted over 50+ years with normal care. As long as you are informed about how to clean these area rugs, you'll have no issue with them for years.

    One of our best tips is to never use your vacuum's beater bar of a royal Bokhara. As the pile height is so thick it can actually end up pulling up the fibers of the rug.

    With regular care and avoidance of the vacuum cleaners, these rugs can look new for decades even.

    Pakistani Bokhara vs Persian Bokhara

    When it comes to the quality, the two distinctive rugs are Pakistani Bokharas and Persian Bokharas. Pakistani rugs are the most sought after rugs due to the antique designs they provide. These designs are handmade and are durable. Their comfort and ease make them the priority of many rug lovers.

    Persian Bokharas are also known for their beautiful designs. But the ease that Pakistani Bokharas provide is way better than those of Persian rugs. 

    What Are You Waiting For?

    If you're looking for the one piece that can lighten up your room or any corner of your home, go for Bokhara rugs. Their softness and luxury feel will create a cozy environment in your room. 

    Their rich culture and history will pique your interest as well as that of your guests. The beautiful designs and deep shades of natural dyes are eye-catching. These rugs will complete the look of your home and maybe this is what you were missing all these years.

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