Humans have been a great fan of 'Nature' since ever. They tend to choose everything that has 'pure' or 'organic' ingredients, be it their food choices, cosmetics, or other decorative items. This is the major reason the products with Natural ingredients wins the heart of a million customers. The same condition goes with floor coverings. Many people adore natural fiber rugs instead of those with synthetic elements. There are different natural rugs options available, and Sisal and Jute are famous among them. However, there exists some confusion! Customers assume both these fibers as the one, and sometimes call them Sisal– it is wrong. These are two different types of fibers. Though they look alike, there are major dissimilarities. We aimed to resolve this perplexity. So, here we will highlight a few differences between sisal rug and jute rug.


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Parameters of Jute and Sisal Rugs

Before we start their evaluation on different parameters, it's better to define them in detail first – so, here we go!

Sisal Rugs

Sisal is basically a fiber that is extracted from leaves of the Succulent plant named as Agave Sisalana. The major cultivation area of this plant includes China, Brazil, Kenya, Madagascar, Cuba, Mexico, and Haiti. Previously, it was considered native to Mexico only. However, we can now observe its successful farming in various part of the world. The plant of Sisal fiber is capable of enduring vigorously hot climate accompanied by rare storms. So, we can trust the resilient nature of Agave. In order to obtain the Sisal, its leaves are cut and crushed to get hard and firm fiber – it is later spun and converted into Sisal rugs. 


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Jute Rugs

Now, if we look at the original plant of Jute, its origin is opposite to that of Sisal. Jute, also known as Golden Fibre, is derived from the Corchorus plant. It is a tall, spindly, and flowering plant. Though it also grows well in a warm climate, it needs humidity and frequent rainfall. So, we can say it grows better in Monsoon weather. This plant is an inhabitant of the Indian subcontinent. Unlike Sisal, Jute is taken from the central part of Corchorus stalks – that contains lignin and cellulose. Once harvested, its bundles are soaked in slow running water for 10-30 days. Why? It gives bacteria a chance of melting the sticky material that keeps the fibers together. What is a Jute Rug? Well, after all, processing, the fiber is converted into jute yarn. This yarn is later transformed into different items, including rugs that are known as Jute Rugs. So, have you observed the difference between their origin and processing? It is actually where all differences between Sisal and Jute come from. 

Environmental Requirement: All distinctions aside, we can see the plants of both Jute and Sisal are highly sustainable and require a very low amount of maintenance. They are also eco-friendly.


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Differences between Jute and Sisal Rugs 1- Durability

It is not like we are saying Jute doesn't wear well at all – but, Sisal is a boss when it comes to the sturdiness of natural fibers. So, if your main concern is, are sisal rugs very durable? The answer is definitely Yes. In fact, it is considered as one of the strongest natural fibers available. Since the rugs are made using leaves of plants, they are very stiff, coarse, and can bear high wear and tear. Undoubtedly, the rugs become somehow softer and refined with the time - they still feel rough and hard. Considering this attribute, sisal rugs can be plainly used for heavy traffic areas. Jute, on the other hand, is made up of plant stem, is not very robust. It may tend to lose fiber and becomes softer if used roughly. That's why these rugs should face very low to moderate traffic. 


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2- Feel  

If I were asked to define, what is the difference between jute and sisal rugs? I would say they 'Feel' different. As Sisal rugs are made from leaves - it feels coarse, rough, or to some extent, itchy. They can be hard on bare feet. Sisal won't be a good option if you are planning to sit on it or have a crawling baby. However, for its very same attribute, these fibers are also used for making cat scratching post. In this parameter, we can say, Jute is a sheer winner. What does a jute rug feel like? Well, its fibers are smoother, give impact like fabric – it is chunkier, and feels soft underfoot. You can sit on it without facing any discomfort. Jute, being a part of a stalk, is flexible and soft. Jute area rugs can make your space cozier and relaxing for everyone, including babies and pets. If you are curious to experience their 'feel,' you can try Tan Honeycomb Jute rug. What if you don't like it? You can simply return it even after 30 days without paying any money. Rugnots give this opportunity to let its customers select the best possible option for them. 

3- Lifetime

As we have already mentioned, Sisal does extremely well in its strength. Likewise, its age is also higher. You can expect your Sisal to give you services for around eight years. However, Jute can stay with you for approximately five years.  Please bear in mind these are estimated lifespans only. The actual time can vary depending on various factors.


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4- Shades

The natural shade of Sisal is lighter as compared to Jute. It has creamy-white to wheat color basically. On the other hand, the Jute has a natural shade of light brown. Now, let's talk about dyes. Sisal though naturally have a lighter shade, it accepts coloring quite well. You can have some solid and gleaming shades from sisal dyed rugs. You can also have a jute carpet with amazing dyes. However, the options are somehow limited. See, this Rustic Red Floral Rug though made up of Jute, has absorbed the dye beautifully. Thus, it gives comfy feel with the exquisiteness of vibrant red color too. It can flawlessly give your bedroom 'That' look you have been searching for long. 

Warning: Both Sisal and Jute, on exposure to direct sunlight somewhat changes their color, particularly if dyed. However, this behavior is more significant in Jute.  

5- Cost

The overall cost of manufacturing Jute is lower as compared to Sisal. Same rules go for their market prices. If you purchase the same quality rugs for both fibers, the Jute will be less expensive – though the strength of Sisal would be higher, just like its price. 


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Common attributes

In the previous section, we have discussed differences of these natural rugs. Here are a few common aspects that need our considerations:


The safeguarding for both rugs is almost similar. The foremost thing that comes in this category is cleaning. Though both these rugs are quite resistant to dirt, regular grooming can enhance their lifespan. So, if you are concerned about how to clean a jute rug? Or, can you vacuum a jute rug? The answer is yes, not for Jute only, but for Sisal as well. However, you should only vacuum after removing the beater bar. A suction can lonely do the job well. You would need to vacuum the frequently in order to prevent dirt accumulation. It can otherwise harm the fibers of these rugs. Besides, in case of stains, you can dry clean or spot clean these rugs. As most people ask, Is a Jute rug stain-resistant? Yes, they do! Both Sisal and Jute give watermark if any liquid spills on them accidentally. Unluckily, Jute is comparatively more vulnerable to spots. 


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Both these natural fibers shed frequently. So, you would need to take care of it as well. You shouldn't use a vacuum beater bar on them. Rather, it's good to use it on low settings in order to prevent shedding. Another trick is to use a horsehair brush to loosen up the shedding pieces. You can later pick them up with the help of vacuum suction. 

Warning: You are supposed to keep Sisal and Jute away from water because they are not water-resistant. They have great potential to absorb water and damage its shape.

Rug pads

Do sisal rugs need a rug pad? It is a common question regarding Sisal. Yes, they do need a rug pad for a few reasons. First, they are quite coarse. So, chances are they can potentially damage your hardwood floor underneath. They can also help in making your rug a bit softer to feel. Another confusing point, will jute rugs scratch hardwood floors too? No, they don't. But, they need a rug pad too. However, the purpose is different here. It would assist in preventing slippage – as Jute is the softest material, it can possibly make you slip while stepping on it. 


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Which one should you choose?

As we have discussed, both these rugs show some major dissimilarities, so things go like this:

If you are looking for a rug for high-traffic areas, Sisal is an option for you. It may include places like living rooms, entrances, halls, and other similar areas. Likewise, as Jute cannot bear intense usage, you can put them at bedroom or a dining hall. Any other corner of your home that doesn't face heavy use can be a good option for a Jute rug. How about having this Jute rug 8 x10 at your study room or personal library? It's a navy blue color with an Ivory pattern of diamonds, and the symmetrical line gives such peaceful vibes. Let's consider it according to their feel. If you are planning to sit and spend a pretty good amount of time on your rug, go for Jute. The coarse Sisal would make things scratchy for you. Also, as we have already said, don't let Sisal hurt your sensitive crawling babies or pets. Buy them some good Jute rugs. Wouldn't it be fun to have your baby playing on a round jute rug? Yes, you can put Sisal for your cat to use it as a Scratching post. Sisal carpets possess flame retardant, absorbs sound, and anti-static properties. So, they can be a good option for your kids' playroom. Or, wouldn't it be a good option to put them at your home studio, dining room or family room?  Now, if you are seriously into these organic rugs, and budget is your only major concern, here is the option for you: The jute rugs are considerably lower in price as compared to the other one. Unfortunately, their durability is also lower. So, if you can afford, we hope investing some good amount in a Sisal rug wouldn't be a bad choice too. Otherwise, Jute is already there to serve well without disturbing your budget.  


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Shouldn't I give you a suggestion of a spot where you can purchase amazing rugs at absolutely affordable prices? Yes, you read it correctly! Expensive things aren't always the best options. You can even purchase some best flooring at normal prices from retailers like Rugknots. They aim to bring some top-class foreigner rugs at your doorstep. You can have a look at their Jute collection here. Sisal and Jute, both are biodegradable, eco-friendly, and sustainable. So, having environmental concerns, you can opt for both. 

Here is all from our side for differences between jute rug and sisal rug. Did you like it? The choice of a rug can greatly impact your home. So, it's better to make an informed decision. Well, we agree, it is not that easy! The variety of floor coverings' rug materials, colors, patterns make it very hard to select that Best item for you. So, in case you are confused about the selection of rugs, you can contact us anytime. We, at RugKnots are joyfully available to serve you round the clock. You can also get the benefit of our free buying guides for different types of rugs. 


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