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Decorating your home is a very important and technical task. While decorating, there are a lot of things that you would need to take care of. There are several aspects that come under decorating however; the most important aspect is rugs. It is one of the most significant prospects of styling and decorating your home (if not the most). Your choice and way of using area rugs can either make the place magnificent or dull the entire sparkle that your space possesses. Hence, it is very essential. Decoration is obviously very much needed in almost every area of one’s home. While decorating, there are several prospects that matter. One area that actually is the most focal in terms of its usage is the bedroom.  It basically represents your sense of fashion and a lot of different things. You live most part of your day in your bedrooms and styling it is obviously the foremost thing anyone would want to. Of course, one very important item for this cause is a bedroom rug that can make your place look like heavens. Using bedroom rugs might not always be your favorite comfort zone. A lot of people might not know how they can decorate with bedroom rugs and how to make them look effortless without placing it just for the sake of placing it. Merely placing the rug in your room is not the only thing you should do if you are looking forward to “decorating” your room. There are several other ways you can make use of to decorate your bedroom with rugs. Here, we tell you all the ways how you can decorate with bedroom rugs.

How to place them?

Placing your rug the right way is one of the most misunderstood ideas. People don’t really get how they exactly should place their rugs especially in their bedrooms. They buy a bedroom rug and simply place it and that’s it! Well, that’s the most basic and generic thing and there is so much more that you can try to make your room look like never before. There are multiple ways you can experiment in terms of placement of the rug. You can place your place in front of the bed such as to extend some of the rug to exist under the bed. This way the front section of the rug will be able to be seen and the other half should be placed beneath the bed meaning it won’t be very obvious and revealing. The other way around can be to place the entire rug out in front of the bed so that it is fully seen . You can use rug shapes such as round rugs or square shaped rugs to place rugs this way. Not only that, you can also consider placing runner rugs beside your bed either beside both the sides or only one of them. Both ways, it will look amazing. So if you were struggling to do something different in this regard but didn’t know how to exactly do that well, you must have figured that out by now!

Experiment with the shapes

Bedroom rugs come in an array of shapes. Other than the standard rug shapes such as rectangle, circle or square shapes there are a lot of other shapes that you might as well not know about. Those shapes include shapes like triangle, cloud shaped, heart shaped and even any customized shapes. You can use as much of these shapes and ace the eventual look. It would look the best if you try experimenting with as many shapes as you can. You can place all the funky shaped rugs in your bedroom if that matches your vibe. You place different shaped rugs at different areas of your room to make everything look very diverse and make distinguished places. For example, you have a small table in one of your room corners, then you can try placing small round rugs at those sites to make it look accessorized and beautiful. Your space will look eternally diverse and would look very sundry. So trying different shapes such as square, round or any other less famous shaped rug is always favorable in almost every way possible.

Over placing the area rugs

Now, you must not have heard about the terms that we just used. Well, that's because we made that up to some extent. Now what this actually is the question that must have arisen in your mind right away and we are here to let you know of this really magical technique. So let’s start knowing about it, see if you buy two rugs and instead of placing them at different places and spaces what you can do is place them side by side. This technique especially works in large and spacious rooms. If you have two rectangular shaped rugs, you can place them side by side or upside down and either way it would look cool. Another way to “over place” your rugs is a little tricky but is definitely work experimenting. Let’s say, you have two runner rugs, what you can do is; you can dissect over each other. Over-placing is a great way to add definition, shape, color and details to your area. It’s not very risky but you can use either same or somewhat contrasting intricately designed rugs and over place them together. Trust us, it’s worth it!  


Place the bedroom rugs on your wall

We have forever been emphasizing on this thing; rugs are not just for floors, you can use them bedroom rugs in as many different ways as possible. A lot of people use area rugs just for placing them on the floors as they believe that they only have the capacity to be placed there but it is completely wrong and baseless! Rugs are for diverse purposes and this technique is just one of the diverse functions of area rugs. When you buy bedroom rugs, you can also buy them in consideration to be placed on the walls. If you have huge walls that are greater in width then it is very much favorable that you get a rug that is large in size that is able to satisfy the size of the already existing size of the walls and the overall room. However, if you have walls that are smaller in size, then you should obviously put up bedroom rugs that are smaller and minimal in size. You can consider placing round rugs or any fun shaped rug such as a cloud shaped rug would be a great visual appeal for anyone who sees it. In addition to this, you can also place rugs on the walls that is obviously the simplest statement to make but there is more to it which will definitely uplift the game. There are other ways that you can accessorize the wall rugs to your utmost best. For example, if you buy a rug that is round and circular in shape but has a plain color i.e. one colored and there is not much design or textures made up on it, then a very considerable way is to place it on the wall and then place some other item on it such as a mirror. In this way, not only would you be able to place a rug on the wall but also your goal to accessorize your furniture items is a great deal of complement. Not just these, but there are several other ways you can extend to the idea of this technique and shine your way through your bedroom décor.

Obsessin’ over those layers

If you have been following our blogs, you must have noticed that we just can’t seem to let go off layering. We are its fans and there is no coming back from it. We admit that we have been possessed by the idea of layering. Whether it's your bedroom, guestroom or living room, layering just can’t fail to amaze us. So for those of you who do not really know what layering actually is, don’t worry as we have taken up to be your rug guide. If you brought one bedroom rug that larger and then you buy another smaller rug that the previous one. What you have to do in order to layer the, up is to simply place the larger rug beneath the smaller one. You can practice this on rug shapes like rectangle, square and round. Make sure that the rug you choose is not completely off of each other on a larger scale. Meaning, they should not contrast each other very much i.e. the color and design of both the rugs should be as like to be able to complement each other and not contradict in any way. You might think layering is risky because that’s what we hear most often but nonetheless, it’s definitely worth the risk and every rug lover should unquestionably try this out if they really want to try something different in their decorative measures.

Pay attention to other crucial considerations

There are some details that should be taken care of and you must not ignore those in any way. While decorating your room, you must always consider what vibe and palpation your room is giving off. In that case, you need to take care of the colors, textures, patterns and designs you are choosing in your rugs, they should not mismatch the overall layout and ambience of your room as it will surely drain and waste your energies and hard work eventually. That’s because your room will not look something that is put together but would simply look like you have just bought the stuff and placed it regardless of its capacity to perform well. For example, if you are choosing over the color of the bedroom rug that you want, you want to make sure that the colors and patterns you are using are not the ones that will rather contrast with the rooms’ layout. That obviously looks awkward and weird. It is not the kind of a sight that you really want to see as we understand that you want your bedroom to look eternal and you would never do that intentionally but still this happens on a large scale.

And that brings us to the end of our guide as to how you can decorate your room with bedroom rugs. We sincerely hope that you found this blog post helpful and informative. We also wish that by now you must have figured out which among all these ways is one that you are going to try for sure. You should always listen to your heart and experiment whenever you have the opportunity to. All these methods and ways are very simple to practice but still require some guts to be able to take risks which would ultimately prove their worth, try to stay away from all the common mistakes that people usually make that are rather unintentional but practiced at a larger scale. We don’t think you would find any source or guide more extensive, useful and to the point as ours were. Hope you try these out!

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This idea of decorating bed room with rugs is very useful. I will use it whenever I will change the same.

mohammed awad

Yes, it is very convenient, beautiful and fashionable

Shalini Sharma

Rugs gives an amazing look to room. Worth buying it. It will give an awesome look to the room to the home. It will improve the decor of the room, of the house.

Shalini Sharma

Rugs gives an amazing look to room. Worth buying it.

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