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Rug enthusiasts, or "Rug-a-nistas," those rare people who enjoy having extended chats about high-end wool rugs, are the types of friends we enjoy seeing on a regular basis. We discuss knot counts. We talk about historic rug themes that have been passed down through the centuries. We are awestruck by the wide range of natural dye hues utilized by artists to tint their wool. However, every now and again, we make the mistake of referring to Persian and Oriental rugs as interchangeable terms. In actuality, there is a significant difference between Oriental and Persian rugs. Oriental and Persian rugs are both stunning and distinctive in their own right.

What’s the difference between Oriental and Persian Rugs

The key differences

It might be difficult to tell the difference between Oriental and Persian rugs. They are the most precious and sought-after rugs in the world due to their ancient and detailed designs, natural wool fibers, durability, and painstaking workmanship. The value of both types of rugs rises with time. Above all, both types of carpets are handcrafted, making them one-of-a-kind treasures that will bring delight and beauty to your home for decades.

The key differences

Country of Origin

The country in which Oriental and Persian rugs are made is one of the differences between them. The Persian rug dates back thousands of years to the old Persian Empire. Despite the fact that Persia's boundaries have shifted constantly over the years, Persian rugs are most generally made in Iran. Pakistan's indigenous weavers also produce tribal Persian rugs. The countries of China, Turkey, Tibet, India, and Egypt produce the majority of authentic Oriental rugs.

Country of Origin


The sort of knot used to manufacture the rug is another distinction between Oriental and Persian rugs. On looms, true Oriental and Persian rugs are hand-knotted. Ghiordes knots are symmetrical knots used to tie Oriental rugs. This knot can be seen in hand-knotted rugs from Turkey and Iran's Kurdish regions. The most common knot used in Persian rugs is the asymmetrical or Senneh knot. Iran, Pakistan, India, China, and Egypt are among the countries that have spent thousands of years trying various types of knots. Senneh knotted rugs are typically more symmetrical and exact.



Hand cleaning a rug is an ancient and customary practice that distinguishes Oriental and Persian rugs. The fact that Persian rugs are customarily hand-washed is one of the reasons why they are regarded to be the softest in the world. Pakistan carpets are in high demand because of their natural colors and washing method. Collectors frequently choose Pakistan's indigenous weavers when considering a long-term investment. In the last decade, several really intriguing village rugs from Pakistan have begun to appear, created with vegetable colors and hand-spun natural wool.

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Here is a list of the best Oriental and Persian Rugs

1. Multi-Color Kazak Area Rug

Hand-knotted with 100% wool, the Multi-color Kazak Area Rug is designed for all spaces to work seamlessly with your decor. Choose this stunning rug if you are looking to infuse your living space with power and intensity or opt for subtlety with tans. At 5' 9 x 8' 4 sizes, the Multicolor design will feel plush underfoot as it surrounds you providing an exquisitely stylish addition that contemporary homeowners crave at their feet. RugKnots offer free shipping as well as free returns within a 30 days policy since customer satisfaction is our major concern. Click the link to purchase our lovely Multi color Kazak area rug now before it runs out of stock.

Multi-Color Kazak Area Rug

2. Ivory Ziegler Area Rug

Traditional design with a modern feel, this exquisite handmade rug will inspire creative ideas from the moment you lay your eyes on its intricately designed pattern of a brilliant hand-woven Persian rug. This is a thoughtful addition to any space that inspires creativity and beauty. Additionally, it is an elegant floor idea that will bring sophistication and elegance into any room in your home. Handmade from soft plush wool for maximum comfort and durability, this beautiful carpet has been professionally cleaned so it smells great too! Measuring 5' 9 x 8' 4 in size for more cushioning underneath your feet while still being durable enough not to cause tripping risks, these carpets are perfect additions to any living room or bedroom.  We provide free returns as well as free delivery. Buy now before it gets too late. Click here to purchase our amazing Ivory Ziegler rugs today!

Ivory Ziegler Area Rug

3. Grey Ziegler Area Rug 

Decorating a room with living and office furniture is one thing, but adding in the perfect rug (like the Grey Ziegler Area Rug) is where design becomes art. The detail in this hand-knotted masterpiece makes it so beautiful you'll want to stare at it all day long–but what really makes this particular area rug perfect for your space? The pile height of such high quality will add plushness and heft to any hard floor surface. When we see great designs like these, we know it's time to change things up! The rug measures 6' 8 x 9' 6 inches. Click the link to purchase this amazing Grey Ziegler Area rug today from our website RugKnots.com!

Grey Ziegler Area Rug

4. Ivory Kazak Area Rug 

Are you looking for a new rug? The Ivory Kazak Area Rug is the perfect addition to your living room. It’s soft, plush, and feels great under your feet. You can feel its intricate pattern as soon as you walk into the room. Its design will inspire you every day of your life! This gorgeous area rug is hand-knotted with fine artistry and quality craftsmanship that makes it truly unique. It is available in size 5' 9 x 7' 10. There’s no other rug like this one on the market today – so don’t miss out on this opportunity! Click here to buy an Ivory Kazak Area Rug today! Purchase an Ivory Kazak Area Rug now before they sell out!

Ivory Kazak Area Rug

5. Multi-Color Kazak Area Rug 

Are you looking for a new rug? Our hand-knotted Kazak rugs are made of 100% wool and have an intricate pattern that will add warmth to any room. The soft fabric is plush under your feet, so it’s the perfect addition to your living room or bedroom.  The rug measures 6' 8 x 9' inches. This beautiful area rug will be the focal point of your home decor. Its contemporary design makes it a lovely addition to any space with its unique color palette and fine art-inspired pattern. You won’t find another rug like this one on the market today; it’s truly inspiring! And if you buy now we offer free shipping on all orders then what are you waiting for? Add this gorgeous piece to your cart today! Click here right now to purchase our stunning Multi-Color Kazak Area Rug at our website!

Multi-Color Kazak Area Rug

6. Ivory Isfahan Area Rug

Are you looking for a new rug for your living room? Our rugs are hand-knotted and made from 100% wool. They’re the perfect addition to any room in your home, as they add warmth, comfort, and style.  The size of the rug is 4' x 6'. And our rugs come with free shipping! No matter what kind of rug you’re looking for – we have it here at RugKnots Company! If you need help finding the right one for your space, don’t hesitate to contact us today—we love helping people find their dream rug! Click this link now to shop our Ivory Isfahan rugs now! Click here to purchase our sophisticated and classy Ivory Isfahan area rugs now before it is sold out.

Ivory Isfahan Area Rug

7. Ivory Isfahan Area Rug 

No rugs can come close to the beauty of ivory Isfahan Rugs. Inspired by traditions, the Isfahan design showcases timeless patterns that are handed-knotted into a beautiful pile of plush silk with brilliant hues to spotlight your decor. You will be treated to its classic beauty every time you step on this floor idea for oriental rugs versus Persian rugs. The rug measures 4' x 6' 3 inches. It is hand-knotted with 100% wool.  Crafted with soft wool and cotton, it will transform any room into a piece of fine art. Whether you need a new living room floor idea or want to create some art decor for your floors, these elegant rugs are the perfect addition to your modern home! RugKnots top priority is customer satisfaction therefore free shipping and free returns within a 30 days policy. Click the link to purchase our stunning and classy Ivory Isfahan area rug now before it sells out.

Ivory Isfahan Area Rug

8. Multi-Color Mamluk Area Rug 

Now your living room can be both classy and refreshing at the same time. Introducing our latest model of the mamluk rugs that promises to add an air of luxury to your home décor. Plush, soft pile height makes this product ideal for use in any contemporary space while being rich enough to still fit nicely with some traditional aesthetics. If you have no idea how to tie together contrasting elements or if you are looking for something vibrant yet earthy - the choice is easy - get inspired today! Press the link to get more details about this Multicolor Mamluk area rug now!

Multi-Color Mamluk Area Rug

9. Multicolor Ziegler Area Rug 

This rug is the perfect floor idea for any living room. With high pile height and a beautiful intricate pattern, this hand-knotted Oriental rug will be sure to inspire anyone who looks at it. There are oriental rugs available as well as Persian rugs. The handmade intricately patterned rug is composed of wool and cotton. The wool yarns are twisted to create a fabric that has both durability and softness in one package. Cotton is used because it provides warmth in winter and coolness in summer while enhancing the true hue color surprisingly well. And because this rug starts with strips of cloth right from the start, we call them ‘Mamluk’. This ancient weaving technique ensures natural beauty every time! The perfect addition for living areas such as hallways or corridors because not only does it add color, but also character to any house! With painstaking hours devoted to making these rugs, you will be paid back by its beauty alone when you walk on it. The rug measures 7x10 inches. RugKnots provide free shipping as well as free returns within a 30 days policy. Click the link to purchase this gorgeous Multi color Ziegler area rug today!

Multicolor Ziegler Area Rug

10. Brown Overdyed Area Rug 

This contemporary overdyed rugs has a soft pile height to make it feel plush underfoot. The ink is hand-knotted, making this rug perfect for your living room. Its intricate design in brown with white accents is sure to bring an element of charm to any floor or dining table. The size of the rug is  7' 7" X 11' 1". It's the ideal complement to living spaces like hallways or corridors because it not only adds color but also character to any home! When you put in the time and effort to make these rugs, you will be rewarded by their beauty alone when you walk on them. We offer free shipping and free returns in case the product gets defective during the delivery process since customer satisfaction is our main focus.

Brown Overdyed Area Rug

11. Brown Ziegler Area Rug

There's a tranquil, grandmotherly feel with this elegant room rug. Hand-knotted from premium wool and cotton fibers with a traditional but unique design, its gorgeously soft plump pile will enliven any home floor to become the perfect centerpiece for our modern furnishing needs. The smooth surface offers gorgeous harmony in natural colors that are rich in character, bringing you seamlessly into the beautiful world of woven artistry. It can be hard finding "just right" pieces for your space... But what if I told you about the modest yet beautifully refined Brown Ziegler Area Rug? Precious details like small motifs embedded within each pattern emphasize texture while adding another layer of visual richness without being too ornate or ostentatious. It comes in size 7' 10 x 9' 9.  Click the link to purchase our beautiful and stylish rug from our website RugKnots.com!

Brown Ziegler Area Rug

12. Ivory Ziegler Area Rug 

Inspired by vintage glazed pottery and hand-knotted, the Ivory Ziegler Area Rug will take your living room from ordinary to something extraordinary. It is made of 100% wool, this soft pile rug is one of a kind and utterly gorgeous and you will love how it will make your feet feel plush on top of it!  This charming accent piece features an intricate pattern with colors ranging from light cream to dark brown. Offering a large size at 7' 10 x 10', you're guaranteed to find space here for comfort as well as style. All rugs are unique so minor variations in design may occur. RugKnots offer free returns and free delivery so what are you waiting for? Click the link to purchase our lovely Ivory Ziegler area rug today from our website RugKnots!

Ivory Ziegler Area Rug

13. Multi-Color Ziegler Area Rug

Inspired by the vibrant art and rich heritage of Persian and Oriental rug weaving, this Ziegler Area Rug is a bold statement piece for any home. When you're running out of ideas on how to decorate your living room floor, then this is a must-have! This rug is perfect for those who want more visual interest in a traditional setting. The colorful colors and intricate patterns will make any room come alive with beauty and inspiration. Handmade from ethically sourced natural fibers with amazing craftsmanship, you’ll love how it captures the color and creativity of traditional artisans to bring your living room alive. It is the perfect addition that will inspire hours of squishy contemplation on your soft yet practical floor idea! It comes in size 8' 2 x 9' 10. You'll never feel disappointed when you see your new living room floor after buying one of these rugs! RugKnots give free shipping and free returns as well. Click the link to get more information about this Multi-Color Ziegler area rug today from our website RugKnots before it is sold out.

Multi-Color Ziegler Area Rug

14. Brown Ziegler Area Rug

The Brown Ziegler Area Rug is a gorgeously woven, hand-knotted rug to make the perfect addition to any room. With an intricate pattern and soft fabric, this elegantly designed modern masterpiece will inspire your decor or floor idea. The contemporary Oriental rugs have intricately woven patterns with the pile height varying depending on how much protection it provides from spills. Our Persian rugs are durable, thick materials with plushness made just right so they still feel good under bare toes - but keep dirt away too! The rug measures 8' 1 x 9' 9 inches. RugKnots offer free shipping as well as free returns in case the product gets defective during a delivery process. Click the link to buy our amazing Brown Ziegler area rug today from our website now.

Brown Ziegler Area Rug

15. Red Kazak Area Rug

Lose yourself in a world of warmth and beauty with this magnificent Oriental rug. Our traditional Red Kazak Area Rug's soft plush pile is sure to envelop your living room with unparalleled elegance and style. The size of the rug is 5' 3 x 8'. The intricately designed pattern will make a lovely addition to any contemporary setting, while the color highlights its versatile design making it fit for any space from a modern apartment or family home. If you are looking for a decorative living room floor idea, then this rug will never disappoint. Customer happiness is our top priority therefore free shipping and free returns have been provided to the customers. Click the link to purchase our Red Kazak Area Rug today from our website RugKnots.com!

Red Kazak Area Rug

16. Navy Oushak Area Rug

Decorative, beautiful, and perfect for a living room, the Navy Oushak Area Rug is woven from an intricate blue pattern in a soft pile height. The rug exudes both beauty and elegance with its contemporary design combined with charming details such as delicate fringe trimming on all four sides. This eye-catching area rug can compliment any modern interior design or be used to inspire your own creativity. This rug is a great addition to any home. The quality of this rug will last for many years to come. The Navy Oushak Area Rug measures 8' 9 x 11' 5 and is handmade from 100% wool, which feels soft and plush underfoot. Designers love these stylish floorings as they're quick to install and offer ambiance without all the fuss. Add a touch of history to your living room with this traditionally breathtaking Persian rug. Vintage and luxurious, the classic navy shade is an understated accent for any space, with intricate details that'll never go out of style. 

Navy Oushak Area Rug

17. Tan Isfahan Area Rug

The tan Isfahan Area Rug will instantly make your living room elegant. It is woven out of soft and plush wool, making it a delightful addition to any space, be it for art or floor use. The intricate design elegantly plays into the rug's modernity with an integrated color palette that includes greys and browns that subtly accent each other in this unique rug. The quality of this rug is incomparable, and it is sure to be a favorite in any room in your home. This Area Rug will instantly bring life into your space with its bright color that can't help but draw attention. This rug has been handmade out of 100% natural sheep's wool. It features an eloquent design that most would want for their Persian rug. Although many think our Oriental rugs are similar, this is not true: we invite you to compare and notice subtle differences between them! This rug is best for those who want a more colorful and vibrant rug.

Tan Isfahan Area Rug

18. Tan Mamluk Area Rug

This hand-knotted tan color area rug is a gorgeous and luxurious addition to any living room. The intricate pattern and soft, plush pile height make this contemporary, oriental rug an elegant and inspiring piece of art decor for your household's floor idea. Whether you're looking for a modernized rug design or the newest floating floor that encapsulates the very essence of fine artist restlessness, this lovingly woven traditional Persian Rug is at home in both traditional and contemporary interior designs. Soft fabric edges give off the spirit of luxury while also providing durability for long-lasting usage to keep your floors safe from damage caused by sharp objects such as furniture legs or table corners. There are a few important questions we like to ask ourselves before selecting our new living room rug. The quality of this rug is truly one of a kind, made by craftsmen who have been mastering their skills for generations. This traditional Persian rug features the characteristic symmetrical knotted pile construction that has become synonymous with fine quality Oriental rugs throughout history.

Tan Mamluk Area Rug

19. Ivory Ardibil Area Rug

The Ivory Ardibil Rugs felt lux and soft underfoot. The felt plush pile height is perfect for use in a living room or entryway to add warmth and style. Woven of virgin wool, the rug has an intricately patterned design that adds both texture and color to any space it adorns. Inspired by traditional Persian designs, this area rug is hand-knotted using the finest materials available which help create its elegant yet contemporary look. With fine craftsmanship paired with innovative design, you can't go wrong with adding this eye-catching carpet to your floor! This rug is a beautiful addition to any home decor. Add texture and beauty to your flooring with the Ivory Ardibil Area Rug. The hand-knotted wool is beautifully woven into an intricate traditional design that will creatively blend in with any living room setting. The light ivory color of the rug provides a grounded feel for this plush, elegant, and oriental rug.

Tan Mamluk Area Rug

20. Beige Ziegler Area Rug 

This traditional rug is a beautiful and gorgeous addition to any living room. Hand-knotted, the intricate pattern creates such an elegant look while still providing comfort for your feet. With its plush pile height and feel, this Beige Ziegler Area Rug will surely add positive vibes to your flooring design. The Beige Ziegler Area Rug features a soft pile height and a hand-knotted design with a plush feel. This rug's fabric is an elegant color, woven intricately in a pattern that is both traditional and inspiring for any living room or floor idea. With its part-oriental character, this rug will add an air of luxury to any decor while still retaining its own originality away from the mold of Persian rugs. The quality of this rug is unsurpassed as it is made from 100% virgin wool. Whether you're looking for an elegant yet simplistic rug or something more ornate to complete your design, the Beige Ziegler Area Rug is sure to fit into any home decor.

Beige Ziegler Area Rug

21. Green Ziegler Area Rug

The Green Area Rug features a traditional design, woven from 100% wool material. This plush rug is hand-knotted and has a soft pile height - perfect for lounging around with a good book or curling up with the kids to play games on a Sunday afternoon. Its rustic elegance beautifully enhances any room in your home! This rug features a green and beige color scheme. This plush rug is hand-knotted and has a soft pile height - perfect for lounging around with a good book or curling up with the kids to play games on. This hand-knotted oriental rug is designed with an intricate pattern in beautiful shades. This piece is perfect for the living room floor or even to display beautiful artwork if you prefer it to hang on the wall! When adding this traditional rug, your home will take on a glamorous aesthetic and pop of color which will be sure to inspire everyone who enters your home!

Green Ziegler Area Rug

22. Black Ziegler Area Rug

Fashionable but not showy, this rug has a traditional beauty that spans the centuries with its intricate pattern. A delightful addition to any living room or flooring idea, these rugs are of soft pile height and come in several colors. Plush yet durable thanks to hand-knotted craftsmanship by skilled artisans, these luxurious fabric rugs will have you inspired for centuries to come. Black Ziegler Area Rug is a traditional rug with a gorgeous intricate pattern. This contemporary area rug has been intricately woven to perfection, soft and plush just like you would imagine an Oriental rug should feel - but with a difference! Featuring beautiful colors that will not clash with any color scheme, this carpet will bring sophistication to wherever it goes – living room ‘ here we come! Get this rug now and add a touch of elegance to your home.

Black Ziegler Area Rug

23. Navy Kazak Area Rug

The Navy Kazak Area Rug brings timeless elegance to any room. This Persian living room rug is soft plush and woven with an intricate pattern. The beautiful floor design will make the perfect addition to your space; it’s contemporary yet elegant, fine art yet innovative! Transform your den into a relaxing oasis with this lovely, hand-knotted rug. It features an intricate pattern of leaves woven in the wool thread for a soft, luxurious feel. The color is navy blue and cream with delicate gold accents that will match anything else you have on the floor! This area rug is perfect for small spaces or even to display in your living room. This rug is perfect for any room in your home. It’s durable, stain-resistant, and easy to clean! The patterned design will give your space a touch of class without taking away from the rest of the decor.

Navy Kazak Area Rug

24. Grey Wool & Silk Area Rug

When the time is right, it's important to spoil your space. You deserve it!  This lovingly hand-knotted plush piece of art features a traditional design with exquisite detailing. This lovely addition will be a perfect statement in any contemporary or classy living room. Add this beauty to your floor idea and enjoy an elegant accent with rich color that is inspired by lush landscapes for ground cover in the bedroom, dining area, cottage style kitchen - anywhere you want softness and inspiration. Oriental rugs and Persian rugs not only offer dimension but also add visual interest with their intricate patterns against subtle earth tones woven together in thick luxurious pile height. The pile height offers plush comfort that infuses elegance to any room. Perfect for creating a cozy atmosphere with a modern style!

Grey Wool & Silk Area Rug

25. Green Bokhara Area Rug

These stunning traditional Bokhara Rugs are a perfect addition to your contemporary living room. With its intricate pattern and bold color, this hand-knotted design will inspire you with every step on the floor. Soft and plush under your feet, it feels almost like walking on clouds! Imagine how wonderful it will complement both a floral couch or a sleek white loveseat positioned around an area rug for that timeless feel of luxury. A traditional and beautiful Persian "rug," this Bokhara area rug is hand-knotted in a gorgeous design with an intricate pattern. Additionally, it has a plush, velvety feel that will be perfect for your living room or place of meditation--or just to relax on the floor at home during these cold winter months. The coloring can quickly bring warmth into any space you put it in--from its natural cream color to a vibrant pink hue.

Green Bokhara Area Rug

26. Coral Bokhara Area Rug

The Coral Bokhara Area Rug is simple yet elegant with its intricate pattern and soft pile height. This rug can go in any room of the home as a lovely addition to your space. It brings a graceful touch with its color and invites you into the exotic life that this item will bring. Whether you’re looking for something refreshing or want to break up the colors, this rug has it all! Bring your living room alive with the beauty and intricacies of our hand-knotted Coral Bokhara Area Rug. A traditional design composed of a gorgeous palette, this rug is both soft and plush to provide your feet with luxurious comfort when you walk across it. The soft woven fabric makes for an elegant appearance that will make an everlasting impression on any visitor! If you're looking for inspiration to help inject life into your humble abode then look no further place than right under your feet in the form of our Coral Bokhara Area Rug today!

Coral Bokhara Area Rug

27. Grey Caucasian Area Rug

The beautiful Grey Caucasian Area Rug brings the whole room together with its soft, plush pile and intricate pattern. Give your living space a classic touch with this chic area rug for any modern lifestyle or contemporary design. Is it time for an upgrade? Introducing the Grey Caucasian Area Rug. This traditional rug can be used in your living room or hallway to spruce up any space. Gorgeous, finely woven contemporary rugs are perfect to warm up a home with style. Soft plush pile not only feels comforting on your feet but is also visually pleasing, no matter where you place them - these area rugs are meant for all tastes because of their soft colors and intricate patterns. Have fun shaping your own floor idea before deciding which beautiful addition would fit best into your home's stunning décor! It's absolute art decor at its finest! If you are looking for something elegant that will make a large statement - this is it!

Grey Caucasian Area Rug

28. Multi-Color Baluchi Area Rug

Renew an old home with the addition of a chic and modern rug. This hand-knotted, colorfully patterned rug is perfect for any living room to combine comfort and style. Vintage styling meets refined elegance in this aptly named Multi-Color Baluchi Rugs. Its light and airy pate consist of wool and viscose, making it one step ahead of natural material properties: soft pile height makes it easy on your feet; viscous insulates against cold floors; malleable fibers withstand high traffic; wool absorbs moisture from spills - leading to a more condense dry time before stains set permanently. This Persian Baluchi Area rug has an intricate pattern that brings beauty and grace into any room. This traditional piece will serve as a lovely addition to your living space while adding to the welcoming aspect of it. Made from soft wool pile height

Multi-Color Baluchi Area Rug

29. Navy Ziegler Area Rug

It can be easy to get lost browsing through all of the rugs at your local retailer, but you'll find that our new Navy Ziegler Area Rug offers something for everyone. Hand-knotted with the most luxurious fabric available, this rug is perfect for any floor type or size. Its unique design comes from traditional Persian Oriental home decorating while still being very contemporary and rich in color! With its accommodating pile height on a plush woolen surface fleece backing, this area rug will delicately sculpt to complement your modern designed space! Add style and sophistication to your living room with this hand-knotted, traditional oriental rug. This Navy Ziegler Area Rug's intricate pattern is an inviting addition that can be easily woven into any space.

Navy Ziegler Area Rug

30. Brown Ikat Area Rug

Add a traditional and beautiful handmade Brown Ikat Rugs to your living room for that warm, inviting, lush feeling. The soft pile height creates an intimate atmosphere in the home that begs you to cling to it. Imagine sipping tea on this hand-knotted rug's plush surface-- truly an elegant addition with intricate patterning woven into its design. To round out this floor idea of the art decor, the rug is made from a delicate but durable yarn so it can withstand even high traffic areas without showing wear and tear over time. With a combination of versatility and style, the Brown Ikat Area Rug will serve as a fresh way to liven up any contemporary space while fitting in just fine with other furnishings around the house!

Brown Ikat Area Rug

Here are answers to some commonly asked questions by our customers About what's the difference between Oriental and Persian rugs

1. What is the prime difference between an oriental and a Persian rug?

Oriental rugs are primarily made in China, India, and Pakistan. Persian rug on the other hand is a term that refers to an art form originating from Iran or adjacent countries of the Middle East while some oriental rug styles come from regions near Persia. A prime difference between an Oriental or Persian rug is that they are made in different parts of the world. To put it simply, Persian carpets are Oriental rugs. Carpets created in oriental nations are referred to as oriental rugs. Iran produces Persian carpets, and Iran is an oriental country. An oriental carpet is one made in an oriental country.

2. Which rug is better oriental or Persian rug?

Oriental rug and Persian rugs are the same things, but oriental rugs are made in eastern countries and Persian carpets are from Iran. Many oriental rugs styles come from Persia or adjacent countries of the Middle East while some oriental rug styles come from regions near Persia. Authentic Persian rugs are more expensive than Oriental rugs due to their widespread popularity, rarity, and cultural significance. Moreover, not all oriental rugs come from eastern countries, Persian rugs which have a variety of styles including medallion, prayer rug, tribal or village style, Isfahan "busy" pattern carpet with many flowers that often covers the entire field of the rug.

3. What makes Persian carpets so costly?

A Persian carpet is a cultural treasure and is often handed down through generations. Persian rugs tend to be more colorful than Oriental rugs and are more likely to include gold threading. The older the carpet, often the higher its value which creates demand for vintage Persian carpets. Perian carpets have ancient and intricate designs and are often hand-knotted.

4. Are Persian or Oriental rugs woven?

Persian or oriental rugs are woven, not tufted. Hand-knotted rugs are the most expensive and highest quality type of home rug, as they take a long time to weave by hand. These rugs are durable and have a long lifespan because the knots used to weave them are tied tightly. Shapes, sizes, colors, and patterns vary between oriental and Persian rugs. An Oriental rug is generally much thicker than Persian rugs, which makes it more durable but less conducive for use in colder climates or under heavy furniture.

5. Are both Persian rugs and oriental rugs hand-knotted?

These rugs are both hand-knotted, but Persian rugs are slightly less expensive because they take significantly less time to make. These rugs are made with a flat weave, which means that the design is not raised up from the ground. The quality of both of these rugs depends on the quality of wool used to make them. Oriental rugs are generally made with a flat weave, which means that they have a design that is not raised up from the ground. The patterns and shapes vary between oriental and Persian rugs as well as size, color.

6. How to clean these rugs properly?

You can clean these rugs by vacuuming them with a head attachment. Oriental rugs are made of wool that has been dyed, so they can be spot-cleaned by using soap and water on the specific area to avoid ruining the rug in its entirety. Persian rugs should not be washed because it will affect their durability and quality over time. These rugs are vacuumed regularly with a head attachment, but if you notice that they are starting to gather dirt or dust then it is time for professional cleaning.

Today, check out our Oriental and Persian Rugs selection and save hundreds of dollars with RugKnots' most economical assortment! You will get the greatest and highest quality carpets at a reasonable price here! We offer a vast selection of styles and designs to pick from, so you can choose the right rug for your home. We also offer free shipping! So, Buy rugs from our website now! For more information please email us at info@rugknots.com or call us at (301) 660-7046. We are happy to answer your questions!

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Ivory Isfahan Area Rug - AR5496Ivory Isfahan Area Rug
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