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Just like a living room, your kitchen space is ‘the heart of your home.’ This area receives a great amount of footfall while you cook two to three times a day. With the best area rugs for the kitchen, you can make working in the kitchen much fun and comfortable. It is a common misconception that rugs are not ideal for kitchen spaces because spills and stains are bound to happen. If you believe the above, here are some important points we need to highlight for you. These prove that using rugs for the kitchen is a good idea and if you buy kitchen rugs online it will be a great investment. These constant spills and stains may even increase the risk of wear and tear, thus decreasing the life of your rug. Some customers even believe that kitchen rugs will not even give a sense of grandeur that they long for. However, we assure you that this is a hoax! You do require adding in a rug in your kitchen and you need to be sure that it is the most effective. Your kitchen deserves an attractive and lasting area rug, and it is not enough to pick an imaginary one if it is not enduring to last long. When it comes to decorating your kitchen space, you need to consider two factors; practical durability and adding an attractive touch to your space. I would like to share a few secrets about adopting the most effective area rug in the kitchen so that you will not make an incorrect choice. If your kitchen seems insipid, some of these products will lighten up. Go and check them carefully and choose a rug that will make your kitchen look like your dream kitchen.


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Moreover, there are other kitchen rug ideas, which when paired with your kitchen floor, can easily turn your space into the relaxing, practical, and attractive place you want it to be. Such as our, Contemporary wool area rugs. These add warmth, depth, and beautiful popping colors in every room whether you are buying them for home decor or office decor purposes. Oriental kitchen area rugs look stunning in kitchens too! Although it might not appear normal to place a rug in your kitchen because people usually consider rugs as something to place in other areas of the house. However, there are quite a few benefits of putting one in the kitchen, which most buyers do not know about. Such as, they secure kitchen floors, and provide a soft platform for standing on when cooking and create a slush of gloss to the room. Rugs in the kitchen add beauty to the interior decoration and prevent fortuities. It becomes a very comfortable place for cooking. Before you can draw the benefits of using the best area rugs for the kitchen, you must first work out what purpose you want the carpet to fulfill and align that with your style. Moreover, you will have to find kitchen rugs that are of the greatest quality. To assist our reviewers out with those guides, we have listed 8 of the best kitchen area rugs below that are presently available. If you want to buy kitchen rugs in the US, we have some of the best rugs in our store.


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Kitchen rugs are an absolute must-have. Here are a few reasons why adding a rug in your kitchen is truly a good thought. After reading this you would want to buy kitchen rugs online from RugKnots.

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Floor Protection

It keeps floors from getting scratched and harmed by spills, stains, and even water. Since a kitchen is a relatively high-traffic area, your floor is bound to get scratches over time. Placing a rug in your kitchen space will certainly prevent it from happening.


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Dish Protection

They can create a bit of additional protection for dishes that might unexpectedly drop in the kitchen. This might provide enough cushion to protect them from smashing.

Padding for Chores

Walking over on a delicate, soft, and plush surface feels much more comfortable than hardwood or tile. Most costumers these days believe that having a rug can make your kitchen much more comfortable and inviting. Furthermore, the cushioning effect provided by a kitchen carpet can relieve pressure on individuals' lower back when they are cooking or washing dishes. To top it up, it can even increase productivity in the kitchen. When you get comfortable due to the change in environment, you work with better focus and in a good mood.


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Reduces the Noise

Placing a rug in your kitchen can minimize the noise in a kitchen area to a great extent. The rug's delicate and soft surface serves as a sound safeguard that buffers the sound when you are cooking in the kitchen. You would not want noises to shake the room while you are setting up a fantastic feast. Especially when you have guests over!

Adds Color to the Kitchen Space

Kitchens have a propensity of looking dull and somewhat boring, so a rug can put in a much-needed color that livens up the room. When choosing a rug for your kitchen space, we always recommend using a patterned one or a multi-colored rug because this brings the look of the room together.


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Every kitchen no matter the shape or size can benefit from a kitchen area rug. Keep reading ahead for an even more detailed guide to kitchen rugs!

How the Best Area Rugs for Kitchen Protect Your Floors & Dishes!

While it might seem counter-intuitive to put a valuable area rug in a kitchen, it is a must-do to protect your floors, whether they are hardwood or marble. Protect your hardwood floors from scratches, scuffs, early aging, and becoming stained from spills with kitchen area rugs. Wool rugs are exceptionally durable and able to handle spills and foot traffic. However, most homeowners refrain from using wool rugs in their kitchen spaces since wool rugs are quite expensive. As an alternative, homeowners tend to use polypropylene of other synthetic rugs instead. Buy kitchen rugs online from us today.


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Add Color to a Room

The newest trend in kitchens is bright whites and lots of neutrals. In general, kitchens have white cabinets, grey counters, and white backsplashes. Most people are choosing kitchen rugs with neutral and bright colors. If you want to make the kitchen pop with colors then go for such rugs. On the other hand, if you want to add a touch of warmth to your kitchen then opt for kitchen rugs with warm colors. Some of our best area rugs for the kitchen are those with blue and yellow colors. Red rugs are a popular idea of kitchen rug sets. Other common colors people love to place in the kitchens are red, green, pinks, and purples. These colors create a feeling of warmth and comfort and create a welcoming environment because these colors are light and are often known as 'feel-good' hues.


Padding for Working/Cooking

Working in the kitchen can cause a strain on your back. An adequately padded kitchen area rug will reduce the pressure on your back, and if you put the correct rug pad underneath it, it can prevent slips. According to chiropractor Dr. William Madosky, "Using a padded, slip-resistant kitchen area rug or mat on the floor by the dishwashing area will help reduce the chance of injury from slipping."


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Now that you have some interior design ideas as to why you need a rug in your kitchen, check out how to decorate with them!

Runner Rug in Between Sink & Island

If you have a larger kitchen with a charming size island, place a runner rug between the island and the wall. Generally, you want four inches of space around the outside of the rug. This look is very stunning and shows off your rug patterns, so pick a kitchen rug you are in love with. Interior designers have grown in love with adding oriental runner rugs in kitchen spaces. This creates a very intimate space while maintaining its practicality. 


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Small Rug at the Sink

If you have a small kitchen, select a kitchen area rug that sits right at the dishwashing area. Generally, you will want a   3x5 rug size that is not too small and looks appropriate. To help you out, we have attached the following photo from Z Design at Home. As you can see for yourself, the rug is placed beautifully at the dishwashing area and looks appropriate too. Since the rug is relatively small, the rug itself will not come off as overwhelming so you can either select a bold rug or go more neutral. As you can see above in the attached photo, the traditional runner rug portrays a bold pattern. However, due to its size, the rug does not overwhelm its surroundings.

Rug Under Table

You must consider placing a rug under your kitchen table if you have an eat-in kitchen or an open floor plan. Rugs are fantastic at separating large open rooms into individual spaces and giving those certain places a sense of individuality and personality. Make sure you buy a large enough rug so your chairs have room to back up a little and still manage to place it on the rug. However, this might not always be the case. To help you understand better, the photo attached above from My Domaine is an exception since the cabinets condense the space.


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Neutral Kitchen Area Rug

Now that we have discussed kitchen rugs placement, let us discuss the hues and patterns. If your kitchen is dark, use a light or neutral rug to brighten it up. The contrast will create a positive emotional reaction for everyone that walks in. Pull the light tones from the area rug and use it throughout your kitchen. Such as wall hangings, fridge magnets and you may even use your children's artwork! Bright shades will open small spaces. If you have a small kitchen, use bright colored rugs and it will certainly feel like a bigger room! 

Bright Area Rugs for the Kitchen

On the opposite end of the spectrum, choose a bold area rug for a kitchen table. If you have white cabinets with light-colored countertops and backsplash, a bold, vibrant kitchen area rug will look ravishing. Ikat rugs have very different and bold patterns. Traditional oriental rugs (like Bokhara rugs) will have more symmetry and brighter colors. Or even if you are interested in a plain rug; you can even choose bright or neon-colored plain rugs. These area rugs for Kitchen are quite a trend these days. 


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Traditional Oriental Rugs

Traditional oriental rugs are always a fantastic choice, no matter what your decor style is. The timelessness of wool, oriental rugs makes them a perfect fit in any style home. The most popular traditional oriental rugs that we sell are Bokhara rugs. So many people love how easy it is to decorate with the deep reds and lovely, symmetrical patterns.

Extra Large Rugs

Extra-large kitchen rugs are perfect in rooms with a lot of floor space to fill. If you have a bright, neutral kitchen, place an overdyed rug in the middle. The vibrant shades of blues or greens will fill the room with cheerful colors. This creates a cool and interesting environment and if you have kids in the house, they will love it!


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Break Up Color Between Floor & Cabinets

People always ask interior designers for advice about the cabinet and floor colors. The perfect way to minimize a lot of the "sameness" of these colors is with a wool kitchen area rug. If your kitchen is all white, you can choose a contrasting color in a dark shade, For example, a dark red or a maroon red. Not only will this add color to your all-white theme, but will also give a warmer overall look to the kitchen

 Check out some high-quality area rugs, watch this video:


Rugs are available in various and numerous materials. Silk, wool, cotton, you name it! Not only are they available in natural fibers but are also available in synthetic fibers too. Interior designers find it more practical to place synthetic rugs in kitchen areas as spills and stains are bound to happen! Synthetic materials such as polypropylene are great material for kitchen rugs. Not only is it highly stain resistant, but they are also even available in different hues and patterns! So, if you are looking for a highly stain resistant rug that compliments your artistic side yet still stays within your budget, you should opt for polypropylene rugs. On the other hand, when we come to natural fiber rugs, wool rugs are most utilized as kitchen rugs. This is because handmade wool rugs have an incredibly soft pile that will provide comfort and support to you while you work. Especially when washing dishes! Moreover, due to its beautiful and intricate patterns, such as those of traditional designs, they create a cozy, warm, and welcoming environment-as stated by various interior designers. Wool rugs even highly stain resistant and can last for several years. This makes them the best area rugs for the kitchen. So, you will not have to worry about your precious rug being ruined!


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What is the Size of the best area rugs for the kitchen?

Before deciding on what kind of rugs you need for your kitchen, you need to consider their size. The size of the rug and its placement can make your space look either small or big. So, it is important to consider these two factors before buying a kitchen rug. If you have a huge kitchen and you are looking to cover up a large part of the floor, a 4*6 is a preferable size. However, if your kitchen is narrower in space and you only want to cover up a small part of the space, you can go with a 3*5 sized rug. Runners are most often used in the kitchen and can be found in various sizes. They are most used in narrower spaces, suitable for hallways and kitchens. they

Should Kitchen Rugs Match the Flooring?

Matching the color of your rug with your flooring is not essential. However, if you are more inclined towards keeping it safe, we recommend you stick to neutral hues. This is because neutral-colored rugs manage to easily blend into your flooring. This helps keep the tone of your space soft and muted. However, if you are more inclined towards creating a bold statement, you can easily achieve this by using a bold patterned or colored rug to contrast the color of your flooring. Buy kitchen rugs that make your flooring look even better. One of the most common and best area rugs for the kitchen is traditional rugs. This may seem a bit absurd since traditional rugs are quite precious and expensive, which does not make kitchen spaces ideal for placing them. However, since traditional rugs are made of wool, these rugs are incredibly stain-resistant and durable. Therefore, you may see these rugs mostly in use in kitchen spaces.


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Placement of Kitchen Rugs

If you are going with a runner rug, whether small or big, consider placing it between the sink and the island. This will give a soft, warmer look to the kitchen. It will also help bring warmth to the cold floors of the kitchen. There is always a likelihood of splashing or spillage of some kind in the kitchen. Therefore, you should also place your smaller rugs in front of the refrigerator and the sink. But with smaller rugs, you need to make sure they do not fall out of place. For this purpose, choose a heavy-duty material with a non-slip backing. If, however, your rug does not come with a non-slip backing, you can buy a rug tape or pad to prevent it from slipping.

How can you find affordable area rugs? Watch this video:

Get rugs from RugKnots! We offer free shipping and free returns. Our designers work closely with you every step of the way so when you receive your rug, you will love it too much to return it! Browse our selection of the best area rugs for the kitchen and contact us to get some of them in your home and kitchen today! Buy kitchen rugs in the US from RugKnots.


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