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Coziness and warmth are the two feelings that people wish for when they enter their home exhausted and frustrated. The surrounding of a home has a psychological connection with a person- it's colors and themes, it's furniture and decor. Layering area rugs is one of the aspects of decor that itself is so diversified. Rugs make a room look rich and warm, adding a pop of color to your space with positive vibes. Layering rugs is a hot trend that adds more warmth, comfort and a unique style to your room. Lots of interior designers have added layer rugs in their own homes. Going for layered area rugs can bring the whole room together and to be honest, its possibly the best idea you’re going to make. The sky is quite literally the limit when it comes to layering area rugs. We are going to help you master this hot trend. Keep reading ahead!


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What is Layering Rugs 

Layering rugs have become a highlight in modern decor and we can definitely see why. It helps to define a room while giving it a vibrant color and texture that it needs. Since rugs themselves are so comfortable, why not have two? Layering rugs in your house can take your house space to another level. Using bold patterns and colors can create a unique style and brightens the space up. Layering rugs on a carpet or on a hardwood floor, are two entirely different looks. You can even go for layering rugs on jute which is another classy idea. It’s up to you- you can just go with as many variations as much as you want as long as it makes some sense.


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Layering Rugs Over Carpet 

If your home space is capped with wall to wall carpet and your house badly needs a new look, without making changes in the old one, then layering rugs on the carpet is for you. We all know and have experienced how boring a room looks with carpets with the same consistent color and tone. Layered rugs are usually placed under any furniture piece or maybe a couch to give the house an aesthetic and classy look. Layering rugs over a carpet is a thing that needs great consideration. You can't go with the unmatchable colors and make people go 'eww'. So color texturing is very important. Usually, carpets are found in neutral and basic colors, such as beige. As for the fabric used, it’s mostly wool. If this is the case, use an area rug that is different in texture. Layering area rugs in the living room, layer your carpet by adding in a graphic flat weave over a beige carpet. Or if you have something else in mind, make sure that you use contrasting colors and textures. You can go for a nude base layering it with some dark combination of colors. As for the texture, go for sisal/jute/silk or flatweave.


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Layering Rugs over Jute

Layering rugs over jute is another way to make your room or living space go boom. The combination of a long size jute layered rug accompanied by a shaggy rug or a number of rugs with white or dark pastel colors makes it look exquisite. To add an exciting feel to your room, play with rugs of different sizes. White-colored cowhide rugs accompanied by a long rectangular shaped jute create the perfect combo. Colorful round rugs over a jute rug work just as well. It is also a cheap option for you to use layering rugs over jute.

Who Layers Their Rugs?

Layering rugs have become a fashion trend for some time now. And let me tell you something, it is not going away anywhere soon too! One of my favorite ways to get inspired online is to follow interior designers and design bloggers. From celebrities to interior designers to bloggers, they are absolutely in love with layered rugs! It keeps your eyes entertained. And by making the differences in the textures, your eyes are not overwhelmed by too many colors either.


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Benefits For Layer rugs 

Defines a space

If you’re worried about your furniture being too spaced out because of having a large seating area, layered rugs fix it for you. We all know the area rug rule- there should be roughly 10-20 inches of the bare floor in the middle of the edges of the area rug and the wall of the room. However, if this rule doesn't exactly work out for you and your room still feels like its empty, layering a rug in the center of the room might just add more personality to your room- and even help define it!

Highlighting an area

If you want a specific part of your room to be highlighted, such as your coffee table or maybe that beautiful piece of furniture you bought, layering a rug is a way to do it. Or if you want to take away the attention of an article that's not so special to you, layering rugs is the perfect way to do it. Make sure to be distinct-adding in rugs of contrasting colors and textures.


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Sound Barriers 

When a room has no fabrics, the echoes are terrible. Even though adding in a carpet or drapes absorbs the sounds, each additional rug adds more sound absorbing power. So if you have kids that are always running around and making noises, go for it! Or if you’re someone who loves to listen to music on high volumes, layering area rugs are definitely for you. This even creates a more intimate space for conversations.

Shows Off the Rug Designs

When you follow our design tips (that I shared below) the intricate designs of layering oriental rugs or layering Persian rugs really pops! The simple act of layering rugs adds interest and depth to the room's decor. This brings attention to each rug - especially the rug on the top. To enhance the power of your top rug's design, always make the bottom rug a neutral color and the top a small rug, preferably a vibrant and bold one.


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Adds Warmth To The Room

Worried about your unlaminated floors in winter? Adding in any rug will provide you some sort of insulation to you. However, adding in layered rugs is going to create that perfect cozy space that everyone longs for in winters. Layered rugs in the living room add more warmth to your place.  One of the prime examples is adding in a silky, luxurious shag rug on top of a shorter neutral rug that will make you and your feet so happy!

How to Layer Rugs?

Now that you know why you should be layering your area rugs, let's get into how to do it! This trend is so easy to do. The following tips are just places to start. Once you begin experimenting with rug layering, you will for sure find the look you love.

Start With An Oversized Rug

An oversized rug is the perfect first layer. Or if you have a wall to wall carpet, that works just as well. Just make sure the bottom rug is larger than the area where the furniture is seated. The closer the base carpet is to the walls, the better it is. This will certainly show off that top rug you invested in better. Laura has a very large rug under her entire sectional and chairs. Then, the smaller rug is offset. This design is incredibly appealing and a beautiful way to layer rugs.


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Base Rug is Neutral

When you use a neutral-colored bottom rug, the top layer can be that essential pop of color that makes interior designers smile. Another thing you should keep in mind is that the base rug should be a low pile rug, such as jute and flatweave rugs. We highly recommend you not to choose a high pile rug. This is because a high pile rug, such as a shag rug, used as a base rug is just not meant to be. It could end up looking like a total disaster. If you want to use a colorful bottom rug, then make sure the top one compliments the other one.  In fact, I am always using this color combination cheat sheet when I decorate.

Quick Tip: Neutral Soumak rugs are best as bottom rugs.

To enhance the power of your top rug's design, always make the bottom rug a neutral color and the top, small rug, a vibrant and bold one. 

  • When you have an amazing rug on the top, you want it to shine!
  • You want people to notice this rug.
  • Our hand-knotted rugs have intricate details that make excellent top layer rugs.

You can make this top rug really pop up by buying rugs with bold textures and colors.

Texture - Put a shag rug on top of a short pile rug. Not only does this really make the environment of the room extra comfy, but the different piles bring out and show off the intricate designs on the rug. However, never go for high pile rugs as the base rug.

Color - Our go-to the layered rug is an overdyed rug with a neutral faded colored rug. We here at RugKnots, use all-natural vegetable dyes that don't bleed or transfer.

So go bold! Feel free to choose whatever popping color you desire to have from our stunning compilation of rugs. Your color will stay where it should - on the rug. As you can see in Erin's post, her red rug pops underneath the neutral rugs beneath it. I also really enjoy how she set the rugs in different orientations around each other. That pop of color really brings the room together, giving it the personality that it needed. The red color has perfectly complemented the beige base rug. This is another idea on how you can layer your rugs.


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Best Rug For Layering

Let's start with the base rug. Jute, wool, and sisal rugs are best for layering rugs. But, wall to wall carpet will also work well. We prefer you to choose neutral colors for base rugs. Gold and shades of brown, blue and black also work well as a base rug. As for the material, you can use silk, cotton, and leather as a top layer rug. Now for patterns and textures, one of the most important things to consider when buying rugs. Geometric rugs as a top layer rug is a good choice. Other than that, you can use shags or novelty rugs too. The top layer should set in a way that gives you a warm and cozy look at first glance. You can set with a fluffy rug or sheepskin too. You can also opt for zebra shape and printing top rugs with light colors looks stylish and fancy.

Connect Two Rugs Together

Now, when you make up your mind for the right rug your room is in need of, and you’ve spotted one too. But, even after hours of consideration, it wasn't the right size you longed for and now you’re left with a rug that does not coordinate with your top rug. It almost looks like its invisible!  can't mess with the size. So, the better option here is to connect two smaller rugs together with the base rug you’ve bought. But the question still remains, how do you connect two rugs together? Keep reading to find out! It's really simple, you just need one main thing; that is a carpet seaming tape (one-sided). You can join the two rugs together and tape it from the backside where both ends of the rugs meet in the middle. You can even connect two different small and same size rugs together to give your room a hippie look. But if you want it to remain simple and natural, leave it as it is.


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Design Profile To Follow

It is so much easier to design a room when you have a big picture in mind. Do your research before layering rugs, so that you’re familiar with the terms and types of design portfolios. A few of my favorite design profiles are a modern farmhouse, eclectic, and art deco. There are so many out there, what are your favorite profiles to follow?

Neutrals / Modern Farmhouse

The modern farmhouse look is super popular right now on Instagram. These rooms tend to have more neutrals and whites. This look is great for people who fancy a more natural look than a more vibrant one. Since you’re choosing a neutral look, white or beige will be the more prominent colors. To make the look of the room come together, accompany these colors with gold, brown, tan and grey. In these rooms, oriental rugs that are more muted will work best.


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This is one of my favorites! You can read our complete analysis of eclectic decor on our blog post. Go with huge pops of color! You can even layer rugs in a variety of shapes and styles. For eclectic and boho decor, choose busier prints like the Ikat or the Chobi Ziegler. One of the more common ones is layering a vintage rug over a jute rug. 

Art Deco

Art Deco began in the roaring 20s and is still around today. Art deco adds a very artistic and creative feel to your room. When you are a fan of art deco, you like black and white decor and furniture from around the world. Traditional prints like Bokhara will be best in Art Deco rooms.

Use Furniture Sparingly

Layering rugs work amazing in all room sizes. But if you have a small room, and want it to look bigger, layering rugs are perfect for you. It also means you don't need any extra furniture in the room too- creating a clutter-free atmosphere. This is a fantastic way to make a room look larger than it is. In fact, when you layer rugs, let the rugs set the entire mood for the room. Sometimes too much furniture can either clutter up space or even cover up the rugs. Ottomans and glass top tables are excellent choices because they are minimalist. Layering rugs underneath your coffee table looks ideal.


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How Many Borders to Leave When Layering Rugs?

Taking into account the distance of the top rug from the base rug can be quite a hassle. Since the base rug is quite large, the top rug has to coordinate with the base rug. There should at least be a distance of 12 inches from the edge of the top rug to the base of the rug. Otherwise, the area will feel like it’s cluttered and the base rug will be lost. However, if you’re in doubt, it’s best if you choose the largest base rug there is! If you’re interested in layering more than two rugs, you can add in as many rugs you like to create a fun and hippie look. In this case, there's no need to worry about the amount of border that has to be left. Just do whatever you like! 

Always shop online at factory-direct prices. When you buy with free shipping, you can afford to get multiple rugs for every room. Almost all wool oriental rugs in showrooms are priced with the upkeep of the showroom and sales employees’ salaries in mind. At RugKnots, we sell our rugs at factory-direct prices. The prices listed in our online store show retail prices and then our price. You can see how much you are saving, right on your screen.


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