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Custom Handmade Oriental Rugs in any Size for any Room

At RugKnots, we’ve been creating beautiful hand knotted rugs for over three generations.

So if you have specific size or design requirements, our skilled artisans can hand craft your perfect custom rug in just three months. Where our competitors sometimes take a year to complete your order, our highly experienced team will swiftly create your new rug to your exact specification and ship it to you free of charge.

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How to Order your Custom Rug

If you’ve searched the existing inventory in our well-stocked online store and still require a custom design, we’ll be delighted to help you. Our talented artisans can hand make rugs in any size, pattern or style. We’ll realize your vision in around twelve weeks from your initial order. Let’s get started today…

Step 1

Browse our online store and select the rug you want to base your new design.

Step 2

Note down the product codes for your selected styles so you can discuss your. ideas with our design team.

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Step 3

Call us on 240-452- 4602 or click here to email us to get started with your design consultation process.

The Design Consultation

As part of your initial Design Consultation, you’ll work with our experienced team to discuss the specific colors, patterns, size and shape of your ideal custom rug. We’ll base these discussions on your style choices from rugs you like in our existing collection – and also factor in the décor and furnishings of the room for which the rug is intended.

Once we’ve worked with you to collate extensive notes on the proposed design, we’ll send these over to our highly skilled artisans who will then draw a detailed rendering of your new pattern. At this stage you can also send in paint chips and fabric swatches (or any other source of color inspiration) so our team can hand mix the unique dyes for your project.

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Discuss a custom rug with our experts. Request a callback

The Rendering Consultation

At this stage the process starts to get seriously exciting, as we present you with the detailed pattern rendering for your new rug. We’ll also discuss the dye mixes our design team have put together, and submit color examples for your approval.

If there’s anything you would like to change once you’ve seen our work, we can send your recommendations back to our artisans who will incorporate your suggestions into the pattern plans and dye tone examples. If necessary, we will then hold a second Rendering Consultation to ensure your new design is perfect.

If you’re completely happy with our work at this point, we’ll then provide you with an extremely competitive fixed-price quote for the whole project – and we’ll move your custom rug creation process onto the next stage.

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Discuss a custom rug with our experts. Request a callback

The Final Consultation

Once we have your approval to begin creating your new custom Oriental rug design, we’ll pass the final plans to our skilled team of artisans who will start the production process itself. This is the most exciting stage of all – as we’ll periodically send you pictures of your new rug being hand knotted on the loom – which is always a fascinating insight into our craft.

When production of your rug is completed, it will then be hand washed so the dyes don’t bleed – and to create a wonderful, luxurious softness in the high quality New Zealand wool of your finished piece. Our team will then ship the completed rug to your door free of charge for you, your family or client to enjoy in the comfort of their home for generations to come. And if for whatever reason you don’t love your new custom rug (which is very rare), then we’ll give you a 100% refund on your item in line with our guarantee.

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Discuss a custom rug with our experts. Request a callback

Mayumi Gottlieb

The Challenge of Buying a Large Oriental Area Rug

The Search

How much research did you do online before you bought an Oriental Rug?

I shopped online and offline, for at least a year before finding Rugknots. I had previously purchased from multiple sellers such as local retail stores. The quality was not the same and prices tended to be higher. As for other online merchants: the color & quality were off.

Getting Results

How did you come across Rugknots when looking for an Oriental Rug?

Houzz was my main source. I was on the site to find a rug distributor and came across Rugknot’s information, so that’s where I made my connection!

How many custom rugs have you purchased?

5 custom ordered rugs. I have ordered 4-5 in the last ten years for myself from other companies – but I have referred friends to Rugknots to purchase.

Do you buy from the same site/seller each time? (Why/Why Not?)

99% of my purchases will be directed to Rugknots, they were very accommodating to my needs. Size and color are key determinants, and they have beautiful rug patterns, which come first, then size and color.


Would you consider yourself a frequent online buyer? (Frequent being 10+ per year)


What were your three biggest concerns when initially investing into a custom rug?

Color & quality not being right, as well as the return policy on custom rugs. I am a very cautious shopper, but after speaking to George in Customer Service and Naheed (the owner) prior to buying – I was very comfortable due to those conversations. They had prompt delivery – and the fact that the rugs were packaged securely added credibility to RK. I don’t like the hard sell I’ve run into with other sellers in the past. I wanted rugs that would last a long time; matching designs and colors are very important. My direct discussions with Naheed and George were a big influence on my continued business.


In your opinion, is there anything that Rugknots could do to make the buying experience easier for a customer? Even for a custom rug?

No, they go beyond the call of duty, communicating well with the factory and with customer. I am a very visual person so I went straight to looking at the rugs online and did not read much of the site contents. Rugknot’s search engine was good for zeroing in on particular styles. I had previously bought from another online retailer and the color was terrible.

To deal with the color concern my strategy was to order a smaller rug in the color I liked, and if it was right, then order a bigger one. Not everyone can give you an option to do this!

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