How do I write a review on a product?

Please visit and navigate to the specific product page you wish to review. Once there, scroll down to the middle of the page and locate the "read reviews" or "write a review" option. Click on it to access the review section. Proceed to write a review that accurately expresses your thoughts and feelings about your new RugKnots product.

Should I purchase a rug pad?

Certainly! We strongly advise the utilization of non-slip rug pads as they offer numerous advantages for various types of flooring. Whether it's hardwood, tile, concrete, or even carpeting, rug pads provide the following benefits:

Securely hold the rug in position, preventing any slipping or sliding.
Offer an additional layer of cushioning, particularly beneficial for rugs with tightly packed fibers.
Minimize friction on the rug's surface, which can reduce shedding, particularly in the case of wool pile rugs.

Are the colors on your website accurate?

While we strive to present the most precise color representations in our displayed images, it's important to acknowledge that due to the handmade nature of many of our items crafted by local artisans, there may be variations in colors and patterns.

Furthermore, it is worth mentioning that patterns may also differ based on the size of the item in certain cases.

My rug pad can be seen past my rug, what do I do?

It is completely normal for rug pads to require trimming to achieve a perfect fit under your area rug. We recommend following these steps for optimal trimming:
  1. Choose the ideal location for your area rug.
  2. Place the rug pad where you intend to position your area rug.
  3. Lay your area rug on top of the rug pad.
  4. If possible, allow the rug pad and area rug to sit for approximately 24-48 hours, allowing any creases to relax before trimming.
  5. Once the creases have settled, use fabric scissors to vertically trim the rug pad.
  6. Horizontally trim the rug pad as well.
  7. Vacuum the rug to eliminate any air bubbles that may have formed during the trimming process.
  8. Finally, place your furniture back in its original position and enjoy your new area rug!
The dimensions on my rug are off, is this normal?

As we collaborate with multiple vendors to ensure our customers receive the highest quality and value, it's important to note that there may be a slight variation of up to 5% in the published dimensions of your rug. This is a common occurrence in the industry. If you have any inquiries or concerns, please feel free to reach out to us at

My rug is shedding, is this normal?

Absolutely, there's no need to worry! It's completely normal for new rugs to experience shedding, and this is not considered a defect.

The shedding of your rug may vary depending on its weave type and location of use, and it may continue to shed over its lifetime.

To minimize shedding, we recommend following these tips:
  1. Regularly vacuum your rug using a gentle approach, going with the grain of the pile rather than against it.
  2. Avoid using a heavy beater bar attachment or vacuuming on the lowest setting closest to the ground.
  3. Utilize a rug pad to provide additional protection for your rug.
  4. If possible, consider relocating the rug to a low-traffic area to reduce wear and shedding.
  5. By following these suggestions, you can help manage shedding and maintain the quality of your rug.