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Chobi Persian styled rugs are handmade in Afghanistan in areas situated on the outskirts of Pakistan. Chobi Rugs are specially hand made to last for generations, unlike Gabbeh Persian style rugs which are made by nomads on erratic ground looms. The Chobi rugs are known for their fine quality since they are built in towns and villages on weaving machines. The use of weaving machines in the making of Chobi rugs gives them a fine symmetrical look. Other than Afghanistan, Chobi rugs are also made largely in Iran, China, and Pakistan.


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What Does Chobi Mean?

The name "Chobi" is a Farsi word and truly means "wood-like color". This name was picked because of the most widely recognized color hues utilized in these rugs, being of shades that can be found in various kinds of wood. The colors that are utilized on these rugs are all-natural vegetable natural dyes. Materials, for example, roots, tree rinds, organic products, dried skins and shells of nuts are accumulated by hand and handled in boiling tanks. Where the wool is then set for a few hours to a couple of days and to assimilate the color until it arrives at the ideal shading.


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Chobi Rug Patterns

The standard example of a Chobi Persian kilim Rug comprises of mostly flower-themed patterns and a larger field containing small floral patterns. Normally, there are somewhere in the range of three and five distinct hues utilized in the colors of Chobi rugs. The most widely recognized hues being different shades of softer reds, tans, and greens with dynamic shades of cream or being shades beige or cream as the background of the Peshawar rug. Other than beige and cream, you can also find Chobi rugs with the background color of blue and black although these are rare to find.


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Methods to Identify Chobi Rugs

Sometimes it can be difficult to differentiate between a Chobi Rug and Gabbeh Rug because both the rugs are made through hand-spun wool.

1. The hand spinning of wool allows for the beautiful colors of the rugs as well as the absorption of the dye to set perfectly in the wool rug.

2. Another similarity shared by the two Persian styled rugs is the retention of the lanolin due to the vegetable dye that is used in the rugs.

3. This prevents the lanolin from stripping away from the rug, an issue found in most chemically dyed rugs.

4. Hand-knotted Chobi rugs are not entirely made by hands. In some cases, a handheld drill gun is used which helps shoot pieces of wool through the backing. Afghan Rugs that are larger in shape and size, are made through big machines known as power looms. If your Chobi rug has more details on its back, it is likely that the rug is of great quality. 

There is also a difference between fibers. Where the rugs are hand-knotted, fibers tend to stay in place for a long time and do not pull out of the rug easily. Whereas a machine-made rug’s fibers will pull out sooner. A lot of Oriental and Indian carpet creators utilize synthetic or chemically dyed methods in a bid to save money. Even though chemically dyed rugs help mass production of patterns, the finished product lacks the quality and the shine that can be found only in authentic Chobi rugs. This is one of the numerous reasons why Persian rugs are viewed as the world's most beautiful, tough, and prized of all hand-woven carpets.


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Types of Chobi Rugs to Style Home

The ideas and patterns of Chobi rugs are exceptionally prevalent nowadays since they work so well with the materials utilized in so many modern-day styled homes.These rugs can add the completing touch to a wide range of styles of home stylistic layout and we have regularly observed them set in home decor with wood or tile floors with amazing outcomes. These styles of rugs have a stunning capacity to emphasize and unify a room together. This is due to its neutral hues that reflect more natural shades for example colors similar to wood, stones, granite, and popular rugs. If you’re looking to go for a more luxurious look, Chobi rugs are also made in silk. These are hand-knotted rugs woven purely from silk. Since silk is an expensive fabric, hand-woven Chobi silk area rugs also come at a high price. They can also get damaged pretty quickly so make sure to place these area rugs in a room that doesn’t get a lot of footfall.

Let's face it! Many of us don't have the foggiest idea that there are really various kinds of Persian floor coverings.The whole name of the "Persian" carpet type is synonymous with high-style extravagance and unbound tradition, so while most of us know that there might be various designs and patterns, but different types? Not really. So today, we'll be looking into various kinds of Persian carpets and where they'll fit in different settings in the wish list. Persian Rugs are made extensively in Iran, Afghanistan, and Pakistan. These carpets are hand-tied, and relying upon their multifaceted nature, material, hitches per square inch and designs, you'll be able to understand their quality and price. Most kinds of Persian mats are normally indigenous to a particular district in Iran, and that is the place where most of these rugs originate from. The most well known are the following:

  • Tabriz Rugs
  • Mashad Rugs
  • Balouchi Rugs
  • Qum Rugs
  • Aubusson Rugs
  • Bokhara Rugs
  • Gabbeh Rugs
  • Ifshan Rugs
  • Chobi Rugs
  • Khotan Rugs


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Tabriz Rugs

Tabriz is the capital city of Azerbaijan, and the Persian floor coverings woven there are known as Tabriz mats. You may know it as the most seasoned floor covering areas. Such kind of regions produce amazingly high caliber, woven from wool, silk or cotton, and have one of the finest qualities of rugs. Their characterizing quality is mostly because of the different designs and patterns they come in. These range from focal emblems to botanical arabesques and sometimes even hunting scenery. Tabriz mats normally highlight striking shading plans in shades of reds and maroons with gold, beige and dark accents in the structuring. In that capacity, they will make astounding highlights in contemporary or diverse styled homes. You can make them a point of convergence of your old or conventional styled homes.

Mashad Rugs

Mashad is another significant rug-weaving district in Iran. The kind of Persian mats woven in this locale is characterized by their huge sizes and the unique technique through which the carpets are woven. It's characterizing design is larger than usual emblem in the inside that is adorned with flower and arabesque patterns in the setting. This emblem is known as the Shah Abbasi emblem. Their color schemes consist mainly of ivory, red, and blue. From its bright colors to its defined motifs and patterns, the rug gives out a very bold look. Mashad style Persian carpets normally come in different shades of red, while some even have ivory settings to their structures. Meaning they can without much of a stretch be highlighted in various styled homes like contemporary, transitional, provincial and conventional. You just need to counterbalance them with the correct design and furniture. 


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Balouch Rugs

The Balouch clan lives in the south-west of Pakistan and shares a border with both Iran and Afghanistan. This is why the Persian rug weaving system has been passed down to this area. But Balouchi rugs defining characteristic is the size they come in which in comparison to other Persian rugs is very small. Another is their wool material as well as their very famous geometric patterns. Designs of this carpet can vary from medallion patterns to different motifs including trees, flowers, etc. Since Balouchi rugs are very small in size, they can be utilized as runner rugs in corridors and halls. They usually come in shades of dark-colored beiges and strong maroon-reds. They can give a more stylistic look in a little contemporary styled family room. Moreover, Bolouchi rugs can also be utilized in kitchens as complement pieces.

Qum Rugs

These Persian carpets are woven in the Qum territory of Iran and are very famous. They're generally very costly and high in quality, with a better than expected knot per square inch. Woven from sumptuous silk and kinds of cotton, their characterizing designs incorporate flower structures, emblems, flying creatures, etc. What makes these rugs exceptional is the different jewel-toned shadings they come in. They highlight dim blue, turquoise, red and orange hues, which winds up making them magnificent focal points for your bedroom, living room or your drawing-room. You can place them in both contemporary or conventionally styled homes or even a mix of both.


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Aubusson Rugs

While Aubusson mats were first woven in France when this system was first presented there, nowadays it is being made in China, India, and Pakistan. But these days you can discover traces of French Rococo arabesques that have been deified in the impression of these rugs. They for the most part highlight light, pastel, aqua, and dusky shadings. Their designs include medallions with hues of blue, floral bouquets, and gold tassels. Since the little hint of French roots gives a very classy touch to Aubusson rugs, they look especially breathtaking in traditional and Victorian styled homes. They are flat woven and made through the tapestry technique which is a more efficient way to weave carpets. They also make a mind-boggling centerpiece in present-day Rococo styled homes.

Bokhara Rugs

Local to Pakistan, Afghanistan and Central Asia, Bokhara floor coverings come in very striking bold colors that make them statement worthy. The main theme of a Bokhara rug is that the background usually has a jewel-toned color and a few repetitive hues that show up on the pattern of the rug. The designs utilized in such floor coverings are geometric in nature. But Bokhara rugs also come in extremely stylish designs that can go up with any setting of your home, be it contemporary or classical. If you are looking to make an instant statement, Bokhara Rug is the way to go. Their strong color combinations will make it stand out and will especially look great in a vintage or eclectically styled home.


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Gabbeh Rugs

Gabbeh floor coverings are found towards the southwest of Iran, and their weave is what differentiates it from the rest. Gabbeh really means 'rough or raw' in Farsi, and that is actually how their weaving is. They normally come in medium and large sizes, and highlight stripes and geometric shapes in their designs. However, what really sets them apart is the variety of six or seven bright colors that they are available in. The patterns and designs of a Gabbeh rug are simple with mostly rectangular objects containing animals. Since these rugs are very strong and bright in colors, they make astounding area rugs and have the ability to give life to a room. They'll fit right in a customary or old-styled home. Gabbeh rugs can also be used for vintage, kitschy, diverse and contemporary designed rooms search from google. 

Isfahan Rugs

Isfahan rugs are another unique Persian rug which is woven straight from wool and silk. Isfahan floor coverings are known for their even structures and sensitive visual balance. The colors they come in contrast from normal Persian carpets. They normally include lovely mixes of indigo, rose, and blue on an ivory set. Their characterizing designs comprise of vines, florals, and arabesques.  Isfahan floor coverings are generally quelled, however, their patterns make them stand out which consists of very intricate and delicate floral motifs. They look best in light-tinted color schemes of a home like the classical style, current contemporary and even mixed. 


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Chobi Rugs

Handwoven mostly in Afghanistan, Chobi floor coverings are a totally reclassified version of Persian rugs. The Afghan Chobi rug is accessible in different sizes, yet what separates them is their antique appearance that highlights natural hues, brilliant golden tones. Chobi handmade rugs have a very beautiful aesthetic. Their even borderlines, botanical themes, and neutral hues can make them fit in any interior design style. It can be either contemporary or traditional, whatever you like.

Khotan Rugs

You may have seen how the different kinds of Persian area rugs have gradually left Iran, and are currently being woven in various areas of the world. All things considered, Khotan floor coverings really begin from the old city of Khotan (Hotan), which is situated in the southern district of Chinese Turkistan. And so the reference of Chinese folklore and characters dominates the designs and patterns of Khotan Rugs. Khotan rugs are longer and narrower in size. Their color schemes include shadings extending from dark red and golds to pale pastels and grays. The patterns on these area rugs for the most part highlight a mix of geometric, botanical and Chinese characters. They look best in homes that need a touch of character, for example, current contemporary or eclectic.


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What Are Chobi Rugs Afghanistan?

The Chobi rug was developed in Afghanistan and different parts of Pakistan. They are the most desired rugs in the western world and were mostly produced for the North American market. Chobi area rugs are handwoven and tend to have large geometric patterns.  They are known for their natural vegetable dye and their lanolin-rich luster. The natural vegetable dye is made from nutshells, fruit skins, dried flowers, vegetable skins as well as hand-gathered roots. The color schemes of Chobi rugs range from soft muted tans, wood brown, deep maroons, to earthy greens. 

How Can We Decorate With Chobi Rugs?

Persian rugs like Chobi can work in any space you like. Traditional or contemporary, you name it! Chobi rugs are more about floral patterns and neutral to soft red tones so they can be used to warm up a modern space. Or they can look good placed next to a fireplace as well. You can also pair a Chobi rug in contrast with the color of the walls or the furniture. For example with light-colored walls, you can choose soft red or greens creating a dramatic contrast for the room. Chobi rugs can also be added to your drawing room or even your bedroom giving the whole room a very vintage vibe. Another way is to add layering to your room. This works best where you have a large space and not a lot of furniture, for example, a bedroom or living room. The easiest way to work with layering is to mix a solid carpet with a patterned rug like a Chobi. 

Make sure to check , RugKnots for authentic and fine quality area rugs. We sell Chobi rugs as well as other Persian rugs in different colors and patterns. 


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