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Chobi Persian-style are handmade in Afghanistan in areas situated on the outskirts of Pakistan. It is specially hand-made to last for generations, unlike Gabbeh Persian style which are made by nomads on erratic ground looms. The Chobi is known for their fine quality since they are built in towns and villages on weaving machines. The use of weaving machines in the making of Chobi carpet gives them a fine symmetrical look. Other than Afghanistan, Chobi rugs are also made largely in Iran, China, and Pakistan.

What Are Chobi Rugs Afghanistan And Where to Buy

What Does Chobi Mean?

The name "Chobi" is a Farsi word and truly means "wood-like color". This name was picked because of the most widely recognized color hues utilized in these rugs, being of shades that can be found in various kinds of wood. The colors that are utilized on these rugs are all-natural vegetable natural dyes. Materials, for example, roots, tree rinds, organic products, dried skins and shells of nuts are accumulated by hand and handled in boiling tanks. Where the wool is then set for a few hours to a couple of days and to assimilate the color until it arrives at the ideal shading.

What Does Chobi Mean?

Chobi Rug Patterns

The standard example of a Chobi Persian kilim Rug comprises mostly flower-themed patterns and a larger field containing small floral patterns. Normally, there are somewhere in the range of three and five distinct hues utilized in the colors of Chobi area rugs. The most widely recognized hues being different shades of softer reds, tans, and greens with dynamic shades of cream or being shades beige or cream as the background of the Peshawar rug. Other than beige and cream, you can also find Chobi rugs with the background color of blue and black although these are rare to find.

Methods To Identify Chobi Rugs

Sometimes it can be difficult to differentiate between a Chobi Rug and Gabbeh Rug because both the rugs are made through hand-spun wool.

    1. The hand spinning of wool allows for the beautiful colors of the rugs as well as the absorption of the dye to set perfectly in the wool rug.
    2. Another similarity shared by the two Persian style rugs is the retention of the lanolin due to the vegetable dye that is used in the rugs.
    3. This prevents the lanolin from stripping away from the rug, an issue found in most chemically dyed rugs.
    4. Hand-knotted Chobi rugs are not entirely made by hand. In some cases, a handheld drill gun is used which helps shoot pieces of wool through the backing. Afghan Rugs that are larger in shape and size, are made through big machines known as power looms. If your Chobi rug has more details on its back, it is likely that the rug is of great quality.

There is also a difference between fibers. Where the rugs are hand-knotted, fibers tend to stay in place for a long time and do not pull out of the rug easily. Whereas a machine-made rug’s fibers will pull out sooner. A lot of Oriental and Indian carpet creators utilize synthetic or chemically dyed methods in a bid to save money. Even though chemically dyed rugs help mass production of patterns, the finished product lacks the quality and the shine that can be found only in authentic Chobi rugs. This is one of the numerous reasons why Chobi are viewed as the world's most beautiful, tough, and prized of all hand-woven carpets.

Methods to Identify Chobi Rugs

Types Of Chobi Rugs To Style Home

The ideas and patterns of Chobi rugs are exceptionally prevalent nowadays since they work so well with the materials utilized in so many modern-day styled homes. These rugs can add the completing touch to a wide range of styles of home stylistic layout and we have regularly observed them set in home decor with wood or tile floors with amazing outcomes. These styles of rugs have a stunning capacity to emphasize and unify a room together. This is due to its neutral hues that reflect more natural shades for example colors similar to wood, stones, granite, and popular rugs.

Frequently Asked Questions About Chobi Rugs

1. Are Chobi Rugs Worth The Investment?

No, not always. Like any type of rug, the quality can vary from expensive to inexpensive. If you are looking for a high-end Chobi rug with top-notch design and material quality, it may be worth the investment. But if you're just looking for an area rug or wall-to-wall carpeting that doesn't need to be high quality, then you should not spend more money on a Chobi rug.

2. Where Are Chobi Rugs Made?

Chobi rugs are made in Afghanistan. These rugs are typically made from goat wool or sheep's wool that have geometric patterns all over them with bright and vibrant colors. You can place these rugs in both indoor and outdoor areas.

3. Where Can I Place Chobi Rugs?

Some of the most popular places where Chobi rugs are put are at a home entrance, living room, or any other area where you need some extra rug for decoration. These colorful rugs with geometric patterns would work well to attract attention to your flooring with their bright colors. You can place it under your dining room table as well to bring out a pop of color. Or, You can place it in the center of your room for some fun and style.

4. Are Chobi Rugs Hand-Knotted?

Yes, chobi rugs are mainly hand-knotted with 100% wool. They are also dyed and not just printed in bright colors, so they will last for a long time without losing their vibrancy. The knot counts are also higher than other rugs on the market. You will love the quality that you can feel with your hands.

5. How To Clean Chobi Rugs?

You can clean Chobi rugs with a vacuum cleaner or a damp cloth. They are very easy to maintain and will last for years with proper care! If your Chobi rug becomes dirty, you can also wash it with mild soap and water in the washing machine. You can also washout your Chobi rug with a hose and soft brush. Remember to always wash the rug in cold or lukewarm water and use a mild soap.

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