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Floor length mirrors are an ideal way to bring depth, space and light into a room. Whether you mount it on the wall or have it leaning against the wall, a floor length mirror can open up any area with its reflective properties. A great way you can add creativity is to place your mirror near an interior window so that when looking in the mirror you can see directly out of the window. This simple trick creates an illusion of additional space while adding warmth to any environment. Ultimately, by placing a floor length mirror in any room, you will immediately see your space become more inviting and aesthetically pleasing due to its unique ability to create reflection and open up dense areas. Floor length mirrors can make a chic, elegant statement in any room. Whether you want to add an element of timeless sophistication or brighten up the space with natural daylight reflection, there's nothing quite like a full-length mirror to make your home look and feel more luxurious. But not all floor length mirrors are created equal - so how do you choose the best one for your particular needs? In this blog post, we'll give you a few pointers on selecting the ideal full-length mirror for your living space and discuss our picks for some of the top floor-length mirrors out there today. So keep reading to discover the perfect match for your décor!

1. NeuType Full Length Mirror

Reflect your best style with the NeuType Full Length Mirror. Whether refreshing your living space or simply admiring you look, this wall-mounted mirror is an excellent choice for a stylish addition to any room. Made of durable anti-rust aluminum alloy for lasting construction, this full length mirror ensures that you will be using it for years to come. It is thick and sturdy enough to not creep or shake, giving you a perfect reflection without distortion. Plus, the shatterproof glass is safe and reassuring so no matter how many times you check yourself out each day, you can trust that you are seeing a true representation of yourself in the mirror. This chic and modern mirror adds sophistication and class to its surroundings. With its elegant rectangular frame, it gracefully fits into both traditional and contemporary decor themes. With a product dimension of 71" L x 32" W, it offers an expansive viewing area so that you can appreciate your look from head-to-toe with just one glance. Be ready for your day or night with confidence when you have the NeuType Full Length Mirror handy!

NeuType Full Length Mirror


2. Large Rectangle Bedroom Floor Mirror

Update any area of your home with the NeuType Large Rectangle Bedroom Floor Mirror. This sleek and stylish mirror is a chic addition to nearly any decor. It can be used horizontally or vertically to suit whatever style you’re trying to create. It has a rectangular shape and dimensions of 65”L x 22”W, making it perfect for both larger and smaller spaces alike. Transform your bedroom with one of our beautiful, elegant bedroom leaning floor mirrors! Available in multiple designs and sizes, our collection offers something for everyone. The length floor mirror will enchant any room and give it an additional sense of space and light. Looking for something more decorative? Check out our arched mirror – beautifully detailed, this mirror adds a decorative accent to any wall or corner. And if you prefer a bigger piece then our oversized floor mirrors are sure to make a statement in any room. All of our floor mirrors can be leaned against the wall so they can easily be moved according to your décor needs or special occasions. Each of the mirrors is constructed using mirrored glass, making them lightweight yet still incredibly durable and long-lasting. Step up the style of your space today with one of our amazing bedroom leaning floor mirrors! The frame itself is made of 90% glass and 10% aluminum alloy, so it stands up to wear-and-tear while still providing an elegant look. Plus, its high-definition image is covered by an explosion-proof membrane that won’t shatter when impacted by external force – an added bonus! Add one of these mirrors to your bedroom, living room or bathroom today for the ultimate in fashionable decor.

Large Rectangle Bedroom Floor Mirror


3. Tinytimes Best Floor Mirrors

Introducing the TinyTimes Best Floor Mirror, your perfect accessory for any home. Standing an elegant four feet tall, it creates a stunning reflection of you and your space. Lean it against any wall and enjoy a full-length view that also captures natural light. Our full length standing mirror is an exceptional way to check that date outfit or make sure everything is pulled together before leaving the house. With its sleek design, lean this mirror against any wall in your bedroom or entryway to maximize your style and convenience. And with no assembly required, it’s ready right when you receive it! Looking for the perfect, luxury full-length mirror? Look no further than our best full-length mirrors! Whether you're looking to make a statement or just want something sleek and stylish, we've got you covered. Our mirrors come with shatterproof glass, ensuring any bumps or falls won't ruin your gorgeous piece. Plus, its iron frame is so thin that it looks almost ethereal in any room. It's also secured with anti-tip hardware for safety and comes both free standing and wall mounted for convenience. Get ready to spruce up your home today with one of our best full length mirrors! So what are you waiting for? Get the TinyTimes Best Floor Mirror today and revamp your home like never before!

Tinytimes Best Floor Mirrors


4. NeuType Floor Length Mirror

Introducing the best full length mirrors on the market: perfect for adding a stunning focal point and making an impact in any space! Standing tall at an impressive seven feet, these amazing mirrors have clean lines and plenty of natural light to ensure you look your very best. Its double duty capability boasts more than just a beautiful mirror — it comes complete with a convenient built-in measuring tape, so you can easily make sure garments will fit right before stepping out the door. And don’t worry about tight spaces – these full length mirrors are designed to fit easily into your home or office! If you’re searching for the perfect way to update your décor and make sure you’re always looking sharp, look no further than our best full length mirrors. Their sleek design and natural finish will bring out the beauty of any room, making them an essential addition to your home. If you want your dressing room to stand out, these wall mounted mirrors are the perfect addition. Made with a minimalist touch in mind, they offer enough of an impact to add glamour and style without overwhelming your space. The mounting hardware ensures that installation is easy—simply mount them to the walls of your own personal dressing room and watch as they open up any style aesthetic! Bring in just enough drama to complement the rest of your custom look—these wall mounted mirrors will become one of your favorite additions. Get yours today!

NeuType Floor Length Mirror


5. Trvone Wood Framed Mirror

With the Trvone Solid Wood Frame Mirror, you can bring high-end minimalist style to any wall. Crafted from premium quality engineered hardwood, each unit features a classic frame shape that is designed for wall mounting. The floor mirror creates more light in your space courtesy of its length, making it an ideal choice for small or dimly lit rooms. Bring sophistication and elegance to your home today with this beautiful and timeless piece – it’s an easy way to instantly upgrade any space! Welcome to the world of luxury with this solid wood frame full length floor mirror. Unlike most floor mirrors, this one comes with a special solid wood frame that reflects light in all directions, making it the perfect addition for any room or entryway mirror. Not only does it stand up on its own, but it offers an expansive surface to use as your personal dressing mirror. You can admire your reflection in this timeless piece with its beautiful craftsmanship and sturdy construction. Plus, you can’t help but be mesmerized by the natural warmth of the wood framed around this full length floor mirror. Enjoy a detailed view from head to toe while looking glamorous and sophisticated. Add some extra flair and brightness to your home decor with this solid wood frame full length floor mirror! Its grandiose design guarantees you’ll stay stylishly in the reflection’s sight of everyone who walks through your hallway and space like a diva magnified. Let its beauty illuminate every corner of your place and feel relaxed as if you were under the stars coming alive in front of you!

Trvone Wood Framed Mirror


6. Lvsomt Free Standing Leaning Mirror

Discover the perfect addition to your home: aluminum alloy frame leaning mirrors. For a larger than life reflection of your chic self, choose our sleek aluminum frame leaning mirrors! Whether you're looking to maximize your wall space or spruce up empty corners of the living room, these large floor mirrors are the perfect companions. Designed with effortless sophistication in mind, these mirrors feature thin frames that really draw attention to the beveled mirror within. That's not all - when strategically placed, these powerful pieces of practicality reflect light back for an illuminating effect sure to dazzle your guests. With so many floor mirrors available in the market today, you want to make sure you choose quality and long-lasting construction. Our handmade aluminum frame leaning mirrors deliver on length and courtesy so you can rely on them for years to come! Our thin, strong frames come in a variety of large floor mirrors and beveled options, all sure to reflect the light into your living space with a beautiful gleam. We offer several varieties of mirror stands, from satin brass and gleaming primrose mirror to a unique combination of many floor mirrors for extended wall space. With our aluminum alloy frame leaning mirrors, you won't have to sacrifice style for quality any longer - find yours today!

Lvsomt Free Standing Leaning Mirror


7. Elevens Free Standing Floor Mirror

Are you looking for the perfect addition to your home or office décor? Introducing the Elevens Polystyrene large floor mirror – a stunning and sophisticated mirror that exudes classic style and timeless beauty. With a sleek and thin metal frame, this breathtakingly ornate large floor mirror serves both an aesthetic purpose, as well as practical need. Standing seven feet tall, this one-of-a-kind mirror features a full length reflection for self viewing or for observing the entire room. The included wall mount gives an extra installation option for added convenience. Plus, the uniquely designed anti-tip kit keeps your mirror secure and stable should someone brush against it during use. For added peace of mind, this piece is part of the world market selection at Elekta Polystyrene so you know it meets quality standards that are trusted around the globe. Leave everyone in awe with the stylish beauty of the Elevens Polystyrene large floor mirror in your living space. Take advantage of its special features and enjoy its long lasting durability - it'll serve as an ideal companion to every room in your home.

Elevens Free Standing Floor Mirror


8. Kiayaci Arched Full Length Mirror

Introduce the Bedroom Dressing Mirror to your bedroom décor and enjoy superior style, functionality, and safety. Crafted with a wood frame, 90% glass and 20% wood construction, this full length, arched mirror is sure to add a touch of Mediterranean style to any bedroom. Featuring an incredibly thin frame and maximum mirror area, you'll love the stylish look of this beautiful piece. Plus, thanks to the original edge-sealing technology you can rest easy knowing that it's lasting and durable. But what really makes this dressing mirror stand out is its explosion-proof design — coated with silver nitrate it won't shatter easily even if impacted by external force! And at 24"L x 71"W it fits perfectly into almost any bedroom space. With all these features combined, it's clear why the Bedroom Dressing Mirror is perfect for adding a touch of luxury to any bedroom décor. Floor length mirrors have been used in decorating for centuries and are more popular than ever in today's modern homes. Not only do these pieces help lighten up dark spaces, but they also can be used functionally as well.

Kiayaci Arched Full Length Mirror


9. Free Standing Floor Mirrors

Looking to add a touch of glamour to your living space? Look no further than the Free Standing Floor Mirror by Naomi Home. The beautiful full size mirror has an intricate mosaic frame that adds charm to your hallway, bedroom or dressing room. Style isn't compromised for functionality as the natural sunlight reflecting off the surface of the mirror amplifies any room and elevates home decor. Choose from 7 chic colors including, Champagne, Black, White, Silver, Copper and Rose Gold - sure to perfectly match any bedroom or living room decor. The long body mirror is perfect for numerous placements; use it as a stand free standing mirror in your hallway or prop up against a wall in dressing rooms and bedrooms allowing you to dress with confidence every morning. This sophisticated stand up mirror will give an extra touch of glam making any area you place it in look more luxurious and inviting. Don't wait anymore - For a great addition to both style and function adding style and practicality opt Naomi Homes' Free Standing Floor Mirror!

Free Standing Floor Mirrors


10. Wall-Mounted Thin Frame Mirror

Introducing the Self Wall-Mounted Thin Frame Mirror – perfect for any room, especially the bedroom! Let this luxurious long frame mirror be your new must-have accessory on top of your style checklist. Refreshingly modern and beyond elegant, this full-length mirror is guaranteed to add beauty to your home. Crafted with only the highest quality materials and upstood to rigorous testing standards, this piece of wall art will be a timeless addition to narrate the story of your home with grace and strength. This rectangular, 55"L x 16"W mirror features a strong durable polystyrene frame made from silver glass mirror. Its backing is created from non-woven fabric to provide extra care and prevent dirt from accumulating in the back of the mirror. 80% glass content allows for maximum clarity and distortion-free reflection every time you reflect upon yourself in its icy embrace! Make a bold statement in any bedroom by hanging it vertically or horizontally for an illusion of wider space. Show off your favorite collections, or use it as a vanity room prop! With our Self Wall-Mounted Thin Frame Mirror, you can’t go wrong providing yourself with superior style, class, and cheap luxury — because everyone deserves that little something extra that truly shows their individual character without having to break the bank!

Wall-Mounted Thin Frame Mirror


11. NeuType Full Length Mirrors

Introducing the NeuType Full Length Mirror – the perfect way to take a second glance at yourself! With its modern design and sleek aluminum frame, this mirror brings style and sophistication to your home. Standing 65” high and 22” wide, you’ll be able to view your entire outfit in one glance. And its shatterproof glass will give you peace of mind. You can easily place it either against the wall or mount it on the wall horizontally or vertically thanks to its included hanging hardware. Whether you want to make sure your outfit is flawless before stepping out into the world or just want an accent piece for your home, the NeuType Full Length Mirror is a must-have item in any living space! Give your home a modern, stylish upgrade with NeuType's Full Length Mirrors. Our mirrors are the perfect addition to any room in your home, whether you're looking for dramatic flair in your living room or practicality in the bathroom or bedroom. With its slimline design complete with minimalist lines, these full length mirrors provide both a functional and fashionable aspect to any space. Plus, with an ultra-lightweight design you can easily move it from one room to another without worry. If you’re limited on wall space, no problem. Included with these full length mirrors are hanging hardware and instructions so that you can hang it either vertically or horizontally and save extra space as desired. Not only will this look beautiful but also provides an easy way for you to check out outfit choices each morning before work or special events! Finally, our mirrors are best suited to any place that brings added convenience — bathrooms, bedrooms, living rooms, locker rooms, just about anywhere a mirror could be of use!

NeuType Full Length Mirrors


Here Are 6 Tips For Purchasing The Floor Length Mirrors

Floor length mirrors are a great way to create the illusion of larger rooms and add a decorative touch to any home decor. Installing one in your entryway can be a helpful way to quickly check that you look presentable before leaving the house. You can even use it while dressing or while decorating your space. Floor length mirrors lend themselves to many different activities and bring an extra layer of brightness and luxury to your living area. Not only do they appear sophisticated, but they are also versatile in the way they can be placed vertically or horizontally, depending on what style you are looking for. A beautiful full-length mirror is a classic that never goes out of style!

The full length floor mirror courtesy that not many households have, but they create such a glamourous feel to any bedroom, hallway, or entryway. Mirrors can make any small living space feel much larger and more roomy. Not only can they be both decorative and useful, floor length mirrors also allow you to take full length pictures from different angles as well as help you discover your killer outfit for the day! Mounted properly and with the proper lighting, these length floor mirrors could truly be the focal point of your home. There is something special about being able to stand in front of these tall floor length mirrors and see yourself from head to toe with no obstruction left unseen. Are you looking to buy a floor length mirror? Floor length mirrors are an excellent way to bring light and glamour into any home, so it is important to make the right choice when purchasing them. Here are 6 tips for buying floor length mirrors that will help you make an informed decision.

1. Measure Carefully

When selecting a floor length mirror, it is essential that you measure the space where you plan to place the mirror carefully. Make sure you leave enough room for the mirror, as well as for any furniture or decorations that may be in front of it. It’s also important to consider how much room you need to open the door if necessary. That way, your new floor length mirror won't get stuck when opening!

2. Determine Your Budget

Before you start shopping, determine your budget and stick to it. Floor length mirrors can range from inexpensive options made of plastic or glass all the way up to luxurious full-length antique mirrors with intricate carvings. Knowing your price range before shopping will help narrow down your choices quickly and efficiently.

3. Choose The Perfect Frame

Once you have figured out what size and type of mirror best suits your needs, decide on a frame. Framed mirrors add a finishing touch to any room and come in all shapes, sizes, colors and materials. You can find frames made of wood, metal or even leather! Keep in mind that the frame should complement both the mirror and the overall decor of the room.

4. Consider Lighting Options

It's important not only to think about what kind of lighting fixtures you want with your new floor length mirror but also how much light they will provide. You don't want too much glare so soft lighting may be better than bright lighting depending on what type of mood you want to create in your room. In addition, some types of mirrors may require specific types of bulbs such as LED bulbs due to their reflective properties which helps reduce glare while providing more illumination at the same time.

5. Think About Placement And Accessibility

Wherever possible try to place your new floor length mirror in an area where it can easily be accessed by everyone who lives there (such as near a doorway). This will ensure that everyone has easy access when they need to use it without having to move heavy furniture around or worse yet having someone climb over something just so they can reach it! Also keep in mind that if you have children living with you then safety should be taken into consideration when placing these types of mirrors close together since they could potentially cause harm if someone was leaning against one while another was pushing against it from behind!

6. Get Creative With Accessories

Finally don’t forget about accessories like wall hangings or shelves that can help add extra character and personality as well as functionality around your new floor length mirror. This is especially true if there are items such as makeup brushes or jewelry boxes nearby that would benefit from being displayed on a shelf above or below such a large piece of furniture! So don’t forget this step – accessories really do make all the difference.


Purchasing a floor length mirror is an exciting process but also requires careful consideration before making a decision. By following these 6 tips for buying a floor length mirror, you will be able to find one that meets all your needs while still fitting within your budget and completing the look of any room in which it resides! With these tips in mind, anyone can feel confident walking away with their perfect reflection!

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