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Every year, thousands of new products are introduced to the market. Some become household names, while others fade into obscurity after a brief moment in the spotlight. The pillow cover is one product that has had staying power over the years, thanks to its versatility and comfort for sleepers around the world. Pillow covers are a great way to update the look of an old pillow or add a splash of color to your bedroom. Pillows can be costly, so it is best to go with something that you love and want to show off. There are many different styles and colors available on the market today, which makes shopping for them even more fun!  Pillow covers are the best way to give your home a fresh new look and feel. The design of pillow covers can be as simple or complex as you want, and you can usually find them at any thrift shop for a low price. It's easy to change up the look of your room every few months with just one little purchase! If you're looking for some good sites that have great deals on pillow covers, check out this list below.In conclusion, pillow covers are an inexpensive way to give your home a fresh new look. If you are looking to upgrade your bedding or just want something different than what's currently on your bed, consider these 10 best pillow covers for 2023.

1. Pillow Protectors Cases Covers

The Niagara Sleep Solution's microfiber pillow cases have been astutely structured with double advantages. Principally, the pillow cases will secure and draw out the life of your pillow secondly an additional layer of protection solace for your family. Niagara Sleep Solutions being the manufacturer of bedding products presents hotel quality Microfiber 4 pack pillow cases ,works against respiratory irritation.Niagara Sleep Solutions being the manufacturer of bedding products presents hotel quality Microfiber 4 pack pillow cases ,works against respiratory irritation. Our Microfiber fur pillow cases covers provide you with a heavenly sleeping experience. The durable Microfiber standard white pillow cases covers have been made with revolutionary Microfiber that fluffs incredibly to give you a cozy feel and most relaxing sleep. Carefully stitched with an auto locking slider does not permit incidental opening of zipper .All sides are sewn firmly with five threads safety stitching .

Pillow Protectors Cases Covers


2. Zippered Style Pillow Cover

Meet your new bed best friend: the Zippered Style Pillow Cover. This 200 thread count pillow protector, made of breathable cotton and designed with a hidden zipper at the end for easy removal, will give you great sleep every night. It is safe for children as well as those who may be prone to allergies or asthma. The durable fabric can protect your pillow from dust mites and other allergens so you can rest easier knowing you’re using high quality materials for this special place in our home--bringing us one step closer to achieving our blissful sleep goals!The zippered pillow covers are made from cotton that is ultra-soft, smooth and noiseless. The hidden zipper won't poke or irritate your skin while sleeping. Breathable with little to no noise, these all Cotton coverings are not only softer but they’re great for allergy control too! Protect your pillows from unwanted spills, stains and pesky bugs by encasing them in a super soft zippered pillowcase! Choose from plain or patterned styles in various sizes - perfect for all standard sized pillows!

Zippered Style Pillow Cover


3. Waterproof King Pillow Protectors

Sometimes it's the little things in life that can really make a difference. Protect your pillows so they last longer with this carefully crafted zippered style pillow cover. These pillow protectors are very breathable, stretchy, soft to the touch, and completely noiseless. They're also 100% waterproof - perfect for anyone with pets or kids who might be prone to accidents or spills. Keep your bedding nice and clean while keeping your mind at ease! From premium material falls to superior stitching, these pillow protectors will keep your pillows looking and feeling nice for years to come. After all the money you've invested into quality pillows--don't let them go unprotected! Stay snug as a bug with these covers that are breathable, quiet, temperature controlled, safe for children, won’t irritate skin or interrupt sleep & more importantly - noiseless. Choose from four designs fitted with elastic hems at both ends for easy slip ons and offs!

Waterproof King Pillow Protectors


4. Decorative Square Throw Pillow Covers

The ornamental square throw pillows with roll-top baffle pattern are suitable for any space in your home. For a pop of color, layer it over plaid blankets. Grackle Design Decorative Square Throw Pillow Covers are ideal for bringing a touch of holiday cheer to any room! Make sure you have one on hand at all times by ordering one. These gorgeous square throw pillow coverings will bring the cool and peaceful colors of fall into your home this season. These 20 × 20 inch polyester fabric pieces are great for any 18 inch pillow insert . Be inspired by traditional autumn images such as falling leaves or changing leaf color during a walk in the woods with this design that fits couches, beds, and even workplaces. This product's color may appear to change based on the type of lighting in the room; nevertheless, this is normal and does not indicate a problem with the product.

Decorative Square Throw Pillow Covers


5. Standard Allergy Pillow Cover

The National Allergy Standard Mattress and Pillow Protection is the perfect solution for those who suffer from allergens like dust mites, bed bugs or pet dander while they sleep. Made of breathable 100% cotton, this waterproof pillow protector offers protection while still remaining super comfortable. It features a zipper closure and an auto locking zipper which will give you peace of mind day and night that your product is sealed up tight. At only 3-4 microns in size, these microscopic pores on this mattress cover means having more breathing room to reduce heat build up by greater than 40%. Don’t let a light night of sleep get in the way of your day. National Allergy’s Standard Allergy Pillow Cover is here to ensure you have a safe and healthy sleep experience with fully-zipped protection against dust mites, bed bugs, pet dander, and other allergens. Our 100% breathable cotton fabric is woven super tight for ultimate comfort and protectiveness.

Standard Allergy Pillow Cover


6. Heavy Lined Linen Cushion Cover

Give your room a cozy, homey feel with this contemporary styled cushion cover. It is the perfect accent to any space for style and comfort.  With heavy faux lined fabric to block out cold air drafts and give you that plush feeling we all love it's time to be bold and change up the look of your room! To suit your mood, our heavy linen cushions are available in three designs to mix and match with any of your bedding. Each piece is handmade, made from sturdy yet soft faux lined linen that will stand up to wear-and-tear while adding texture around the house or around town. A hidden zipper design enclosure on each cushion gives it a clean finish and makes for easy access just in time for sundress season! Heck you could even buy two or more and stack them in bed for coziness on a chilly night!

Heavy Lined Linen Cushion Cover


7. Buffalo Check Throw Pillow Covers

Everyone needs a little home nook to rest their head. Give yours the perfect space with our buffalo check pillow covers. Snuggle peacefully on your couch or bed knowing that the everlasting pattern of black and white will harken back to simpler times, but still be versatile enough for contemporary furniture styling. Syntus Buffalo Check 18x18in Square Pillow Covers are the perfect choice for any home décor with its tasteful black and white dotted pattern. Durable cotton linen material will look great in different settings throughout your home, making them a classic investment. The Syntus Buffalo Pillow Covers have an invisible zipper that allows you to easily change or wash your covers over time without having to remove the pillow every time. Any embroidery artist is sure to enjoy these handmade pillows because of their intricate details! Built for durability, these cotton linen covers are easily machine washed and built to last; plus they're compact in size so you can take them anywhere- whether it's your car, kitchen, dorm room or office.

Buffalo Check Throw Pillow Covers


8. Farmhouse Thanksgiving Cushion Case

Get ready for fall with this Farmhouse Thanksgiving Cushion Case, which is perfect for your porch or couch. Also included in this pillow's exterior are decals for some extra design detail. Now you can look like the well-coiffed, daydreaming farmer in your recliner while watching back-to-back episodes of Pumpkin Pie Spice. So what are you waiting for? Get into that sofa! The inside of these pillowcases features soft fabric that will make you want to cuddle up with it on the couch while sipping some hot apple cider! All together these make a great addition to anyone's seasonal décor. The fall pillow cover can help you to change fall decorations quickly. This fall throw pillow cover will refresh your room, is easy to mix and match with other fall decorative pillows or holiday decorations. Hidden zipper closure makes the appearance more elegant and easy to cram your pillow/filler into this cover.Made of machine washable Polyester, comfortable & soft touch, child and pet friendly, no bleeding, fading or fraying issue.

Farmhouse Thanksgiving Cushion Case


9. Fancy Homi Boho Pillow Covers

These Fancy Homi Bohemian Pillow Covers bring a touch of bohemian flair to your home. Nothing says “country” like chic and corduroy, and these bellied pillow covers will be the perfect addition. As if that weren't enough, they're twice as beautiful because you get two for one! No longer does anyone have to go without beautiful pillows; buy this pack today before we run out and give them away tomorrow! Did you just think your living room was too bland without some that bohemian flair? Fall it in with these Fancy Homi Pillow Covers! These covers are 18x18 inches, so no need to worry about their sizing. The corduroy material is soft and smooth to the touch, making them perfect for lounging on at any time of day! The fabric is very soft and gentle on the skin. The cases are sturdy and well-sewn. It's a fantastic place to learn or lay. Hand washing is suggested, however light machine washing is possible. Tumble dry on low heat and do not iron. After each wash, it remains the same and as good as new.

Fancy Homi Boho Pillow Covers


10. Pauleon Throw Pillow Covers

If the volume of filling in your insert is insufficient, you may need to move down a size. Purchase PAULEON couch throw pillows cover, which will give coziness to any home.  The sofa pillow coverings are composed of plush polyester that feels and looks like a short-cut fuzzy yarn. The 18x18 throw pillow covers are made of a durable, thick, and plush fabric that is perfect for snuggling or taking a nap. The white and grey pillow covers of the PAULEON throw pillow cases have a robust zipper on the edge that opens and closes effortlessly.  When closed, our fluffy fabric hides the zipper, making it practically invisible.A gentle blend of classic white and the most contemporary hues provides an eye-catching visual impact that you won't see on any other best throw pillows. Each case for throw pillows is composed of high-quality fabric. To keep the softness of your oblong and square pillow coverings, we recommend cold machine washing. Please do not machine dry or iron your white and gray throw pillows; instead, hang them to dry and then fluff them with your hands!

Pauleon Throw Pillow Covers


Here Are Things To Consider Before Buying

Throw pillows, despite their tiny size, can have a significant impact on a room's design and ambiance. You can't just go out and buy a random cushion and call it a day—you have to think about the specifics. Color and texture are important factors to consider, and ignoring them will result in disappointing outcomes. Fortunately, these expert recommendations for mixing and matching throw pillow covers can assist homeowners in making the most of this deceptively delicate décor. Pillow coverings are a terrific way to give your bedroom some personality and charm. However, there are a few things to consider before purchasing one. What hue, for example, will go best with the rest of your room's decor? What kind of material do you want it to be made of so that it can be washed and dried quickly? Finally, how frequently should a pillow cover be replaced? Continue reading to learn more about these and other concerns so you can pick the ideal pillow cover for you.

1. Decide on a color scheme

Choosing the perfect colors for your room can help it look more balanced and put together. In the living room, there are usually a lot of objects in various colors and textures. Your properly chosen cushions may beautifully tie all of the components together and make the colors blend. When purchasing throw pillows, the first factor to consider is color. Consider how the colors of your pillows fit into the overall design of your room. A vibrantly yellow throw may look out of place in a space where the color scheme is muted, such as beige or grey. Fortunately, vintage pillow covers come in a wide variety of hues, so finding one that matches your color scheme shouldn't be too difficult. Colors have a bigger role in interior design than just making a space appear good; they may also make a space feel good. The ambiance of a living area is greatly influenced by the color of the decor. Bright yellow, for example, gives a room a sense of energy and warmth, making it excellent for social areas. Cool colors of blue, on the other hand, produce a pleasant, calming ambiance, making them ideal for bedrooms and living rooms—or wherever else you'd go to unwind. Once you've decided on a pattern or theme, choose a color that complements it, whether it's in warm or cold tones. If you already have pillowcases with opposing colors, beige, white, gray, or black would be a suitable choice to neutralize the tones. Most silk pillowcases have soothing and sophisticated colors. So better to check the color in the silky smooth pillowcase.

2. Texture Discussion

One of the best suggestions for mixing and matching throw pillow covers is to concentrate on the textures of the pillows. Throwing pillows with a warm, fuzzy texture, for example, can make a living space feel cozier. Plus, they'll draw everyone's attention in the room. Velvet, wool, and linen are popular textiles for toss pillows. Pillow textures are equally as important as fabric colors in generating a room's ambiance and increasing its visual appeal. You can select a throw that suits your preferences, whether you want the softness of velvet or the roughness of wool. In a throw pillow arrangement, use a variety of textures to ensure that each one sticks out rather than blending in. When it comes to interior design, some creative contrast is always welcome. For the most accurate measurement, pillow covers are measured from seam to seam. Remove the pillow cover from the insert/filler, flip it inside out, set it flat, and measure from the inner seam to the inside seam. Silk pillowcase material has flexibility, so size may vary. They come in standard and king sizes in every online store; otherwise, you have customized options.

3. Sizes that are appropriate

When looking through vintage pillow cover collections, you'll notice not only the different designs but also the different sizes. Because furniture such as beds and couches come in all sizes, so must décor such as throw pillows. When possible, however, the varied pillow sizes are more significant for layering. Layering is exactly what it sounds like: layering throw cushions of different sizes to produce a pleasing visual depth. You don't want to cover the entire bed in throws, but if you have the space, two or three layers are usually sufficient. Living in a leased home does not exempt you from maintaining the beauty of your home. Having a welcome area for yourself is a thrill you'll appreciate every time you walk into your house. Decorating with soft furnishings is a simple way to make your house cheerful and inviting. 

Please refer to the size on the packaging if you're using new inserts. If the insert is 20"x20" on the package, for example, you should choose "Fits 20x20 inserts" from the size drop down menu. If you're utilizing existing inserts and aren't sure what size they are, measure them along a seam line from corner to corner to find out. Please measure your insert in its natural state, without any covers. Your insert is squeezed into a smaller shape by the cover, resulting in an incorrect measurement. If your inserts are old, be cautious when selecting a size because the filler may have been compressed significantly more than the shell specifications indicate. For my pillow cover, what size insert should I get? We recommend that you use inserts that are 2" larger all around than the completed pillow size. If your pillow cover is 18x18, for example, you should use a 20x20 insert. The pillow cover will appear sagging if the insert is too small. So measure pillow inserts and covers sizes accordingly.

4. Avoid becoming too matchy-matchy

When you buy a new sofa, it sometimes comes with matching cushions that blend in with the color of the sofa and make it look lumpy. These should not be kept. Give them to a neighbor or a friend. Replacing the matching cushions with cushions that contrast with the sofa's color while also complementing the rest of the room is a good idea. You won't believe how much of an influence it has on the rest of the room. The cost of redesigning your home's interior design is entirely up to you. Investing in some cushion covers is a cost-effective method to update the decor of your house. Look for ideas everywhere around you. Tones and accents that compliment or match your furniture, curtains, or wall color schemes are your best guide. Look for new ideas., Decide on the look you want to achieve. And Consider how you intend to use your cushions. It's better to pick machine washable covers or bedsure satin pillowcases that will be easily maintained by yourself. The best silk pillowcases offered by amazon are at an affordable price that will surely give your home a luxurious feel.

5. Take High Quality Covers

The greatest pillowcases are soft and breathable, and they give a comfortable area for your head to rest as you sleep. Best pillowcases can complement your current bedding, whether it's cotton, silk, linen, or another soft fabric, or they can be a different style or color to make your bedding stand out. In a variety of ways, pillow protectors aid in the promotion of healthy sleep and contribute to a healthy sleeping environment. Mold and mildew can quickly grow in your bedding due to moisture. A protector can also help prevent the spread of bed bugs and dust mites. The simplest approach to fit the insert into the cover is to fold it in half like a taco and squeeze out as much air as possible. With one hand holding the folded insert, draw the cover over the insert with the other. Then reach inside and align the insert's corners with the cover's corners. To keep your insert from twisting, match up the seams as well. So that nothing gets trapped in the zipper, zip up the cover while pushing the insert away from it. Finally, to balance out and puff up the contents, punch the pillow a few times.

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