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Smart mirrors are the latest technology to hit the market. Unlike traditional mirrors, smart mirrors feature an integrated LCD or LED display that can bring a range of features and functions. Smart mirrors can be used to display news, check weather and traffic, play music, access digital assistant services like Alexa or Google Home, or provide helpful reminders. They are also often equipped with motion sensing cameras for facial recognition and voice command interfaces so that you're able to control them without lifting a finger! With many styles and designs available, it seems that the common mirror is getting smarter by the day. Not only do smart mirrors provide you with real-time information or reflections at any time of day, but they also offer users enhanced convenience and aesthetic charm.Smart mirrors are becoming increasingly popular, as they combine many of the benefits of a traditional mirror with innovative technology. For example, adding customizable lighting - ranging from soft to bright and vibrant - can enhance your makeup routine or home décor. Additionally, some smart mirrors feature virtual assistants like Alexa for voice commands, making them even more convenient for everyday use. With this in mind, we’ve rounded up the 10 best smart mirrors available today so you can find one that matches both your needs and tastes. Read on for our in-depth review of the best available models on the market today!

1. HiMirror Makeup Smart Mirror

Introducing the ultimate beauty assistant, the HiMirror Makeup Smart Mirror! This revolutionary smart mirror is perfect for your beauty routine; it helps you do everyday makeup with speed and accuracy thanks to its innovative skin detection technology. Plus, its ultra-bright LED lights will help you get an even complexion and show off every detail of your stunning look. The HiMirror's foldable stand makes it so easy to transport and store that you'll never have to worry about lugging around a bulky standard mirror again. It brings endless convenience to your beauty routine. Not only that, but its modern, sleek design is sure to be a conversation starter in any bathroom or vanity area. Don't let your skin take a backseat during your makeup sessions; invest in the HiMirror Makeup Smart Mirror for an effortless daily ritual! With state-of-the-art features like advanced skin detection and a foldable stand, it's the only tool you need for comprehensive makeup care. Get ready to look gorgeous every day - because with the HiMirror Makeup Smart Mirror, beautiful has never been easier!

HiMirror Makeup Smart Mirror


2. NeuType Smart Bathroom Mirrors

Are you looking for a modern smart bathroom mirror that has everything you need? Then check out NeuType's Smart Bathroom Mirror. This stylish, rectangular-shaped glass mirror is 65"L x 22"W and perfect for any size bathroom. It's made with environmentally friendly copper-free silver mirror with an anti-rust treatment, so it won't oxidize or rust over time. Plus, the built-in anti-fog function automatically eliminates steam so you don't have to worry about it fogging up while using your shower or bath. What's more, this smart bathroom mirror has its own light source, enclosed in a light trough to ensure the best lighting. The IP44 rated LED light source has 300 - 5000LM lumens which are very bright and long lasting, reaching up to 20,000hrs of use. The waterproof dual color temperature LED light strip makes it low power consumption as well. Plus, its multi-layered coating meets EU standards and its original edge sealing technology offers even more protection.. So you'll always look your best whenever you walk through the door of your bathroom!

NeuType Smart Bathroom Mirrors


3. Smart Coom LED Bathroom Mirror

Welcome to the future of bathrooms with our innovative LED Intelligent Smart Bathroom Mirror! Step up your bathroom game and make your mornings hassle-free and energy-efficient with this smart design that offers a selection of versatile features. With this device, you won’t have to worry about trying to combat foggy mirrors. Our built-in anti-fogging design means you can spend more time tending to your morning routine without having to do multiple treatments with fog-free spray or rinsing them each day. This product is carefully crafted from one of the highest quality 5mm HD copper-free silver mirror available, so it offers no flicker and no UV light exposure, making it as safe as it is stylish. Our switch control is designed differently—you can control both the power switch and anti-fog separately for an added layer of customization to fit your preferences. Plus, you’re able to adjust the color temperature between 3000k warm white/natural/daylight and 6000k freely with just a quick press of a button. And when it comes down to longevity, our Intelligent Smart Mirror stands tall with more than 50,000 hours worth of use! Make this bathroom upgrade yours today and enjoy reliable service for many years to come!

Smart Coom LED Bathroom Mirror


4. OKISS Round Wall Mounted Anti-Fog Mirror

Introducing the Round Wall-Mounted Anti-Fog Mirror! This incredibly innovative cause will completely transform your bathing and grooming experience. With its digital display that displays both temperature and humidity, this smart mirror creates the perfect environment for your daily routine. The anti-fog function ensures a worry-free experience as you don’t have to waste time or energy adjusting the mirrors settings when it takes on steam. Additionally, its right-smart mirror technology combines traditional mirrors with two way mirror construction to produce one of the best smart bathroom mirrors around. With Bluetooth connectivity, your smart mirror is ready to connect and sync with any compatible device at all times. So whether you’re looking for an easy and comfortable shaving session or just a great look in the morning, the Round Wall Mounted Anti-Fog Mirror is there to provide you with an unmatched experience that reflects your needs. Upgrade your bathroom today—get yours now!

OKISS Round Wall Mounted Anti-Fog Mirror


5. Hauschen Home Smart Wifi Led Lighted Mirror

Introducing the Smart WiFi LED Bathroom Mirror – the perfect addition to bring a touch of sophistication and contemporary charm to your bathroom. Our LED backlit bathroom mirror is designed to provide you with superior illumination and a high-end aesthetic. Built with durable LED lights, this superior anti-fog mirror gives your bathroom a modern look while providing functionality and practicality. The Smart WiFi LED Bathroom Mirror is an investment piece that’s built to last. With a more expensive price tag than other smart mirrors on the market, we use the best available materials and components to craft an enduring product. Instead of ordinary LED light strips illuminating the front face of our mirrors, we use custom-designed LED light fixtures that offer superior brightness levels and uniform distribution. With efficient power consumption, you’ll experience maximum energy savings in your home while still enjoying a luxurious feel. Don’t settle for inferior quality when compared to other smart mirrors on the market – make sure you invest in the Smart WiFi LED Bathroom Mirror for its lasting value, attractive design, and state-of-the-art technology. Plus, with its sleek design, our Dimmable LED Lights Vanity Mirror is perfect for any modern home interior. Its easy installation process means that you don’t have to worry about any complicated setup either. Enjoy a whole new level of luxury and convenience in your bathroom today! You won’t be disappointed with what this luxurious upgrade can do for your bathroom!

Hauschen Home Smart Wifi Led Lighted Mirror


6. Decoraport Dimmable Lighted Bathroom Vanity Mirror

Dimmable Lighted Bathroom Vanity Mirrors are the perfect way to upgrade your bathroom! With these innovative mirrors, you can now enjoy a great decorative and practical addition that will enhance the look of your bathroom. These quality vanity mirrors feature LED lighting with adjustable brightness so you can control how bright the room is while still maintaining quality clear visuals. You can also use the built-in speakers to fill your bathroom with music or even just catch up on news while getting ready in the morning. Plus, with smart mirror technology, you'll have multiple options when it comes to customizing and controlling your mirror experience. You can adjust the entire mirror's brightness or voice control individual parts of it for convenience. Experience the convenience, comfort, and beauty of modern technology with our Dimmable LED Lights Vanity Mirror! This beautiful piece of tech is designed to enhance your bathroom experience like never before. With its integrated smart lighting system, you can dim the lights to match your favorite moods – no matter what time of day it is. Not only that, but this remarkable mirror also comes equipped with two built-in Bluetooth speakers which allow you to connect any device and have stunning sound display within your space. Enjoy your favorite music or podcasts at a crisp and clear level as you get ready for the day – or just unwind after a long one. The sensitive touch controls give you full control over both the sounds and lights in your bathroom.

Decoraport Dimmable Lighted Bathroom Vanity Mirror


7. LyteSho LED Bathroom Mirror

Introducing the LyteSho LED Bathroom Mirror - your perfect addition to any modern and stylish bathroom. This rectangular mirror measures 24"L x 1.36"W, featuring dimmable light colors that you can adjust with one touch to create the perfect ambiance for any occasion. Whether you're getting ready for a night out or need natural lighting to give your skin that added glow, this lighted bathroom mirror has you covered. And with its fog-free technology, it won't take long for the clear reflection to return after a hot shower making it great for both men and women who want to get ready quickly and look their best every single day. This stylish regular mirror offers so much more than its typical counterparts. Our advanced technology provides dimmable LED lighting, a built-in ring light, and warm light for an all encompassing ambient glow that can be tailored to your needs with just a few taps of the provided touch screen – no need to fumble around with cumbersome light bulbs! Plus, anti-fog technology and anti-fog mode help keep things clear despite sudden changes in temperature or humidity while you’re getting ready. With so many convenient and appealing features, our LyteSho LED Bathroom Mirror is sure to bring luxury into your home without breaking the bank. Upgrade your home with elegance today!

LyteSho LED Bathroom Mirror


8. BHBL Led Mirror

Introducing the perfect addition to your home: the BHBL Led Mirror! This extraordinary mirror brings luxury and style to any bathroom. The perfect eye-catching piece is both vertical and horizontal, making it a seamless fit no matter the size or layout of your space. With its 84 x 40 inch size, this wall mounted vanity mirror epitomizes sophistication with each and every glance. The LED lighting in our mirror eliminates any streaks, spots, or glare that you might expect from a standard vanity mirror. And with an adjustable touch button for dimming and anti-fog protection, it's simply unparalleled in efficiency as well as beauty. You can also trust in its durability with its dustproof surface; preventing staining from dust, dirt, makeup residue and more! Our advanced mirror has been designed to help you stay connected and customize your self-care routine. The stunning mirror features high quality, customizable LED lighting so you can relax in a soothing light as you enjoy a hot shower and listen to your favorite songs over Bluetooth audio. Never worry about being disconnected from the world again – with internet access, bluetooth capabilities, advanced features like google assistant and weather display, this is the most versatile mirror out there! Finally bring a touch of luxury to your bathroom experience with BHBL's LED Mirror.

BHBL Led Mirror


9. Mavisever Best Smart Mirror

Add some smart style to your vanity with the Dimmable Large Lighted Vanity Mirror! This amazing mirror gives you just enough modern tech without breaking the bank. Unlike many smart mirrors that are expensive and designed to be used in high-tech settings, this traditional vanity mirror has an anti-fog feature, a dimmable light, and a large mirror surface. You don't have to worry about the bulky size of most smart mirrors – this mirror is perfect for any space without taking up extra room. Whether you want a decorative piece or find yourself needing to touch up makeup in the morning or evening, this mirrored beauty is sure to do the trick!! Now you don’t have to settle for a traditional mirror in your bathroom. Smart mirrors are here and they’re not just expensive — they’re designed to enhance your beauty routine too. The Dimmable Large Lighted Vanity Mirror is state of the art and sure to help you look even more beautiful. This is no ordinary looking glass – this advanced tech mirror has several awesome smart features, like personalized custom settings so you can easily control the brightness, light temperatures, and dimming capabilities. Plus, with a wide range of interchangeable frames and decorative designs, it will look stylish as well as sleek in any bathroom. So don’t settle for an outdated traditional mirror anymore – get professional-quality results from home with the fabulous Dimmable Large Lighted Vanity Mirror. And with its fully adjustable rotation, you can easily find your best look without strain or hassle! Don't miss out – get yours today and experience beauty at its best!

Mavisever Best Smart Mirror


10. Fralimk Frameless Smart Mirror

Welcome to the world of modern technology with our fantastic Frameless Smart Mirror! Our mirror is designed to provide you with a fully interactive experience and has never been easier or more convenient. With the integrated technology, this innovative combination of a decorative mirror and smart mirror work together for maximum convenience. This frameless mirror features smart technology that has been integrated into its design, offering an endless range of possibilities. All of the components that make up our smart mirror are carefully integrated within the entire mirror surface, leaving no seams and creating an unfettered viewing experience with built-in lighting that's sure to illuminate any room it's incorporated into. Whether you're getting ready for work, a night out on the town, or just checking yourself out after a shower, this is style that's made comfortable. That's because our mirror is designed to provide accurate color temperature accuracy so no matter how many photos you take or how lightstruck you need to be, you'll never find yourself missing out on minute details due to incorrect lighting. And at such an affordable price point too! The sensor-activated iHome Vanity Mirror allows you to control it with just a touch of a button. Check out your email, get refreshing news updates, access Streaming music, and so much more — all while getting ready in front of the mirror! The best part? It's frameless design ensures optimal use of space, along with making your room look modern and chic. Don't want to pay an arm and a leg for a smart mirror? We've got you covered; our smart mirrors are your answer to revolutionary technology at an incredibly affordable price. Find smart mirrors available in different sizes and shapes made from only quality materials that can withstand everyday wear and tear.

Fralimk Frameless Smart Mirror


Here Are 7 Tips For Purchasing The Smart Mirrors

Smart mirrors are increasingly becoming popular in homes, much to the delight of tech enthusiasts. smart mirrors designed to smart mirrors work in smart homes, smart mirrors provide their users with a number of features such as news updates, smart home lighting control, weather forecasts, and more. Even though smart mirrors may be expensive to invest in initially, its varied features and sleek design make it an attractive option for modern smart home owners who want only the best of technology in their lives. Smart mirrors are being designed to fit into different kinds of smart homes without any hiccups, ensuring that even smart mirror newcomers can easily install and use the device without any fuss.

Smart mirrors are a revolutionary invention that have been designed to help streamline daily routines. The technology behind smart mirrors works by integrating Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa into the mirror's abilities, giving it smart powers like voice recognition. So may be smart mirrors expensive , but they make smart home integration simpler than ever. Not to mention the convenience of quickly being able to check the weather forecast or your calendar while brushing your teeth! With smart mirrors, you can help maximize the efficiency of everyday tasks so you don't waste any time living life on its own terms. Smart Mirrors are gaining popularity across the globe. They offer a unique way to interact with your home, providing you with an interactive experience that allows you to access information, control settings, and stay up-to-date. The Smart Mirror is no longer just for luxury homes; anyone can purchase one for their home. Here are seven tips for purchasing the perfect smart mirror for your lifestyle.

1. Know Your Needs

Before you make any purchase, it’s important to consider your needs and wants in order to find the best product for you. Ask yourself questions such as “what do I want the smart mirror to do?” and “What functions will I be using most often?” These answers will help you determine which features are most important when selecting a smart mirror.

2. Research Models & Brands

Once you know what type of smart mirror is right for you, it's time to start researching different models and brands available on the market today. Be sure to read reviews from other customers who have purchased a specific brand or model, so that you can get an idea of how well it works in real life settings.

3. Set A Budget

It's important to set a budget before beginning your search for a smart mirror so that you don't end up spending more than necessary on one model over another. You’ll also want to factor in installation costs if necessary as well as any additional features or accessories that may be required for its proper use.

4. Don’t Skimp on Quality

While there are many affordable options available on the market today, it's important not to skimp on quality when selecting a smart mirror as this could lead to frustration and wasted money in the long run due to poor performance or unreliable hardware/software issues down the line.

5. Consider Size & Placement

It is essential that your Smart Mirror fits into your existing décor while also being able to perform all its functions properly without getting in the way of everyday activities at home or work spaces.. Be sure measure out where exactly you plan on placing your Smart Mirror before making any purchase decisions so that it fits perfectly within its designated space once installed and ready for use!

6. Think About Future Upgrades

As technology continues to evolve, so too do Smart Mirrors! Make sure that whatever model or brand of Smart Mirror you purchase has room for upgrades such as additional features or software updates without having too much trouble replacing outdated components each time something new comes out from manufacturers down the line!

7. Check Return Policies & Warranties 

Last but not least - check return policies & warranties offered by retailers before making any purchases! This ensures that if things don't work out according to plan after installation, then at least there is some recourse available should something go wrong with your purchase during its lifetime of usage!


Purchasing a Smart Mirror can be both exciting and daunting at first because there are so many options available today! However, if done correctly by following these seven simple tips above –you can rest assured knowing that your decision will be based off of research rather than impulse buying - resulting in an intelligent purchase that meets all of your needs now and into the future! Happy shopping!

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