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Dorm Rugs are the best choice for your college room, Read this guide based on 9 different and unique ideas for the college Class room. College is an exciting time. For most, college brings about a new environment, new friends, new opportunities, and ultimately a new living space. Some may find it tough to adjust to the “un-home-like” dorm room conditions, which can be detrimental to the college cause. And while it is almost impossible to replicate home atmosphere, comfortable dorm rugs can surely help. To get started, let’s look into what a dorm room offers. White walls, cheap tile flooring, a groaning bed, and a study table, but only if you are lucky enough. That’s enough to get any student rushing back to their home, especially those who are very home sick. And since dorm rooms are mostly  small, adding a bit of personality to it would be a difficult task. That’s why placing a rug is always a good idea. It would at least give your room a cozy and warm feeling and additionally will save you from walking on cold tile floors. So, what we need to do is to alter the underlying conditions and to get them closer to a regular house bedroom. But, how do you do that?

How do you decorate a dorm room? While buying a more comfortable furniture and getting a reptile should be the core of your ambition (not really), cozy college dorm rugs could help too! Not everyone, though, is into interior design and some are better off without it. RugKnots, as always, is here to help you with the five things you need in your new dorm room that will make your space feel more like home. Before that, though, we would look into things you should consider prior to buying a dorm room rug.


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Before Buying Dorm Rugs

Before you actually go all out shopping for your precious heirloom, here are a few things you should consider.

1 - Rug Size

For proportionality reasons, the size always matters. The question is, ‘What size rug is good for a dorm room?’. And while there is no fixed marker, certain sizes are considered more viable than others. 5X8, 4X6, and 6X8 being the most popular rug sizes. Why is it? As already mentioned, proportionality. The eye prefers a well-rounded heirloom. In usual cases, it is best to border your rug with furniture. 5x8, 4x6 and 6x8 are able to do just that! Other sizes are popular too, but just don’t go for too small or too large a rug. Like already stated, these days, the most popular dorm rugs come in sizes 5’x 8’. Other than that, 4x6 and 6x8 are also some favourites. 5x8 is most popular due to the fact that it can cover up most, if not all, the floor area of the dorm. This is also considered a good thing! That is because buying a rug that covers your entire floor space will make your dorm room look even smaller than it already is. 5x8 is the perfect choice since it only covers the areas that matter for example where you walk, sit, or even want to lie down for a while. 4x6 comes in second when it comes to popularity. They are obviously smaller than the 5x8 rugs and so cover a smaller area. If your dorm room has bunk beds, then this may be a good choice as it will fit right in the middle space of your room. But if not, these rugs can be placed next to your bed, covering up your personal space. 6x9 sized rugs is another great option. Although bigger than the other two, it still won’t cover your entire floor area. This area rug will leave a few inches space against the walls and is most likely to give coverage under your bed. Most aren’t always better! Gone are the days when full fledged carpets were considered trendy. Area rugs are the new norms! With your friends coming over, don’t you want to appear trendy?


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2 - Floor or The Walls?

Another very beautiful way to decorate your dorm room would be to buy a tapestry for the walls. While not contributing much to the warmth, a wall rug does an unparalleled job ravishing your walls. Unsurprisingly, this one is one of the top home décor trends. You need to decide what way you want them. Understandably, using both rugs can make the room look very messy.

3 - Rug Colors

You need to create a contrast between the surroundings and your rug. Rug colors and patterns help you at that. In case your dorm is dull (as in most cases), you need a really bright colored rug to cheer it all up. I mean when you hear the word dorm room, fashion and comfort are rarely what comes to mind. So to make it more lively, you need to choose rugs with a  bright color or pattern. However, for this you need the rest of your décor in a neutral tone. If not, then you can choose to go with more bold or vibrant colors for your rugs. You could even go with oriental or more traditionally styled rugs if you’re going for a contrast look. However, if you want a more elegant and sophisticated look for your dorm room, you can go with light or neutral tones. Different light tones of gray, blue can be a great choice.


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Dorm Room Rug Ideas

Traditional dorm rooms typically have cold, drabby and cheap tile floors and some are even made of linoleum. Not only do these types of floors get dirty easily, but in winter months, the floor will be freezing when you step out of bed. In warmer months, the floor can be boiling hot. It’s so important to incorporate an area rug in your new space. Not only will it serve as a beautiful piece of decor, but it will also provide some protection to your feet when stepping out of bed. We know you’re already dreading those 8 am classes. A dorm carpet captures these qualities while offering a stylish, yet cozy element to an otherwise lackluster and barren surface.

1 - Material 

Shag Rugs: Area rugs lighten up simply any space! Shag rugs populate many dorm rooms for good reason — they provide elements of fashion and design for a relatively low price.Check out our collection of shag rugs if you want to infuse style and comfort into a practical piece for your new living space. Shag rugs could form your cheap dorm rugs, especially if you buy from Rugknots. The polypropylene plush pile has a very soft and gentle touch, exactly what you look for when buying a rug! So walking barefoot on this rug is going to give you an amazing feeling.

A shag rug is also going to make you feel better on a cold winter morning as it can lock in the temperature of the room. Although the drawback to polypropylene material rugs is that if placed under furniture. For instance,  your bed, they are not very good at holding up their own shape. So when buying this material, make sure you go with a smaller size that won’t end up under your furniture. In that regard, most of our already inexpensive collection is up for grabs at up to 75 percent off. And that fulfills my job obligation! On a serious note, though, some of the rugs are really sick! In a good way, of course. My personal favorites include this neutral shag rug, this gray shag rug and this white shag rug.

Polyester: Polyester material rugs are another good option for dorm room rugs. This is because this material doesn’t let the color or the patterns of the rug fade away easily. It also works well against water stains due to its low absorbent nature. But it’s different when it comes to oil based stains.

Wool: Wool rugs are soft in feel and work wonders in cold winters due to its warm texture. It can also be cleaned easily. However, it can be difficult to clean wine or juice stains. Another problem with wool rugs is that it is inclined to shedding a lot. This issue can be resolved if you choose to buy a rug that has been made by mixing wool and a man-made fiber together. This can help the rug shed less  comparatively.

Jute: Jute is another good investment as it is both durable and cheap. This can make a dorm room look very cozy and gives it a more rustic look.


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2 - Extra Seating

The room provided to you most likely will exclude any overindulgence in accommodation, seating included. What you do receive will most likely be rigid, aged, and uncomfortable. But if you are lucky enough to get a dorm room slightly bigger in size then it’s a great opportunity for you to style it up more nicely! You can do that by adding your own stylish seating which will incorporate personality and flair to any room while making it feel more cozy and inviting (your room could become the designated spot for your new group!).  You can start by rearranging your beds in a way that will leave more space for a sitting area. If you are on a sharing basis of your dorm room, You can place your beds in an ‘L’ space rather than placing them both together against the wall. This will leave a considerable place for a sitting area. To decorate your sitting area, you can go with a one seater couch with a small table placed in front. This will make up a cozy lounging spot for your and your roommate. Or if you have the space, you can also choose to go with 2 chairs and a small table. You can get even more creative by making use of a futon piece. A futon piece can be used as a sofa by day and can be turned into a bed by night, serving as a multi-purpose furniture item. This will also help make the dorm room look bigger during the day. Not to forget that dorm room rugs (as most rugs) specialize at distinguishing places. You could reserve a place in your room without moving a muscle! Check out these seating options to add an element of style and comfort to your new living space.


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3 - Extra Lights & Lighting

Lighting is a quick and inexpensive detail that can greatly improve even the dullest, drabbest living space. Fairy or garland lighting highlights the area it surrounds, ideal to frame an interesting wall space or your bed itself. The lighting provided by your college will be subpar at best — dim, weak lighting is almost a trademark of dorm rooms. Lamps are a necessity, whether for homework at your desk or illuminating a dark corner of the room. Supplemental lighting provides an opportunity to add a component of personal style to your room while brightening up the space. To give your dorm room a more cozy feeling, make use of fairy lighting. This can be set up at the back of your bed.


Or even better, you can hang them on the walls next to any wall hangings or photos (if you have any). If you have a mirror in your dorm room, another good placement for fairy lighting would be on the sides of it. Another option is a tapestry — an easy way to cover wall space and add an interesting element to shape your room around. There are many ways in which you can use tapestry to decorate your dorm room.


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4 - Using It on the Ceiling of Your Room

If you are getting tired of looking at the same old boring ceiling of your room, you can make it exciting by hanging a tapestry from the ceiling. This will make your room look appealing as well as adding a fresh color to the overall look of the room. It will also make your room look a little more spacious.

5 - Wrapping it on Your Chairs

Another amazing way to style tapestry in your room is by using it as chair pads. The unique texture and colors of tapestry set on your sofa chairs will  make your room look even more beautiful. Tapestry comes mainly with mandala designs that will add a bohemian look to your room.

6 - Using it as a Headboard

You can also hang tapestries on the walls at the back of your bed. Tapestry on your walls will give the room a very warm, home-like feeling. You can add fairy lightings to the tapestry to give it a more unique look.


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7 - Decorative Pillows

Just like chairs, you can also make pillows out of tapestry to set them on either your bed or your sofa. If you need more tips on how to hang a tapestry, check out this blog.

8 - Wall Decor

Miles of chipped paint, often faded variations of neutral colors, will coat the exterior of your room. Wall decor adds interest to an otherwise dull space while displaying personality that anyone passing through can observe. A combination of artfully arranged posters, photos, and banners will help the room seem more personalized and homely rather than a monotone carbon copy of the room next door. Wall stickers or decals can also add a bit of pizzazz to a room— such as the decals below, which can make a room seem to appear among nature! Decals work best when you can’t decorate the walls with anything permanent. They can add instant charm to any room and are flexible since you can take them off whenever you need to move out. You can also add personality to your dorm room with the use of some artwork. Look for trendy prints that have the potential to add creativity to your room. If you are unable to find anything that looks inspiring to you, you can make your own custom art by painting whatever you like. You can also take out art or scenery pictures from Instagram and hang them up. Another option is a tapestry an easy way to cover wall space and add an interesting element to shape your room around. 


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9 - Comfortable Bedding

No matter where these years take you, your bed is ensured to be a daily sanctuary from the craziness of college. We cannot emphasize the importance of having a comfortable bed to collapse into, whether for a quick power nap or for a deep 14 hours of sleep after a few exams. The mattress provided will most likely be subpar, so a mattress pad and cozy bedding will be necessary to increase your much needed comfort. Any style and personality the bedding adds is simply a plus.

How to Keep Rugs Clean in Dorm?

  • The question is, can you?
  • are you a cleanliness freak?
  • in case you are, don't your friends mess up your room?
  • More often then not, the rug would fill up with dirt and grime.
  • In that case, how to clean the rug?

It depends on the type of material used for the rug. Oriental carpets are cleaned differently to modern ones. Similarly, silk rugs cleaning ways are dissimilar to woolen carpet cleaning techniques. Having said that, in most cases vacuuming tends to do the job. Vacuuming regularly will keep away dust from forming on the rugs. You can also remove the surface grime by taking your rug outside and shaking off the dust. A better way is to be careful. Spot clean any mishaps, walk barefooted, be vigilant around friends and regularly wipe the dust away. For stains that can be removed easily, use paper towels or drying towel on the stain. Make your own stain remover by mixing baking soda and liquid dish washing soap. Dip the corner of  the towel in the mixture and use it to rub gently on the blot. Don’t be too aggressive as you might damage the material of the rug. Another cool cleaning hack for stains is to mix in vinegar and baking soda and scrub gently. Don’t forget to vacuum it later when you are done. You need to watch out for wool or polyester based area rugs. Although both are good with water-based stains, they aren’t very kind when it comes to oil based or wine stains. In some cases, it can be very difficult to clean these stains by yourself. Another way to be careful is to place a small door mat next to your door to protect your area rug from excessive dust or dirt. Routine maintenance of your rug is very important to avoid early deterioration.


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How Big Should Dorm Area Rugs Be?

This depends mostly on how you want to style your dorm room, meaning how much floor area are you looking to cover. If you are lucky enough to be blessed with a big dorm room and you want to cover the whole floor area, you can go with larger area rugs. For this purpose, an 8x10 area rug would be a good choice as this will cover the whole floor. But when going for bigger size dorm room rugs, you need to choose rugs that have neutral tones. This will give your dorm room a more sophisticated look. Don’t go for patterned rugs since this will give the whole room a very messy look. However, if you want a smaller area rug that leaves out a few good inches between the wall and the rug, go with a 6x8 area rug. This size will give coverage under your bed is placed in the center of the room. You can go with patterns, geometric patterns, or vibrant colors with this size.

From us! RugKnots offers an exquisite collection of area rugs. You can find a wide variety of area rugs here on RugsKnots. From different color range to different sizes, Rugknots has got you all covered! We understand that these next years of college will be some of the most stressful, crazy and best years of your life. Don’t live them uncomfortably by buying from another vendor who doesn't care. Check out our collection of shag rugs to keep your room looking good and your feet feeling great.

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