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5 Things You NEED in Your College Dorm Room

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College is an exciting time. For most, college brings about a new environment, new friends, new opportunities, and ultimately a new living space.

For most college students, adjusting to a dorm room can be difficult, especially with the cold feeling they inevitably bring. White walls, cheap tile floors and boring furniture make a dorm room feel more like a box than your bedroom.

Plain dorm room

However, with just a little bit of effort, you can make your dorm room feel like your small home and own personal space. RugKnots knows how challenging this can be, so here are five things you NEED in your new dorm room that will make your space feel more like home. Check out these amazing dorm room ideas:

1. Shag Rugs

Traditional dorm rooms typically have cold, drabby and cheap tile floors — some are even made of linoleum. Not only do these types of floor get dirty easily, but in winter months, the floor will be freezing when you step out of bed. In warmer months, the floor can be boiling hot. It’s so important to incorporate an area rug in your new space. Not only will it serve as a beautiful piece of decor, but it will also provide some protection to your feet when stepping out of bed. We know you’re already dreading those 8 AMs.

Gray shag rug from in a college dorm

A shag rug captures these qualities while offering a stylish, yet cozy element to an otherwise lackluster and barren surface. Shag rugs populate many dorm rooms for good reason — they provide elements fashion and design for a relatively low price. Check out RugKnots collection of shag rugs if you want to infuse style and comfort into a practical piece for your new living space. Our personal favorites include this neutral shag rug, this grey shag rug and this white shag rug!

Silver shag rug from in college dorm room

2. Extra Seating

The room provided to you most likely will exclude any overindulgence in accommodation, seating included. What you do receive will most likely be rigid, aged, and uncomfortable. Adding your own stylish seating will incorporate personality and flair to any room while making it feel more cozy and inviting (your room could become the designated spot for your new group!). Check out these seating options to add an element of style and comfort to your new living space.

Area seating in college dorm room

(We love the geometric rug in this dorm!)

Area seating in college dorm room

(And this geometric rug too!)

3. Extra Lights & Lighting

Lighting is a quick and inexpensive detail that can greatly improve even the dullest, drabbest living space. Fairy or garland lighting highlights the area it surrounds, ideal to frame an interesting wall space or your bed itself.

Lights in a college dorm room

The lighting provided by your college will be subpar at best — dim, weak lighting is almost a trademark of dorm rooms. Lamps are a necessity, whether for homework at your desk or illuminating a dark corner of the room. Supplemental lighting provides an opportunity to add a component of personal style to your room while brightening up the space.


4. Wall Decor

Miles of chipped paint, often faded variations of neutral colors, will coat the exterior of your room. Wall decor adds interest to an otherwise dull space while displaying personality that anyone passing through can observe.

Wall Quotes Decor

Wall decor in a college dorm room

A combination of artfully arranged posters, photos, and banners will help the room seem more personalized and homely rather than a monotone carbon copy of the room next door. Wall stickers or decals can also add a bit of pizzazz to a room— such as the decals below, which can make a room seem to appear among nature!

Wall Stickers

Another option is a tapestry — an easy way to cover wall space and add an interesting element to shape your room around. If you need tips on how to hang a tapestry, check out this blog!

Tapestry on a wall

5.Comfortable Bedding

No matter where these years take you, your bed is ensured to be a daily sanctuary from the craziness of college. We cannot emphasize the importance of having a comfortable bed to collapse into, whether for a quick power nap or for a deep 14 hours of sleep after a slew of exams.

Comfy Bed

The mattress provided will most likely be subpar, so a mattress pad and cozy bedding will be necessary to increase your much needed comfort. Any style and personality the bedding adds is simply a plus.

Bedroom design

RugKnots knows that these next years of college will be some of the most stressful, crazy and best years of your life. Don’t live them uncomfortably. Check out our collection of shag rugs to keep your room looking good and your feet feeling great.

Still in need of college dorm room ideas? Check out Dormify and FreshHome.

Next stop, dorm room!

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