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Entering a new year means that you have new styles there. All the styles move in the cycle and are not outdated. The unique style creates its own space and becomes part of the revolution that never ends. But interior design is such a fantastic thing to do. Most people cannot choose Silk Rugs correctly, and it becomes a complicated process for them.

Why Is It Challenging To Choose Area Rugs?

Everyone is not familiar with home décor because it needs some expert skills. Every room has different requirements concerning size and style. You cannot have rugs made for the living room in your drawing-room. It is an expensive process to buy area rugs, but setting according to place is more important; otherwise, your investment is of no importance. If you are searching for area rugs, you may have silk rugs there. They are a trendy area rug these days. Silk rugs are available in different sizes, styles. Still, most importantly, these are multi color rugs that fit according to your entire home decor. You can choose silk rugs without any doubt, among other rugs recently available.

What Are Silk Rugs?

Silk area rugs are very attractive area rugs and gaining reputation all around the globe. There are no other rugs that can replace them. These rugs are made all around the world by using different techniques like teal and taupe. Iran, Turkey, Persia, and Kashmir have their place in silk mats productions. Wool and silk rugs or cotton and silk rugs can be your option. Hand-Tufted Rugs have their antique look. As mentioned above, these are present in different sizes, and other styles can be used for wall decor. There are professionals with art silk specialization for designing rugs and carpets as well. Interior designing is an investment, and you always want a pleasant look. Silk rugs are the most satisfactory option to provide you with a charming look. The light grey and blue area rugs are the new arrival in the market to present an antique look.


There is a contradiction in the origin of silk fibers. Some people believe that silk fibers were originated from "silkworm" in China around 2600 BC. Still, others think that they were derived from India. The oldest silk rug was "Spring of Khosrows," while the second one was Pazyryk carpet. Silk mats were used by the King of Persia for his springtime garden. Silk art is very prominent in India, Kashmir, China, Tibet, and Persia. The handmade silk rugs of these areas are admired for centuries. People have installed small industries to produce handwoven rugs and carpets. Craftsmanship courses are there to make the best quality area rugs. Silk is made up of fibrous proteins in combination with amino acids, which is stronger than steel, and it can be stretched very easily. Nowadays, New Zealand wool is very famous in the rug industry.

Why Silk Rugs?


Silk fibers are most durable among other natural fibers. Silk is very soft and luxurious because it has proteins and amino acids. Silk mats and carpets are known for their strength for centuries. These rugs are mostly associated with royal families. Silk is extendable fiber and it is effortless to give it any shape. Because of its elastic nature, it is renewable fiber. If you have pets in your house and you are worried about wear and tear, you can choose these high-quality rugs. Because of natural strength, they have a very long life. 


The silk fibers are made up of protein and amino acids. Silk is stronger as like steel. There are two types of rugs, handmade and machine made. The handmade fibers have a longer lifespan than others. They can live up to 30 years. The strength of silk fibers facilitates to move rugs quickly. Rugs can be replaced and will present a new look. It is effortless to clean them, as well. They are movable from one state to other states as well. There is no fear of damage during delivery, as well.

Impressive Look

Silk fibers are stretchable and can be given different shapes. They are very soft, and it is very easy to give them different designs. When silk fibers are mixed with other high quality materials, they have a lovable look. Mixing with other rug materials does not damage them. Silk has a very high refractive index. It presents different colors from different angles. Silk rugs and rugs present beautiful interior design. Mixing silk with other materials make it affordable and less expensive. Silk oriented rugs are softer than any other type of rugs.

Change Look 

Silk fibers can change the entire texture of your room. These are of different color and build contrast with your furniture. Silk carpets are a perfect choice for a living room, dining room or wall decor. Silk is very refractive to light. It creates a new look for your apartment. Different shapes of fiber rugs will help you to adjust them for the geometry of your room.

No Harm To The Environment

Silk fibers are natural and are biodegradable. There is no scientific process involved in the manufacturing of silk carpet as well. Silkworms do not need any fertilizers to grow. These rugs are renewable and not reactive to the environment. You are at a safer place if you have silk fibers carpets in your room. 

Sound Resistant

Handmade silk carpets are solid, and there is no gap between them. They can reduce sound frequency very quickly. They can absorb noise as well. The outer noise cannot disturb you. Due to sound resistant, these rugs are the best choice for living rooms and offices. 

Famous Varieties Of Silk Carpet

Silk fibers are used in the formation of rugs all over the globe. There are some famous varieties of silk carpet based on rug material. Different countries use different sources to get silk fibers. Carpets are usually made by mixing silk with other materials like jute, wool, and techniques. Silk area rugs are different from each other because of these mixtures and methods used to manufacture. The methods usually involve flat-weave, knotted, handmade, and machinery.

Persian Silk

Persia is very famous for the rug and carpet industry. Persian silk and wool rugs are the most beautiful and attractive. They are the first choice of Royal families. They can be easily adjusted with a geometric pattern of any room. Persian Rugs are famous for their beauty. The reason behind their beauty is the usage of silk fibers. Silk fibers are strong, and it is easy to put knots. These are very useful to give beautiful shapes and are mostly handmade rugs with multiple knot counts. These rugs and carpets are colorful, thinner, and present an attractive look. The silk fiber reflects light, and it gives real shine. They show different shades in light and darkness. The most famous silk rugs of Persia are from Tabriz, Kirman, and Kashan. Qum has become the most important centre for rugs in Persia. The quality of these rugs has impressed buyers internationally. The colors of Qum rugs are limited to blue, gold, pink-greenish, and brown shades. Blue area rugs are the most popular ones.

Bamboo Silk

Bamboo silk is the new arrival in rug fibers. These rugs present an attractive look in dining or living rooms. In other words, the best choice for home decoration. Bamboo silk is made from viscose and bamboo stalks. It is gaining popularity because it is a renewable fiber. It is very easy to grow bamboo and doesn't need re-plantation. Bamboo rugs are very beautiful and soft.  Bamboo rugs do not have real silk fibers. It contains rayon fiber which is very poor in moisture. These rugs are sold by giving different names, and naming varies based on the viscose and production method. Art silk is the famous name given to these fibers. Bamboo rugs are made by a combination of cotton and wool as well. These rugs present a lovely look and precious addition to your homes. But it is essential to remember that these rugs should not be placed in traffic areas. Otherwise, they will have spills. It is not good to clean them at home, use professionals to clean them.

Kashmiri Silk

Kashmiri silk rugs and rugs are very suitable for decoration. They are traditional handmade rugs and add beauty. You can have a full decor for walls, floors and hangings. According to some researches, Kashmir silk is the best option for furnishing home. Kashmiri rugs are handmade and of pure silk. It takes much time to manufacture a single thing. There are two significant types of silk on silk and cotton on silk. Cotton on silk means silk in on top while cotton is used as a foundation. Kashmiri silk products have natural designs. These designs may include flowers, branches and leaves of plants. The silk Industry started at home, so it has different themes of culture. Every single carpet presents a beautiful natural view. India is very famous for silk and its origin. Rugs manufacturing in India is in the genetics of people there. Jaipur is a renowned city for manufacturing silk products. These rugs and carpets are handmade using pure silk yarn. Because of pure silk fibers, they can be used for more than 30 years without any complaint.

Chinese Silk

China is the origin of silk fiber. According to historical background, China was the first to drive silk from silkworms. Other countries learnt manufacturing from China. Chinese did not give secrets about their designs and techniques for more than two thousand years. Chinese silk products are lovely because of their color contras and are more attractive for wall decor. Zhen Ping is known as "home of silk". Many silk carpet in the entire world is copied from Chinese designs. Rugs are made by using machines, but people like to purchase Chinese handmade rugs. The Machine-Made Rugs do not have knots. The number of knots there determines the quality of Chinese carpets.

Egyptian Silk

Egypt silk product re very famous but investors are not ready to invest. Silk is mostly imported from china or turkey. The quality of silk is comparatively good. Mostly rugs are handwoven and very strong. Nowadays, Egyptian silk industry is using New Zealand wool because of its quality. Rug materials used there are wool, cotton and jute. The rugs made up of silk only are sensitive but very colorful. These rugs mostly contain Persian and Turkish knots. Sizes are different with various fiber density like smaller size has a larger density than larger ones. Egypt produces rectangular and squared shape rugs. Yellow is the most used color there while light grey, Dark blue, red, brown and green are other colors used.

Moroccan silk

Morocco is a stunning mountainous region. Cactus plants grows there very easily. Leaves of these plants are used to dye fabric. The designs are made from threads with a different imagination. These are mostly simple or geometric. The final product is dried out in front of Moroccan sun. The furnished rugs are very soft and durable. These colors are very reflective to light and present different colors. The underside of cactus silk is very beautiful because it is dried in sunlight. A very amazing fact that these silks are not sensitive and can also be placed to direct sun rays. 

Forms Of Silk Rugs

Rugs come in different shapes and size according to your requirements. Every room needs a different dimension of rugs. Silk rugs come in different shapes and size for interior designing of your house. Let’s have an overview of some forms of rugs.

Round Rugs

Nowadays, it is easier to have rounded rugs at an affordable price. The trend and technology are factors behind price. In the previous century, people were not familiar with technology and some styles.

Rectangular Rugs

Silk carpet add beauty to you and give a pleasant feel. There are different styles and shapes has been introduced. The fibers are spun according to the designing. Designers share their designs to the spinning team so that forms can be given very quickly. Silk fibers are very easy to modify its shape because of softness. Egypt silk industry focus to produce rectangle rugs.

Wall Décor

The wall hangings are an essential part of any home decoration. It adds more beauty. Silk mat and carpets are available in different sizes for the walls of your rooms. The wall texture presents a pleasant view to our eyes. Refractive nature of silk fibers gives walls different shades.

Colorful Rugs

It is significantly easier to dye silk fibers. You can have silk mat of different colors and shades because silk absorbs colors quickly and permanently. They never lose their color. The refractive nature of these rugs gives them different colors at different angles. Light grey and blue area rugs are the most famous rugs these days because of their attractive look.

Why Is Pure Silk Beneficial Over Artificial Silk?

There are two types of silk fibers, Natural and artificial silk fibers. It is essential to know which silk suits your home. Understanding the difference between these two is very important. 

Difference Between Material

Pure silk is lighter in weight and tougher than steel. Silk is known for its quality and luxurious nature. It is a natural fiber derived from silkworms. China, India and Japan are producers of raw silk. The silk threads are very shiny and soft. Silk yarn is more beautiful and expensive than artificial silk. China synthesized silk for the first time. Japan is also a prime producer of artificial silk. It looks like natural silk, but they differ a lot. Synthetic silk is just like rayon or nylon.

Difference Between Manufacturing

Natural silk mats are made by using hand tufted techniques. It takes much time. This process includes piles and knots. There are two types of products silk on silk and silk on cotton. The quality of the handmade rug is predicted by using a knot count. Synthetic fiber rugs are made by using machines. This process does not take much time and mostly are teal and Taupe Rugs.

Difference Between Durability

Natural fibers are more muscular because of proteins and amino acids. The life span of handwoven rugs is approximately up to 20 years. Artificial carpets have a concise life of a maximum of 5 years.

Difference Between Look

Pure silk fibers are colorful and have a luxurious look. Artificial silk looks like ordinary fibers.

Cons Of Silk Rugs

Good and bad are always there. A product has many advantages, but there are some disadvantages as well. Similarly, silk mats have some cons. 


Handwoven silk rugs are costly because of efforts and quality of rug material. These rugs take months during the processing process. Time is always a precious element. So, these rugs ate 3 to 4 time expensive than other modern rugs.


Silk fibers are powerful, but they are very soft too. They need proper care while cleaning them. Only professionals can take better care of these rugs. They need a schedule to clean them.


It is not very easy to get pure silk fabrics. Many dealers give you artificial or viscous rugs instead of natural silk. So, you need to be careful while buying rugs. Do proper research and find out a trustful seller. Most people do not like to buy rugs from other countries or states. 

How To Take Care Of Silk Mat?

Silk is a very soft and smooth texture, and it cannot be beaten with any other material. Silk fibers are firm because of fibroin. In other words, silk can compete with steel yarn in strength. But it is essential to take care of rugs, and they should be cleaned carefully. Silk fibers lose their power when they are moist, Although, these fibers are stretchable heat and chemical may damage them quickly. Pure silk rugs are precious. Silk needs care, and it should be treated carefully.

Maintaining Silk Rugs And Rugs

Since silk is costly and sensitive fiber. It is crucial to know the instructions to maintain the beauty of rugs. There are some guidelines to maintain the beauty of rugs.


Silk is sensitive fiber, and it can be affected very quickly. It is vital to place rugs in low traffic areas. It will increase the life of fiber and no effect of beauty as well. If you place your mats in areas where more people walk, then change their position regularly. It will affect all sides equally, and you can extend life a little bit. Keep your rugs away from direct sun rays; otherwise, they will damage the color. Color lose their shine and become fade.

Stain And Spills

You use cleaning materials to clean your rugs. But it is imperative to know the quality of rugs either they are made up of 100% silk. A carpet made up of silk and wool is more resistant and durable to stains. Water bubbles appear on this type of rugs on watering. Wool always shows resistance to water and do not absorb moisture. To address stains, you should know the quality of material used. If your rugs form bubbles, then give it to professionals to clean it. Colorfast rugs are very easy to wash, and you can apply a mixture of soda and water to remove stains and spills.

Regular Cleaning

Everything needs to be cleaned with standard intervals. Similarly, silk fibers are exceptionally delicate, and they can lose their beauty very quickly. Silk drops its shining very easily. So, it is crucial to clean them regularly. You can simply apply simple dusting techniques daily to keep them clean.

Some Things To Avoid 

Do Not Use Enzymes

Silk is made up of proteins and digest proteins. If you apply enzymes to cleans rugs, it will cost you. Your carpets will lose its strength. All the fibers will break down and wear tear will start. Applying enzymes is just like suicide in the case of silk fibers.

Do Not Apply Bleach

Silk fibers lose their color very fast. You can compare silk fibers with your hair. Hair color changes if bleach is applied. Similarly, rugs also lose their color and shine.

Do Not Use Hot Water

Silk is very sensitive fiber, and it loses its strength very easily. When hot water is applied to silk, it shrinks. The shrinkage leads to wear tear of fibers. In this way, you will lose your expensive rugs. 

Do Not Rub

Silk fibers are most sensitive fibers in the world. Rubbing silk makes it weaker, and fiber breaks. It is very costly to rub your rugs to lose them permanently.

Do Not Try To Stretch

Silk, delicate fiber needs care. It should be deal with care. If you apply some extra force to it, bonds between fiber break and it lose strength. In this case, wear tear starts. 

How To Clean Silk Rugs?

Silk has strength due to proteins and amino acids. But it loses 20 to 30% of its power because of water. Cleaning rugs is significant to extend their life and beauty. This process needs a lot of care and some measures. Let's have a look at some action that can be taken during the cleaning process.  

Removing Dust 

Use a vacuum cleaner to remove dust particles from the rugs. It will never affect the strength and life of mats. Use a soft brush to clean the rugs. It would help if you assured the softness; otherwise, it will damage fibers. It is effortless to shake rugs gently to remove dust particles.

Removing Stains And Liquids

Clean the stains as soon as possible. It will keep them from settling down. Absorb liquids by pressing rugs. It would be best if you used white cloth for this process. Spot the strain and apply club soda on a clean cloth. The cloth will absorb colors, as well. Never apply heat to dry the surface. Use a mixture of water and vinegar to absorb stains. 

Removing Odors

Use baking soda to remove odor from silk. Baking soda is handy to remove smell from several surfaces.

Professional Rug Cleaner

Rugs are exceptionally delicate, and they need a particular person to clean them. It is the best way to maintain the quality of your mats. Professionals will take care of all the factors to maintain the beauty, grace and quality of rugs.

RugKnots is producing area rugs for the last 40 years. We are expert in oriental rugs and silk mat. We are looking forward to providing the best products, either hand-knotted, hand-tufted or machine-made. We have a passionate team who is working to produce new designs as well. Our customers include interior designers, householders who purchase rugs online. We deliver all over the USA and promise World-class delivery. If you are looking to buy quality rugs, contact us.

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