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Eclectic interior design mixes different types of styles together. It does not worry about making things look exactly like a certain time period. Eclectic interior design lets you be creative and make your home feel like you. You can pick parts from different styles and put them together how you want. This is different than only using one style, like just modern or just traditional.

With eclectic design, you might have a couch from the 1950s next to a table from the 1800s. Or you could have art from Asia on the wall near a rug from Europe. You take what you like from different places and times and put it together in a way that you find pleasing.

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This allows your personality and individual tastes to really show through your home's interior. No one else will have a space designed exactly like yours because you choose the pieces. Eclectic design is very personal. Your home should reflect who you are. Eclectic interior design gives you the freedom to curate a space that is an expression of your unique self through the blending of various favorite styles.

How Different Styles Blend In An Eclectic Home Decor?

There are alot of ways to give your home decor and eclectic interior design but its upto your liking. Let’s have a look on the latest styling to blend into eclectic home decor. One way to blend styles is by mixing Eclectic furniture. You could have a Victorian antique sofa in your living room alongside a fun mid-century modern chair with cool lines and colors. A vintage coffee table made of wood could sits between them. Smaller touches like throw pillows or artwork allow you to add other eras too. Some pictures from the roaring 20s or 60s could hang on the walls. Curtains or a rug could pull the whole space together with colors inspired by art deco designs.


The kitchen is another good place to blend old and new styles with eclectic interior design. The main cabinets and appliances might keep the functionality of a modern kitchen. But you could spice it up with vintage silverware and dishes displayed on an open shelf. An antique map from the 50s could hang as decorative accent. Stainless steel appliances will match most any style too. Vintage knickknacks or retro sodas in a fridge door add a fun nostalgic touch along with your essential modern cookware.


Bedrooms offer a chance to blend different eras of bed and furniture designs when it comes to the eclectic interior design. A custom-made four poster bed may mesh well with a simple mid-century modern nightstand. Wallpaper can bring in Victorian floral or Art Nouveau patterns. String lights looped overhead in the art deco zigzag design create ambiance. Throw in a shag rug and a fur throws for a 70s groove too. Eclectic interior design means no single style dominates - just your personal touches that blend through time.

Best Tips and Decor Ideas For Your Ease

Apply as per your preference and give your own narrative to your home decor here are the tips for the latest home decor ideas in 2024.

Curating Unique Accessories

To curate unique eclectic interior decor, search out one-of-a-kind accessories from flea markets, antique shops, art shows and more. Opt for pieces that tell interesting stories or have sentimental value. Display treasured mementos, original artwork, fascinating trinkets collected from your travels. Eclectic decor flourishes from eclectic accented gathered over time and with meaning.

Layering Ambient Lighting

Similarly, eclectic lighting is achieved through layering various fixtures. Mix overhead modern pendants together with vintage-inspired table lamps and string lighting strung along bookshelves. Blend varied lighting styles, fixtures made of assorted materials and temperatures of light. Layered lighting that plays with shadows and glow nurtures eclectic ambiance.

Incorporating Greenery

Just as important as patterns, textures and furniture styles - the natural world enhances eclectic interior design. Fill your decor vignettes with pots of verdant greenery, fresh-cut flowers. Consider trailing houseplants draped over mantels and shelves for a lush bohemian effect. Large, leafy plants can function as living room dividers or accent walls too. Incorporating nature, whether cut or potted, brings life and organic textures that define eclectic interiors.

Displaying Eclectic Art

Eclectic spaces come alive through curated artwork as well. Display original paintings and photography together with mass produced finds. Opt for art that matches your interests and individual aesthetic. Sculptural pieces, shadowboxes, contemporary art and photographs all foster eclectic schemes when arranged throughout a home. Art tells the stories of your style and world adventures.


Does eclectic design have to be very busy?

Eclectic design doesn't have to mean overcrowded or chaotic. The key is mixing various styles together harmoniously. Using neutral backgrounds and curating accents strategically can make eclectic style feel relaxed instead of too busy.

How do I know what styles to combine?

Start by considering your personal tastes and what styles feel most authentic to you. Mixing design traditions you genuinely appreciate will create the most livable eclectic space. Look to your favorite colors, eras, and types of furnishings for guidance.

Is eclectic style harder to decorate than traditional styles?

Eclectic does take more effort than monotone styles, but it's very doable with planning. Start with a base you love like mid-century modern and add others in gradually. Focus on aesthetic commonalities over strict matches. Commit to collecting pieces you're passionate about over time.

How do I blend high and low price points tastefully?

Incorporate a mixture of splurge furnishings along with affordable objects that serve similar design purposes. Opt for higher-priced staples you use daily alongside thrift accents. Curate arrangements that prioritize overall look over individual price tags.

How do I make eclectic style comfortable for everyday?

Treat eclectic interiors as habitats meant to harmonize function and vision. Incorporate approachable fabrics, plenty of open storage, and layers of texture. Keep color palettes relaxed and focal points relatable. Eclectic style works best when it's also livable comfort.

How do I maintain interest with evolving eclectic style?
Periodically swap small decor objects and accessories to refresh spaces. Rotate art, plants, books and knickknacks by room and season. Large furnishings can stay put while curated layers shift for ongoing appeal. Eclectic style invites change as its spaces mature.
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