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Are you looking for something more than the usual Oriental swirls and Persian motifs? A unique blend of modern art-inspired rugs, perhaps? Read the complete guide of trending Art Deco Rugs - A Carpet Revolution of the Modern Era. The Deco period is a spin on modernism. A mix of designs and styles; it borrows its artistic elements from neoclassical, modernism, and art nouveau. What propels it a step further is the union of minimalist fundamentals in design, giving way to art deco geometric designs and a less cluttered, more sedate palette of mostly black and white?

Art Deco rugs add a luxurious feel to any space in your home. These stylish area rugs feature elegant neutrals, diamond patterns, and dynamic geometric and abstract-inspired patterns. Dark wood floors and furnishings such as ebony complement the luxury prevalent in rooms decorated with Art deco carpets. So, if you are about to add these art deco style area rugs in the home décor, read this comprehensive guide.

Let’s start the entire discussion with the introduction of Art Deco carpets:

What Is Art Deco Style?

Art Deco is said to be a spin-off of the Cubist movement, often referred to as Cubism Tamed. This certainly takes away the credit for ingenious creativity that is suggestive of the Art deco style. Still, it does add history and relevance to the movement itself and the creations that have stemmed from it. Art Deco’s cohesion with geometry, abstract, and more fragmented interior designs is a not very subtle hint into the future simplistic era.

Art Deco artists cultivated their inspiration from exotic cultural designs that streamline Art Deco-style rugs with a bold twist using lines and patterns. While fascinated with contemporary fashion, Art deco artists continue to needle with artistic elements. Their artwork includes a rich selection of cultural motifs, decorative patterns, and iconic figurines.

After a soaring debut in Paris, Art deco styling took off as the world’s most coveted new decorative art, leaving its mark on popular fashion everywhere. An offspring of the modern and constructionist era, Art Deco spans across disciplines such as film, visual arts, fashion, architecture, and product design. Alternating between clear-cut designs and cultural fusions, visual Art deco managed to stay consistently luxurious and splendid in appearance. The paintings, designs, and their depiction led to newfound optimism after the Great War.

One of the key features of the Art Deco period remains its inclination towards a modernized fashion standard and contemporary ideas.

The Emergence of Art Deco Rugs

In the middle of a brewing vortex of technology and a rise in political tensions, French Art Deco rugs added to the 20th-century rug fashion. Public demand fueled the emergence of this carpet revolution, and new material artisans rose to unparalleled prominence.

Traditionalist designs took a back seat during these times, and a unique set of modern statement pieces took gear. French Art Deco-style rugs featured bold angular designs that soon became the focal point of the Art Deco style. It brought a bold geometric twist to conventional rug fashion. The foundation of the French Art Deco, however, was laid down by the pre-existing art nouveau.

Difference between Art Deco & Nouveau

How Does Art Deco Differ from Art Nouveau? We have already covered much of what there is to know about the Art deco style. But what do we know about the Art nouveau design style? Let’s find out!

Art Nouveau

Starting in England in the late 1800s, Art nouveau means ‘new art.’ The creative designs and craftsmanship of the era reached their summit in the 19th century but ran into the ground with the beginnings of World War I. The Art nouveau period began as more of a restorative process geared towards reinventing quality craftsmanship. It infused fine and decorative arts, forging a new standard of creative arts that would be symbolic for centuries to come.

Some of the notable Art Nouveau works include Art Deco buildings (looking at You, Empire State Building), art and design, spires, and creative pieces inspired by nature. For example, flowing vines, plant stems, tendrils, blooming flowers, and insects. Geometric patterns were also featured in this era but sported curved edges, not sharp, pointy angles.

The Art Nouveau Style Is a Play On Curves

The art nouveau style is a fantastic display of whiplash curves and well-rounded geometry. These designs focus on constructing lines that bend, arch, and veer off curvy edges only to twist back into loops; unlike Art Deco’s sharp angular patterns and pointy, zig-zag geometry, Art Nouveau traipses a curvilinear design.

In Art Nouveau, lines take the front seat, and colors are often muted. The emphasis is on nature, and colors are selected accordingly, like a blend of greens, browns, and deep reds. Art Nouveau shaped itself into a bolder, zingy style in France, later evolving into the famous Art Deco style. By 1910, Art Nouveau had seen its end, spawning many design styles that took shape in years to come.

Decorate With Art Deco Rugs

The mirror and metallic Art deco designs are symbolic of well-bred and reflective luxury. From the opulence of gold and silvery glamor to stainless steel and chrome lighting, they make art deco-inspired design look sleek and sophisticated. A fusion of metallic greys, navy blues, suede browns, and burnished coppers in black and white art deco rug will lend your interior an elegant and timeless appeal. The art deco style carpets are trending in the home decor. But it is important to learn how to decorate with art deco rugs no matter if you want to spread a 3x5 area rug or any other.

The decadent intricacy of designs, simplistic figurative artwork, and fine detail amplify the glamor and luxury of the Art Deco style. If you’re ready to pull a Gatsby on your interior decor and detail it with Art deco style area rugs, we have a few alluring art deco carpets up our sleeve. Décor your home using the below mentioned rugs and let everyone stun at your choice.

Art Deco Carpets with Streamlined Geometry

RugKnot collection of geometric Art Deco rugs is a sight to behold. Sharp angular designs, trapezoids, zig-zags, and chevrons are the hallmarks of every authentic Art Deco design, featured particularly well in our Geometric rugs collection. When paired with 100% original wool and silk, the modern, minimal aesthetic of geometric designs makes the dullest interiors pop with beauty and character.

 Art Deco Rugs Today

Most of the popularity gained by the Art deco period went downhill during World War II. During the sixties, the designs were rematerialized in bursts of color, geometric masterpieces, and decorative style. The global understanding of the Art Deco visual, its minimalist nature, and its adept response to mass production has translated into the vast popularity of Art Deco carpets today. They feature in most fashion and industrial designs, bringing minimalistic patterns, sharp geometrics, and innovative crafts to the world of rugs.

RugKnots features high-street angular patterns, sparkling mirror and metallic interior designs, and glass and chrome fusions in its collection of Art Deco area rugs for sale. While the antiques may offer a classic and traditional look. The dubious balance of art and modern-day evolution in rug interior design took center stage in the Art Deco period for home styling.

Therefore, the RugKnots geometric rugs possess the style, quality, and show-stopping appeal that are inherent to Art deco style. Visit the RugKnots online store today to buy the authentic Art deco style geometric rugs on sale. For more information, please email us at or call us at (301) 660-7046. We are available 24/7 to answer your questions!

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some commonly asked questions by our customers:

1. How can I decorate my home with an art deco vintage rug?

You can add an art decor vintage rug to your living room or bedroom. It will look great in front of a dark grey couch and an oak coffee table with modern chairs next to them! Also, you may want to consider the size. If you’re looking for something that will cover up your entire floor, we recommend getting a larger rug.

You can get an area rug for cheap; that will be perfect! If you are not sure what size to get, then our customers have suggested purchasing a runner-sized one. It will make the room cozy and attractive at the same time.

RugKnots offers modern rugs with art deco style in every size and color, so don’t hesitate to take your pick! So, choose the best art deco carpet that looks great at home.

You can choose carpets of the art from the art deco era, or you can pick a more modern design. Whichever one you choose, we’re sure that it will look great in your home! Art deco era carpets, like the ones made by Galleries Des Granges, were some of the most unique and beautiful rugs you can find. They had a bright color palette that we don’t see in modern carpets today, making them even more special!

You can get an area rug for cheap; that will be perfect! If you are still deciding what size to get, our customers have suggested purchasing a runner-sized one to make the room feel cozier while adding more charm and style at the same time! No matter how big or small your space is, we have a rug here for you to choose from. We have modern rugs in every size and color, so don’t hesitate to take your pick! You can choose carpets of the art from the art deco era, or you can pick a more modern design. Whichever one you choose, we’re sure that it will look great in your home! Art deco era carpets, like the ones made by Gallerie Des Granges, were some of the most unique and beautiful rugs you can find. They had a bright color palette that we don’t really see in modern carpets today, which makes them even more special!

2. Which carpet design will suit a traditional home setting?

For a traditional home setting, you can choose modern European decorative arts or modernist carpets like refined oriental carpets, Persian carpets, or Turkish carpets. Choose rugs of the art deco era if you want to create an exciting contrast with your modern furniture pieces and contemporary decor.

You should always try to match art deco furnishings with your rugs to provide a gorgeous layered look. If you want to buy something really special, choose antique carpets with interesting patterns and bright colors! These pieces can give your home a vintage feel that will bring back the era of high-style glamor in full regalia. You’ll have no regrets if you invest in these beautiful rugs from another time. In fact, you’ll have a rug that will last for generations and be the centerpiece of every room in your home!

3. What options can I look for trending and stylish rugs?

If you are looking for a rug that is an actual work of art, try to find one with an artistic modernist design. These beautiful designs are often complex and will make your home stand out. Also, they come in many bright colors, which can be perfect for just about any room!

A rug with eastern-influenced designs and sophisticated styles is another excellent choice. You can even find one that has a retro pattern or is inspired by the designs of your favorite modernist artist! Modernist rugs have a distinctive antique look and expressive abstract patterns. These rugs are also great for bedrooms, offices, and hallways.

 4. What are true deco rugs?

True Deco rugs are oriental rugs that have a classic Art Deco look. They are well-made, high-quality pieces of handmade decor made by skilled craftsmen. These rugs are made in countries like India, Pakistan, and Tibet. They feature bold colors and striking patterns that express the spirit of modernist art. Art Deco rugs come in many bright colors, perfect for almost any room! A rug with eastern-influenced designs and sophisticated styles is another great choice. You can also choose a rug with an art deco look.

 The most common design elements of true Art Deco rugs are:

  • Asymmetrical pattern that is usually geometric and blocky in appearance
  • Bold, contrasting colors, such as black or white, on top of another color, such as red or blue
  • Geometric shapes like diamonds, triangles, and rectangles
  • Zigzag patterns
  • Arches and curves

Some modern rugs use these design elements in their designs. However, they should not be the only thing determining whether a rug is Art Deco.

5. Can I place art deco carpets in my bedroom?

Yes! You can. Art deco rugs were made to match any kind of interior. Since they have a neutral color palette, you can place them in almost every room without being afraid that the overall look will be disrupted.

6. How to maintain art deco rugs?

One of the most important rules to follow is not to use vacuum cleaners. They tend to damage delicate art deco rugs, especially if they are made out of silk because they can easily get sucked in and create a mess.

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