Oriental Rug Decorating Tips for Your Home

Wall colors and rug colors all change the entire vibe of a room. Choosing to be bold or reserved all depends on your personality, the purpose of the design, and what design theme you are working from. 

Personality & Rug Type

One fun way to choose a rug and wall color is to match the design to your personality. Design from your heart. Homes that are decorated with personality are much more welcoming and inviting than stark, cold homes. 

So, which personality are you? 

Traditional Personality 

You have your values. You know your principles. Your taste in home decor hasn't changed much. If you agree with any of these statements, you tend to be more traditional. 

The red bokhara rug is a perfect choice for you. This rug will go perfectly with a nice neutral wall like a grey or white.


Rebels buck the system. They don't follow the rules and prefer to make their own paths in life.  

Go for bold colors on your decor. Pick a statement rug and pull an accent color from the rug to use in your pillows and walls. 

Another idea for the eclectic personality is a patchwork rug. This is especially fun when you just love filling a room with color and personality. 


The sparkle and shine of the finer things of life excite you. Keep walls neutral and let the rug glitz up your room. Choose a romantic wool silk combination rug for that refined feeling.

Simple Personality

If you are uncomplicated and pretty easy-going, a simple home decor theme is perfect for you. Go with design profiles such as mid-century modern or Scandinavian. Neutral walls, neutral rugs, and pops of colors in the artwork on the walls are perfect for you. 

Purpose of Design

Choosing a paint color and rug is simple once you determine the purpose.  You'll pick a different rug and wall color for each of the following goals. 

Goal 1 - Staging a House to Sell

Home buyers want to be able to find a home that is move-in ready and they can see themselves living in. Paint walls neutral colors and use rugs to show the usability of each room in your house. 

Goal 2 -Bring Out Your Personality

If you are wanting to bring out your unique personality, pick a rug that is as simple, bold, or as unique as you are. 

Someone once said that the design golden rule is to "live with what you love." Don't decorate for anyone else besides yourself. 

Our shop organizes rugs by color and pattern, so you can find something you love that matches your personality. 

Goal 3 - Design Theme of House

Another fantastic way to pick a wall/rug combination is to decide on an overall design theme for your home.  I've covered in depth quite a few design themes and how to bring them out in your rooms. The most popular ones today are boho/eclectic, Scandinavian, modern, and farmhouse. 

Bohemian/Eclectic Theme

For an in-depth profile of the boho/eclectic decor, read my previous article.  Basically, it is more than just putting a mishmash of different things together, but it also means you don't have to follow any strict design rules. 

Scandinavian / Simplicity Theme

Bright whites and neutral greys are common in Scandinavian-themed rooms. I covered 7 elements of Scandinavian design in an earlier post. One very common theme is that these rooms tend to have a clean, neutral and open feel to them. 

Modern Decor

Mid-century modern rooms are making a huge comeback. Straight lines, simple furniture and lots of browns, whites and blacks are very common. Read the mid-century modern design profile for more info. 

A few common characteristics of this profile are recognizable shapes, splashes of color, and simple lines. 

Farmhouse / Cottage Chic Theme

Lots of interior designers and interior design bloggers are loving the "modern farmhouse" look.  You will see lots of DIY decor in these homes, lots of pallet furniture and homemade artwork. 

With rugs in these homes, shag rugs or bright colored rugs are very popular. 

Ask A Designer For More Help

If you are still stumped, don't worry, our designers are ready to help you.  Just email us or call us at 240-452-4602. Share some ideas with our designer (maybe a Pinterest board or Houzz Ideabook) and you will be on your way to creating a beautifully designed room.


Save Money On Decorating With Your Oriental Rug

Never pay retail for your oriental rugs. There is no reason to! Here at RugKnots, we sell at factory-direct prices. We save money by not having a retail store and pass those savings directly onto you, the shopper. 

Let us know if there is a rug you want! We can even make you a custom rug so you stand out completely from the crowd. 


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