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Are you looking to add that “wow” factor to your home? Researching a few ideas for decorating your entryway is a must. Since this is the first area that people will see when they walk into your home, it’s important that you spend a little extra time making it reflect the theme you’d like your home to follow. As you glance through our choice of area rugs, consider how your house is decorated or what you're attempting to get it to look like as you redesign. In case you're going for a simple look, a strong colored area rug might be exactly what you're looking for. Solid colored area rugs enable you to energize your entryway in different ways. For instance, you can include a brilliantly designed wallpaper or a beautiful chandelier to the space and let the area rug fill in as a subtle addition. Your entryway should make a statement, and I’ve gathered up a few simple and affordable ideas to place rugs on your entryway and decorate it.

Decorate Your Entrance With Entryway Rug Ideas

Decorating By Entryway Rug Ideas

Don’t allow yourself to become overwhelmed by all the various ideas for decorating your entryway. Instead, stick to a neutral theme, that includes a few pops of color. Choosing just one item to be the statement piece will allow your area to really stand out. A beautiful and unique rug is the best statement piece for your entryway. The style and size of the rug you choose depends on the dimensions of your entryway. If you want your rug to look amazing, you need to choose the right size of rug. 

Decorating by Entryway Rug Ideas

Thinner, Hallway-Like Entryways

Runner rugs are ideal for thinner, hallway-like entryways. Keep in mind that this area gets heavy traffic, so you’ll want to choose a rug that can hold up well against frequent use. Wool runner rugs are a great choice, as they are highly durable.Here is our latest post on how you can decorate the entryway with hallway runners. 

Measure the width of your entryway before choosing a rug size. It’s important to leave a 4-inch space around each side of the rug, to create the best visual effect. This black wool and silk rug from RugKnots is a beautiful statement piece! Or if you want to give the illusion of a longer corridor, you could go with striped pattern runner rugs in the hallway.

Thinner, Hallway-Like Entryways

Larger Entryways

If you have a large, open entryway, a round rug is the way to go. These rugs look beautiful standing alone, or placed under a round table. They are distinctive, and will immediately catch the eye of your guest. Round rugs also work well for softening the straight lines of a room, adding contrast to your space. For best placement, be sure to leave space around your rug. Where hallways and stairways are sharing borders, there's no need for your area rugs to match exactly. For example, vintage kilims and Persian or oriental area rugs can have hues and colors that may reflect each other but don't have to be the same.

Larger Entryways

Family Oriented Entryways

If your family has unique hobbies or interests, the entryway is a great place to showcase them. There are so many ideas for decorating your entryway that allow you to incorporate the things most important to your family. A monogrammed rug allows you to incorporate a piece into your space that is completely unique to your family. These rugs are available through custom order at RugKnots, and created specifically for you, with the help of your own personal assistant. You will be able to take pride in having a piece in your home that no one else will.

Family Oriented Entryways

1. Small Entryway Rug Ideas

In case of a smaller entryway, it's a good idea to go with bigger, but light-toned area rugs. Choose an area rug that will cover up most of the space but make sure it doesn't go wall to wall.

2. Entryway Rug Ideas – Small Apartment

Similarly, if you have a small apartment you can go with large geometric shaped entryway area rugs to give the illusion of a large space. A rectangular-shaped area rug with geometric patterns is a good idea.

Small Entryway Rug Ideas

3. Patterned Tiles With A Simple Entryway Rug

If your entryway has beautiful patterned tiles, you wouldn't want to cover them up too much. In this case, it is better to go with a smaller area rug. Choose an area rug that isn't too patterned or designed in a way that won't take away from the tiles. For this purpose, Jute is a good option. It's simple and won't clash with the colors of the room or the design of the tiles.

Patterned Tiles with a Simple Entryway Rug

4. Patterned Entryway Area Rug With Simple Flooring

With simple flooring, you can always go with patterned area rugs. This will place more focus on your area rug as well as your entryway. Patterned area rugs can hide stains better than a plain or a light-toned one. Area rug light hues may not be the best decision on the off chance that you live in a cold or blustery atmosphere. On the off chance that your portal is a low-traffic formal lobby, a light-hued designed mat can hugely affect the space, giving it a rich look and feel.

Patterned Entryway Area Rug with Simple Flooring

Match Your Rug To The Decor

You can also use the same color scheme for the area rug as you have chosen for the décor of the entryway. This will give the entryway a very unified look and in itself will look very sophisticated and elegant.

1. Dark Colored Entryway Rugs

This is probably the most practical decision of all as an entryway area rug is very likely to see a lot of dust and dirt coming from outside which a darker shaded area rug will be able to hide well. Darker toned area rugs also give a very classy feel to any room they are placed in.

Match Your Rug to the Decor

2. Overdyed Rugs In Entryways

For entryways with mostly neutral décor, consider adding an overdyed rug. Not only do these rugs provide a bright and bold statement piece, the dark dyes cover up dirt well.

3. Buy Overdyed Rugs For Your Entryway

Overdyed rugs are great for families with children, and will allow you to spend less time cleaning and more time enjoying your space. You’ll be amazed at the many color and design patterns of overdyed rugs that are available.

Overdyed Rugs in Entryways

Tips To Buying Runner Rugs

Here are some tips that keep in mind when you're Buying Runner Rugs, there is vast range of collection, let's go through all of the tips under as:

1. Measure The Shape Of The Entryway

Runner rugs should be coordinated with the size and length of your entryway. The size of a runner rug is somewhere in the range of 2 and 3 feet and can run from 6 to 14 feet in length. Preferably, you should buy entryway rugs in a size that will leave 4 to 5 inches of flooring exposed on the sides of the rug. If your entryway is smaller in length but a little wider, a 3x5 entryway rug will be a good option. On the other hand, a bigger 5'x7′ area rug in a passage that itself isn't that big will look too awkward. Even though halls come in different shapes and sizes, be certain that the size of your area rug will be corresponding to the size of the space. The purpose of an entryway rug is to give a defined pathway so be sure to avoid runner rugs that will cover the whole floor. But if you have a very long foyer, you may have quite noticeable floor space on either end of the entryway, you can get by with a small entryway area rug. It doesn't need to extend or cover the whole area of the hallway, however, it shouldn't be left somewhere between the hallway either.

Measure the shape of the entryway

2. The Style Of The Entryway Rug

Not many individuals would pick the entryway as their favorite area to decorate the house but the right rug can change that. With the correct area rug coupled with the decorated entryway, any visitor that comes to your house will feel like they have walked inside a dream. So before you start shopping, you have to figure out what style of your entryway rug will emphasize the flooring, while also not taking away from the décor of the entryway. For instance, if you're looking for a rug for your cottage's entryway, you could choose earthy colors or a country-style runner for the entryway. But if the flooring of your entryway is all tile work, then you can style it with a more modern looking rug. If the flooring is all hardwood, a traditional runner would be the perfect choice.

The Style of the Entryway Rug

3. Choosing The Pattern

Your runner sets an image for the rest of your house, so once you've decided on the style, you have to consider designs. For a fabulous entrance, a striped runner can broaden your foyer. Area rugs with geometric designs are a good choice too and work well for a more modern era styled house. Floral patterned entryway rugs are a great choice for bohemian or vintage styled homes. Oriental entryway area rugs with floral patterns are very easily available and they work best with a more traditionally styled house. Since an entryway rug is smaller in comparison to other area rugs, it's critical to consider what kind of pattern to choose for it. A runner starts the trend for the remainder of your home if you need to keep things basic, search for a strong hued carpet. Your corridor doesn't need to be a dull intersection for more interesting areas in your house.

Choosing the Pattern

4. Runner Rug Color

When picking the correct shading (or hues) for your entrance runner area rug, think about what you're working with or against. In the event that your entrance walls are painted a neutral, similar to white, beige, or gray, picking a dynamic floor covering is an incredible method to bring some character into your entrance area. Breathe life into the hallway to your home with light, bright tones. In case you need an area rug that is delicate and obscure, buy a runner in a shading that intently coordinates the tones with your flooring — it'll merge directly in. In case your entryway finishes in an open doorway that looks into the following room, you don't need to coordinate rug colors. You only need to make sure your palettes are coordinated. It's imperative to pick an entrance runner in a shading that can maintain the deterioration your area rug will inevitably experience. This is a floor covering you'll utilize each day, regardless of whether you're getting logs for the fire, cleaning up after your kids or pets, or gathering together children for dinner. Dust and dirt will, in one way or another, find their way into your home and your foyer runner is normally the main line of defense.

Runner Rug Color

What Type Of Rug Is Best For An Entryway?

This is the most important decision to make when buying area rugs for your entryway. Between grocery items splitting and your pets peeing in your entryway or making a dirt mess, there are a lot of threats to your rug. Your runner rug material should be durable enough to confront these situations head-on. Regardless of whether you're going out or going off to bed, your runner rug is involved in your everyday life use. Synthetic fibers are best for an entryway area rug, particularly on the off chance that somebody in your family is allergic to sustainable materials. If you have pets in your house, decide on a foyer area rug produced using polypropylene, which is easier to clean, and is resistant to dampness. Cotton and nylon are progressively solid materials for, particularly high-traffic hallways.

What type of Rug is Best for an Entryway?

The Height Of The Pile

Corridor rugs get you through various challenges. As for their very own thickness, you're normally going to need a rug that can withstand high traffic for obvious reasons. For instance, a shag runner is an obvious choice when you need a comfortable and relaxing feel to return to every day after work. A high heap will likewise diminish loud steps and echoed "welcomes,". It will act as a protector of your floor by preventing furniture marks in case you plan on setting a console table or a coat rack in the hallway. In case you're searching for an area rug that is solid and simple to keep up, a shorter rug heap, similar to what you'd find in a flatweave, makes a perfect runner.

Tip: Without a padded area rug, your hallway will not only give a cold feeling but will also feel cold to your feet. To sturdy up your area rug and give it some hold, put a rug pad underneath it.

The Height of the Pile

How Do You Decorate An Entryway?

Apart from the area rugs, an entryway needs its décor as well. Because an entryway sets the overall tone of your house, you need to make sure the entryway looks as comfortable as the rest of your house. For that, you should add a slender chair or a comfortable bench in the entryway where you can sit and open your mail or even for the guests to take off their shoes. An addition of a console or small drawer would look very elegant where you can set up a small plant or some little decoration pieces. Table lamps are a great choice too. You can also take advantage of the space on your wall by hanging some simple hooks for jackets, hats and so on.

How do you Decorate an Entryway?

1. Budgeting For Your Entryway Decor

With so many ideas for decorating your entryway, you might feel overwhelmed and over budget. You don’t have to! It’s completely possible to design the entryway of your dreams, without spending a lot of money. One trick to save is to buy factory direct. Buying this way allows you to purchase the very best quality rugs, for less than retail prices.

Budgeting for your Entryway Decor

 2. Wool Rugs Make Amazing Entryway Rugs

Wool is an incredibly solid material, making it a flat out easy decision for an entryway area rug. Even better, wool is also an incredibly delicate material, making it the perfect choice for people who love an area rug that they can truly sink their feet into. If you are looking to set up your rug in an entryway that gets a ton of traffic, wool is probably the way to go. This is because wool is both stain and water-resistant. With little ones or even pets around the house, a wool area rug is most likely to stand up to their spills. Another advantage to wool area rugs is that they can be color dyed easily so if you're looking to try different colors, wool is a good option. Keeping up with the maintenance and the cleanliness of wool is comparatively very easy. Just remember to vacuum it every couple of weeks to keep it looking fresh and new. Despite so many benefits of having a wool area rug, there are also many drawbacks to it. We already know how wool is water-resistant but that also means that it absorbs moisture at a quicker rate than other materials. Also, if your entryway receives a lot of sunlight, wool is not such a great idea to go with since the direct light of the sun can fade out the colors of a wool area rug. It also has the issue of shedding now and then. That said, wool material area rugs are perfect for entryways that don't get a lot of sunlight or aren't too humid.

Wool Rugs Make Amazing Entryway Rugs

3. Silk Area Rugs For Entryways

Silk area rugs are also a good option to choose for your entryways. Silk is a natural fiber that is created from silkworms. Much the same as silk ball outfits, silk area rugs have a rich and glossy look and feel to them. Silk's delicate quality is unrivaled and is a material that is also very easy to color dye, making it a flexible entryway area rug choice. Silk has a profoundly enriching look to it, making it an extraordinary material for people who need to add some life to a generally dull entryway. However, the main drawback to a silk area rug is that it's very fragile and is best suited for areas with less traffic. Apart from its fragility, it cannot withstand moisture and any damp or dirt marks will show up very easily on a silk area rug. The maintenance and cleanliness of a silk area rug doesn't come easy as it needs to be handled by a professional. If you are fond of the luxury of silk but also want to avoid the drawbacks it comes with, you should consider buying a mixed material area rug. To enjoy both durability as well as luxury, buy a rug made of both wool and silk.

Silk Area Rugs for Entryways

4. Polyester Area Rugs For Entryways

For those searching for a reasonable option in contrast to natural filaments, polyester is a good decision. Polyester area rugs are good material for high-traffic areas like the entryway for example, as it is very sturdy and doesn't fade out. Maintenance of a polyester area rug comes very easy, as unlike some other materials, it doesn't need to be cleaned by a professional. Some simple cleaning and vacuuming once every few weeks will be enough to keep it looking new. This is also a great choice for people whose entryways are in direct sunlight or are prone to damp areas as polyester is known to withstand both sun exposure and dampness.

Polyester Area Rugs for Entryways

It has an extremely delicate feel to it, but this area rug can be fairly slippery, so you will need to match it with a rug cushion or pad. In contrast to numerous different materials, polyester can't be color dyed easily. In this way, your shading choices will be substantially more constrained. Also, if you are worried about spillage of oily substances on your area rug, then polyester isn't the right choice for you as it is not an oil-resistant fabric and any spillage of this kind will leave a permanent stain on your rug. After you have contemplated these components, you should look into the remainder of your house, particularly the regions that can be effectively observed from your entryway. Does the shade of your entryway area rug conflict with the living room decor? Does it make the rug one room overlook dull or boring because of how bright it is?

Polyester Area Rugs for Entryways

Frequently Asked Questions About Entryway Rugs

1. What Are Entryway Rugs?

Entryway rugs are also called doormats, welcome mats, or doorstep carpets and they come in all shapes and sizes. Entryway rugs are used to protect the hardwood or stone flooring of a home from dirt, moisture, and scratches. They are low pile rugs that are placed at the entrance of your house or any room. RugKnots have the best entryway rug collection perfect for your entryway floors such as wood or tile floors. You can use these as an indoor and outdoor rug which means buy any one and work them anywhere you want.

2. Which Material Is Used To Make Entryway Area Rugs?

The material commonly used for entryway rugs is wool, cotton, and synthetic materials. These materials are stain-resistant and made up of natural fiber. There are so many entryway rugs like synthetic rugs, jute rugs, soft fibers like a shag rug, and polypropylene rug. These are different types of materials that are used according to the traffic of the area. We need to choose a rug wisely according to its placement and its foot traffic. Whether you are using it for indoor-outdoor areas or any room these rugs are made of natural materials and have a pile height that would perfectly suit any area.

3. Are Entryway Rugs A Type Of Low Pile Rug?

Different types of entryway rugs are low pile, medium pile, and high pile. The low-pile rug is used for areas that have less traffic than the other two categories while Medium-Pile Rugs can be a good choice if you want an economical option for your home or office entryways. So, the pile height of a rug depends on its foot traffic.

4. Can I Use A Wool Rug On My Entrance?

No. Wool rugs are not ideal for entrances, because they tend to shed and mat down quickly when they get a lot of foot traffic. It's better to use a jute rug, a shag rug, or any synthetic rugs because they are incredibly durable and if your entrance is from outside then synthetic material is perfect for outdoor rugs. So, If you are looking for a rug for your entrance use flatweave rugs that are perfect for high foot traffic and are best for an entryway floor.

5. Should I Place A Rug Pad On My Entryway Rug?

Yes. A rug pad will help to prevent the floor from scratches and it also helps protect your wood floors if you have them. placing a rug pad underneath the rug will provide a grasp to the rug and make it stay at its place no matter how much foot traffic it has to bear.

6. How To Maintain An Entryway Rug?

To maintain an entryway rug, the best thing to do is vacuum it occasionally and wipe it with a damp mop. If you need to clean the rug then use diluted soap water or white vinegar and make sure that you clean a stain immediately after. As these rugs are strictly fade-resistant, they need a lot of care. make sure to place them in a shaded area such rugs are best for the patio and porch.

7. How To Roll An Entryway Rug?

Entryway rugs are usually rolled on their edges and stored in a room. However, if you want your rug to stay in place then it is best that you store the rug flatly or fold its corners back which will create some space to keep it from sliding off of the floor.

These are all important questions you need to remember while looking for the ideal area rug to give your entryway the perfect look. Buy your rugs at RugKnots to get the best variety and high quality area rugs for interior decor, at the most affordable prices. RugKnots always offers free delivery, so you’ll receive the rug of your dreams, right to your doorstep! If you have any questions about these ideas for decorating your entryway, feel free to reach out to us at RugKnots or on social media. We would love to hear from you! If you want more information about rugs, email us at info@rugknots.com or call us at (301) 660-7046

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