Ideas for Decorating Your Entryway

Ideas for Decorating Your Entryway

Are you looking to add that “wow” factor to your home? Researching a few ideas for decorating your entryway is a must. Since this is the first area that people will see when they walk into your home, it’s important that you spend a little extra time making it reflect the theme you’d like your home to follow. Your entryway should make a statement, and I’ve gathered up a few simple and affordable ways to do just that!

Ideas For Decorating Your Entryway

Don’t allow yourself to become overwhelmed by all the various ideas for decorating your entryway. Instead, stick to a neutral theme, that includes a few pops of color. Choosing just one item to be the statement piece will allow your area to really stand out.

A beautiful and unique rug is the best statement piece for your entryway. The style and size of the rug you choose depends on the dimensions of your entryway. If you want your rug to look amazing, you need to choose the right size of rug.  

Thinner, Hallway-Like Entryways

Runner rugs are ideal for thinner, hallway-like entryways. Keep in mind that this area gets heavy traffic, so you’ll want to choose a rug that can hold up well against frequent use. Wool runner rugs are a great choice, as they are highly durable.  

Measure the width of your entryway before choosing a rug size. It’s important to leave a 4-inch space around each side of the rug, to create the best visual effect. This black wool and silk rug from RugKnots is a beautiful statement piece!

Larger Entryways

If you have a large, open entryway, a round rug is the way to go. These rugs look beautiful standing alone, or placed under a round table. They are distinctive, and will immediately catch the eye of your guest. Round rugs also work well for softening the straight lines of a room, adding contrast to your space. For best placement, be sure to leave space around your rug.

Family Oriented Entryways

If your family has unique hobbies or interest, the entryway is a great place to showcase them. There are so many ideas for decorating your entryway that allow you to incorporate the things most important to your family.

A monogrammed rug allows you to incorporate a piece into your space that is completely unique to your family. These rugs are available through custom order at RugKnots, and created specifically for you, with the help of your own personal assistant. You will be able to take pride in having a piece in your home that no one else will.

 Overdyed Rugs in Entryways

For entryways with mostly neutral décor, consider adding an overdyed rug. Not only do these rugs provide a bright and bold statement piece, the dark dyes cover up dirt well.

Overdyed Rug Buying Tips

Read our post - 13 Rules For Buying An Overdyed Rug- for tons of helpful tips! 

Buy Overdyed Rugs For Your Entryway

Overdyed rugs are great for families with children, and will allow you to spend less time cleaning and more time enjoying your space. You’ll be amazed at the many color and design patterns of overdyed rugs that are available.

Budgeting for your Entryway Decor

With so many ideas for decorating your entryway, you might feel overwhelmed and over budget. You don’t have to! It’s completely possible to design the entryway of your dreams, without spending a lot of money. One trick to save is to buy factory direct. Buying this way allows you to purchase the very best quality rugs, for less than retail prices. 

 Wool Rugs Make Amazing Entryway Rugs

I hope you’ve enjoyed these ideas for decorating your entryway! As you can see, there are ways to easily decorate this space to fit any style or space. By following these easy tips and ideas, you can create a space that is sure to leave a lasting impression on every guest that enters your home!

Buy your rugs at RugKnots to get the best variety and quality, for the most affordable prices. RugKnots always offers free delivery, so you’ll receive the rug of your dreams, right to your doorstep!

If you have any questions about these ideas for decorating your entryway, feel free to reach out to us at RugKnots or on social media. We would love to hear from you!

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