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Sheep rug is without question, one of a kind. These rugs with their soft and luxurious fibers, add a touch of grandeur in a space. Sheepskin rugs instantly transform a room into a rich and luxurious space without even doing much! However, there is one question that has constantly been a hindrance for customers; Fake or Genuine? No matter what purchase you are making, the biggest fear would be buying a forged piece for the price of a genuine one. It becomes even more significant when you know few culprits in the market faking synthetic for the authentic one. Unfortunately, the case is no different for Sheepskin rugs. Authenticity over everything,' they say. So, you should never compromise on it. But, how are you going to identify the genuine sheepskin when you aren't an expert? Hold on; we are going to unveil a few tricks that will certainly help you in identifying the original piece. Keep reading ahead to find out!


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Sheepskin-Rugs Made of

It would be easier to define as these rugs are sheep's skin. For the preparation of these rugs, the chosen skin is usually very soft and beautiful. In their manufacturing, the whole sheepskin rug along with intact wool is used. The natural fur isn't altered during the course. However, the tanning process is used to make it stay fixed for long. The natural fur isn't altered during the course. However, the tanning process is used to make it stay fixed for long. The complete process of converting raw sheepskin into a beautiful sheepskin rug involves a thorough cleaning, washing, flesh leftover cleaning, and dissolving in some specific solution for multiple days. Once the skin is ready, specific finishing steps are performed. It may include oil coating and other skin working to give it a final area rug shape. Take care of yours properly with these handy tips on how to clean the wool area rug with these tips.  Now, as we are talking about identification points, it's better to discuss the difference between woven wool and sheepskin rug – as people usually get confused between them.

So, here it is: the wool area rugs involve some sturdy rug wool fibers that are woven into a backing material. The type of wool used here is powerful enough to endure rough use like walking, furniture anchoring, etc. Furthermore, as it involves a synthetic process, various intriguing patterns can be made on these floor coverings. You can find many tips for home decor to buy sheepskin rug that style your home. On the contrary, sheepskin rugs involve nature's weaving. It contains the skin with its original wool. Patterns are achievable here too. It may include joining different sheepskin rug pieces and having different dyes to acquire a specific design.


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Do Sheepskin Rugs Shed?

Most of you probably know that generally, all-natural hide rugs go through the natural process of shedding. The process of fiber shedding is quite common after it has been placed in a new surrounding. You may even feel like your rug might lose most of its fiber content or might even go bold! However, to your advantage, the shedding process only lasts for a few weeks. Just after a few weeks, your beautiful sheepskin rug will come back to its original, soft, dense and plush form. This process is not something that can be prevented, so you will have to have the patience to wait it out! However, it's essential to give your rug the proper care and maintenance that it requires during its shedding period. If not done so, the shedding process will only get worse and will continue for a longer period. Therefore, you need to take certain measures for your rug's maintenance.

The first thing you should be aware of while cleaning your sheepskin rug is that you should never use a vacuum cleaner for it. A vacuum cleaner's suction force is considerably strung which is why it can harm the soft and long fibers of a sheepskin rug. Most importantly, it causes the fibers to shed more. You should use a brush or a hand vacuum instead. Moreover, make sure to give your rug a good shake as this kicks out any loose fibers caused by shedding and instantly reawakens your precious rug. Just to be on the safe side, try placing your rug, temporarily, in a low trafficked area during it's shedding process.


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Clean a Sheepskin Rug

A quality sheepskin rug manages to add warmth and texture to the room while creating a comfortable environment. However, due to its fuzzy texture, these rugs tend to get dirtier much faster in comparison with other wool rugs. So, how can you clean your sheepskin rug while maintaining its beautiful look? Before we move on to the cleaning process, you need to understand that sheepskin area rugs are not like any other wool rug. This is because these rugs are not only made up of wool but leather too. This makes cleaning the rugs sheepskin tricky and somewhat hard as many people don't take into account the rug's composition. We have heard several horror stories from homeowners about how they machine washed their rug and after a while, it just fell apart! Some manufacturers do recommend to machine wash your sheepskin area rug, however, we don't recommend that under any circumstances.

Spills and stains are bound to happen. So for spot cleaning, use a clean damp cloth or towel and gently dab the affected area. You may use wool detergent, however, make sure you don't overload it as this can cause damage to the fibers. Treating small spills and stains as soon as possible saves considerable time and trouble later on. Cleaning dirt from the rug is another issue that can be directly dealt with rather than resorting to a thorough wash or dry clean. Mud particles that have been attached to the fibers of the rug can be easily brushed away by using a soft-bristled brush. We recommend using a metal bristle brush as this specialist brush keeps your rug soft and smooth. However, spot and brush cleaning won't always do the trick. If the stains are large and cant be fixed through spot cleaning, you may have given your rug a deep cleanse. Even when you think that your rug has gotten quite dirty and desperately needs cleaning. Deep cleaning is essential for every rug, especially for a sheepskin rug. It not only extends the life of your rug but also manages in making your rug look as new as ever!


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First off, you will need a container large enough for your rug to be washed in. A washing tub or a bathtub will do. When it comes to choosing the correct detergent, you must use one that's non-alkaline and not- bionic. When buying the right detergent, you should stay away from wool rug detergents as they are only designed for wool, and not leather. You can use such detergents for spot cleaning but not for deep cleaning as it can cause unimaginable damage to your rug. Moving on to the cleaning process, start by pouring lukewarm water in the tub. There is no need to go overboard. Pour enough water that appropriately covers the rug, and allows you to easily move your hands without having to pull the rug out time and time again. Next, add a suitable amount of mild detergent in the water. Now that you're done preparing the mixture for your rug, its time to put the rug in the mixture. Let the rug rest in the mixture for about 3-4 minutes. Stir or swish the rug in the water several times. By doing so, the dirt will slowly begin to release from the fibers of the rug and will then submerge into the mixture.

For the next step, you have to release the dirty water from the tub, and fill it once one with clean mild water. Submerge your rug in the water to let out any detergent left. Repeat this step 3 or 4 times until you're sure the excess detergent has been cleared. After you're done cleaning your rug, now's the time for letting your rug dry. This part can get tricky too. Many people make the mistake of letting their sheepskin rug dry under direct sunlight. This causes the leather in your rug to shrink in size and harden too. Therefore it's necessary to go through these steps in order to ensure the safety of your rug. Lay your rug out on a clean towel. Make sure that the towel is in a straight position as it may cause the rug to dry in an awkward position. For the surface, use a metal bristled brush to straighten out the fibers of the rug. Repeat this step multiple times. Make sure you draw all the moisture out as moisture attracts dirt!


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Identify a Genuine Sheepskin Rug

Feel it 

A sheepskin rug doesn't feel like all other area rugs. This is one of the most straightforward techniques – it much depends on the person performing it. An inexpert's observation can never be equal to those made by an expert. Well, let us tell you, genuine sheepskin rug feels natural. It gives a sense of extreme softness. Its sleek fiber would go falling through your fingers as you would pass your hand over it.

  • Do you know how does petting a fluffy cat feel like?
  • A real sheepskin rug wouldn't feel much different. 

On the other hand, a faux one would feel coarse a bit rough. It might even feel sticky if there is humidity. You may sense it like plastic or synthetic.

Warning: Few good quality faux rugs might have the potential to deceive you. Don't rely on this trick only.


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Examine it 

Sit peacefully and hold the area rug and examine it. You can start by pulling the wool fiber. Only if the tanning process was performed correctly, the fibers shouldn't come. If they would, the rug is contaminated, and not the real one. You should also scrutinize the pelt. The wool color shouldn't be different from that of the hide. Also, the texture should be consistent all over. However, please see any scar – it indicates the legitimacy of the rug. How would be the case of the synthetic rug? The wool fibers would be coming out of a network of the backing material. There would be a human-made base instead of sheepskin leather. The wool density and pelt shape can also assist in identifying the authentic piece. The wool fibers on sheepskin rug are quite dense, thick, and give a silky feel. Also, a real sheepskin pelt would never have a uniform shape. It would be odd and small, just like the sheep.  

Bend it 

Take a wool fiber and bend it. You can also stretch or straight it. It will show its resilience by not getting a break – it will even retain its shape. This property is specific with genuine sheepskin. A fake one would either break or go out of its shape. 


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Pour water on it

Uh, feels weird, but pour some water on the large sheepskin rug to check its actuality. Now, on touching the surface, if it somewhat feels dry or just warm, it is the real Boss. It is because natural wool has insulating properties. It repels the water and soaks up the vapors.

FYI: besides water, the real sheepskin resists flame and static electricity too. It is also known for its hypoallergenic traits.   

Burn it

No, don't burn the whole rug! Just take out few wool strands from a fur rug under inspection and burn it. If you feel the smell like burning hair or wool, it is a genuine piece. In case it gives out the smell of burning plastic, paper, or melted plastic, it is the fake one. Also, the fake fiber strands would become fluffy light ash after burning. 


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Pierce it

Take a pin, and try to pass it through the rug. If it passes effortlessly, your rug is unfortunately fake. It is because the real one because of its leather lining would never let the needle pass easily. 

Warning: it's not okay to let your original sheepskin area rug face the direct sunlight – it can change its color. 

Credibility check 

Though it is a bit out of context, the manufacturer says a lot about authenticity. By thoroughly searching, you can find out the brands which are renowned for selling genuine sheepskin rug.  Also, an authentic sheepskin is pretty darn expensive. The prices of the faux sheepskin rug are rather low. But wait! This point can lead to some significant frauds, so beware! You have to find a handmade sheepskin rug. 


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Thanks for reading 'how to identify genuine sheepskin rug.' We hope the tricks and other details would facilitate you in discriminating against the right rug from the faux one. Though for sellers it is best to keep things real – unfortunately, it is tough to find honest retailers these days who can provide white sheepskin rug. However, if you are searching for some trustworthy seller with expedient purchasing options. Rugknots won't disappoint you in this regard! They give free shipping with 30 days free return too. We provide shipping free of cost with a 30 days free return policy of your product too! If you have any query, don't delay in contacting them. Our team is always ready to assist you in all possible ways. You can find valuable customer reviews on Rugknots.  Moreover,we offer special discounts on all items, products, and accessories! We assure you that you certainly won't be disappointed in seeing our price range too!


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