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Sheepskin instantly transform a room into a rich and luxurious space without even doing much! However, there is one question that has constantly been a hindrance for customers; Fake or Genuine? No matter what purchase you are making, the biggest fear would be buying a forged piece for the price of a genuine one. It becomes even more significant when you know a few culprits in the market faking synthetic for the authentic one.

Unfortunately, the case is no different for Sheepskin rugs. Authenticity over everything,' they say. So, you should never compromise on it. Why is it important to identify genuine sheepskin rugs? The answer is simple, because there are so many fake sheepskins out there. The problem with these fakes is that they can cost you a lot of money and cause some serious health problems. Fake fur made up of acrylic, polyester, or other materials can emit toxic gases such as formaldehyde and benzene when heated by the sun. These harmful substances may be released into your home causing respiratory issues, allergies, asthma attacks and more! But, how are you going to identify the genuine sheepskin when you aren't an expert?

Hold on; we are going to unveil a few tricks that will certainly help you in identifying the original piece. Keep reading ahead to find out!

How to Identify Genuine Sheepskin Rug

What Are Sheepskin-Rugs Made Of?

It would be easier to define as these rugs are sheep's skin. For the preparation of these rugs, the chosen skin is usually very soft and beautiful. In their manufacturing, the whole sheepskin rug along with intact wool is used. The natural fur isn't altered during the course. However, the tanning process is used to make it stay fixed for long. The natural fur isn't altered during the course.

However, the tanning process is used to make it stay fixed for long. The complete process of converting raw sheepskin into a beautiful sheepskin rug involves a thorough cleaning, washing, flesh leftover cleaning, and dissolving in some specific solution for multiple days. Once the skin is ready, specific finishing steps are performed. It may include oil coating and other skin working to give it a final area rug shape. Take care of yours properly with these handy tips on how to clean the wool area rug with these tips.

Now, as we are talking about identification points, it's better to discuss the difference between woven wool and sheepskin rug – as people usually get confused between them.

What are Sheepskin-Rugs Made of

So, here it is: the rugs involve some sturdy rug wool fibers that are woven into a backing material. The type of wool used here is powerful enough to endure rough use like walking, furniture anchoring, etc. Furthermore, as it involves a synthetic process, various intriguing patterns can be made on these floor coverings. You can find many tips for home decor to buy a sheepskin rug that style your home. On the contrary, sheepskin rugs involve nature's weaving. It contains the skin with its original wool. Patterns are achievable here too. It may include joining different sheepskin rug pieces and having different dyes to acquire a specific design.

What are Sheepskin-Rugs Made of

Do Sheepskin Rugs Shed?

Most of you probably know that generally, all-natural hide rugs go through the natural process of shedding. The process of fiber shedding is quite common after it has been placed in a new surrounding. You may even feel like your rug might lose most of its fiber content or might even go bold! However, to your advantage, the shedding process only lasts for a few weeks. Just after a few weeks, your beautiful sheepskin rug will come back to its original, soft, dense and plush form. This process is not something that can be prevented, so you will have to have the patience to wait it out!

However, it's essential to give your rug the proper care and maintenance that it requires during its shedding period. If not done so, the shedding process will only get worse and will continue for a longer period. Therefore, you need to take certain measures for your rug's maintenance.

Do Sheepskin Rugs Shed?

The first thing you should be aware of while cleaning your sheepskin rug is that you should never use a vacuum cleaner for it. A vacuum cleaner's suction force is considerably strung which is why it can harm the soft and long fibers of a sheepskin rug. Most importantly, it causes the fibers to shed more. You should use a brush or a hand vacuum instead. Moreover, make sure to give your rug a good shake as this kicks out any loose fibers caused by shedding and instantly reawakens your precious rug. Just to be on the safe side, try placing your rug, temporarily, in a low trafficked area during it's shedding process.

Do Sheepskin Rugs Shed?

Clean A Sheepskin Rug

A quality sheepskin rug manages to add warmth and texture to the room while creating a comfortable environment. However, due to its fuzzy texture, these rugs tend to get dirtier much faster in comparison with other wool rugs. So, how can you clean your sheepskin rug while maintaining its beautiful look?

Before we move on to the cleaning process, you need to understand that sheepskin area rugs are not like any other wool rug. This is because these rugs are not only made up of wool but leather too. This makes cleaning the rug's sheepskin tricky and somewhat hard as many people don't take into account the rug's composition. We have heard several horror stories from homeowners about how they machine washed their rug and after a while, it just fell apart! Some manufacturers do recommend machine washing your sheepskin area rug, however, we don't recommend that under any circumstances.

Clean a Sheepskin Rug

Spills and stains are bound to happen. So for spot cleaning, use a clean damp cloth or towel and gently dab the affected area. You may use wool detergent, however, make sure you don't overload it as this can cause damage to the fibers. Treating small spills and stains as soon as possible saves considerable time and trouble later on. Cleaning dirt from the rug is another issue that can be directly dealt with rather than resorting to a thorough wash or dry clean. Mud particles that have been attached to the fibers of the rug can be easily brushed away by using a soft-bristled brush. We recommend using a metal bristle brush as this specialist brush keeps your rug soft and smooth.

However, spot and brush cleaning won't always do the trick. If the stains are large and cant be fixed through spot cleaning, you may have given your rug a deep cleanse. Even when you think that your rug has gotten quite dirty and desperately needs cleaning. Deep cleaning is essential for every rug, especially for a sheepskin rug. It not only extends the life of your rug but also manages to make your rug look as new as ever!

Clean a Sheepskin Rug

First off, you will need a container large enough for your rug to be washed in. A washing tub or a bathtub will do. When it comes to choosing the correct detergent, you must use one that's non-alkaline and not- bionic. When buying the right detergent, you should stay away from wool rug detergents as they are only designed for wool, and not leather. You can use such detergents for spot cleaning but not for deep cleaning as it can cause unimaginable damage to your rug.

Moving on to the cleaning process, start by pouring lukewarm water in the tub. There is no need to go overboard. Pour enough water that appropriately covers the rug, and allows you to easily move your hands without having to pull the rug out time and time again. Next, add a suitable amount of mild detergent in the water. Now that you're done preparing the mixture for your rug, it's time to put the rug in the mixture. Let the rug rest in the mixture for about 3-4 minutes. Stir or swish the rug in the water several times. By doing so, the dirt will slowly begin to release from the fibers of the rug and will then submerge into the mixture.

Clean a Sheepskin Rug

For the next step, you have to release the dirty water from the tub, and fill it once one with clean mild water. Submerge your rug in the water to let out any detergent left. Repeat this step 3 or 4 times until you're sure the excess detergent has been cleared. After you're done cleaning your rug, now's the time for letting your rug dry. This part can get tricky too. Many people make the mistake of letting their sheepskin rug dry under direct sunlight. This causes the leather in your rug to shrink in size and harden too. Therefore it's necessary to go through these steps in order to ensure the safety of your rug. Lay your rug out on a clean towel. Make sure that the towel is in a straight position as it may cause the rug to dry in an awkward position. For the surface, use a metal bristle brush to straighten out the fibers of the rug. Repeat this step multiple times. Make sure you draw all the moisture out as moisture attracts dirt!

Clean a Sheepskin Rug

Identify A Genuine Sheepskin Rug

Feel It 

A sheepskin rug doesn't feel like all other area rugs. This is one of the most straightforward techniques – it depends on the person performing it. An inexpert observation can never be equal to those made by an expert. Well, let us tell you, genuine sheepskin rugs feel natural. It gives a sense of extreme softness. Its sleek fiber would go falling through your fingers as you would pass your hand over it. Do you know how petting a fluffy cat feels like? A real sheepskin rug wouldn't feel much different. 

Feel it

On the other hand, a faux one would feel coarse and a bit rough. It might even feel sticky if there is humidity. You may sense it as plastic or synthetic.

Warning: Few good quality faux rugs might have the potential to deceive you. Don't rely on this trick only.

Examine It 

Sit peacefully and hold the colorful area rug and examine it. You can start by pulling the wool fiber. Only if the tanning process was performed correctly, the fibers shouldn't come. If they would, the rug is contaminated, and not the real one. You should also scrutinize the pelt. The wool color shouldn't be different from that of the hide. Also, the texture should be consistent all over.

However, please see any scar – it indicates the legitimacy of the rug. How would be the case of the synthetic rug? The wool fibers would be coming out of a network of the backing material. There would be a human-made base instead of sheepskin leather. The wool density and pelt shape can also assist in identifying the authentic piece. The wool fibers on sheepskin rug are quite dense, thick, and give a silky feel. Also, a real sheepskin pelt would never have a uniform shape. It would be odd and small, just like the sheep.  

Examine it

Bend It

Take a wool fiber and bend it. You can also stretch or straight it. It will show its resilience by not getting a break – it will even retain its shape. This property is specific to genuine sheepskin. A fake one would either break or go out of its shape. 

Bend it

Pour Water On It

Uh, feels weird, but pour some water on the large sheepskin rug to check its actuality. Now, on touching the surface, if it somewhat feels dry or just warm, it is the real Boss. It is because natural wool has insulating properties. It repels the water and soaks up the vapors.

FYI: besides water, the real sheepskin resists flame and static electricity too. It is also known for its hypoallergenic traits.   

Pour water on it

Burn It

No, don't burn the whole rug! Just take out a few wool strands from a fur rug under inspection and burn it. If you feel the smell like burning hair or wool, it is a genuine piece. In case it gives out the smell of burning plastic, paper, or melted plastic, it is the fake one. Also, the fake fiber strands would become fluffy light ash after burning. 

Burn it

Pierce It

Take a pin, and try to pass it through the rug. If it passes effortlessly, your rug is unfortunately fake. It is because the real one because of its leather lining would never let the needle pass easily. 

Warning: it's not okay to let your original sheepskin area rug face the direct sunlight – it can change its color. 

Pierce it

Credibility Check 

Though it is a bit out of context, the manufacturer says a lot about authenticity. By thoroughly searching, you can find out the brands which are renowned for selling genuine sheepskin rugs.  Also, an authentic sheepskin is pretty darn expensive. The prices of the faux sheepskin rug are rather low. But wait! This point can lead to some significant frauds, so beware! You have to find a handmade sheepskin rug.  

Credibility check

How To Tell The Difference Between A Sheepskin And Synthetic Rug

Genuine sheepskin is the ultimate in comfort and durability. That's why it has been used for medical purposes since ancient times, as well as worn by your favorite celebrities on red carpets everywhere! You can also find this natural product at home to keep you warm during those cold winter months while still keeping cool when all else fails. Not only does it save energy costs but with its insulating abilities and moisture-wicking properties, even if you have allergies or sensitive skin concerns such a wool allergy because of lanolin content; there are no worries here either! Sheepskin will let any temperature be an easy fix just contact us today about our top quality products that won't leave your wallet feeling bare!

How to Tell the Difference Between a Sheepskin and Synthetic Rug

Looking At The Backing Of Your Rug

The fibers of a real sheepskin are firmly attached to the skin. Wool should be denser and when parted, you will see that it is backed with leather as opposed to another woven material. Synthetic sheepskins have fiber affixed onto a weaker man-made base so otherwise, they look like fur rather than being made out of genuine wool or lamb's leather. The difference between synthetic and authentic sheepskin can't go unnoticed because there are many differences in quality such as density - natural skins are denser while synthetics feel lightweight due to less filling inside; backing - backings on an animal hide make sure that moisture does not seep through into your clothing by acting as a waterproof barrier but without the use of glues which weaken the fibers.

Looking at the backing of your rug

Testing The Strength Of The Fibers

First, you must know the difference between sheepskin and synthetic fabrics. Sheepskin is firmly attached to your skin with a mid-to-firm rug and should not loosen it up. On the other hand, synthetics are weaker in strength compared to those made of wool so they can be easily pulled away from their attachments if given enough pressure; this means that there's less risk for damage when removing them by pulling against fur instead of threads. Synthetics can be tested by tugging at the fabric. If it's of good quality, then you're going to feel some resistance and need a bit more strength to pull it away from your skin.

On the other hand, if it comes off too easily with just one or two rugs that means there are synthetic fibers in it. If an item has a distinct odor, it is likely not real sheepskin and is made of synthetic materials instead. These items may smell like chemicals or even sometimes have a pleasant herby scent to them; this can be confusing because some synthetics are scented with natural ingredients too! The difference between the two will become more apparent when you feel the fabric in your hands.

Testing the strength of the fibers

Feeling The Sheepskin

Synthetic materials, such as plastics or polyesters, often feel uncomfortable to wear in the wintertime. Sheepskin is a more natural feeling and synthetics can make you feel like a plastic bag. When wearing synthetic boots, the heat doesn't have an opportunity to escape so it's really sweltering inside of them as well as sweat that tends to dampen their fibers rather than wicking away easily.

Feeling the Sheepskin

Differentiate Between Real And Faux Sheepskin Rugs

There are many benefits to using rugs. They give a room warmth and coziness, create conversations about the home with guests, add beauty to an otherwise drab space; they're also easy on your feet! However, there is one thing that you should be aware of before purchasing any rug- quality control. When it comes down to buying anything online, always make sure you research for reviews from actual customers who have bought items like yours in person so you can see if what people say matches up with how the product looks (and feels) in reality.

Differentiate Between Real and Faux Sheepskin Rugs

1. Label

If you're wondering how your rug is made, scan the label to find out what exactly it comprises. You may be surprised when you notice that sheepskin isn't mentioned on the label - even though it's only a minority in its makeup! A rug may be made from a bunch of different materials, but if sheepskin is not the majority then it won't say.


2. Brand

Comprehensive research has revealed that there are some companies, such as American Apparel and The Gap, which sell both original sheepskin or faux. Be aware of this before making your purchase so you don't get the wrong thing!


3. Pelt

To test a sheepskin, pull out some of the wool and observe its texture. If the hide was not tanned properly, it will come loose from little pigtails or individual fibers that make up the pelt's surface material. Remove any scarring in order to find an even patina on top with just one or two marks where there may have been old injuries sustained by this animal before being killed for consumption. There should be no lattice backing materials as these are often used when making imitation skins which you won't want to touch either way because they're usually made of plastic!


4. Insulation

According to experts, wool can absorb moisture and leave an insulated air layer. Wool is dye-able without the use of chemicals and will feel either dry or warm at least on its surface when you pour water onto it. Wool is a natural, renewable resource that can be dyed without the use of added chemicals. When it absorbs moisture, wool leaves an air-insulated layer for heat retention and comfort on any given day in all types of weather - dry or wet! Wool also does not need to undergo additional processing like sanding down; just pour water over the surface of the carpet material which should feel scratchy if there isn't enough contamination from dirt particles.


5. Fleece Texture

The curly texture of sheep wool is determined by its tightness and how it was tanned. If processed, the curls often loosen but still feel soft to touch. Authentic leather made from this fuzzy material will be exceptionally thick with a long wavy fleece that if removed would turn into tangled dreadlocks! The type of wool determines its texture. Sheep's wool can be tightly curly, slightly curly, wavy, or hair-like and when the pelt is tanned it may lose some curl but will still feel spongy to touch. The genuine sheepskin rug has an odd shape and won't be that large--sheep are not very big usually--unless several pelts have been sewn together for a larger area. Long-hair sheep produce long dreadlock-like fur with lots of curls that look messy no matter how clean they keep their dens!


6. Plushness

As it's been said, sheepskin is the epitome of luxury. It'll be soft and cuddly to a point that you won't want to put your feet down on anything else! After all, real leather will never disappoint- especially if tanned appropriately. The tanned sheepskin rug will be luxuriously soft and the texture is so rich you would swear it was suede. Fake ones may not feel as nice, but they are still quite comfortable walking barefoot!


7. Burn And Pin Test

Although you have to buy the rug first, conducting these tests will save money in the long run. Stick a pin through it and if it goes inside easily then that means we're dealing with faux material or synthetic base rather than original wool. If there's any doubt about whether it's fake or not, pull out two to three strands of wool and burn them-if they smell like burnt hair then chances are high this is an authentic product but smelling melted plastic may mean otherwise!

Burn and Pin Test

A Consumer Guide To Genuine Sheepskin Rug

You will never regret buying a genuine sheepskin rug. With its soft, smooth fur that you can stroke your hand over, it'll make the room feel extra luxurious. You might put this on your floor for good luck or add some comfort to an old couch with just one of these rugs draped across both seats and back cushions! The durability is also worth noting because when it comes down to cost versus time served in quality - believe me: Sheepskins last longer than most other options out there!

A consumer guide to genuine sheepskin rug

What Does A Sheepskin Rug Look Like?

A real sheep pelt is a marvelous accessory to your home. It has an odd shape, and the color of it will vary from brownish gray to bright yellow depending on where in Canada you can find them! They are cut from small, not-so-large Canadian Sheep which live up north near Hudson Bay so that they have enough insulation for wintertime's cold temperatures; their smaller size makes them easier to transport than larger skins - just ask any hunter who's had one fall off his four-wheeler during transportation out of the woods! The fiber of the pelt can be curly, long hair-like, or wavy depending on which breed. Some pelts lose their curl texture after tanning but they will still feel fuzzy and silky when you touch them. Sheepskin doesn’t necessarily have to be white in color - as there are sheep breeds that produce other colors such as black, gray, cream brown, and more!

What does a Sheepskin rug look like?

Where To Put Sheepskin Rugs?

After purchasing a sheepskin rug, you should consider where to place it. Long fur is not suited for damp spaces like your kitchen or bathroom but can be placed in places that will add comfort such as on the couch. A small rug would work well on an armchair with no cushions including wooden chairs and wire-framed ones too! It could also make a perfect addition to any patio chair so you enjoy its cool atmosphere while relaxing outside during breakfast time or nighttime activities.

Where to put Sheepskin rugs?

If you have a classic three-seater sofa in your home, it is important to know the best way to decorate with sheepskins. The first thing that you will need for this type of rug placement would be two smaller rugs at least one foot shorter than the length of your couch and width. These items should go over each end where people sit on either armrest so they don’t slide off when seated or stand up from a sitting position while still keeping their feet firmly planted on the ground (especially if someone has children). This technique also prevents anyone who may want to seat themselves near the front edge by sliding back too far which can cause potential accidents. 

Where to put Sheepskin rugs?

Sheepskin is a great way to make your feet feel better in the morning when you get out of bed. If you are someone who likes their stuffy office chair and finds that it hurts your back, then cover the seat with a thick wool rug or blanket so that sitting on it feels more comfortable. To make the room cozier, consider adding a sheepskin rug. Soft and fluffy to touch, it feels nice when you step off of your bed in the morning or after reading for hours at night by yourself! You can also buy one that matches their personality's color scheme or has an interesting shape - if they're into space travel maybe get them something with stars on it? All together now: everybody needs some good sleep time so everyone should have this type of stuff around!

Where to put Sheepskin rugs?

If you are looking for a soft and comfy way to make your home office more inviting, consider adding sheepskin rugs. These can be used on foot stools or chairs which will provide warmth through the fur as well as comfort when sitting in one spot too long.

The soft, cozy feeling of a sheepskin rug will keep any fussy baby happy. Placing the furry mat on your changing table can make for an ideal time to give them cuddles while you change their diaper- and it looks pretty cute too! Not sure where else in the room to put this fluffy addition? No worries. Hang up it's decor that also doubles as decoration with all those added benefits wrapped into one package.

Where to put Sheepskin rugs?

You can use sheepskins to recover old furniture that is wearing. For example, if you have a bench with worn-out cushions, cover it in sheepskins for the same level of comfort and nostalgia as before. If you don't have blankets at home but do want your guests to be comfortable while they're visiting - let them lie on a blanket made from our vintage-style wool!

Where to put Sheepskin rugs?

How To Know Your Sheepskin Rug Is Genuine?

Genuine sheepskin pelts are sometimes almost indistinguishable from their faux counterparts. So before you purchase one, it is important to examine the item carefully and see if there is a grid pattern on the backing of skin that would indicate its synthetic material as this indicates sewn-on fabric in place of an animal's hide.

The following are some of the ways to spot real wool at home. You can do this by pulling a small section and see if it comes off easily or not. Real wool will come loose when you pull one fiber, whereas synthetic fibers should be intact after being pulled out from their original position as they don’t have any natural fibers in them for binding with each other tightly like genuine sheep's hair does so that is why there is no need for artificial threading which keeps the fabric together while weaving process. The color of the pelt also has an important role here - dark colors indicate more likely to be authentic ones than light colors because the white dye may change its color due to sunlight exposure during production; moreover, fake wool usually has a different type of smell and the texture is also quite different from real sheepskin.

How to know your Sheepskin rug is genuine?

Wool is one of the best materials to use when you want your rug, bedspread or any other woven textile product to feel dry and airy. The wool fibers are great at absorbing water which means that as soon as it gets wet from sweat on our bodies, its moisture absorption quality does a good job ensuring that we stay cool throughout the night while sleeping on top of it in relative comfort. Wool also has natural properties for dyeing without using chemicals so if you're looking for an organic option this might be perfect! To test if your new sheepskin rug really is authentic just pour some water onto part of it - after a few minutes, it should still feel completely dry even with traces dripping off afterward.

How to know your Sheepskin rug is genuine?

Sheepskin is naturally springy. If you stretch it, it will quickly recover back to its original shape. Fake wool cannot be stretched and does not have the same properties as sheepskin when exposed to fire because of this reason, many people buy fake lamb instead of real one just in case they need protection from a sudden emergency due to such things as house fires or forest fires for safety reasons.

How to know your Sheepskin rug is genuine?

The Compatibility Of A Sheepskin Rug In A Different Home Setting

Interior designers are starting to favor the fusion of function and style over just one or the other. Sheepskin throw rugs make a great addition because they offer both texture for comfort, as well as aesthetic appeal with their wooly appearance. Stepping on sheepskin will convince you that appearances can be deceiving- it feels like stepping on clouds! The sheepskin rug is absorbing the warmth from your hands, and it feels like you're walking on a cloud. There's no need to worry about dirt because of its easy-to-clean design! Picture this. You’ve just spent a considerable amount of time on the perfect room, with an amazing motif that suits your home's setting to perfection. The couch is in place and there are enough pillows for everyone gathered around it at any given moment; not too many so as to make everything look messy, but no less than two or three per person! Your coffee table has been set up with all sorts of beverages waiting patiently while you go about picking out which rug will compliment what needs to be done best when suddenly - ah-ha!! There she is, white sheepskin rug, A perfect match for your modern and exotic interior.

The Compatibility of a Sheepskin rug in a different home setting

Disadvantages Of Faux Sheepskin Rugs

Still, nothing in this world is perfect. Even though sheepskin rugs may be nice to walk on and have a soft feel, they can get messy when walking around vigorously because of the wool strands that might come off. This isn't an issue if you're looking for a smaller-sized or smooth cowhide rug, but I recommend against extra large sheepskin rugs with children who are still learning about their surroundings as well as elderly individuals due to possible allergic reactions from similar textures like those found in wool fibers. The first thing you notice about sheepskin rugs is how soft and luxurious they are. But, the downside to these woolen wonders comes from one simple stain that can turn them into a rag! Stains will not come out of this majestic rug easily-and scrubbing or using cleaning agents on it would most probably destroy and ruin its fabric.

Disadvantages of Faux Sheepskin Rugs

How Do I Choose A Large Sheepskin Rug?

A large sheepskin area rug will add luxury, comfort, and style to a home. Choosing the right one for you may require some thought but it's worth putting in time and energy as an investment into your space. Try these tips if you're not sure about what size or color would work best.

Finding a large sheepskin rug is easier than you think. There are many companies that sell them, and some even offer discounts if you buy in bulk! Make sure to check the quality of your purchase by asking questions such as - what type of fur did it come from? How do I know there isn't any faux on this rug? You'll want one big enough so don't make things too tight for yourself when choosing a size. Sheepskin rugs can be beautiful in any space and serve many purposes. Some people simply want a rug to add some warmth, while others may prefer natural wool for its softness or sheen. When shopping around for your sheepskin floor covering, take into account what you need it for before deciding on size/color, etc as well as ensuring that there is enough room at home where you plan to put it!

How do I choose a large sheepskin rug?

Sheepskin rugs are undeniably stunning and should be considered when furnishing your home. They're better than faux sheepskins because they have more natural oils, which keep them soft without any work on the owner's part; you'll love how light reflects off of their fibers as well! Why should you consider buying a sheepskin rug? One of the main benefits is that they are 100% biodegradable. You can also expect them to last for years and be durable as well because good-quality wool will only get better with age!

How do I choose a large sheepskin rug?

Wherever do you want to put your sheepskin rug, consider the following: what does it serve? What function is it fulfilling for you and those in your home who use this area? Is a living room space more inviting when there's something soft underfoot like wool or fur while someone with allergies might prefer another material that can be washed regularly without affecting their health? The bedroom should have a snug feel where feet are greeted by warmth first thing on waking up - bedding materials such as sheets of silk provide an extra layer against cold toes. When shopping, look out for different qualities and prices so that nothing stands between you and find exactly what will work best in your own house!

How do I choose a large sheepskin rug?

1. Rug Size

If you're looking for a rug, size is important. Your room and define the space - so apply that "bigger is the better" rule to find the largest sheepskin rug you can afford; it'll be worth it in the end!

2. Rug Shape

When matching your large sheepskin rug to the shape of a room, try and maintain visual symmetry. This sense of balance will help pull the space together feeling more cohesive at first glance.

Rug Shape

3. Color

Sheepskin rugs are some of the most versatile pieces in a home. They can be found as classic and muted colors like white, cream, or grey but there are also more modern options such as burgundy, pink or green. Remember when you're choosing your rug to take into account what other decor is going on in that room! Sheepskin rugs come with many different color choices so it’s up to you whether they should go bolder and modern like red, blue, or yellow - no matter which one suits your space best though these natural wool products will always add warmth while still maintaining their durability over time.


4. Pile Height

Pile height is important when it comes to deciding what wool rug will fit your space best. Longer pile heights are more formal and luxurious while a shorter pile height better suits an everyday environment with lots of activity.

5. Protection From UV Rays

It's good to know that sheepskin is sensitive when it comes to sunlight. This means over time, the UV rays will cause your rug to discolor or fade. To avoid this from happening then take a look around the room you intend on placing rugs in and find out where sunlight falls throughout the day so there won't be any accidents!

Protection from UV rays

Frequently Asked Questions About Sheepskin Rugs

1. Is A Sheepskin Rug Breathable?

Synthetic or faux sheepskin not only can't breathe, it also doesn't come with the added benefit of regulating body temperature. You may think that synthetic is easier to clean and maintain than wool, but you should keep in mind how often your rug will need cleaning if there's no insulation behind it!

2. How Can We Clean A Sheepskin Rug Naturally?

After investing in a beautiful sheepskin rug made by using pure and best quality wool you will surely want to take care of it and keep it looking better without wanting to use any harsh chemicals. This is because natural materials are not only more gentle on your skin, but they also retain heat better which can reduce drafts that come from air vents or windows during winter months while keeping this area warmly insulated with its high pile height.

The best thing you can do is establish a routine from the outset and stick to it. You don't need any fancy cleaning gadgets. By following these steps you will be able to clean your area rug naturally.

    1. Vacuum your sheepskin rug once a week to keep it looking fresh and clean.
    2. Shake the rug outside for plump piles.
    3. Spot-clean any spills or marks promptly with warm water and soap.

If you spill something on your rug, don't panic! Wet a dry cloth to blot up any liquid. If there are stubborn stains left behind after spot cleaning with water and the wet towel, add some dish soap into warm water before dabbing gently onto the stain without rubbing too hard. This will help remove tough spots from wool fibers of your rug that won't wash out by just using cold or hot soapy water alone.

3. Can You Put A Sheepskin Rug In The Washing Machine?

Sheepskin rugs are a common sight in living rooms and other areas where people spend time. They're more than just decoration, they can actually be functional as well! Sheep have natural oils that keep their wool from getting too dry or brittle - meaning those spots of wear on your carpeting will be gone in no time with some TLC. Just take care to make sure the rug is not flipped over before washing it because you could strip away any oil left behind by sheep for protection against winter weather. If you're looking for a luxurious feeling rug that's also incredibly soft, then wool is your best bet! These rugs are often backed with suede, which means they should never be dry cleaned. Make sure to check before buying one of these bad boys because if it doesn't fit in the washing machine at home, good luck bringing it on public transit.

4. How Do You Keep A Large Sheepskin Area Rug From Going Flat?

If you want to keep your sheepskin rug fluffy and soft, give it the care routine it needs from day one. Vacuum up dirt that's collected on its surface every week by using a brush attachment or handheld vacuum cleaner nozzle. The wool fibers in your rug are flattened by the many footsteps that walk across them every day. Try shaking it outside and lifting up those sheepskin fibers! When you are faced with a sheepskin rug that needs some love, the best way to go about it is by brushing. Use something like dog or cat grooming brushes and use long strokes to loosen up any matting in the wool. If your brush leaves an uneven surface behind after this process (or if there's still fizziness), spritz on one last quick spray of water before gently scrunching out all those knots! With our short pile rugs, they don't need much more than just snuggling onto them every now and then for curly hair-like texture - so no worries here at all! The investment piece of a lifetime is a sheepskin area rug. Research the material you want for your floor and purchase one that has natural, quality wool from New Zealand to ensure it lasts long enough as well! Ensure the size of your rug matches up with how much space you have in your room because this will anchor everything together nicely.

5. Can I Place Real Sheepskin Rugs On The Patio?

The answer is "yes" if you want to use it as a type of outdoor area rug. You can also place the rugs on your porch, under decor, or around furniture that needs protection from water such as chairs and sofas. A sheepskin rug with an even texture would be great for an outdoor party.

6. Is A Sheepskin Rug Made Of Natural Products?

Yes, sheepskin rugs are made of natural wool from New Zealand. It feels soft and is durable. You will love the fibers of this rug as it gives a cushion feeling to any space in your house. The faux fur rugs, on the other hand, are made of synthetics that imitate natural materials.

7. What Are The Benefits Of Buying A New Zealand Sheepskin Rug?

New Zealand sheepskin is softer and more durable than other types, such as Mongolian or Kashmiri. They also come in all shapes from round to rectangular so you can find one that fits your space perfectly! The wool will not shrink like synthetic fibers and will not pill. You will love the texture and the way the fibers feel against your skin.

8. Are Sheepskin Rugs Worth The Investment?

Yes! You will see that the New Zealand sheepskin rug is worth every penny. It is a long-lasting investment and can be used in any room of your house for years to come! A sheepskin rug is a perfect accessory for any room you use it in. A New Zealand sheepskin rug is a top choice when looking for furniture that will last and look great!

9. What Is A Shearling Rug?

A shearling rug is made from the skin of an animal. The wool on a sheepskin rug has been shorn off and then turned inside out, leaving you with hair that looks like fur! A shearling rug will be much thicker than a regular sheepskin rug. It will also be more expensive. In addition to the shearling and sheepskin rug, there are also variations of rugs. These include puppy skins or lambskins that have less hair but provide a softer texture than regular wool- however you can still vacuum them!

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