How Are Braided Rugs Crafted?

Braided rugs, braided rugs, how are you made? The unique twisting of braided rugs where please viewers’ eyes, also make them wonder about their crafting.

Surprisingly, their making isn’t as complicated as do they appear. So here we are planning to go somehow deep into details of their crafting. Keep reading to explore remarkable things about these rugs. You are going to love our very own range of Braided rugs. They can be used indoors or outdoor rug, without rotting, or developing mildew. And they won't fade!

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Braided Rugs Crafting

It all takes creativity to make a graceful braided area rug. Here are a few simple sets of instructions that describe the crafting of these carpets. 


Before the actual crafting process starts, there are few things that one must consider. It involves proper evaluation of material, size, place, color design, and shape of the up-coming area rug.

Material is probably the first and essential factor to think over. So, what is the best content for a braided rug? 

It wouldn’t be wrong to say you can almost use any material to make this area rug. Amazed? However, the selection would significantly impact durability, so choose wisely!

The wool is considered as one best material for braided area rugs. The significant factor behind it is its durability. The braided wool rug has the potential even to serve you for decades. Besides, cotton is another right fabric to craft these floorings. Nevertheless, they will be less sturdy as compared to wool and hardwood floor that use for the floor coverings. 

You can even use denim for it – as it is also well-known for its sturdiness. Leather is another available option. In short, there is a vast range of stuff that can be an excellent material option for your hand braided beauty. 

You would even see many modern twisted carpets hand made out of polypropylene material. The bonus for this stuff is its waterproof traits along with resistance against mildew.

Note* It is also crucial to use active threads to tie your rug together. It will enhance the overall durability. 

After material, you need to decide the shape and color designs. Braided rugs can have a square, rectangular, oval and circular shape – it’s all the matter of choice though. It is essential to decide it first - the crafting process for square and rectangular is slightly different from those with a circular or oval shape.  

The color design selection is, again, a personal decision. Some people prefer small rugs with a single theme, while others like to have different shades for each section. 

However, you should choose the color design that you can bear for coming many years or a decade. The braided rugs are pretty durable, and won’t wear out even after many years.    

So, with the simple tools and ugly process, here starts the primary crafting process

How to Make Braided Rugs?

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The first step of making braided rug involves cutting three strips of whatever fabric you are using. Their size should be equal – a little deviation is acceptable though. You can use scale/ruler to mark any specific size and then cut it. It can help in creating equal-sized strips of fabric. 

Now, once you gather strips, there are two different approaches. 

The first applies when you have small-sized fabric strips. You can keep attaching them while making outdoor rug braids – it can be bit tricky though.

The second is somewhat more convenient and efficient. It is – you can make a long (length depends on your rug) strips in the start. To join small pieces, you can overlap their ends and sew them using a needle. You can also use a sewing machine. 

The second approach would end up into long strands that you can easily use to make an area rug. It’s good to make three separate balls of these long strips of fabric. It will assist in working mess-free, and they say when you work in a mess, you create a mess. And we know, you won’t bear spoiling your new rug. Right?

Now, you need to overlap three strands again and sew them together. It’s practical to attach the starting point to some fixed pivot. The next step involves braiding these strips. You should cut the rough strands coming from the sides of these strips of fabric to get excellent rug finishing. 

Steps to Craft Different Shapes 

braided wool rug

To make a round rug, the one long strand would be needed. However, for square or multiple rectangular strands can do the job. The first strip would be the one to decide the size of the rug. The remaining will be of the same quantity, of course. For making an oval braided rug, the center string should be of one-third of the total length of the piece.  

After making braids, you can sew them together to give final shape to your masterpiece. Here again, the rule is different for various figures. Like, for rectangle or square, you can place strings side by side and sew/stitch them. However, for circular, you would need to make a coil first, and then you can proceed to the stitching phase.

Here, let’s discuss some recycling stuff. Wouldn’t you feel joyous to have a braided rug made out of your old blue jeans?

Let us tell you; it is as simple as anything. You need to follow the steps mentioned above. However, you would take the strands from your old used denim jeans. 

Braided rugs are miraculously great. They aren’t only easy to make handwoven but need very little maintenance. Depending on their manufacturing material, you can clean them in multiple ways. Simple brooming/shaking, spot cleaning, and even washing can do the job correctly.  You can use all techniques to clean the rug pad also. 

Where to Buy Braided Rugs?

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Now as you know how to make a braided rug, let us guide you to some unfailing resources as well. It is because you might get some amazing piece from there that would be difficult to make at home decor otherwise. 

You can find some wonderful pieces from Amazon, Wayfair, West elm, and other reliable sites. Believe it or not, you would be able to get a huge literally huge variety of braided area rugs without putting many efforts. 

However, if you are keen to buy epitome of handmade beauty – a trend that too at reasonable prices – don’t forget to have a look at Rugknot's Braided Jute Rugs. Their area rugs are simply fabulous and unique – you will even get hand braided edges with beautiful tassels as finishing in some of them.

Thanks for reading braided rugs crafting. We hope you have enjoyed and learned at the same time. Well, if you are someone seriously into home decor - and adore beauty and impact of rugs - then this blog post of home decor can be really helpful for styling your home. For any query regarding new rugs, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We will be honored to serve you anytime! We are very excited to offer customers the opportunity to purchase great deals of braided rugs. We just know that you will love them!

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