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So, you've decided to add an area rug to your room, but where do you begin looking for one? How do you know what size rug to get? How do you tell when you've found a good deal on a rug? When we go house hunting, we have real estate agents to safeguard us from being taken advantage of. But who is there to assist us when it comes to selecting long-lasting decor? Not sure what to say? RugKnots is here to help you with that! We'll go over the different sizes of carpets and how they affect the pricing.

Read This Rug Sizes Guide Before Buying a New Rug

Common Rug Sizes

Custom or uncommon sizes will be more expensive than standard sizes.

Area Rug Sizes:

      • 2x3
      • 3x5
      • 4x6
      • 6x9
      • 7x10
      • 8x10
      • 8x12
      • 9x12

Rug Runner Sizes:

      • 2x8
      • 3x10
      • 3x12
      • 3x14

Round Rug Sizes:

      • 5x5
      • 6x6
      • 8x8
      • 10x10

The size will vary somewhat if you choose hand-knotted. For example, a store may offer a large range of carpets labeled as 8x10, but many of these rugs will be somewhat larger or smaller than 8x10 (such as 8.09x9.85). The handmade nature of each rug causes this inconsistency. If you choose a machine-made rug, the sizes will be precise because the sizes are controlled by a computer. The amount of carpeting you need for your room is determined by your design goals. This article can assist you in determining the ideal rug size.

Common Rug Sizes


Dining Room Rug Advice

Your dining room table and chairs should be completely centered on your rug, with enough area for the chairs to be moved out while remaining on the rug. Allow at least a foot of flooring to show all the way around the room, and you're done! Your ideal size!

Dining Room Rug Advice


Living Room Rug Advice

The living room rug should be large enough to fit all of your furniture on top of it, leaving about a foot of floorboard visible.

Living Room Rug Advice


Bedroom Rug Advice

The size of a rug for a king bed and a queen bed is different. Minimal yet distinct sizes are appropriate for a Queen size bed; 5 x 8 area rugs, such as the one depicted below, are less ideal. Here's a step-by-step guide on putting carpets in the appropriate spot. Choose the 8x10 if you have the space for a larger rug. The bed should ideally be completely seated on the rug, with at least 18 inches of carpeting surrounding the bed. We can help you find an area rug for every space in your home. The challenge of selecting the appropriate room-size rugs is crucial.

Bedroom Rug Advice


Rug Pricing Advice

Bigger Size Needs More Material And More $$$

Despite the fact that shops set their base prices at varying numeric amounts, the vast majority of them use the same pricing equation:

Retail Price = (Style Price) x (Square Feet) +/- Popularity

Essentially, this implies that the store has a defined pricing per rug style ($50 for Peshawar, $18 for Kilim, for example), which is then multiplied by the size of each rug to establish the basic price.

Rug Pricing Advice

Handmade Means Limited Scale-ability

Because each rug is made entirely by hand, there are only a few costs and efforts that may be scaled up. That is, as the rug's size grows, the cost and effort required to make each knot in the rug do not diminish. Although many machine-made and electronic things have a high scale-ability, handmade items have a very poor scale-ability. Consider how little effort and money it takes for your computer to open up more internet browsing windows (none!) against how much time and money it takes to put together an extra dinner (a lot!). Rug artists devote the same amount of time and work to each knot in a high-quality rug, thus a large rug simply costs more to manufacture than a smaller rug. If you decide to use polypropylene (synthetic) rug in your home, keep in mind that it has a few drawbacks. Although the rug is less expensive now, you will wind up spending more money in the long run because of rugs only last 3-5 years. They're also poisonous. More information about this can be found in the blog mentioned above. Polypropylene rugs should not be priced at $8 per square foot. Polypropylene is a petroleum product that is essentially plastic.

It doesn't have to be tough to find the correct size carpeting for your room. If you're having difficulties imagining the proper size rug for your living room, we'd be pleased to digitally edit a photo of your room with one of our rugs in it for you to view. You may also learn more about rug sizes by reading the guide on oriental rug sizes. Remember that buying conventional rug sizes is easier and less expensive. If you're on a tight budget, go for smaller rugs or polypropylene carpets. Consider a huge wool rug that will keep its value over time if you aren't concerned about your budget while buying a rug. RugKnots has the greatest pricing on rigs!

Handmade Means Limited Scale-ability

Here are answers to some commonly asked questions by our customers

1. What rug pad size should I use under my rug?

On all four corners, the rug pad should be one inch smaller than the rug. If your rug is 8'x10', the rug pad should be 7'10"x9'10", which is two inches smaller in each dimension and one inch smaller on all four corners. The size of the rug pad matters very much, as it provides cushioning and insulation. You'll really have to figure out two things based on the size of the rug: the size of the rug pad and the type of rug pad! Here are the sizes that should be used in general, depending on the size of the rug:

      • For small rugs (3x5 and smaller), a thin, nonskid rug pad is required. Rubber is a wonderful option since it prevents slips and falls.
      • Medium rugs: a hybrid material, such as a felt and rubber combination, will work best here because it can still be a little slippery if there isn't any heavy furniture forcing it down.
      • Oversized rugs (8x10 and larger): you wouldn't need a non-slippery rug pad throughout this situation. To preserve the floor and add greater comfort, you can use a felt pad.

2. For a 10x10 room, what rug size do I need?

For a 10x10 room, the rug size will be around 11x14. It's not the perfect match but it would still fit well within this space. With a 10x10 room, an 8x10 rug might also be an option. In the living room, dining room, and bedrooms, an 8x10 rug would look great. When it comes to picking the right size rug for your home, rug placement is very necessary. You can also go for any patterned rug for any of your rooms.

3. What is a typical living room rug size?

Rug sizes for living rooms are typically 8'x10′ and 9'x12′. Make sure your rug shape is at least 6 inches wider on both sides of your sofa, and 8 inches is preferable. Rugs are usually run the length of the sofa. If your living room permits it, leave 30′′ to 36′′ of space between major furniture pieces; if not, leave at least 18′′-24′′. Living room rugs should be at least as wide as your sofa and should be no more than 12′ – 18′ from the front legs of the sofa.

4. What size rug should be placed under a coffee table?

In living spaces, coffee tables are quite popular. They add both practical and aesthetic integrity to the space by anchoring the entire area and providing a location to arrange various things. They come in a number of sizes, so you can choose one that fits your living room perfectly. With so many sizes to select from, finding the perfect rug for the right spot may be difficult. It's critical that you choose one that complements your living area exactly so that the entire mood comes together. Also, if you have a coffee table, make sure the rug is wide enough to provide a distance of 12-24 inches between the table and the seats, allowing for plenty of legroom.

5. Is a rug of 5x8 feet too small?

The majority of individuals, however, utilize a 5x8 to a 9x12 in their living rooms. A 5x8 rug may be placed in front of your sofa without any furniture, while bigger rugs should have the front legs of your furniture resting on the rug. If the present rug feels too tiny, this might help balance the room. 5x8 rugs are not too small. A small rug size will be more than sufficient for a small space.

6. Is it preferable to have a large or little rug?

It is preferable to have a large rug. A low pile rug will be a better choice. A large rug will be set in front of the TV, and a small one can sit under your coffee table or beside your sofa. Small rugs are more preferable because they fit into smaller spaces for people who have less space to work within their homes.

7. What factors should I consider while selecting a runner size?

While selecting the runner rugs the size of the stairs or of the room should be considered. Standard hallway runners are two to three feet wide and run between six and fourteen feet in length. It's best to pick a runner that suits the hallway's shape. It's also important to remember that the runner's length should never stretch into another room's area.

We hope that this rug sizes guide was helpful for you. Read this guide before buying a new rug. When you buy from RugKnots, you don't have to be concerned about such red flags because we are the most reliable online area, rug retailer. You can also email us if you have any questions! Please contact us at or (301) 660-7046 for additional information. We'd be delighted to address any queries you may have!

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