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With the growing carpet industry, many types of rugs have already made a momentous place in the world of rugs. However, one of many such rugs is Shag Rugs. Their individuality and distinctiveness are a class apart, and that will make you instantly fall in love. To give your house, cabin, ranch, lodge, or even the office a little more definition, this is what you want to grab. Shag Rugs are trendy, textural, and become the focal point when placed in any room. So before buying these rugs, it is important to know what you are going for. Here is all you need to know about these Rugs. Beware! While these rugs are extremely attractive and appealing, there still are some cons to buying them. Nevertheless, let us first explore what these rugs are.


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What are Shag Rugs?

As the name suggests, Shag Rugs are a kind of rug that looks quite textural and messy. Well, they may seem frizzly, but they are also quite exquisite. These are a diverse kind of rug that has an uneven pile, that makes them look cluttered and bumpy. What successfully gives these rugs a unique look is the variety of the unusual materials used in it. Also, the pile is thicker, which makes them quite original and unique at the same time. The cracker-jack of these rugs might be their aptitude of being so soft and satiny. It is a common belief that Shag Carpets came into existence quite late, in the '60s. However, Greece introduced these rugs way before that. Whichever explanation is true does not clash with the fact that these rugs can easily catch one's eye. The long strands of the rugs are not trimmed intentionally to give it a shaggier look for which these rugs initially gained popularity. They are so soft and unusual that you would just want to roll on them and go crazy.


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The Upsides of Using Shag Rugs

With the use of Shags, you can easily make your room look trendier and textural. There is not one but many pros of using these rugs. So, here are all the reasons for which you must buy Shag Rugs in the US.

They Come in a Variety of Sizes, Shapes, and Colors

When it comes to the color, shapes, and size of Shag Rugs, the variety is quite expanded. There is no limit to what you can do with these beauties. You can experiment with the colors as per your choice and need. Well, to make your room look big, it is better to go for light-toned Shag area Rugs while if you aim to make a large room look cozy and warm, then dark bright colors may be the best for you. Also, you can explore many diverse shapes available for these rugs. Round shaped shaggy rugs are best to place in the center of the room to make it the center of attention or put at the corner to make any room look larger. Additionally, these rugs come in many sizes. Larger Shag Area Rugs look better in bigger rooms while smaller rugs are a better choice for small rooms, and will make your room trendier. On the other hand, the rectangular rugs are also perfect for a small-sized room. Whatsoever, it is best to choose a rug that compliments the theme of your room and adds more definition to it. Putting these rugs in contrast with the furniture would work wonders for you. Let us not wait any longer and just order a customized rug from RugKnots to buy Shag Rugs in the US.


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The Marvelous Design Patterns helps to Elevate

Well, there is a diverse range of design patterns that are available for these rugs. The diversity of the designs makes them more appealing. However, the most popular ones are the geometric Shag Rugs that bring about more depth to any room. Nevertheless, it does not mean that you cannot explore more designs for them. There are many abstract designs available in the market. Besides, these rugs may have animal skin patterns, like Cheetah or leopard prints, along with some floral designs.

Multiple Materials bring Unique Touch

The one thing that makes shags unique from other rugs is the material used to make them. These soft and comfortable rugs come in wool, leather polyester, faux fur, acrylic, and even polypropylene. Each rug made of different materials contains a distinct quality to it. Hence, this brings out a separate feel to every rug.


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Different Types of Rugs Serves different Purposes

In short, there are about four different types of Shag Rugs available in the market. Each of these divisions is solely based on the materials that they are made up of. Different materials bring separate identities and character to each rug. So, discover the purpose of the rug before you go to buy it. Not to mention, Goat's fur is the original material that was first used, and it helped in creating the soft and frizzy look of these RugsHowever, with time the materials used to weave these rugs evolved and experimented with. So, later, many other materials were introduced to make these rugs.


These may be one of the fluffiest shags out there. These rugs are made in shades of whites and creams. Nevertheless, to bring out more vibrancy, many colorful dyes are used. Also, these rugs, along with their backing, are made from 100% genuine wool. Besides, they are more eco-friendly and easier to clean than other shaggy rugs, but they are comparatively more expensive. So, buy Shag Rugs online from our stores for the best pricing and quality.


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Another famous type is the Leather Shag Rugs. These rugs are comparatively delicate and need more care than other rugs. The strands of these rugs are more vulnerable, so keep an eye on these rugs. Whatsoever, the things that make these leather rugs attractive is how textural and rugged they make a room look.


Their signature noodle-like shape comes with twisting together the wool. They are made to look shaggier by knitting wool fibers closely together. This technique is more popular as it makes the cleaning process more durable and possible.


When it comes to reliability and maintenance, the synthetically created Shag Carpets are probably not the best choice. These rugs are comparatively less expensive, hence less durable. These are best for areas that are less crowded and need a rug for decorative purposes. Well, these are somewhat easier to clean, so not bad after all. Remember, for best quality and design, buy Shag Rugs in the US from RugKnots and enjoy.


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Variant Process of Making brings about Different Aspects

Well, originally, these rugs are a handknitted craft. Handmade Shag carpets give a more frizzy and uneven look than machine-made. Also, they are pricier and more valuable. On the other hand, machine-made rugs have finer designs and are less pricy. So, it all depends on your choice.

Visually pleasing

Shag Rugs are, without a doubt, one of the many carpets that instantly will grasp your attention when placed anywhere. They automatically become the focal point because of their fur-like texture that clashes with the hard and smooth flooring. Also, these rugs portray a sense of individualistic style and give an ability to bring out the bold statement for the room. So, when experimented with colors, these rugs just brighten up the room, look attractive, and are more feasible for those who want to jazz up their interior setting.


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Soft and comfortable

The best thing about shags is, probably, how comfortable they seem. They have a soft and silky feel to them, perfect for the hardwood floors. Their gentle and satiny touch felt under the feet is the thing that made these rugs more desirable and demanded.

Warm and cozy appeal

Another plus point for Shag Carpets is that they provide quite a cozy and relaxing environment. Not only are they soft to look at but are quite cozy and give an utmost sense of warmth. They bring out delicacy and luxury and are most suited for areas where there is minimal furniture. We recommend these rugs for office areas too, as they need warmth and an inviting aura. Otherwise, place them in your living room, grab a cushion, and just sit on the rug. Although Shaggy Rugs have many pros to them, which made them very popular amongst the people, they still have some cons which bring their marvel somewhat down. So, let us talk about them.


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The Downside of Using Shag Rugs

Although, there are very few cons to buying these rugs that bring down their grace a little.

Cleaning and Maintenance is Expensive

These Rugs might be less expensive as compare to other popular rugs; however, the saved-up cost in the buying may later be charged in its cleaning process. Due to the long fiber strands and the high pile, it is quite difficult to wash or clean Shag Rugs. They need quite a maintenance as the dirt particles can stick between the fibers, which are hard to remove. Also, in case of any stains or spills, the cleaning job can be doubled, such as removing from the long fibers is comparatively quite hard. Washing and cleaning these rugs thoroughly at home might not be a smart thing to do, and because they get very heavy, the cleaning companies charge more. Hence, maintenance cost increases.


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Health hazards

Not only, Shag carpets are high maintenance, but they are also not ecofriendly. Beware, these rugs are prone to dust allergies. Also, having a pet around with these rugs might be the worst choice. As time passes, Shag Rugs shed their fibers, and there is a high chance that your pets may swallow them, causing serious health issues. Not to mention, the dust and animal hair that may get stuck to the fibers of the rug can cause low-quality air. So, it becomes, absolutely, imperative to clean these rugs frequently.

Where to Place Your Shag Rug?

While there are many pros and cons of using Shag rugs, we suggest you must at least buy one Shag Rugs online to display some texture. Well, if you can manage the hassle of maintaining the Shag carpets, then here are some ideas on how you can elevate your room with these rugs. You can make your living room look cozy and warm by placing big and square rugs in the middle of the room. It will not only make the room look inviting but will also bring a sense of comfort. Besides, you can sit on these rugs directly and still feel at ease because of their soft texture. You can also put these rugs under the furniture, specifically the table. It will just make your feet feel the comfort that you need while working at home. Shag Rugs might also be a good choice for a kid's nursery as they are soft, and babies will feel at ease of sitting or crawling on them. Moreover, the small-sized shag carpets can be placed outside the shower door or even in the hallway. So, there is no limit to the possibility of placing them anywhere you want.

To get these rugs, vist RugKnots and buy the extended range of Shag Rugs for sale. While you get benefitted with the sale on our rugs, don't forget to explore Our Store to look for more rug options.


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