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Getting high-quality rugs for home & office decor makes people excited. However, when it comes to rug color, they become perplexed. We understand that buying stylish area rugs, runners, and carpets is not just like walking in the park. You need to pick a rug color that complements the whole space look.

Most people shopping at RugKnots inquire how to choose the best rug color. So, whatever color scheme you have at your home, choose a rug color that improves the overall ambiance of your living space. The best rugs colors can make a huge difference in your home decor.

Now let's delve into the details that will answer your question: How to pick a rug color?

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How To Pick A Rug Color?

Before you pick a rug color for your living room, bedroom or any other, you must get the expert's pro tips. These practical tips let you choose the best rug color that makes your space lively and elegant.

Moreover, at RugKnots, we have a special service that works closely with you to help you pick a rug color. We call it the "Personal Shopper" program, which allows you to share images of your living space where you plan to spread the area rug.

Watch this short video to see how this helpful program works:

All you have to do is take a photograph of the space and send it to our team. You can then select different types of rugs. Our talented team graphically adds the rugs to your photos. This way, you can get a virtual presentation of how it will look in your area. While picking a rug color, remember these tips to transform your entire space.

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Tip #1: Pick Rich Area Rugs Color

When we say choose rich rug colors, we mean go for deep or dark shades. A dark navy blue rug, for instance. Perhaps a deep red or maroon Bokhara rug would also look great. For the rug to stand out and improve the general aura of the space, white-colored walls or walls with light colors look elegant.

Tip #2: Pick A Rug Color For The Living Room In Light Tones

Light-colored rugs in small spaces create the illusion of a larger living area. Consider the light hues if you have a congested living area space. Also, light rug colors will create a cozy and relaxed atmosphere if your space has dark walls. You can choose an area rug in orange color to give a vibrant touch without making the rug too loud for the space.

See! Is this orange area rug not beautiful? The patterns, placed periodically, remind us of the Aztec patterns.

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Tip #3: Pick Rug Color In Contrasting Shades

According to most reputable interior designers, soft or muted shades blend well to create a beautiful contrast. If you have warm wall colors such as orange, yellow, or red, you can pick rug colors in contrasting shades to create a balanced look. In addition, you can consider the color of the furniture in the space as well. If your couch has contrasting throw pillows, choose the best color rug that mixes shades and works well with the walls. Doing this right can make your home look sophisticated, luxurious, and classy.

Tip #4: Pick Rug In Cool Colors

Undoubtedly, having cool colors in the rug helps create a calming aura in the living space. They tend to tone down the loud wall colors that can sometimes make your nerves feel exhausted. For instance, bright yellow, red, and green walls can make one feel overwhelmed after a hectic day at work. Sometimes, the right rug colors can make you feel stress-free and relaxed almost instantly when you get home.

Ivory Bokhara Area Rug

Tip #5: Choose Best Area Rugs In Darker Colors

Rugs with dark colors are not for every home or living space. Certain aspects to keep in mind include whether there is LED Lighting in the area. Using a dark rug in an already dull area will only make it look depressing and uninviting. Using dark rugs in well-lit spaces with large, floor-to-ceiling windows makes them look cozy and attractive.

Therefore, pick a darker-tone rug color with a cool interior and furniture. It makes the room look vibrant and adds warmth to it.

Our recommendation for dark-colored rugs is mostly Bokhara rugs. You may also explore other oriental rugs like Persian, Baja, and Kilim rugs. Some patchwork colors may also look fantastic. Black is a popular choice for dark rugs. It doesn't get dirty quickly, which is a good thing. You can pick a darker-tone rug color at our RugKnots area rug store at an affordable price.

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Pro-Tips For Area Rug Color Tones

Colorful rugs are bright and vibrant, but you can also identify them by their lack of brightness and vibrancy. Earlier, we explained the different types of colors you can choose. Now, we will discuss something different – "Color Tones."

Most people assume the color tones and rug colors are the same. They are similar but not the same thing. Let us explain!

When we discuss how to choose rug colors, it means the dye colors used in making them. However, when we discuss tones, different rug colors have a variety of shades – known as tones. Here are some highly recommended rug color tones you may want to keep in mind while shopping at RugKnots. 

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Formal Color Tones

Choosing the right color tones for an area rug can make a room look amazing or unappealing. This shows the importance of choosing a rug color that matches the space well.

When you put an area rug in your room, its color and pattern will affect the other things in the room. Other elements include the furniture, the decoration pieces, the paintings on the walls, and wall fittings.

Get a formal look in your living or dining room with our traditional Chobi Ziegler Oriental Rugs. You can also buy our jewel-toned Bokhara Rugs. These premium area rugs will help establish a regal feel. If you are a fan of Bokhara rugs, you must explore our high-quality living room carpet collection for a formal-tone rug.


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Pick A Rug Color In Muted Color Tones

The muted color tones work perfectly in creating a tranquil room setting. These monochromatic color schemes in lighter shades make you feel calmer and relaxed, for example, white color rugs. We recommend choosing colors from the same color palette as your wall color. This helps in creating a consistent muted color tone. You should match similar lighter shades of pillows and other accessories in the space to create a peaceful ambiance overall.

The muted color tones are ideal for creating an overall tranquil or serene setting in a room. These monochromatic color schemes are usually lighter shades that make you feel calmer and relaxed, for example, white rugs. We recommend that you choose colors from the same color palette as your wall color because this helps create a consistent muted color tone. You should match similar lighter shades of pillows and other accessories in the space.

This video will shed more light on how to choose the best rug color with muted tones:

Pick A Rug In Bright And Vibrant Colors

Area rugs can become the room's focal point, especially when they provide the primary source of color. Matching a bright rug to a room with warm wall colors creates a fantastic impact. Now, if you are thinking: How to choose the best rug color for living rooms and hallways? Look for a rug that might add more accent color to the room. You can match the third color to throw cushions, a vase, or the wall art.

The area rugs come in various colors. So, picking a rug color is easy and matches the tones in a room. This floral-designed rug is the right choice for your space to add a charming touch. Click on the link below to learn more about it.

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Choose Best Area Rugs In Complementing Colors

You can choose the best area rugs in complimentary colors as well. Many people's style choices often fall somewhere in the middle of bold and serene colors.

If you have a room with cream walls and burgundy sofas, you can choose a rug in complementary colors. The rug should blend brighter tones with a beige motif. Also, combining the other colors with the motifs and borders gives it an alluring look. Have a glance at our elite rug collection. You will love the motifs on these stunning multi-colored area rugs.

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Pick A Stylish Rug With Colorful Patterns

If you are obsessed with color pattern rugs, remember patterns do not need to match the entire theme. Instead, look at color tones that suit the design motifs of the rug. Also, coordinate the rug color with the room's paint and colors within the accessories or art in the room.

For example, if a TV is hanging on the wall and a couch sits across from it along with coffee tables and end stands, it is a parallel pattern or linear design. You can buy a line-patterned rug because it would bring out the room's lines while matching the color hues.

To look sophisticated, match a secondary color in an Oriental rug to your sofa. Match a third rug color to your throw pillows in the room. Also! Would you look at this beautiful geometric patterned area rug, it will look beautiful in your living room.

Rugknots provides high-quality area rugs at a reasonable price. We always prioritize customer satisfaction. That's why we also provide the minute rug details to all potential clients. Whatever rug color and design you want for the home or office, contact RugKnots. We will deliver the high-end area rugs and carpets to your doorstep free of cost in the customized size you choose. You can email us at and call at (301) 660-7046.


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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Rugs Are In Style?

The topmost trending rugs are vintage, Moroccan, modern, geometric, kilim, natural, and muted. However, traditional patterns have their own place in this trending list. Specially crafted handmade rugs come in the 2023 trends because they look stylish and are eco-friendly.

2. How To Pick A Rug Color?

Every one has his taste in color for area rugs. A contrast depicts the mood or feeling, such as happy and cheerful. Use the lighter tone area rugs in the small spaces or create a fantastic ambiance. However, choose rugs in dark colors to add warmth to your area. It depends on how you choose rug color according to your theme and area requirement.

3. Where To Place Natural Colors Rugs?

You can pick rug colors in natural tones with minimal interior decor. These natural color area rugs look stunning when placed in the home. You can spread them in the kitchen, hallways, bedrooms, bathrooms and living area.

4. How To Choose A Color Rug?

Nowadays, muted colors like beige, gold, gray, etc., are popular in designer choices. The various combinations of colorful rugs create an alluring visual appearance in interior and exterior decoration.

5. How To Pick A Rug Color While Considering The Wall Tile?

Dark walls complement the light color of area rugs. Choosing rich, light, contrast, cool or dark colors depends on your personality. However, there should be colorful harmony between wall tile and flooring piece color.

6. Which Material Has High Wear And Tear Resistance?

Wool has excellent resistance to dirt and wear and tear than other fibers such as nylon, cotton polyethylene. Wool is soft, strong, and durable but also best for high traffic areas and waterproof.

7. Are Oriental Area Rugs Out Of Trend?

No, the oriented rugs never get outdated. There are many oriental rugs available at RugKnots, a fusion of old and modern styles like the Peshawar Zieger rug. You can pick a rug color according to the area and the theme you want for it.

8. How to Place area rugs to enhance the interior decor?

Pick a rug color in accordance with the space interior or the furniture. If you have the larger furniture, place the area rug in the center of it. However, keep a few inches accessible from all sides to give it a more elegant look.

9. Can I Pick a Rug Color Darker Or Lighter Than the Couch Color?

If your home has wood floors or tiles that stain, it's better to choose darker-colored rugs. However, if you want a central focus on the flooring piece, use a bright, bold color with lighter couches and walls.

10. Are Colorful Rugs Too Expensive?

No, not at all; various color rugs are available at the RugKnots with an extensive range of prices. So you can buy your ideal area rug within your budget easily.


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Sheridan Brooks

Hi there!
Our master bedroom is a unique shape (non-rectangle), with light taupe walls. Our comforter has very neutral colors (white and taupe) with a cream linen headboard. Our floors are a medium dark hard wood. I was thinking I was wanting a jute type rug to go under the bed, but I am not sure that would look the best. I want something that goes with the room, but we also have two dogs that shed (black fur). Any tips or suggestions would be amazing! Thank you!


I need to update the rug at the cottage and I am looking for a rug that is 9′×12′. I have pics that I can share if I know who to send it to.


I have a small sunroom that I plan to paint in and gray or light shade. I have natural woodwork, and medium brown wood floor. I have an olive green love seat with a wide type of corduroy texture, my husband loves this and wants to keep. If possible I have a tiffany lamp mainly blues, with some green as well. I need an area rug about 5×8. This is also the area out dogs go in and out of the house. What would you suggest for this?


It was a pleasure speaking with you this afternoon and getting a sense of your space. I sent you a few options via email. Let me know what you think of these color choices.


I just painted the room light grey. I have a charcoal grey sofa with dark Orange pillows and an accent pillow with multi colors. I also have 2 swivel chairs that are are a white and black tweed print. What color rug would you use. Plain or something with a pattern? Thank you !

Sheryl Morrison

I have solid grey sofa , travertine. In Versailles pattern and taupe walls. What color rug should I look for? Thanks


I have two charcoal gray sofas with gold bases, and two ivory chairs with gold legs. I have a multi gray stone fireplace that goes to the ceiling. The builders carpet is light beige. Should the area rug in the living room be more darker gray to contrast the carpet, or lighter gray contrast the sofas.
Shantina Young

Bayla Lifter

my bedroom walls and floor to ceiling drapes are white. The floors are a light walnut. Our bed and head board are wrapped in a medium grey/silver/white fabric. end tables are off white (mistake on my part as I ordered them from a picture) What color carpet do you suggest for this guest room retreat?


hi there I have a mink sofa and grey walls I have added orchre lamp curtain and cushion but I would like to change my colours of accessories I was planning a colour block rug with navy puple and beige. but not sure what colour curtains what match


hi, I bought 3 solid silver grey recliner couches and I have an off white or very light yellow walls with a light oak hardwood floor. I need to finish my living room with an area rug and curtains but confused about what color should I choose and how to match them with my furniture, please if you can help me and send me some ideas or pictures, I will appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Claudia Botero

Im very confuse about what cor and type of rug should I get for my living area . We got a large white sofa , with a white oak timbering floor and white tv stand . I throw cushions aqua color with some pearl white and gold . So I’m not really sure what color to go with this? Please help .

Anne Albright

Thanks for this really informative article- it helps a lot! Also, you have a great selection of hand-knotted rugs on your site. How are your rugs so cheap compared to the rugs at showrooms I’ve visited?

Lynn Glidden

We have a room that we are calling our “wine room”. It has a nice wine fridge (looks like an armoir), pub height wine table and other wine furniture. Our tile looks like wood. I can send pics. Please let me know what type of rug would look the best.


Hi. I have peach walls in my living room. We just laid light oak hardwood floors. My couches are 1 dark blue 1 taupe and accent chair in orange. I need a new rug but have no idea what color!! Please help. This is frustrating! Then please send me pics of rugs you have that may be a good match. THANK YOU!

liz spear

great room has brown leather couch and grey walls with a side chair brownish/grey and off white curtain treatment.. Husband wants lighter colour pattern rug, wife wants more of non patterned solid colour Place your vote?


My wife and I just bought our first home and decorating isn’t our “thing.” We bought two light gray couches with a gray and royal blue accent chair. We were thinking of either a dark gray shag rug. Again, we don’t know what we are doing… Pattern on the accent chair is busy, so not sure if we can get away with a busy area rug. Our walls are a white with a hint of beige. Almost an ivory. Thanks in advance!

Ynes Bratcher

I have a big space, my furniture is brown and my curtains are a red burgundy, which color would you recommend, thanks

Barbara Hoffman

I have rust colored acid stained floors with gold toned walls in husbands office. what color room sized rug would compliment it?

Rugknots Area Rugs

We’re excited to help you find the perfect rug for your space. We’ll be emailing you to send you a few selections. Thanks for contacting us and we’ll get to work right away!


Hi I am trying to pick an area rug for my large family room. Sofa is in an L shape by the fireplace and in door off-white with tiny grey dots. Sofa is not flush to any walls and there is space behind L shape. I could also consider to have rug runner in both these spaces. Furniture is black with some silver – TV console and a wine cabinet so far. Need help picking color/pattern and type of rug. Also, should I go with rug runners or not, if yes do they need to match.

RugKnots Area Rugs

Hi! Seeing as this will involve a detailed response, we’ll answer this question via a direct email to you. :)


I am trying to pick out a rug (maybe 2) for a large great room. The sofa and loveseat don’t sit against the walls, but form an L-shape in front of a rock fireplace that reaches to the ceiling. The walls are beige and the sofa and loveseat are a light brown/gray color. I feel I need a patterned rug and something to add some color, but don’t feel I want anything too bold. I’m thinking of purchasing one rug for when you walk in the front door and another for under the coffee table in front of the sofa and loveseat, and that maybe the two rugs should match?

Rugknots Area Rugs

It was a pleasure speaking with you this afternoon and getting a sense of your space. I sent you a few options via email. Let me know what you think of these color choices.


Hello, I am trying to choose the right color and pattern for my living room. The area for the furniture is in inches (90X90). Mu sofa is like a army kind of green. My style is kind of transitional (little peaks of contemporary).

RugKnots Area Rugs

We will send you an email so we can discuss. :)


I have toddlers and a cream a cream sofa set :(. An open concept living room/kitchen, light wood floors, light grey walls, and accent stone walls in earth colors (beige, tan, brown, grey). Also a dark brown coffee table, brown and tan accent pilllows, same earth tones on kitchen countertops, and a lot of grey in the kitchen cabinets/backsplash.
What color rug should I get?

Rugknots Area Rugs

Thanks for your question, we’ll be glad to help you in choosing a rug color to balance out your space and give it that cohesive, comfortable feel. I sent you an email so we can discuss your room in detail. Thanks again!

Rugknots Area Rugs


Thanks for your question. Choosing rugs or any design elements can be a bit daunting but I’m confident we can help you decide. I’m sending you an email so we can discuss your space in detail.


I have hard time choosing a good color rug for my living space. I have too much yellow color going and I need to make a contrast with a rug. So the wall color is yellow and the tiles throughout the living space have a yelowish tint. The furniture color is dark brown. What color rug should I get for my living space?
Thanks :)

RugKnots Area Rugs

Will be in touch with you via email shortly! :)


I have a light tan couch with dark furniture and dark hardwood floors. A part of me wants to get a oriental rug, the other part of me wants to get a simple rug. I have a lot of plants and what the space to be very comfy, but classy at the same time. I can’t seem to make up my mind. Any advice would be appreciated!

RugKnots Area Rugs

Will email you directly some options! :)

RugKnots Area Rugs


From what you’ve described, I’ve found two rug options that may be a good fit. This first one I think is kind of perfect, considering it factors in not only yellow, but gray, to match the walls and sectional:
However, due to the worry that you want something that won’t get dirty as quickly, perhaps you would want to go with our one shag rug:
Which may match the sectional?
I’m unsure of whether each rug matches the room’s colors specifically, though. If you would like to send pictures, please do so Thanks!

Denise M. Howard

Hi I have a living room with beige walls a dark gray couch and natural color hardwood floors. My entertainment center is black and my tables are glass with black iron. I currently have a kind of denim blue colored curtains up which I really like. I like multi colored modern rugs but cant decide on the color. Not sure if I should introduce a new color into the room


I am trying to figure our rug. We have walls between mustard and bright yellow, a dark gray sectional, white bookcase, and light wood floors. To boot, I have children and I am scared that anything too light may get stained easily, etc. I was going to get a bold rug with multiple colors, but was scared it was too much with my wall color. Any ideas?

Rugknots Area Rugs

Given the neutral colors in your room, consider adding punch with warmer colors! Think nice rich reds which will pop against the fireplace as well as your furnishings.


I am having a difficult time choosing a rug for my large living room. I need at least 10×14” rug. Couch color is a light linen color and chairs are a charcoal grey the in my opinion looks cooler blueish. The furniture doesn’t throw me off as much as the fireplace stone does… its a stacked multi color stone the reads shapes of grey, beige, tan,white,blue, maybe a little brown.. and our floors are a dark brown. Please advise as the previous rugs I ordered looked too similar to fireplace stone. They were more oriental vintage wash I guess. Thanks!

Rugknots Area Rugs

You can use rugs such as Ikats that are predominantly grey that will coordinate nicely with your decor and still provide the calm presence you’re looking for.


I’m struggling with a rug color for our large living space. We have a light grey sectional with a black steel accent chair and white media stand & bookcase. Our living room has an abundance of natural light as 3 of the four walls are windows. I’m looking for a calm soothing presence.

Rugknots Area Rugs

Go with light greys, dark greys and even black colors in a rug for your drawing room. If it were just the accent wall, consider choosing a rug with lots of purple which would compliment the purple wall quite nicely. Throw in the red couch and perhaps toning the overall look down with the aforementioned greys and blacks.

Rugknots Area Rugs

@Marie, An Ikat with hints of blue would look great in your living room based on what you’ve described. Check out Rug #AIK-7-6-15-1187 on our site at Just enter the SKU number in the search bar at the top right hand corner.


I need a rug for my living room. I have newly painted gray walls with white trim, aqua chairs from west elm and a sea glass couch. We also have a brown leather chair in this room. It does not get a ton of natural light. I am looking for a new coffee table and area rug. Any suggestions?


Dear Team,
I look forward to buy carpet for my drawing room but need you help/suggestion which color/material type rug will be best suitable. My drawing room is white colour along with purple highlighted tv wall and sofa is red along with dark walnut coffee table, tripod lamp, book shelf.
pls suggest which color carpet will go.


RugKnots Area Rugs

@Pippa faded red would look good — it will offset the white walls and sofa and make the cushions pop. Check out this faded red rug×4-pink-overdyed-rug! Let us know if you need any more help!


hi! I have a very small space with a sofa and shelves and not much light, most of my furniture is white, floor is white, walls are white, and I have a navy and black throw for my sofa with purple and red cushions. i would like to buy a faded vintage red rug but wondering if this might be too much for this space? should i stick to natural colours?

thank you!

Rugknots Area Rugs

@Joan, you can choose rugs with a similar violet mixed with ivory or beige colors. You could easily choose rugs with overall greys. Light greys and even darker greys would work well here.



I have dark gray sofa and violet wall color. What color rug would be great for my living room?

Rugknots Area Rugs

@Christene, Thanks for your question. Black walls? how about Ikat rugs? Many come in two-tone colors. Check them out at


Hello. I have a bedroom 10x 12 that has black walls and dark brown wood floors. I’m not sure what color would look good.

Thank you