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Maintaining a wool rug, especially one as high-quality as a hand-knotted Oriental Rugs can be important if you care about protecting it. The value can be preserved and even increase over time. Whether you want to sell it in the future, or keep it as a priceless family heirloom, learn the basic steps to keep your wool rug valuable over time. Did you find your perfect oriental rug yet? If not - contact us. We will help you fall in love with an oriental rug that will last generations. Once you find your rug, you will want to keep it beautiful and worth every penny you invested in it.  There are just a few very easy things you can do to maintain your rug and leave it behind for generations to come. These six tips will keep your rug in amazing shape! The better the condition of the rug, the more money it is worth. And not only that, but if you take proper care of your rug, it will stay just as beautiful as the day you bought it.

 6 Steps To Keep Your Wool Oriental Rug Valuable

6 Step-by-step Guide

1. Proper Rug Care In The Home

Taking care of your rug properly will help it outlast kids, dogs, and anything else your rug sees.  We have a variety of free rug care resources for you. From ebooks to checklists - if you need something, just ask. My best advice for you - when it comes to caring for your oriental wool rug, don't google DIY tips. Instead, ask an expert - like us. The team at RugKnots cares deeply about the rugs we sell. We take pride in the hand-knotting process, from the New Zealand wool to the organic vegetable dyes. So we want to help you take the best care of it. To take care of your rug, make sure you are spot cleaning trouble areas and properly removing pet or other organic waste. 

Proper Rug Care In The Home

Spot Cleaning

If you spill something on your rug, it is best (and easiest) to clean that spot up right away. Don't worry about deep cleaning the entire rug every single time. I always suggest you keep vinegar and mild dish detergent on hand for any accidents that happen to your rug. Use a cloth to dab the spill immediately and get as much of it off the rug as quickly as you can.  

Pets & Rugs

Even the best trained pets have accidents. We recommend using a vinegar solution for cleaning up pet messes: 

      • 8 parts water
      • 1 part white vinegar
      • And a small squirt of a mild dishwashing detergent

Another solution to try is 1 teaspoon of household ammonia to 1 cup of water.  Some "pet odor removal" products have the potential to bleach out your rug, so be very careful with what you use on your rug.  If you  have any questions, ask us, we will help you find something that will not harm your rug. 

Pets & Rugs


2. Professional Cleaning

I highly recommend getting your wool rugs professionally cleaned by an oriental rug cleaning at least once a year.  Even if you take excellent care of your rug all year long, a professional cleaning removes dirt and debris you can't see or get to. 

Professional Cleaning


3. Stay On Top of Repairs

Just like with anything of value, if you stay on top of repairs and professional cleanings, the rug will last. A few kinds of repairs your rug might need include fringe repair, patching, and even reweaving. Accidents happen. You can prevent a costly repair like reweaving if you fix the rug when it has a small issue. 

Stay On Top of Repairs


4. Treat Sprouts Correctly

What are sprouts on wool rugs? We answered in this short post. Sprouts happen naturally, but how you react to them can hurt your rug or help it.  Don't pull out sprouts. Just take scissors and cut the sprouts the same length and the rest of the threads. 

Treat Sprouts Correctly

5. Do Not DIY

I know, it is so tempting to try and save money with Do-It-Yourself rug repairs. But be careful. Some damages from DIY rug projects can end up costing you more money to repair than if you paid a professional in the beginning.

Do Not DIY

6. Use the Correct Vacuum 

Want to know what the best vacuum for wool rugs is? We have a very detailed post comparing top vacuums. The most important thing to remember is do not use a vacuum with a spinning head on valuable oriental rugs. Use the attachments so you can keep clean without damaging the intricate hand knotted threads.

Use the Correct Vacuum

Save Money On Your Oriental Rug Investment

The best way to  make sure your rug investment gives you a high return, is to spend less on it to begin with.  Buy your rug at factory-direct prices. That one step alone will save you up to thousands of dollars.  

Buy all your rugs from RugKnots. We ship rugs directly to you. Since we don’t have a showroom, we have less overhead and we pass that savings onto you.  Ask my team all your rug questions. We have extensive experience in interior design and rug production.  We will help you discover the rug of your dreams and save you money.  For more information please email us at info@rugknots.com or call us at (301) 660-7046. We are happy to answer your questions!

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