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A room's shape should dictate the rug you choose. There are endless options for rugs, but if your space is square or rectangular, consider a square-shaped rug for that unique look. Rectangular shapes will fill up extra spaces in more creative ways than squares do; round and oval-shaped rugs may be better suited for those with irregularly shaped rooms though they'll also take up more floor space. That rectangular rug might not be the best option for your square-shaped room. Rectangular rugs can make a room seem boxy and uninteresting, but if you want to avoid that, keep in mind that there are other rugs out there than just rectangles. If you have an L-shape or T shape floor plan, consider ordering something with those dimensions instead, like a circular rug which would help break up all the straight lines throughout your space. The best Square Rugs for 2024 are on a list below, and it is full of some great choices. These are all going to be the perfect addition to any room in your home. They come in so many different colors, sizes, shapes, and materials, making it easy for you to find one that matches your style. There is something here for everyone.

1. Red Ziegler Area Rug

Don't let the size fool you. This is a large rug. The Red Ziegler Area Rug is hand-knotted, made of wool, and 4' 10" by 4' 11". It's great for many rooms like your dining room, bedroom, or sunroom since it looks classic. Handknotted in Pakistan using wool material. RugKnots believes the red color of its Ziegler area rug features a look that will add style and warmth to any space. It stands on its own, making it the perfect addition to any flooring type, such as tile and hardwood alike. The thick low pile extends beyond your perimeter, encompassing all parts of the space made available. So go ahead and unleash your creativity. Shop now and add your next pick into the shopping cart.

Red Ziegler Area Rug

2. Tan Gabbeh Area Rug

If you've been looking for a rug that will be the focal point of your room, only to get disappointed with what's on offer? Introducing Tan Gabbeh Area Rug. This is an investment in more than looks. Offering durability and richness as well as highlighting any decor style, this one's not going anywhere. With its traditional plain design, the tan Gabbeh Area Rug is a great choice for families who want to add style without breaking their budget. And while this product was originally designed with keep in mind, it doesn't matter if your pad has wood floors - the Gabbeh Rug will coordinate seamlessly for every home decor style imaginable.

Tan Gabbeh Area Rug

3. Brown Ziegler Area Rug

The Ziegler Area Rug is the perfect way to update your home with a splash of color. The brown Ziegler Area Rug provides warmth, comfort, and personality to any room that it's placed in; just about any space can use this burst of energy. This gorgeous Hand-Knotted Wool Area Rug comes from Pakistan and is one of our most popular choices because not only does it add personality to the room, but its durable construction also lasts for years―making it an investment worth making. Styles like modern dining tables or bohemian living rooms are perfectly complete.

Brown Ziegler Area Rug

4. Ivory Gabbeh Area Rug 

The Ivory Gabbeh Area Rug is a highly durable area rug with a unique design. This well-made rug features an intricate pattern that will surely complement any room in your home while remaining on-trend with the latest designs. The thick, durably woven wool material has made this one of the most durable Gabbeh Rugs in our product line, and it can be easily vacuumed or washed to maintain its pristine condition for years to come. With plenty of sizes available, you are sure to find the right size to fill your space at an excellent price. Want more? This stunning area rug is conveniently online only, so you can shop anytime, day or night. Place your order now and receive free shipping on orders.

Ivory Gabbeh Area Rug

5. Multi-Color Ziegler Area Rug 

The colorful Ziegler Area Rug by RugKnots is a floor piece designed to be simple and chic. The aesthetically pleasing patterned front will give your home a vibrant vibe, while the wool construction ensures that it's durable against rug burns caused by children playing on the floor. Hand-knotted with natural fibers, this area rug is lightweight yet sturdy. The square shape is perfect for creating an even distribution on any surface, as long as you have enough room in your budget. With warranties of 1 or 5-year protection, you can take time off knowing your rug won't get damaged before you pay for its replacement if anything happens to it during that period. 

Multi-Color Ziegler Area Rug

6. Ivory Oushak Area Rug 

The Ivory Oushak rug is a beautiful and elegant handmade area rug. This wool material, hand-knotted construction, and Pakistani origin make it remarkably durable and stylish, seamlessly blending with your home's decor. At 8 x 8 ft., this floor runner has a thick 1-inch pile that provides more comfort and warmth to your feet than just about any other rug could offer. In addition, the design offers safety when you're walking on an unfamiliar surface by allowing you to see what's below you without falling or tripping.

Ivory Oushak Area Rug

7. Ivory Oushak Area Rug

Wool is the standard for durability, and it's why we make each of our Ivory Area Rugs out of this material. That also means a thickness that you're sure to love. Wool has been around since antiquity, but it's lightweight feel and natural warmth have made it popular in today's interior spaces too. Perfect for those that want to go with a more traditional look for their space. From thick pile carpeting to the geometric patterns in the rug, this is a great choice if you're looking to bring some of your cultures into your home. Don't just browse - start designing your perfect room with this Ivory Oushak Area Rug from RugKnots Company.

Ivory Oushak Area Rug

8. Green Southwestern Area Rug

An elegant and detail-southwestern rug made from 100% wool is hand-tufted in Pakistan. The Ivory Oushak Area Rug is available in many sizes. This area rug will complete the look of any living room or bedroom décor by adding a luxurious touch to your flooring layout. Place this masterpiece on your floors today. We offer free shipping service within  30 days return offer if you find any fault in our products

Green Southwestern Area Rug

9. Ivory Oushak Area Rug 

The all-natural wool Oushak rug is hand-knotted in Pakistan. This high-quality, luxurious rug is one you'll be able to look at for years to come without a change. Measurements are 8.7' x 8.11'. Easy care makes this great for your living room or bedroom. Its construction will look great anywhere from a modern loft to an elegant family home, and its low price means you can add more rugs with our thickness filter here on the right. Call today and get free shipping anywhere in the USA because we know once you lay eyes on this beauty, it'll be hard not to have it immediately shipped out.

Ivory Oushak Area Rug

10. Brown Ziegler Area Rug

Crafted for indoor and outdoor use, the Brown Area Rug is hand-knotted of 100% wool. An 8'1" x 8'1" size makes this perfect for dining rooms or bedrooms. Cozy up to it in lounge chairs with friends in a sunroom as you gaze into open flames flickering on the potbelly stove. Complement your home office decor with this muted brown background that will always be elegant and classic, especially when mixed with other colors like charcoal black for a creative look that's unique but still solidly appropriate for most settings thanks to its solid yet comfortable foundation.

Brown Ziegler Area Rug

Frequently Asked Questions About Square Rugs

1. How Often Should I Rotate My Rug?

Ideally, you should rotate the rug every quarter. The rug's pile will gradually go flat if it gets worn in one place from prolonged standing or sitting. And when that happens, it may be necessary to have the rug professionally cleaned by a carpet cleaner for best results. To avoid this problem and have your rug last as long as possible, make sure you always rotate your area rugs based on wear patterns and dirt accumulation. It is recommended that the rug be rotated every 6-8 months. Rotating the rug will prevent wear and tear from making your carpet look dull, worn, and old. With wear and tear, dirt becomes embedded in certain areas of carpet that get walked a lot more than others. Rotating your rug will lessen this imbalance in cleanliness by spreading it around to other sections of the carpet as well.

2. In What Setting Do You Think A Square Area Rug Will Work Best?

A square area rug might work well when a person wants to add eye-catching detail to their room. This type of rug typically works in modern settings because it is usually geometric shaped and considered trendy but may not be best for more traditional or classic spaces. In general, this type of rug can easily fit into any space that needs a little something extra. When choosing a square area rug for your own home, consider the point that solid colors often pop out better than patterned styles, making it harder to fit neatly into the rest of your decorating scheme. 

3. Do You Have Any Tips For Picking The Best One For Your Home/Office/etc....?

Determine the need for your space. Is this for a family room or bedroom? Office or Murphy Bed? Before any purchase, list out all needs that will be addressed by the piece being purchased. Determine where you want to place the piece in your home/office/etc. Will it fit in well with current items? Is this related to something that can tie an area together aesthetically? Does it fit with your style preferences, such as Victorian, Modern Industrial, etc.? Remember to measure the space and compare measurements for sizing purposes. Visit any stores around town and take notes on what you like and don't like about everything you find. Then narrow down to two options that contrast with your décor accent and try.

4. What Are Some Different Ways To Use Square Area Rugs?

    1. Lay the square rug on the floor, with space for furniture precisely calculated.
    2. Stand it up against a wall vertically for a unique design update. This also helps illustrate how modern art looks good against cheap, neutral-colored walls, such as eggshells or white paint.
    3. Propose them on top of any other object to form (e.g.) an imperfect square or more interesting shape (e.g., triangles).
    4. Lay it out on your floor as a play mat for your kids.
    5. Stack them up to create a taller tower shape
    6. cover the bottom of your stairs with them to form a base at the bottom
    7. line them up all the same to make an interesting border around your balcony or garden.
    8. An accent rug complements a larger rug to provide color or texture.
    9. One large square area rug can be used for the entire floor covering while smaller rugs are added as an accent.
    10. Square area rugs are commonly used on staircases, alongside poufs or benches; alternatively, they make great seat covers in front of sofas and chairs.
    11. Squares don't have to go just against walls; under beds, besides end tables or desks in the lounge room, can all make a big impact aesthetically. Squares do beautifully under window seats—so it's easy to sit there and admire them. 

5. What Are The Best Materials For A Square Area Rug?

It depends on what you want the rug for. If you're looking for a decorative rug, then I would recommend using wool. It's inexpensive, resists mold and insects, and it comes in a wide range of colors. On the other hand, if you are looking for a high-traffic area rug, I would recommend buying sisal or seagrass with jute braiding; they are very durable with an average life expectancy of 15 years. In general, natural fibers such as wool, cotton, and linen tend to last longer in heavy traffic areas, more so than synthetic rugs made with molds or chemicals (acrylic, nylon). If you're looking for long-life durability and easy ability to vacuum, it's typically recommended.

6. In What Ways Are Square Area Rugs Able To Shape The Floor Plan And Style Of A Room?

Square area rugs are one of the strongest shapes for large spaces, making them a great choice for hallways. They also work well in general living and family areas, as they can often mask imperfections on the floor. If you want to build length or use space more efficiently, it's always better to choose an L-shaped lounge instead. Otherwise, square shapes can take away from already limited space and create awkward tension in triangular locations like entryways and corridors.

7. What Is The Smallest Size Square Rug You'd Recommend Installing?

We recommend measuring the size of the space you want to cover and using a calculator to figure out the nearest fraction or square foot equivalence. The most common sizes are 8x8 for an entry rug, 16x16 for a living room rug, and 12x12 for a kitchen area or hallway. If  you want to get a clear idea about all the filters in our products then Go to our page . You have rights to experience the best floor piece so enter the world of RugKnots.

8. How Much Is The Free Shipping Offer?

Shipping is free of charge in all states of the USA. For shipping promotional items, an additional fee will apply outside the US. Shipping to anywhere within America comes with no extra cost – and for non-US destinations, we offer a competitive rate that includes everything from custom duties & taxes to brokerage fees - just ask us how!


Get your rugs from RugKnots, and you can have a restful sleep. Work with our customer service team to find the perfect rug for any room in your house. The rug experts at RugKnots are really excited to help you find your perfect new addition, so don't hesitate to reach out with any questions.  If you have any queries in your mind, then feel free to ask us. Not only can we help you with rugs, but we are also knowledgeable about art and décor that will suit all sorts of homes. We're here for your daily service Monday-Friday so email at info@rugknots.com or call (301) 660-7046 anytime during those hours today. If there's something on your mind, don't hesitate to ask - our specialists would love nothing more than to answer questions from potential buyers across the country.

Red Isfahan Area RugRed Isfahan Area Rug
Rugknots Red Isfahan Area Rug - AR5569
$3,457.99 $6,915.98
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Ivory Ziegler Area RugIvory Ziegler Area Rug
Rugknots Ivory Ziegler Area Rug - AR3597
$2,119.62 $4,239.24
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Multi-Color Overdyed Area Rug - AR3441Multi-Color Overdyed Area Rug - AR3441
Rugknots Multi-Color Overdyed Area Rug - AR3441
$2,650 $5,300

Free Shipping

Free Shipping

Ivory Isfahan Area Rug - AR5496Ivory Isfahan Area Rug
Rugknots Ivory Isfahan Area Rug - AR5496
$2,545.47 $5,090.93
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Multi-Color Ziegler Area RugMulti-Color Ziegler Area Rug
Rugknots Multi-Color Ziegler Area Rug - AR5075
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