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A floor is the foundation of your home. It’s what you walk on every day, and it needs to be comfortable, good-looking, and durable—which is why we recommend custom rugs for your floors! Custom rugs are not only beautiful but they will also serve as a protective layer between you and your hardwood floor or tile. They give off an air of elegance which makes any room feel more welcoming. This blog is about how to customize your rug. We'll show you the best way to go about it, and what products are needed for this task. All of our tips will be given in a step-by-step format, so that you can follow along with ease!   Customizing your rug can be done at home by anyone who wants to make their entire room more personalized and unique. It's an easy project that doesn't take much time or supplies, and will only require a few steps from start to finish!This blog post contains 10 tips that will help guide you in making the perfect choice for your new rug!

1. Do let your floors breathe

We strive to add comfort, usefulness, and aesthetic grounding to a space by using area rugs. We are not attempting to conceal your lovely floors! If your rug will be occupying the majority of the floor space in the room, a healthy 8" buffer between the rug's edges and the wall is recommended. Make sure your area rug isn't pushed up against the baseboards. Don't make it too small in size! Bigger is better when it comes to area rugs. Some people believe that a smaller rug with a more visible floor area will make your room appear larger. The inverse is true. A larger rug that takes up the volume will make your room appear larger.

Do let your floors breathe

2. Take into account your furniture

If a side table is just part of a rug, it will wobble. At least all of the front legs of sofas and chairs should be on a rug. A shelving unit with a flat bottom is safer totally on the floor than one with a rug jammed halfway beneath it. The area rugs in the bedroom should end right in front of the bedside tables and dressers. Before you choose a rug, consider the types of furniture you have and where they will be placed on it. This is another reason why getting a custom fit or having a store-bought area rug reduced down is a good idea.

3. Don't put yourself in a tripping hazard

Avoid having corners of your area rug poke out into a doorway or cutting a walkway in two with the edges of your area rug. My best advice is to use two tape measures, one for length and one for width and lay them out side by side. Rug  tape should be used to mark the four corners of the rug on the floor. Spend a few day's notice if you'd be tripping over a corner all the time, and adjust the rug's size properly before purchasing.

Don't put yourself in a tripping hazard

4. Which material incorporate with which Place

Make sure the rug or Rug you choose is appropriate for the space it will occupy. In a big entryway or bedrooms where no one will be eating, don't be afraid to spend more on silk or viscose. On a stair runner with a lot of foot traffic, however, avoid silk or viscose. For high-traffic areas, I recommend wool or nylon. Wool is a naturally cleanable material. Nylon is a synthetic material that is both strong and long-lasting. Synthetic nylon with the softness and gloss of silk or viscose blends is now available from some broadloom Rug manufacturers. Because viscose is readily discolored when wet, I strongly advise against using it in a dining room or in runners and corridors. Consider "power loomed" area rugs if you're concerned about young children or pets ruining rugs. They're machine-made and cost a fraction of what handwoven rugs do. They're ideal for children's bedrooms or playrooms, where you'll probably need to replace them in a few years.

Which material incorporate with which Place

5. Don't hide your lovely floors

Hardwood flooring adds greater value to your home these days. That means no wall to wall carpeting in the living areas on the main floor. Refinish your flooring and top them with an area rug to help ground a conversational seating group. However, don't be hesitant to utilize wall to wall carpeting in the upstairs bedrooms. In nurseries or children's rooms, having as much soft surface space as possible for little children to crawl or play on may be more pleasant. However, keep in mind the fiber content in terms of durability! Consider choosing a neutral wall to wall carpet and layering a vibrant bright area rug on top for a flash of color and to anchor a furniture arrangement.

6. Don't be frightened of the dark side

The majority of people are unaware that rugs with a shine have a light and dark side. Due to the nature of the manufacturing, fibres like silk, viscose, or a poly blend have a slight sheen; light will reflect off it differently from different angles. When laid in one manner, the colors will appear more brilliant and striking, while when laid in the other direction, the colors will appear darker and more muted. To see which side you prefer, turn the rug or stand on different sides. Consider choosing a neutral wall-to-wall Rug and layering a vibrant bright area rug on top for a flash of color and to anchor a furniture arrangement.

Don't be frightened of the dark side

7. Take into account the pile

Do you prefer a loop or cut pile Rug for your wall-to-wall Ruging? The term "cut pile" refers to fibers that are vertically stacked. In high-traffic regions, the fiber will deteriorate over time as a result of foot activity crushing it. A loop-style construction, on the other hand, could be destroyed by scratching cats or other creatures. And it won't be as soft for crawling babies or children playing on the floor. I like to use a "high low" rug with a combined construction of a loop and chopped pile. This adds dimension and texture, as well as the ability to hide dirt and stains in the long run.

Buying an area rug or installing wall-to-wall Ruging is an INVESTMENT—request samples from your designer. Especially if you're buying anything without seeing it first, many manufacturers offer 18" corner samples, or you can buy a small 2'x3' mat to make sure the colors, sheen, texture, and pattern are what you want and will complement your other decor pieces. Most Rug dealers will let you borrow a Rug board with a large sample of the pattern and swatches of all the colors, or you can order tiny samples. If a hand-knotted rug is in stock at the Rug store, ask if you can borrow a few different possibilities to try them out. Overnight, keep your favorite one. Examine your samples in the light at all times of the day to ensure that you are in love before making a purchase!

Take into account the pile

8. Patterns aren't something to be terrified of

Some consumers are hesitant to buy patterned rugs because they believe they will grow tired of them over time. This is why it's crucial to bring samples into the room before making a decision. Patterns can be really useful. A runner rug with a small scale pattern can provide interest while also hiding stains. A huge, strong pattern may bring a large space together. You may turn your rug into a wonderful piece of contemporary art on the floor in an all-white or neutral space. Imagine a rug that is like a work of art that you fall in love with every time you see it. Remember, the décor of your home is all up to you! Do not feel compelled to follow regulations or fashion trends. Your house is a reflection of your personality. So do what you enjoy and is meaningful to you. Rugs and Ruging are long-term investments in your home, so don't rush into a decision.

Are you looking to add some personality to your home without having to spend a lot of money on new flooring? You'll quickly see why RugKnots is truly a homeowner's decor paradise after just one visit to our handmade rug. Each of our RugKnotsprojects is one-of-a-kind, with a captivating image to display and a story to tell. A showstopper from our custom rug studio, an anchoring element that can entirely transform a room, can add a dramatic vibrancy or a hint of sophistication. Check out the following decorating ideas for your home right now!

Patterns aren't something to be terrified of

9. Bring space into balance

Do you have a room that is in desperate need of some TLC? There's no need to spend a lot of money on it when you can have a showpiece from a RugKnots that can entirely transform the look of your area. Colors can be used to inspire makeovers. When you choose a one-of-a-kind area Rug, you can choose the colors you like for your room makeover. A fresh coat of paint or some décor with similar color accents will go well with it. A perfect rug, one that complements the items currently in the space, may also bring a room together. Essentially, you're choosing a Rug to connect everything in the room together rather than picking one to draw on colors for a makeover. Choose a one-of-a-kind Rug if you want to make a big statement in a room. Choose a wall color that complements your new rug to draw the eye even more to the rug.

10. Don't be afraid to go custom

Area rugs that are "custom" can be intimidating and expensive. Don't be put off by the word "custom." A properly sized rug will save you a lot of time and money in the long run; don't be eager and get something that isn't the right size. A custom rug can be made in a variety of ways and at various pricing points. The most straightforward method is to purchase a broadloom rug and have it trimmed and serged or add a perfectly sized binding to the edges. For wall-to-wall Ruging, we utilize broadloom Rugs. It's manufactured on enormous rolls that are 12' to 15' wide and come in various lengths. They just cut off the amount needed for your area rug, seal the edges with a machine, or finish with a fabric or leather binding. You can even have them cut on-site if you need cutouts around a fireplace mantel or other architectural aspects that might interfere with a four-sided rectangle. One local vendor I recommend for custom rugs is RugKnots.

Don't be afraid to go custom

There are also rug producers who can loom a rug to your exact specifications. Because it is made to order, it takes a little longer. However, in certain circumstances, it can take as little as two months. These Rugs are typically priced by the square foot and are of greater quality, production, and value. Because it is produced to order, you can usually adjust the colors or scale the pattern. Hand-knotted or hand-tufted rugs can also be manufactured to order. Producing and shipping these to the United States can take up to 6 months. These Rugs, which are made of wool, silk, or other materials, can be tailored in any way. Of course, superior quality comes at a higher cost. 6 months may seem like a long time, but if you're buying a rug to last 10 or 20 years, 6 months is a little price to pay for the perfect product.

Frequently Asked Questions About Custom Rugs

What Are Custom Rugs?

RugKnots has everything you need. Yes, you can make your own area rug design. Order-made Rugs are those that are custom-designed or customized by a customer to meet their specific needs. Despite the fact that our collection was created by experts, a buyer may have a request for customization or a recommendation. We have preserved this fantastic choice and built up an easy approach to adjust the size, colors, pattern, material, and form of the area rug for a buyer's preferences. Customers may not always find what they are looking for in our extensive selection, which is just great because everyone has their own preferences. As a result, in order to fully satisfy our customers' needs, we gladly accept their requests. Our customers are frequently dissatisfied with the stock we already have. Therefore we provide them the option of designing their own rugs. We have a comprehensive process for custom-made rugs, which includes learning about the buyer's preferences. We gladly accept their designs and connect them with one of our talented designers for further assistance.

Is it possible to obtain custom rugs in various sizes and styles?

Custom rugs are available in a variety of sizes and styles. Getting a rug that complements the colors in your living room is ideal if you want to make your home feel more personal. You may simply customize a sisal rug by dying it in any color or rug size. Any of these rugs with modern or traditional patterns, whether polypropylene, multicolored, rug, or flatweave, will be a suitable custom rug for your space. Your living area will feel cozier with a soft rug in a traditional pattern.

How should a custom rug be cared for?

Because you will need to wash your personalized rug from time to time, make sure the material is machine washable. If your rug can be machine washed, launder it with warm water and a moderate detergent. If not, vacuum or sweep your rug on a regular basis to avoid dirt build-up, which will eventually destroy the Rug fibers. In most cases, flatweave Rugs can be washed in the washing machine. Wool, polyester, and polypropylene are also washable and long-lasting natural fibers. So make sure to buy rugs that are easy to clean.

What are the prices of custom rugs?

81 knots per square inch are used in our area rugs. The price of the rug is determined by its square footage. We will provide you with a price quote when you place an order for a custom rug. This estimate considers both the square footage and the number of knots.

What types of custom Rugs are the most popular?

Custom rugs that are plush and cozy are the greatest. Choose the higher pile if you want a more sumptuous feel. Any living room would benefit from a new rug with a chunky weave composed of soft fibers. These rugs are the epitome of a custom rug. The nicest part about a custom rug is that you get to choose the color, size, and style.

Is it possible to return a custom rug?

Before you receive the rug in your home, we want to make sure you are entirely delighted with it. So, before we ship the rug to you, we'll email you images of it. We will ship it to you once you confirm that you are entirely happy. It is not possible to return a custom rug once it has been delivered.

Who creates rugs in custom sizes?

Rugs that are made to order are frequently made in the United States. These rugs can be found on a variety of websites. RugKnots is a well-known rug brand in the United States. We create unique rugs of the highest quality in a variety of styles, shapes, colors, and patterns. So, go ahead and shop by clicking the link below!

How Do I Get in Touch With RugKnots' Custom Rug Experts?

Our design professionals are always available to help. Your suggestions are welcome. We'd love to hear about your ideas for a wool, silk, jute, polyester, or polypropylene rug. It's simple to get in touch with our design specialist. Our contact information can be found on the left side of our page. Please feel free to contact us or send us an email at the address listed below. Our designer staff would gladly walk you through the requirements.

Why Are Custom Rugs Being Considered?

1. A fantastic match for your home's decor! Who doesn't want their selection to be flawless?

2. Every individual has the freedom to think and make their own decisions.

3. Every individual has needs, and they have the right to have those needs met.

4. It is always a privilege to be the owner of your work or design.

5. People adore their ideas, and they enjoy showing them off to visitors.

6. Customization is the best move you can make for a more amazing influence on your visitors.

7. They are constantly striving to stand out and establish a standard for others.

8. They don't want their interiors to look like everyone else's.

9. Human psychology dictates that they prefer things to be individualized and owned alone by them.

10. You want it to be great in every manner, especially if you're paying for it. This includes size, hues, style, and pattern.


Custom rugs are available. It's something unique to you, something you created specifically for your home. It's simple to order a personalized rug from RugKnots. To begin, determine the size, shape, and color of the rug you desire. We can make 100% unique rugs for you, from round to square, in whatever dye hue you like. Then contact us with your requirements, and we'll place an order for you. It will be delivered to you for free. RugKnots offers the highest-quality personalized area rugs to let you relax and unwind in your home. Check out our selection of custom rugs and pick your favorite! If you have any concerns about custom rugs, please contact us through email at or by phone at (301) 660-7046. We will gladly respond to your questions.

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