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We live in a world where we are constantly looking for the next big thing. We're always on the hunt for the newest and most exciting thing that will change our lives. But sometimes, instead of being so caught up in what's new and shiny, it pays to take a step back and look at what has been around for years. You might find something you like even better than all those other things! This blog post is about one of these oldies but goodies - Pakistani area rugs! Whether you appreciate their intricate patterns or their rich colors, Pakistani Rugs have got you covered. Pakistan is a diverse country with an extensive history. It has been at the crossroads of empires and cultural influences for centuries, giving rise to architectural styles that are uniquely Pakistani. The traditional area rug has always played a large part in these cultures, providing warmth and comfort to those who take refuge in them. We've compiled a list of 100 Pakistani area rugs you'll love in 2024. These are the very best, and we're positive that you'll find something to enjoy on our list - no matter what your design style is! 

1. Brown Ziegler Area Rug

Escape the ordinary with Ziegler Area Rugs and more – all handmade in Pakistan! We give you 100% Wool Pile - perfect for bringing warmth to your space, protecting hardwood flooring, or covering up those ugly scratches on the carpet. With FREE shipping for a limited time and a 30-day return policy, there's no reason not to share our collection of RugKnots rugs today!

Brown Ziegler Area Rug

2. Ivory Caucasian Area Rug

What are you looking for? Well, Ivory Caucasian Area Rug might be an ideal item for your floor. The impeccable quality that has been put into every thread of the rug is what makes this selection a must-have. We specialize in area rugs and offer a wide selection of custom rugs and specifications like quality and type of material used to produce it. Get ready to fall in love with our store because we here at [site] don't think loving a rug should be difficult.

Ivory Caucasian Area Rug

3. Multi-Color Gabbeh Area Rug

There are so many different styles of area rugs out there, and sometimes it helps narrow down what you're looking for. This Gabbeh rug is all about a modern style that's perfect for complementing your furnishings. These warm colors accentuate the room's energy with just enough softness and tribal motifs at its core.

Multi-Color Gabbeh Area Rug

4. Red Bokhara Area Rug 

This Bokhara rug adds natural comfort and elegant functionality to any living space. It offers seamless area coverage, made from top-quality natural fiber materials that can be bought in a wide variety of colors in tribal styles; its handmade technique adds durability and provides plenty of protection against cold floors during the winter while warming up the room in warmer months. Pick your next favorite!

Red Bokhara Area Rug

5. Ivory Ziegler Area Rug

the hand-knotted masterpieces that can only come from Pakistan. Each one is telling a story, each one different and unique with its exquisite pattern and detail. This is our Peshawar Ziegler Area Rug. After days of exhaustive research, it took an emotional journey to learn more about its process to make such intricately detailed pieces. And what you found was mind-blowing! 

Ivory Ziegler Area Rug

6. Ivory Caucasian Area Rug

The painstaking effort that goes into making these timeless gems blows your mind! We're talking about weaving skills passed down through generations with adherence to strict standards for quality design and construction using a wool pile knotted by hand on a pure silk foundation in impeccable patterns handed down over centuries. Now Think about an Ivory Caucasian rug to install on your wooden floors or tiles.

Ivory Caucasian Area Rug

7. Orange Gabbeh Area Rug 

This Gabbeh area rug is ready to compliment any refined space with an easygoing, textured look and soothing vibrant color palette. Add a dash of vibrancy with the orange accented border or patterned geometric motifs. It is made from sustainable materials, including high-quality wool fabrics and natural cork backs, for health benefits. The rug features non-shedding fabric that will withstand heavy traffic patterns while repelling stains.

Orange Gabbeh Area Rug

8. Ivory Bokhara Area Rug

Find your perfect rug at an affordable price. Area Rug offers a wide assortment of beautiful handmade weavings. Select this stunning Ivory Bokhara rug that features traditional geometric patterns. We have the material you need in the color and style you want at a low cost, shipping to your door—no extra fees! For fast one-click ordering, just go to our site and add to your cart.

Ivory Bokhara Area Rug

9. Ivory Ziegler Area Rug 

You're going to want to take a look at Ziegler Area Rug. Why? Because this handmade, fine wool rug is among the most stunning in all of Pakistan! Available to order now in various colors - including off-white, beige, and brown - it boasts 100% Ultra-fine wool pile construction with hand-knotted braids. Slip your feet into some slippers and step onto its luxurious feel today or buy it for someone special tomorrow!

Ivory Ziegler Area Rug

10. Red Caucasian Area Rug

While it can be tough to find a home for all of your beautiful rugs, our Caucasian rugs are designed with a distinctive shape, so they look right at home in any room. Embroidered edges and high-quality wool make them an enticing option that is luxurious without the price tag. This and our wide selection means you'll have no trouble finding one perfect for every nook and cranny in your space!

Red Caucasian Area Rug

11. Tan Gabbeh Area Rug

This subtly modern rug features tan tones with a subtle pattern in tan and walnut brown for ties to Western sensibilities while still retaining its Eastern influences for an artistic balance. Here at RugKnots, we stress that design should be captured and shared from all around the world - just like the resourceful pattern makers before we did during their time.

Tan Gabbeh Area Rug

12. Green Bokhara Area Rug

That's beautiful! It captures a sense of tradition as well as playfulness, don't you think? I love some classic textiles with flair! The border creates stunning visual texture around every edge while also adding an authentic feel to your decorating project. The silky fibers will stand up to anything you throw at them- so if spills happen, be sure they don't stain this rug! Just pop some soap more on it and watch the dirt get whisked away as new colors emerge. 

Green Bokhara Area Rug

13. Red Caucasian Area Rug

The Red Caucasian Rug is the ideal finishing touch to a room that comes alive with color and texture. As one of our newest arrivals, it features a handcrafted sense of style that celebrates exotic cultures from all over the world. Made in Pakistan out of natural wool, this area rug offers a rich traditional style for any home or office- space!

Red Caucasian Area Rug

14. Black Ziegler Area Rug

Ziegler Area Rugs are hand-knotted in 100% wool piles. Known for unwavering durability, vintage, and classic design, the Peshawar takes on traditional Ziegler area rug designs with contemporary twists, such as deep colors and geometric motifs. Ziegler Rugs are made with this quality locally, ensuring artisans will continue to create beautiful works in our region - it's what we do best!

Black Ziegler Area Rug

15. Green Bokhara Area Rug

Allow us to introduce you to your new favorite home decor. Combining traditional and modern design with a fresh approach, the Bokhara Rug is guaranteed to transform your living space. Handcrafted by skilled artisans in Iran using centuries-old traditions of Persian rugs, this one-of-a-kind rug can be expected to last for many lifetimes. Stop sacrificing style! Order Now before we sell out!

Green Bokhara Area Rug

16. Ivory Caucasian Area Rug 

Caucasian area rugs are known for their wide weaves and luxurious cost. This wool rug is handmade by expert weavers, and the colors and pattern are perfect for any country home. Luxurious living awaits! The 5-star high pile plush flooring offers unmatched levels of softness while contrasting beautifully against any color palette. Shop for free shipping now!

Ivory Caucasian Area Rug

17. Beige Ziegler Area Rug

The Ziegler Peshawar is a breathtaking hand-knotted rug woven from 100% wool pile and constructed with intricate detailing. The pattern has been inspired by the traditional Mesopotamian designs seen in ancient clay pottery and other artifacts, giving it authentic natural history and old-world charm.  

Beige Ziegler Area Rug

18. Tan Caucasian Area Rug 

Made in beautifully lush Pakistan, you can be sure this floor coverings exude quality craftsmanship. With free shipping both ways on every order, these superior handmade area rugs are perfect for any home decor. Shop now to secure your shipment today!

Tan Caucasian Area Rug

19. Orange Ziegler Area Rug 

Getting the feel of traditional Persian design without being overwhelmed by a busy pattern is achievable with the Peshawar hand-knotted wool rug. Crafted to replicate classic Eastern designs while still maintaining modern styling, this mid-weight carpet is available in light and dark variations. Make sure to maintain the piles of your rugby using an area rug pad.

Orange Ziegler Area Rug

20. Grey Ikat Area Rug

Inspiring beauty for your home interior. Created in a natural hand-knotted design with a 100% wool pile, this exquisitely woven ikat rug will be an enduring addition to any room you choose.  Similar to modern art, these rug designs are minimalistic and linear in detail. Sleek shapes and patterns make this floor cover great for homes with traditional styles. Treat your feet to a cozy home, one that you'll never want to leave again!

Grey Ikat Area Rug

21. Coral Bokhara Area Rug 

Welcome to home! You can finally show off that room you remodeled or decorate your first apartment with a Bokhara area rug.  Your décor shows your taste and personality to the people who visit you in your home or workplace. So the right rug choice should be made while purchasing. We'll help you find the perfect one.

Coral Bokhara Area Rug

22. Multi-Color Ziegler Area Rug

With luxury materials and free shipping across the contiguous US, the Ziegler Area Rug collection is your home's crowning beauty. These hand-knotted wool rugs are a perfect masterpiece for any room that wants to exude an elegant look. This rug will serve you well in high traffic, living rooms, bedrooms, or even bathrooms with moisture. Give life to your commercial space by ordering from RugKnots today!

Multi-Color Ziegler Area Rug

23. Red Ziegler Area Rug

Our hand-knotted Peshawar Ziegler Area Rug is 100% wool, ensuring it will stand up to years of use and provide maximum comfort from a natural surface. The FREE return policy with a 30-day window means that the only risk you run is opening your door for delivery!

Red Ziegler Area Rug

24. Red Bokhara Area Rug

Here at RugKnots, we like to offer things that you will enjoy. This red Bokhara rug is an understated beauty with benefits- its wide swath of wool offers luxurious comfort beneath your feet while delivering a country style that will beautify any room or office. It's perfect for the busy family man who has raised kids and wants a home full of memories but not necessarily bills.

Red Bokhara Area Rug

25. Ivory Ziegler Area Rug

This classic-chic Peshawar Ziegler rug has all the qualities of hand-knotted military-grade wool. This is free shipping, 100% wool-rich pile area rug which is well insulated and fire-resistant, so feel safe to enjoy your finer things for years without worry. It's also allergy-friendly, with vacuuming only needed about once every two weeks! Order now for FREE 30 Days Return, FREE Shipping

Ivory Ziegler Area Rug

26. Red Bokhara Area Rug

The Bokhara rug, a timeless production of a centuries-old tradition, is an invaluable contribution to modern home furnishing. Finely woven from natural wool atop robust, high-quality backings in an assortment of sizes, both square and round, the area rug will make your room profoundly cozy. Benefiting from low maintenance and easy care that can withstand heavy foot traffic and vacuums alike, all while being scratch resistant and water repellent. 

Red Bokhara Area Rug

27. Brown Ziegler Area Rug 

Peshawar Ziegler Area stock by RugKnots. This luxurious contemporary hand-knotted rug is made of 100% wool with a pile fabric surface for ultimate comfort and durability. The cushiony wool knit lets your feet sink deep into the layers, offering better support than other common rug materials, which means less creasing from use or squishing while rolling out patterns. Choose from a number of sizes to find one perfect for your home!

Brown Ziegler Area Rug

28. Black Gabbeh Area Rug 

This stylish rug is a beautiful blend of both modern and traditional styles. It has a rich palette of beiges, tans, and blacks that will fit seamlessly with any room redesign or renovation project. The finely detailed weaving on the borders evokes an air of sophistication to this beautiful masterpiece for your home. Comes with woven wool construction creates comfortable cushioning for legs when standing on one side while adorned by decorative objects such as coffee tables or furniture.

Black Gabbeh Area Rug

29. Grey Ziegler Area Rug 

In this vivid and creative collection of premium quality, hand-knotted Pakistani area rugs, we can see the Pakistan landscape emblematic of its silk-like pile. Every single detail is executed with exquisite artistry reflecting eons of tradition. Offered in various sizes, this piece would make an excellent addition to any home looking for high-quality traditional floor covering at an affordable price! Our free shipping and free returns policy make it easy to feel confident that you have found just what you need. Shop now!

Grey Ziegler Area Rug

30. Gold Gabbeh Area Rug 

The Gabbeh area rug is an interior design staple that brings style and refinement to any room. You will love the modern, contemporary look this piece provides wherever it is placed. Best of all, this elegant floor covering helps you add a bit of your surroundings into your home with construction from 100% wool in traditional colors for maximum durability.

Gold Gabbeh Area Rug

31. Red Ziegler Area Rug

The Ziegler Area Rug Collection, Peshawar, is constructed of 100% wool pile. Each rug in the stock is hand-knotted with new fibers for a durable and captivating surface. Choose from vibrant colors to match your decor goals: Shades of red, beige, or gold will give you flexibility in making your space uniquely yours! Cut-pile construction makes these rugs highly durable for commercial spaces like restaurants and hotels, where high traffic often compromises the longevity of rugs. This area rug ships FREE within 30 days of purchase!

Red Ziegler Area Rug

32. Red Bokhara Area Rug

This wide-area rug provides a luxurious experience in any living space. Made of the finest materials and handcrafted with care, this high-quality rug is available for quick delivery right to your door. At such an affordable cost, it might be wise to order a few! This luxury product from RugKnots offers you a countrywide selection and seeks only the most satisfied customers.

Red Bokhara Area Rug

33. Multi-Color Ziegler Area Rug

This exquisite 100% wool rug is hand-knotted with a pile construction for beauty and durability. This Peshawar Ziegler Area Rug is available in an array of colors to suit any setting. Our convenience features include free shipping and returns, so shop now! This essential item releases any worries you might have about how invested you want to be in making sure your home looks impeccable at all times.

Multi-Color Ziegler Area Rug

34. Tan Gabbeh Area Rug 

The sophisticated colors and elegant yet simple design make this Gabbeh rug an ideal addition to any room. Combined with a dark hardwood floor and white cabinet, space will be softened with this muted floor piece.

Tan Gabbeh Area Rug

35. Red Ziegler Area Rug

The Ziegler Area Rug is a high-quality, hand-knotted rug that can be custom-designed with free returns and shipping. There are several color options for the product, which guarantee to match any room decor you have in place. Some review highlights include: "absolutely perfect in both size & color," "excellent and affordable buy," and "incredible buying experience." You simply can't go wrong by choosing this wonderful area rug!

Red Ziegler Area Rug

36. Grey Ziegler Area Rug

Need something to tie your space together? A gray Ziegler Area Rug will do the trick. This simply sophisticated rug with a neutral color scheme can complement your contemporary style home décor. This rug is made of 100% wool pile and hand-knotted for that long-lasting durability. Want free shipping or a free 30 days return policy? Shop now!

Grey Ziegler Area Rug

37. Green Gabbeh Area Rug

A wonderful addition to any room, these premium quality Gabbeh Rugs have a lovely texture and color. Its dark green color easily hides your ugly floors, stains, and spills. It is better to put this floor piece in high traffic areas. Hanging from the ceiling or lying on the table as decoration? Gabbeh rug is ready for that perfect spot. Pick your size and pattern!

Green Gabbeh Area Rug

38. Brown Ziegler Area Rug

At RugKnots, we work hard to provide you with the best quality area rugs that match your lifestyle. The soft wool pile is hand-knotted with exceptional craftsmanship. 100% wool and a wide variety of colors make this the perfect rug for any room in your home. FREE Shipping/Returns, FREE 30 Day Returns, & Lifetime Limited Warranty only available on purchase made from the official online retailer of Ziegler Area Rugs.

Brown Ziegler Area Rug

39. Ivory Ziegler Area Rug

Prepare to be swept off your feet with a breathtaking trek across the Ziegler Area Rug! Captured in rich tones of browns, tans, and beige, this magnificent design will surely captivate you. With a high-quality wool pile that's hand-knotted and made in Pakistan, you can relax knowing that you are getting an authentic floor masterpiece. Enjoy FREE shipping on orders or more at RugKnots today!"

Ivory Ziegler Area Rug

40. Red Bokhara Area Rug

What are you looking for in an area rug? Area rugs can be a difficult thing to find. They're either too boring or overpriced. But we've got you this floor coverings with our gorgeous selection of Bokhara Area Rugs, so you'll never worry again. We offer products at an affordable cost, and the designs are unparalleled. You won't regret it when you come in!

Red Bokhara Area Rug

41. Brown Ziegler Area Rug 

Is your space looking a little lackluster? If this is the case, you may want to consider both practical- and stylish solutions. This Ziegler Area Rug from the Peshawar Collection will add some character and color to any room of your home. Crafted using fine materials, it is created by hand-knotted craftsmen who have committed themselves for generations to maintain quality tradition in production. With a 100% wool pile, you can feel confident that fibers are not harming our environment. Fill up those empty spaces with one of these beautiful rugs and watch as they pop out in rich colors!

Brown Ziegler Area Rug

42. Multi-Color Gabbeh Area Rug

It doesn't matter if you are going modern, vintage, contemporary, or eclectic. All colors and designs work with this area rug. Made in Pakistan from high-quality materials by craftsmen who've been weaving rugs for centuries, you can be sure you're getting top-notch quality rugs that stand up to years of use without compromising style.

Multi-Color Gabbeh Area Rug

43. Tan Caucasian Area Rug 

Much like your home decor, you want a style that speaks volumes about you - one that stands out without apology. This Tan Caucasian rug will make sure that happens: an eye-catching focal point in any home, its delicate detail and compelling design will show guests who you are at first glance!

Tan Caucasian Area Rug

44. Orange Gabbeh Area Rug

Beneath this magnificent, modern interior design rug is sumptuously handwoven wool from Pakistan. An artful blend inspired by classic Persian designs with a nod to contemporary trends and colors. The woven rug features golden patterns on an orange backdrop, sharpening its antiquity for an elegant twist to any bedroom or living room.

Orange Gabbeh Area Rug

45. Ivory Caucasian Area Rug

For its distinctive, modern design and beauty that will last a lifetime, the Ivory Caucasian Rug is worth every cent. This beautiful rug features hand-knotted wool construction in a traditional geometric pattern with pleasing colors that adds life to any room it decorates. It's the perfect addition to your well-decorated interior.

Ivory Caucasian Area Rug

46. Tan Gabbeh Area Rug

We don't just want to sell you a rug. We want to help fashion your home space into an artistic masterpiece. With our Gabbeh area rug, the idea of "interior design" takes on a whole new meaning; the various textures and colors will leave visitors wondering if they should pull out their sketchbooks and start doodling right where they stand.

Tan Gabbeh Area Rug

47. Ivory Caucasian Area Rug

Here at RugKnots, we know how difficult it can be to find a unique and high-quality area rug for your home. With our Ivory Caucasian Rug, you don't have to put up with lower-grade rugs or boring choices! You deserve something elegant and intriguing for your living space. The Ivory Caucasian Rug offers both qualities while also bringing a level of character to your décor.

Ivory Caucasian Area Rug

48. Red Ziegler Area Rug

Our hand-knotted Peshawar Ziegler Area Rugs tie your space together. Their design is unique, eye-catching, and rooted in the proud tradition of Pakistani weavers. We guarantee you'll find a rug to fit your home's décor that will suit any budget with free shipping. But hurry! Quantities are limited, and these rugs won't last long, so you can only shop now if you want one before they're gone.

Red Ziegler Area Rug

49. Multi-Color Gabbeh Area Rug

The Gabbeh area rug with its handwoven is a beautiful and practical addition to modern homes. This colorful rug can stand out in any place. Thicker than traditional rugs, this Gabbeh rug provides a durable rug alternative while still adding oriental flair. Imagining itself in your room- you're not alone!

Multi-Color Gabbeh Area Rug

50. Green Bokhara Area Rug 

Introducing the newest addition to our store. These handmade beauties can bring your home a new level of sophistication and warmth with their affordable convenience. Take your home decor to the next level with this Area Rug. Handmade by designers to meet all of your furniture's design needs, it provides a beautiful finishing touch that will make you smile every time you step foot in your room.

Green Bokhara Area Rug

51. Ivory Caucasian Area Rug 

This Caucasian rug Is made by weaving wool into colorful patterns. They can help you show your family history through where they originated from and the colors in them. Caucasian Area Rugs come in sizes that just about fit any space. Its handmade rug construction makes it more durable. You'll love their longevity and affordability!

Ivory Caucasian Area Rug

52. Beige Gabbeh Area Rug

Experience the core of modern design with this Gabbeh rug. With its central focus on an elegant, neutral color, you'll find that its geometric layout and bold architecture produce a contemporary appeal that brings new life to any room. And it's all made in Pakistan! Sleep anywhere in style as this plush rug envelops you with subtle aftershocks of comfortable colors and stunningly chic designs from the world over. In short, get cozy and be worldly with Gabbeh Area Rug today!

Beige Gabbeh Area Rug

53. Ivory Ziegler Area Rug

Come check out this adorable Ziegler Area Rug! This is a hand-knotted wool area rug with free shipping and returns. You won't want to miss getting your hands on such a lovely rug for your home or office! If you're not sure what colors will work in the room, check out our buying guides for tips on how to choose the right color pallets. 

Ivory Ziegler Area Rug

54. Beige Ikat Area Rug

Discover comfort and luxury without saying goodbye to your budget with area rugs from our rug collection. This beauty comes in a cost-effective range of styles, sizes, and prices. Add style and sophistication to any room while putting this beige ikat piece. We offer shipping free and other sale offers. So grab yours today!

Beige Ikat Area Rug

55. Multi-Color Gabbeh Area Rug

This plush rug is made for sophisticated homes looking to create a space curated with care. With its rustic design and vivid coloring, this area rug is sure to show your love of natural patterns. The Gabbeh Area Rug is available in many sizes. The tags at the end of each side will help you get it down from walls; they are also designed to expand over time.

Multi-Color Gabbeh Area Rug

56. Red Bokhara Area Rug 

Get yourself some amazing Wool Rugs from our rug collections! Quality matters never like before because everything needs to be perfect when you live in an uncertain world. The sky's falling, but here at Ziegler, we put it back up with our high-quality handmade rugs that are as modern as they come with a high-quality warranty.

Red Bokhara Area Rug

57. Tan Ziegler Area Rug 

Wrapped in an easy-to-manage square shape, this Ziegler Area Rug is perfect for any floor. It will make your room feel fresh and vibrant with its one-of-a-kind design and quality construction. The 100% wool pile material makes it comfortable on your feet while also providing warmth to hardwood, tile, or stone flooring. This rug has been knotted by hand, so you'll never have to worry about loose threads or pull from furniture legs. Its intricate pattern is sure to remind you of the beauty in something new every time you walk inside your door.

Tan Ziegler Area Rug

58. Grey Gabbeh Area Rug

Gabbeh Area Rug: the ultimate in modern design, this luxurious area rug has a fresh and eclectic style. Its soft hues work well with both dark and light tones. The grey Gabbeh is conveniently available by the yard, so you can tailor it to your needs!

Grey Gabbeh Area Rug

59. Brown Ziegler Area Rug

It's time to take advantage of the best prices on Ziegler Area Rugs! We have this beautiful and stunning Ziegler rug for your home decor. Shop now for great deals on Ziegler Area Flooring, where you should be shopping for your next Ziegler rug! The free shipping is worth it all by itself. We also offer a 30 days return policy, which means we can't lose either way. 

Brown Ziegler Area Rug

60. Grey Gabbeh Area Rug

Gabbeh rugs are eclectic, modern area rugs that range from 8 to 10 feet in size. Gabbeh rugs have beautiful plain designs and tones inspired by the muted colors of the vintage look. This rug is perfect for any type of living space - whether you're looking for a cozy rug to be placed inside your home or an elegant fine rug that can serve as decoration at your office! We guarantee quality construction and customer satisfaction with this true oriental artistry piece.

Grey Gabbeh Area Rug

61. Red Ziegler Area Rug 

The Ziegler Area Rug makes a statement in any room. Inspired by traditional design and construction from Peshawar, Pakistan, this rug features a 100% wool pile for durability and charm. It's hand-knotted, so it will last through the years with good care. Free Shipping Plus, 30 Days Returns means you can buy with confidence, knowing you are covered if something doesn't meet your needs or expectations.

Red Ziegler Area Rug

62. Coral Bokhara Area Rug

The Coral Bokhara Rug is hand-knotted in pure wool. We pride ourselves on the high quality of our rugs and offer a free return policy for customers who aren't satisfied. Shop now!Take action today, so you don't miss out on these specials that will not last long at this price point.

Coral Bokhara Area Rug

63. Beige Gabbeh Area Rug

The Gabbeh area rug is the perfect balance of chic modern and traditional. As you enter, space is filled with a sense of calmness. The subtle pattern on this rug creates a feeling that adds to that peace. When guests come, they will feel more at home as if your home were theirs too. Soft natural wool - easy to keep clean by simply vacuuming or brushing off debris.

Beige Gabbeh Area Rug

64. Red Ziegler Area Rug 

Our Ziegler area rug is a hand-knotted, high-quality authentic eco-friendly wool collection. We have an inventory of colors and patterns so you can get the exact look you want. You are also backed by our "easy to buy" return policy with no questions asked...AMAZING!

Red Ziegler Area Rug

65. Ivory Bokhara Area Rug 

you will love this Bokhara rug for your formal sitting areas. Whether you're looking for a rug to complement your current decor or something bolder that will stand out as the focal point of any room, we have just the piece for you! No matter how big or small your living space may be, we understand that even modestly-sized rooms can use an update from time to time. Consider adding new carpeting to your floor plan. Call us today if you need help finding the right one.

Ivory Bokhara Area Rug

66. Red Oushak Area Rug 

Paint your home with a new color scheme! This colorful rug will update any room, giving it that little extra personality. With such a variety of designs and colors, you are sure to find the perfect addition to your space. Our team is always on hand when you need us: simply call or email for more information. Contact us today, and we'll bring out our latest creations!

Red Oushak Area Rug

67. Beige Gabbeh Area Rug 

The rugs have long been considered the most luxurious, prestigious matting around. With artisan crafting that focuses on perfecting detail and quality materials, each rug offers a work of art for your space. Our Gabbeh area rug is a textile masterpiece with simple, sophisticated patterns in natural colors and sizes to suit any design needs. Make your piece of history today!

Beige Gabbeh Area Rug

68. Ivory Caucasian Area Rug

Spread charm and personality into your space with an Ivory Caucasian rug. Made in Pakistan, 100% Wool Pile creates a cozy ambiance for all to enjoy. The free shipping will have it looking great on time - we know you'll love the results!

Ivory Caucasian Area Rug

69. Ivory Oushak Area Rug

Find a great rug that is perfect for your home today. If you want a fantastic area rug for your floor, we have the best ones. This Ivory Oushak includes all the features that will be perfect for you. Available at affordable prices from RugKnots, its color scheme will complement your space perfectly. 

Ivory Oushak Area Rug

70. Multi-Color Gabbeh Area Rug 

Add a bold and luxurious piece to your interior design with this Gabbeh area rug. Soft-to-the-touch, made of wool, and boasting a stunning modern style that will turn heads in any room. Returns are free for 30 days after purchase if you aren't satisfied – what could be better? With FREE shipping available, it is time to rethink where you buy your next Area Rug.

Multi-Color Gabbeh Area Rug

71. Ivory Bokhara Area Rug

The Ziegler Collection, designed by traditional rug craftsmen from Pakistan, has a hand-knotted construction with 100% wool pile. These typically include faded intricate patterns that give the rugs an elegant yet timeless look. Our customers love how these neutral-colored rugs add character to their room without sacrificing the sophistication found in more muted patterns. Give your floor and space away to modernize while remaining luxurious with our collection!

Ivory Bokhara Area Rug

72. Red Gabbeh Area Rug

Add drama in your dull room or living areas with this radiant Gabbeh rug. A staple in any home, our Red Gabbeh rugs feature a number of designs to match your style and personality. It offers from soft textures to blends of colors that are sure to make the room come alive. Our selection includes traditional ethnic styles like tribal prints you'll find nowhere else. Bring it home today and add personalized finishing touches!

Red Gabbeh Area Rug

73. Red Bokhara Area Rug 

It's not about covering the floor; it's about announcing your style. That's why these area rugs are made with clean lines, rich detail, and a modern feel that takes care of business while still letting you shine. Pick from vibrant red to make a strong statement, or go for something more adventurous with cherry red and beige accents. So we know you're investing ― the best one ― when you buy this woven rug backed by details like worry-free durability warranties because they're carefully woven for easy maintenance and stain resistance .

Red Bokhara Area Rug

74. Ivory Caucasian Area Rug

With a little browsing, it's clear you're on the hunt for an exquisite new addition to your decor. Enter our Caucasian area rug! Gorgeous rugs from Pakistan make this purchase just what you need to elevate your living space and provide ongoing enjoyment. Every day is spent at work so take advantage of every weekend or holiday break with a gorgeous luxury rug like this. Boasting a chic geometric design so eye-catching that it will be the center of attention in any room, the beautiful patterns add character when looking at floor homes such as yours!

Ivory Caucasian Area Rug

75. Brown Ziegler Area Rug 

Take pride in your home with a stylish, durable Ziegler area rug from Peshawar. This collection is hand-knotted from 100% wool pile for the ultimate protection and durability—a value  piece that will last you a lifetime. Proudly made in Pakistan by our talented artisans, these rugs are constructed to make them lightweight, so they're easily maneuvered around furniture while still offering high-quality materials at an affordable price. 

Brown Ziegler Area Rug

76. Beige Gabbeh Area Rug 

A contemporary take on Gabbeh design, these handwoven rugs are available in various designs to support any mood you might have for your living room or bedroom! Choose this earthy tone sophisticated rug to create an inviting space that's all your own. Go minimal with color, too: kick off with a modern Gabbeh rug!

Beige Gabbeh Area Rug

77. Ivory Caucasian Area Rug

This aesthetically pleasing rug is a perfect addition to any living space. It has geometric shapes in many shades of browns, beiges, and other earth tones based on the culture of the design originator. Ivory Caucasian rugs. This would make an excellent gift to show someone how much you love them as well! Get your rug today at RugKnots And More!

Ivory Caucasian Area Rug

78. Gold Ziegler Area Rug 

Ziegler Area Rug is a unique, exquisite hand-knotted wool area rug that will put an undeniable life and energy into any space it's in. With its incredible craftsmanship detailed as beige, gold flowers and leaves woven around two traditional Pakistani designs, this Ziegler rug is sure to be the perfect addition to your living room or bedroom. With this project, you can feel at home, a splash of color from Pakistan right in your own house! We offer free shipping 30-day returns if you're not satisfied for any reason. All orders come vacuum sealed at no extra charge. Shop now!

Gold Ziegler Area Rug

79. Black Gabbeh Area Rug 

The Gabbeh rug has a modern style and is perfect for adding warmth to your space. The hand-knotted wool pile gives the design an inviting feeling while adding a fresh look to any room. Side by side, there's no mistake that this is one of the most beautiful area rugs we have on offer! This product will surely become a favorite in your home with its striking colors and top-notch craftsmanship. We know you'll enjoy all of our Rugs discounts when you purchase yours today!

Black Gabbeh Area Rug

80. Tan Caucasian Area Rug 

Graceful. Inviting. Soft. Warmth, beauty, and practicality all in one - that's our heirloom area rug that will be loved at your house for generations to come! This handmade accent rug provides warmth underfoot while not sacrificing style with its long pile material.

Tan Caucasian Area Rug

81. Tan Ziegler Area Rug

This super luxe and soft wool rug is a must for those looking to add some serious richness to their home! Hand-knotted with a 100% Wool Pile, this piece will be sure to leave guests in awe. Shop now for free shipping and returns on all of our Ziegler Area Rugs.

Tan Ziegler Area Rug

82. Tan Gabbeh Area Rug

The Gabbeh Area Rug is made of 100% wool from New Zealand with a popular and sleek modern style that will inject life into any room. It's versatile for living spaces and bedrooms alike and feels like walking on luxurious grass or running your hands through the new surface. Get one today to liven up your space!

Tan Gabbeh Area Rug

83. Ivory Caucasian Area Rug

The Caucasian Area Rug from Pakistan is available in various sizes and colors to suit your needs. It is hand-knotted using high quality 100% wool pile that extends the life of this rug by creating a durable, long-lasting texture with a soft touch. Free shipping and returns for 30 days make it easy to find your new perfect rug without any risk!

Ivory Caucasian Area Rug

84. Grey Gabbeh Area Rug 

The gray Gabbeh Rug is a gorgeous choice for your modern interior design. The rug, wrapped in the iconic square designs of stunning palettes and beautiful tile patterns that go on forever. With hints of greys, beiges, blacks; The textures are so simple yet fabulous in detail. You'll enjoy walking around the home barefoot while admiring this one-of-a-kind area rug design!

Grey Gabbeh Area Rug

85. Tan Caucasian Area Rug 

Caucasian rugs are a part of Pakistani culture and not just for decor. The traditional rug is made with wool and is hand-knotted, making it difficult to categorize in one genre. When you purchase this rug, it's an Pakistani rugs investment piece that offers the texture, color, and comfort inside your home or office space that other rug designs can't replicate.

Tan Caucasian Area Rug

86. Brown Gabbeh Area Rug

This is the one you've been looking for. It's bold, sophisticated, and does not shy away from being an effortlessly chic centerpiece of design in any room that it graces with its presence. Invested with curated color palette options to speak to particular tastes, Gabbeh rugs boast sumptuous wool construction and a luxurious pile you just want to sink your toes into. Your search is over – this rug completes the look!

Brown Gabbeh Area Rug

87. Ivory Caucasian Area Rug

It's time for your hard-working floors to get a little more flair! Surprise yourself with this regal Caucasian Area Rug from RugKnots. With its divine coloring and vivid pattern, you'll be blown away all over again. We make sure our rugs are woven with quality artistry, so they last through the roughest days of your busy life. Our designer selection is unmatched, so you can find the perfect rug no matter what kind of decorating style you're going for. You can't beat our prices either because that just means less money in those pesky credit card bills!

Ivory Caucasian Area Rug

88. Red Caucasian Area Rug

This handmade wool rug is crafted in the renowned Pakistan region. It's the classic copper and firebrick colors in traditional design, but this style is one of our most popular. 100% Wool Pile construction ensures a high-quality purchase, and rug size provides plenty of room for all your needs.

Red Caucasian Area Rug

89. Green Bokhara Area Rug

With so many creative, well-thought-out designs and options to choose from, it's hard to find the right one. That is why we offer a Green Bokhara with its traditional pattern in cool green color and help you find just the right rug for every space in your home or office, bringing an element of peace and relaxation into your life.  Don't you have time for indecision? Treat yourself today!

Green Bokhara Area Rug

90. Tan Gabbeh Area Rug

This brilliant and edgy area rug is designed to blend seamlessly in modern living spaces. Its plain patterns are artfully woven to provide comfort as well as visual appeal. Be bold and add this one-of-a-kind rug to your home decor today!

Tan Gabbeh Area Rug

91. Red Caucasian Area Rug

An eye-catching rug that will positively influence all your design goals! Mesmerizingly woven with a ball of natural wool, this decadent area rug offers pure luxury. The pile height envelops effortlessly and is anchored by an extra-thick polyester backing with latex coating and water repellent properties. The spacious shape ensures solid comfort from any angle, so you'll have no need to worry about stepping or spilling onto the fabric, nor will it ever create 'piles' during everyday use. 

Red Caucasian Area Rug

92. Ivory Bokhara Area Rug 

The Bokhara Rug is a modern-style rug made of wool and floral appliqué. The area rug add's an elegant touch to any room in your home. It has been designed with oriental knotting styles that stand out among other typical ones around, not just in the design but also on how well they can blend with any simple piece of furniture you may have, whether at an office or home.

Ivory Bokhara Area Rug

93. Navy Ziegler Area Rug

The Ziegler Peshawar Rug Collection is everything you want to see in a quality rug. For starters, it's hand-knotted with a 100% Wool Pile for maximum durability and softness. The rug has neutral colors such as soft blue, beige, ivory dune, and more on natural neutral tones like cream beige so that any color palette will look amazing around your new rug! What's also worth noting are the FREE shipping+ returns we offer customers who purchase this product. 

Navy Ziegler Area Rug

94. Red Caucasian Area Rug

An authentic Caucasian area rug is an impeccable addition to any room. At RugKnots, you will find that our selection of quality handmade rugs is perfect for the modern home that deserves well-crafted products with textural details and vibrant colors. For a purchase worth every inch, indulge in this high-quality extra large rug from traditional Family Rugs. 

Red Caucasian Area Rug

95. Grey Bokhara Area Rug

Luxurious without exception, this hand-knotted area rug is sure to be loved for decades or more, so when you purchase one, it's an investment not just for now but also into the future - all at an affordable price! What makes this product special?  The intricate knots are used to give it its unique look, and the material makes it durable enough to last through some years without needing repairs.

Grey Bokhara Area Rug

96. Brown Ziegler Area Rug

The Ziegler Area Rug is designed to bring sophistication and timeless elegance to your home. Hand-knotted wool pile construction, dense weave, and high-quality materials are combined with precision assembly time-honored craftsmanship for a comforting feel underfoot. Trusted from centuries of expertise in this oriental rug-making art from the Great Persian Empire, the Ziegler area rug will connect you with Persia's legendary beauty through its artistic strength. 

Brown Ziegler Area Rug

97. Red Caucasian Area Rug

Modeled after Persian designs but handwoven in Pakistan, this luxurious rug has all the hallmarks of premium design while retaining its signature craftsmanship allowing it to wear down beautifully over time, just like your favorite sweater or old jeans. Spot clean only as water can easily damage the intricate detail.

Red Caucasian Area Rug

98. Grey Bokhara Area Rug

Designed with a simple yet modern aesthetic, the Bokhara Rug is rugged and low-maintenance. It can be used to spruce up any interior design space without risking damage to the furniture underneath.  Composed of wool that was handwoven by skilled artisans, this rug lets your flooring stay clutter-free and clean for as long as you have it in your home!

Grey Bokhara Area Rug

99. Ivory Ziegler Area Rug

This Ziegler Area Rug is a true showstopper with its little designs and swirls. The Ziegler Area Rug Collection is made in Pakistan with a hand-knotted 100% wool pile that offers a quality piece to add to your home decor. Free shipping and returns make this purchase worth trying today.

Ivory Ziegler Area Rug

100. Teal Bokhara Area Rug

What to bring home? How about one of our area rugs! They're perfect for covering an old, drafty floor, and they come in all sorts of designs, from elaborate modern to geometric patterns. Whether you need something big or small, we've got tie-dyes and natural fibers available, so pick the right rug for your space. Keep up with fashion trends while spending less than you would elsewhere: plus these rugs are on sale this month too!!

Teal Bokhara Area Rug

Frequently Asked Questions About Pakistani Rugs

1. How Can You Tell If A Rug Is Hand-Knotted?

Knotted rugs are made by manually knotting one thread over and under many others. As the rug is designed, knots will be slightly uneven and not perfectly uniform. Weaving a rug on a loom rather than hand-knotting it will result in an even pile of loops.

It is true that at first glance, knotted rugs may look woven because their design looks more sleek and streamlined when you compare them side by side with textiles from a loom. However, suppose you carefully inspect a hand-knotted rug's surface closely enough. In that case, you'll notice that the shading pattern has more depth because there are irregularities throughout where some areas are denser than other areas, which gives depth to the coloration.

2. Where Are Rugs Made In Pakistan?

Rug production in Pakistan began centuries ago, and the industry is flourishing to this day. Punjab, Sindh, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Gilgit-Baltistan, and Balochistan are premiere rug importers in Pakistan for over 40 years, with 100% clearance rate guarantees from suppliers with a very efficient supply chain throughout the world.

3. Which Styles Of Area Rugs Are Manufactured In Pakistan?

The styles of area rugs that are manufactured in Pakistan vary widely. They come in various colors, sizes, and patterns. Pakistan is ranked fourth among the major countries of origin for knotted wool and cotton carpets, and it's the world's largest producer of handwoven Balochistan rugs. 

These are all manufactured using various techniques that result in traditional and modern style rugs with all types of decoration designs, including self-color themes or detailed colored work typically used to depict oriental symbols and patterns such as flowers, birds, and animals, landscapes, or buildings. The most popular Pakistani rugs style are Oriental rugs, Chobi rugs, Bokhara rugs, Peshawar Ziegler rugs, Persian rugs, Caucasian rugs, flatweave rugs and Gabbeh Area Rugs

4. Is There Any Free Shipping Offer On Area Rugs Orders?

Yes, there is free shipping on all orders. We offer free standard ground shipping within the continental United States, excluding Alaska and Hawaii. If you need to place a rug order for Alaska or Hawaii, we may be able to ship your rug directly, but it will require a custom order and greater costs than those specified. So you need not to pay an extra price.

5. What Is The Hardest Wearing Rug?

Polypropylene rug is the most durable and longest-wearing rug available today. It is often recommended that carpets be replaced every 3 to 5 years. When a carpet or rug begins to show signs of wear, it may be time for a change if you want your flooring to maintain its looks and not turn into an eye-sore. With proper maintenance, polypropylene rugs can last up to ten years with little or no sign of wear or tear.


Do not hesitate to contact our experts today! We can help you find the perfect rug for your home. Visit RugKnots' store right now and explore all of the different options available, from traditional hand-knotted rugs to more contemporary styles like shaggy wool carpets or jute area rugs. Our products come in a number of sizes so that no matter what space you have, we'll be able to recommend an appropriate carpet style with just one call. RugKnots are here to help you find the perfect indoor-outdoor rug for your space. Our designers will work with you on a creative design, and we have an impressive sale available now in our store! Call us at (301) 660-7046 or email if you need more information about what's best for your home decorating needs.

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