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Have you ever seen those fluffy, puppy-like rugs? Have you spent your entire life noticing how soft they are when you come across one? But you had no idea what they were called, did you? They were shag rugs, after all! Shag carpets are the most luxurious rugs you'll ever see. Why are they the way they are? Let us explain why: shag carpets contain deep, dense, and uneven piles made up of numerous yarn strands. These yarn strands give them a shaggy and fluffy appearance, which is why they're called Shag Rugs! These rugs not only make you feel good, but they also make you look good. They will undoubtedly entirely remodel your space, giving it its greatest look and feel. They are by far the most unique and modern-looking rugs available. Even though they were created in the 1970s, they still have a modern feel to them and provide contemporary elements. So, if you've been considering purchasing a shag rug for your own home but have been hesitant owing to conflicting opinions, don't worry; we've compiled all the tips and tricks to make shag rugs stand out in your home decor.

1. Complement Your Decor Style Effortlessly

These rugs might give any modern home a nostalgic feel. Confining your period pieces to a few areas within the house is the key to keeping your design look timeless and not at all dated. This basically implies you should avoid using a color palette that is a bit of a throwback, such as one that is largely based on oranges and browns. Instead, go for a more refined and polished modern look like this. You'll also be able to employ mid-century décor. However, make sure that things are balanced out by modern art, accents, or wall colors that make a place feel nostalgic while remaining rooted in the present.

Complement Your Decor Style Effortlessly

Shaggy rugs are popular because of their unique texture and fiber pattern, which makes them stand out in any room. Shaggy rugs in gentle tones and colors add a peaceful and relaxing element to your bedroom. Simply putting your feet on them after a long day at work will transport you to a world of comfort and calm. There are numerous advantages to shaggy rugs, and you can't deny their value and style. Shag rugs must be your thing if you like bling, glamour, and glam. If you have a gold or glittering interior, you'll need something to bring it all together. A shag rug will enhance its appeal and serve as a focal point for the room's opulence. A shag rug will add to the opulence of your space. The rug provides a room's overall décor a more luxurious sense. You can put it in your bedroom to make it even more opulent. You'll enjoy this addition, and it'll also be beneficial.

Complement Your Decor Style Effortlessly

2. A Wide Range Of Shaggy Rugs

The diversity of shaggy rugs available is a huge plus when looking for one for your home. These carpets are incredibly popular and come in a variety of styles, so you're sure to find one that suits your taste and your family. A shaggy rug may be found in a variety of styles, sizes, colors, and sizes, so you're likely to find one and only one piece that complements your house and the space it's in. A shaggy rug can be created out of a number of materials, but wool is one of the most popular and appealing. This natural substance has a number of advantages, including reduced allergens and increased insulation, as it aids in the retention of heat. Wool is fashionable, high-quality, and perfect for the house. The feel,  look, and benefits of a shaggy wool rug will appeal to the entire family.

A Wide Range of Shaggy Rugs

3. Shag Rugs Last For Long Period

While shaggy rugs are quite resilient and can easily handle high traffic areas, I still prefer to keep them in low-traffic areas for two reasons. For one thing, shaggy rugs are just too cute to be regularly trampled on, and for another, long fibers easily collect dust. However, they can also be used in high-traffic regions. Shaggy rugs can be found in every store in the area. Rugs is where I go to get the greatest shaggy rugs in Mississauga. You can also purchase them without difficulty online.

Shag Rugs Last For Long Period

4. While You're Working, It's Right Under Your Feet

You brought your office work home with you. It's getting a little boring now, and you're weary of it. Your unpleasant surroundings will dull you quickly, and you will become distracted. The addition of shag rugs to your home's office space is necessary. Simply place the rug beneath your work table, dining table, and chair and put your feet on it while you work. With the comfort running directly under your feet, you may send emails or review spreadsheets. Because of the plush shag rug under your desk, your workspace isn't at all exhausting. Because there is almost little traffic at your work desk, a light-hued shag rug could be a smart choice. Only your feet will come into contact with the work area, reducing the risk of the rug becoming damaged or unclean.

While you're working, it's right under your feet.

Prepare for the winter with a shaggy rug. With a shaggy rug on the floor, your entire space will be warmer, especially if you have very cold floorboards or tiles. A shaggy rug covers them, giving them a nice warm feel to burrow your feet into. Make your house a welcoming, warm, and inviting environment. It's amazing how much of a difference a shaggy rug can make. The shaggy rugs beneath your feet provide a soft and sparkling sensation that feels like bliss. They may be even softer than your couch, so you can sit or lie on them softly and comfortably. Always choose shag r if you have kids at home. Because they are too soft, shabby rugs do not injure crawling newborns.

While you're working, it's right under your feet.

5. Add Some Shag To Your Decor

A shag rug can elevate the look of your dressing room. The shag rug should be placed in front of your dressing table and under your dressing chair. You'll feel like you're getting ready for a scene in a Hollywood film. It will seem retro if you use a cushy vanity stool. Match the plush's hues to the colors of the dressing room and the furniture. You'll need a luxury one for your dressing room so that you can relax and appreciate the comfort and style of the rug while getting ready.

Shag rugs are more adaptable than other types of rugs. They can also be used to create a welcome atmosphere in your halls. Even highway noise can be muffled by the soft rug in the hall. It adds texture and color to your entrance, as well as providing visual comfort. They are most useful on hard surfaces, such as wooden floors and hallways. This charming oasis will be the focus of your visitors' attention. The shaggy runner decors will elevate the look of your home. It gives your home a timeless appeal that is distinctively yours.

Add Some shag to Your Decor

6. Wonderful Design Patterns Can Be Found Almost Anywhere

For these rugs, there is a wide choice of design patterns to choose from. The variety of the designs adds to their attraction. The geometric Shag Rugs, on the other hand, are the most popular since they add dimension to any decor. However, this does not rule out the possibility of new designs for them. There are numerous abstract designs on the market. These rugs may also have animal skin patterns, such as cheetah or leopard prints, as well as floral themes. Shag Rugs are, without question, one of the numerous carpets that, when placed anywhere, will immediately capture your attention. Because of their fur-like texture, which contrasts with the hard and flat surface, they immediately become the center point. Furthermore, these rugs exude an individualistic sense of style and have the power to make a dramatic statement in the environment. These rugs simply liven up the area, appear lovely, and are more feasible for those who want to jazz up their interior setting when they are explored with colors.

Wonderful Design Patterns Can Be Found Almost Anywhere

Feel opulent and sophisticated while applying makeup on a vanity stool that sits atop a fluffy shaggy cloud. A shag rug sets the tone for a room that is all about luxury. It heats a cold tile or hardwood floor, allowing you to primp in complete relaxation. Choose one that emanates total luxury so you can get ready like a celebrity for the day. The cost of a makeup artist is not included. As previously said, shag rugs can be used in any room or location in your home. Your bathroom isn't an outlier. When you come out of the shower, you can step on a shaggy rug outside the tub or area. While you are still damp, a shaggy rug will provide a landing for your feet till you are dry. This will prevent your room's floors from being ruined. The shag rug will give your bathroom a luxurious feel. Match the colors of the soft rug to the tiles in your bathroom, or go with the colors of your accessories.

Wonderful Design Patterns Can Be Found Almost Anywhere

7. Shaggy Rug Fluffy, Soft And Comfortable

The most appealing aspect about shags is likely their appearance of coziness. They offer a silky, soft texture that is ideal for hardwood floors. These rugs were more desired and wanted due to their delicate and satiny touch felt under the feet. Bring this beauty into your home's resting place. This rug can be used below that favorite sofa you have next to your window or fireplace. Relax your feet on the rug and close your eyes to escape into the tranquillity. The shaggy rugs provide your feet a more natural and relaxing feel. Subsequently, sink your feet into this thick, comfortable, and fluffy rug. These rugs will provide comfort when you put your feet up to rest, thanks to their high density and added warmth. You can use this in any space or location because of the gorgeous design.

Having to step on a cold, hard floor straight after getting out of your warm bed is not a pleasant experience. To ease into the day, place the shag rug near your bed and choose a nice spot for your feet when you bounce out of bed. The plushy shag rug can also be used as a bed frame cushion. This will keep your bed's legs off the floor. The floor will also be protected from the friction created when a bed is moved. In your master bedroom, a basic patterned monotoned shag carpeting will look fantastic.

Shaggy Rug Fluffy, Soft and Comfortable

8. It Adds Warm And Inviting Feel

Another advantage of Shag Carpets is that they provide a warm and inviting atmosphere. They're not only pretty to look at, but they're also really comfy and give off a lot of warmth. They exude delicacy and refinement and are best suited to spaces with little furniture. We also propose these rugs for business spaces, which require warmth and a welcoming atmosphere. Place them in your living room, take a cushion, and sit on the rug if you choose. Although Shaggy Rugs offer numerous advantages that have made them quite famous, they also have certain disadvantages that detract from their magnificence. So, let us discuss them. It's difficult to take that first step out of bed in the morning when you're faced with a cold wooden floor. Relax into the day with plush bedroom rugs that provides a gentle landing when you get out of bed. In addition, the extra cushion protects your bed frame from your flooring and vice versa. Choose colorful rugs that doubles as a soft play area for children's rooms and a plain, patterned style for the master bedroom. You'll have a nice day no matter which side of the bed you wake up on with these plush floors.

It Adda Warm And Inviting Feel

The room in your house where you  want to focus and relax for maximum productivity in your home office. Under your desk, a shaggy rug is an ideal place to bury your feet while sending emails or balancing spreadsheets. Ivory is a low-maintenance option for an under-desk rug because it will only see bare feet. Working in your home office these days will feel like you're in the lap of luxury with this plush carpeting.

9. Areas To Place Your Shag Rug

While there are numerous advantages and disadvantages to utilizing Shag rugs, we recommend that you purchase at least one Shag rug online to add texture to your home. If you're willing to put up with the difficulty of maintaining Shag carpets, here are some suggestions on how you may use these rugs to upgrade your space. By placing large, Square Rugs in the center of the room, you may make your living room look inviting and pleasant. It will not only make the area appear more inviting, but it will also provide a sense of security. Furthermore, because of its soft texture, you can sit directly on these rugs and still feel at peace. These carpets can also be used to cover the furniture, particularly the table. It will simply provide the comfort that your feet require when working at home. Shag Rugs are also a good choice for a child's nursery because they are soft and allow babies to sit or crawl on them. Furthermore, little shag rugs might be used outside the shower door or in the corridor. As a result, the possibilities of putting them wherever you wish are endless. A Shag Rug may add opulence to your living room. Do you have the feeling that something is lacking from your tastefully arranged living room? Shaggy rugs for living rooms may add comfort and warmth to your environment. A shag rug's plush texture can add opulence to any space. Remove your shoes and prepare to bury your toes in the fluffy pile. You'll appreciate what shag rugs can do for your home, we promise.

Areas To Place Your Shag Rug

Your den is where you go to unwind and have fun. A flokati rug is the epitome of relaxation. A flokati shag rug is a wool rug that has been handcrafted. They can be dyed any color, giving you a wide range of possibilities for matching your surroundings. Place an ultra-soft shag rug at the foot of your reading chairs to create a warm haven. A leather shag rug is a smart choice if you want a more edgy aesthetic. The high-impact texture of a leather shag is similar to that of a wool shag but without the shedding. Shag rugs aren't just for large spaces. They can also give much-needed color and texture to your home's modest rooms. In your hallway, a classic shag runner will stand out and can soften the sounds of foot traffic. Shag rugs always provide a touch of comfort and visual flair to any room they are placed in. Don't be concerned if your runner gets dirty in the high-traffic area.

Areas To Place Your Shag Rug

10. Soft Landing In The Nursery

A shag rug is the ideal landing area for babies as they learn and grow, thanks to its thick pile and soft, touchable threads. Tummy time on a shag rug that your child can grasp, and the pet will be a hit. Shag is gentle enough for small children's knees as they learn to crawl. It will nevertheless provide enough cushion for your baby's anticipated tumbles when he or she learns to walk. To make the transition from a nursery to a child's room as smooth as possible, use a hue that is flexible. The shag rug will not only complement your master bedroom but will also serve as a playmate for your youngster. The vibrantly colored shag rugs will complement the decor of a child's room. This will serve as a decorative element while also ensuring your child's safety. Your youngster can securely play in the room because it is carpeted. While tumbling on this lovely shaggy rug, the kid can safely crawl and learn to walk. The rug is kind on a child's knees and acts as a cushion when the child is playing. This also gives the room's whimsical decor greater freedom.

Soft Landing in The Nursery

11. Noise Reduction

You've probably noticed that a shaggy rug minimizes noise. Because people's feet slip and will fall to the ground, you won't hear anything at all instead of cracking noises. It will serve as a barrier, making your home quieter and more comfortable. If you have a large family, a shaggy rug would be useful for some peace and quiet. If you're looking for a new shaggy rug, you've undoubtedly already experienced its comfort. Walking over a shaggy rug, admiring the patterns and fabrics, and appreciating the softness, you simply want to dig your legs into it. There is a shaggy rug on which to sleep. Shaggy rugs are ideal for putting your family member's feet up when they relax in a lounge suit for an extended period of time. It's pleasant to lie down on a shaggy rug and feel the warmth all over your body as well as in the entire room. If your family enjoys sitting at a concrete coffee table, relaxing in front of the TV, or simply hanging out, a shaggy rug in your room is a must-have. Because of the softness of the shaggy rug, you'll find yourself slipping off the couch and lounging on the floor.

Noise Reduction

Frequently Asked Questions About Shag Rugs

1. What Are The Drawbacks Of Purchasing Shag Rugs?

Shedding: Because of their roughness, shag rugs shed a lot of fiber. Of course, the quality of the rug matters, as a high-quality rug sheds less wool than a low-quality one. The friction and heavy foot traffic contribute to the reasons for it to shed. Nonetheless, they have a proclivity for shedding.

Maintenance Is Difficult And Costly: They already have a high cost, but keeping it up adds to it. In any situation, whether it's a pet stain or a spill, these rugs make cleaning difficult and expensive. Leather rugs, in particular, are exorbitant!

Cleaning Is Difficult: You won't be able to vacuum them! Yes, that is a painful experience. If you consider vacuuming your shag rug, you always run the danger of damaging it. You can be as gentle as possible while still removing a significant number of strands from your rug.

2. Is it Difficult To Keep A Shag Rug Clean?

It differs, but shag rugs are usually harder to clean. Cleaning shaggy rugs is more difficult than cleaning other types of rugs due to the shaggy strands. Long strands can trap dust and grime particles deep into the pile of the rug. Cleaning shag rugs takes a little more effort, but it's simple if you get into a routine. Some individuals believe that a shag rug is a good choice since they can clean it without becoming tangled in it or noticing unclean patches caused by water spray. Unfortunately, this is not possible since dirt will dry into the threads and go undetected! The only way to truly clean a shag rug is to use powerful suction to reach into the nooks and crannies and suck up all of the dirt. This strategy may work well for the individual shampooing if they don't mind getting down on their hands and knees.

3. Can I Install A Shag Rug As A Dining Room Rug?

Flat-weave or low-pile rugs are the practical choices in the dining area because spills are unavoidable, and also the ease with which you can move a chair back is vital. Keep shag rugs, Moroccan carpets, and other dense, fluffy rugs in the living room, where they'll be easier to clean and maintain.

4. What Should I Look For In A Shag Rug Purchase?

When choosing a shag rug, the first consideration should be what drew the person to this particular type in the first place. Many people buy rugs for the texture and pattern alone, but not everyone prefers that feel, and some may require something softer or less fluffy to attain their desired aesthetic. Some individuals choose rugs with shorter fibers because they are more convenient; they may also be used as an underlayment if they prefer pink fur to black fur. Others choose a longer pile for their design sense or lifestyle requirements—a shaggy dream of perpetual summer—the sound of two lovers on the beach whispering sweet nothings, cresting froth from breaking waves.

The best rug materials to look for while purchasing a shag rug include flokati wool, faux fur, polyester, acrylic, and polypropylene. Look for a shag rug that combines some of these elements for an even better shag rug. Your shag rug will be long-lasting, luscious, and colorfast all at the same time!

5. Where Can You Use Shag Rugs?

Shag rugs are adaptable and can be used in a wide range of settings. The living room is one of the greatest areas to install a shag rug. A shag rug is a warm and inviting addition to any living area. In your home office, a shag rug can also be used under your desk.

6. What Color Scheme Go With Shag Rugs?

Shag rugs are a modern take on the traditional method of covering a floor. Keep your main rug light and combine it with a dark accent rug that contrasts in texture and pattern for maximum sophistication. This will serve to anchor the room's primary colors while also drawing attention to other appealing aspects. Use shag for a reading corner surrounded by leather furniture and stacked with bookshelves, for example. Don't forget to bring one of those soft pillows to make reading more enjoyable! 


Wait, there's more: we've got something for you. RugKnots is the finest place to go to find and buy the best rugs, whether they are luxurious shag rugs or plain wool rugs. You can acquire your favorite rug in practically any color, pattern, or design you can think of. Furthermore, if you require any assistance or guidance, we are always available. Please get in touch with us and take a look at our offerings! That concludes our Shag Rugs blog for today. If you have any additional questions about why your rugs are appearing dull, want to learn more about how to maintain your old rugs, or have any other concerns, please contact us at or call us at (301) 660-7046. Our team will undoubtedly respond to you with all of the necessary information.

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